Enoch Jackson and Margaret (DeArmond) George Family
The Family of
Enoch Jackson and Margaret DeArmond GEORGE

Ann Handley
(1st wife)
(m) Reuben


(m) Mary



* Joshua George      (m)
Catherine Thompson Gough
1st husb: C. William Gough

* Enoch "Jack" George
b. 7 Jul 1827 Okeana OH Butler County OH
d. 2 Jul 1907 Okeana OH Butler County OH

(m) Alexander


(m) Suzannah



Thomas DeArmond      (m #1)
Rebecca Jenkins

(m) Margaret Ellen DeArmond
b. Mar 1831-2 OH
d. 25 Jun 1888 OH

m. 7 Aug 1851 ButCo OH

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Fred, Cary?, Weller?, Ida?, Eva, Opha? GEORGE

Margaret Ellen DeArmond George
and son, C. Fred George
(ca 1871)

Timeline: "Jack" and Margaret GEORGE: 1827 (Jul 7): Enoch Jackson born to Joshua and Catherine George
1831-2 (Mar -?-): Margaret Ellen born to Thomas and Rebecca DeArmond
1834 (Oct 6): Margaret Ellen's mother (Rebecca) died
1834 or 6 (Feb 1): Jack's father (Joshua) died, typhoid
1851 (Aug 7): Jack and Margaret married
1852 (Sep 25): Jeanette born
1855 (Jan 5): Weller born
1855: Jeanette burned to death (aged 4)
1857 (Jun 9): Ida born
1859 (Nov 7): Cary born
1860 or 1864: Opha born
