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Reuben George Sr (1776-1837)
   with Ann Handley George: Fannie Johnson , Joshua, Reuben Jr., Jane Skiles, Enoch
   with Esther Hardin Philips George: Isaac, Mary "Polly" DeArmond

Reuben and Ann (Handley) George Family Charts:
* Her siblings * Handley relatives * Reuben's children * From 1880 census
Reuben George Sr., 1776-1837, whose parents are not yet proven, married Ann Handley in Greenbrier Co WV (1797). About 1812, Reuben, Ann, and at least 5 of their 6 children moved west, down the Ohio River with some of Ann's relatives and possibly some of Reuben's to farm land near Okeana, Ohio in Butler County, north of Cincinnati. A DNA test group is currently trying to establish who Reuben Sr.'s ancestors were. If Reuben Sr was related to other GEORGEs in Greenbrier Co WV or Monroe Co WV, it has not yet been proven. Family historians in the early 1900s thought Reuben's parents were Reuben & Mildred Rogers George, but their son Reuben was born on Mar 17 1766 (not Jul 31 1776), married Elizabeth "Betsy" SHARP (not Ann Handley), died about 1807 (not 1837), and was buried in Virginia per the George-Lacey book, as opposed to Reuben George Sr. who was buried in the old George Burial Ground in Butler County OH.

Ann Handley George was born to Archibald and Jean (HENDERSON) HANDLEY. After Ann Handley George died in Butler County, OH, Reuben married Esther Hardin Phillips on February 2 1826 (in Henry Co IN?). They had two children. As probably was Ann, Reuben and Esther were buried at the George Burial Grounds on a hill a mile northwest of Okeana, Ohio (Butler County), on the south side of the original Scipio Road. Their tombstones were lost long before 2006 when tombstone photos were taken.

Archibald and Jean (Henderson) Handley's family in Greenbrier Co WV unless noted.
Also see: Roger Greenough's article on this Archie Handley and Archibald Handley's line, in Randall J Handly's book
[Note: These names, birth order, and dates of Archey and Jean's children found on the Raines (John Maddy | saltpeter) web site differ from those of Roger Greenough's later research.]
  1. Sarah Handley (Mar 16, 1759 - Apr 26, 1845) married William SHANKS (Aug 25, 1747 - Jul 27 1817) on Dec 22, 1780, in Augusta Co VA. They lived and died near Crab Orchard in Lincoln County, KY, and are buried in Buffalo Springs Cemetery in Stanford, KY. They had 9 children:
        James Shanks, lived somewhere in GA
        John Shanks (1782-1811 KY) married Sally Gaines in 1807.
        David Shanks (1783-1841 KY) married America McKinney in 1819.
        Archibald Shanks (1787-?) married Ann Julie Smith in 1819.
        Mary "Polly" Shanks (1789-1849 KY) married William Whitley, Jr. in 1811.
        Nancy Shanks (1791 WV-1882 MO) married Jacob Fortney Wyant in 1817.
        Jane Shanks (1793 KY-1863 KY) married John Owsley in 1815.
        Margaret "Peggy" Shanks (1796 KY-1867 KY) married Thomas Owsley in 1815.
        William Shanks (1799 KY-1872 KY) married Rebecca Baughman in 1822.
  2. Griselda Handley (ca 1776-? OH) married James FOSTER (1775 VA- ? OH) on Mar 25, 1797. To Butler Co OH, ca 1810.
        Archibald Handley Foster (1799- ? Hamilton Co, OH)
        Joshua Foster (1802- ? Hamilton Co, OH)
        Esom (Isom) Foster (1803- ? Rush Co, IN by drowning)
        Griselda Jane Foster (1813- ? Butler Co, OH)
  3. Ann Handley married Reuben GEORGE on Mar 5, 1797. To Butler Co OH ca 1812.
        Fannie George JOHNSON (1798-1851) and family
        Joshua GEORGE (1801-ca 1836) and family
        Reuben GEORGE Jr. (1803-1869) and family
        Jane George SKILES (1805-?)and family
        Enoch GEORGE (1807-1892) and family
        (girl) GEORGE (b ca 1809) died young
  4. Jane Handley married Esom LEACH (1775 VA-1831 IN) on Dec 31 1795. Esom was a son of William and Susanna Hughes Leach. Jane is sometimes called Jean. The extended Leach family moved to Franklin Co Indiana around the time some of the Handley family moved to Butler Co OH around 1812.
        William Leach (1793-1851 Grant Co IN) m. Sarah Harrison Grant Co IN
        Reuben Leach (ca 1795-unknown) m. Mary Heap Grant Co IN
        Archibald Leach (ca 1797-unknown) Grant Co IN
        Martha Leach (ca 1799-unknown) m. Hiram Lee Grant Co IN
        Rebekah Leach (ca 1801-unknown) Grant Co IN
        Susannah Leach (ca 1803-unknown) m. Robert Hill Grant Co IN
        James H. Leach (ca 1805-unknown) Grant Co IN
  5. Mary Handley married John MILLER on Jul 12, 1803. They eventually farmed in Fugit Township of Decatur County IN.
        "They lived in Monroe Co., Va. He was the son of Jacob Miller, who had came from Germany to Philadelphia in 1715. Her name appears as Mercy in some records." (Randall J Handly)
        * Jacob F. Miller [possible son] (3 Dec 1799-27 Jan 1870)
        * Elizabeth P. Miller Halsey (1804-?)
        * Alexander Handley Miller (24 Feb 1806-23 Feb 1873)
  6. James Handley married Isabella -?-, location unknown. To Butler Co OH ca 1810. James is buried in the Old George Cemetery in Butler Co. James and Isabella HANDLEY had 5 children.
         Archibald Handley (1789-1842)
         George Handley
         Isabelle Handley (Feb 12, 1795 - Nov 14, 1832)
         James Handley Jr (1797-1861)
         Robert Handley (Nov 6, 1801 - Jan 6, 1873)
         Jane Handley
Sources include: Ann McCarr and Roger Greenough (Wm Shanks info), Melva Wheelwright (Foster info), Randall J. Handly's book and this George Family History on-line book.

Randall J. Handly gives further details about Archibald (1730-1796):

"He owned 550 acres of land with his brother John on Indian Creek, now Monroe Co., in 1774. He is listed with his brothers John and James, under Greenbrier Co., in the First U.S. Census 1782 - 1785. He was a member of the grand jury of Monroe Co., in May 1781 and a road inspector in 1782. Archibald's will was witnessed by John Handley and Michael Erskine and settled by John Handley and Samuel Clark -- all of Monroe Co. His will is on record at Lewisburg."

Reuben George Sr had children with his two wives, Ann Handley George and, later, Esther Hardin Philips George.
Reuben George Sr
with Ann Handley George:
1. Fannie (George) JOHNSON 1798-1851
      Jacob JOHNSON
1. Reuben Johnson
2. Sarah Ann Johnson
3. John Johnson
4. Aletha Jane Johnson
5. Rebecca (Johnson) WALTZ
2. Joshua George 1801-1835
      Catherine Thompson Gough (Mrs. William GOUGH)
1. Martha Jane (George) BROWN
2. Enoch Jackson George
3. Andrew Thompson George
4. Reuben Handley George
5. David Wilson George
3. Reuben George Jr. 1803-1869
       1) Margaret (LYNN) George
      2) Nancy (MCCOTTER) George

1. ? Amanda (George) SHIPMAN
2. Elizabeth (George) BAILY
3. Mary Jane (George) WILLIAMS
4. Newton Hanley George
5. Sarah E. George
4. Jane (George) SKILES 1805-?
      Isaac SKILES
1. Reuben Skiles
2. Mary Catherine (Skiles) BROWN
3. Elizabeth Ann (Skiles) STOKES
4. Fanny Jane Skiles
5. Enoch George Skiles
6. Sarah Ellen (Skiles) VANSCYOC
7. Amanda Malvanea Skiles
8. Eliza Rosaletta (Skiles) SHAW
9. Martha Anetta (Skiles) KELLY
5. Enoch George 1807-1892
      Jane (MCCOTTER) George
      Matilda ? George (no children with Enoch) more ...
1. Annaretta (George) STCLEAR
2. Joshua James George
3. Reuben Andrew George
4. Isaac Newton George
5. Sarah E. (George) CLEMONS
6. Fanny (George) COLBURN
7. Ezra George
8. Mary Ellen (George) EPPLER
9. Nancy J. (George) ASHLEY
10. Emma Kate (George) ASHLEY
6. (daughter) 1809-young.
Only in the 1810 census, perhaps she died before the family left (West) Virginia (around 1812) for Butler County OH.

Reuben George Sr (1776-1837) with second wife Esther Hardin Philips George: (? - 1837)
1. Isaac 1827-1837 (10 year old died same year as his parents)
2. Mary "Polly" DEARMOND 1830-19391. Anaretta (DeArmond) ROBERTS

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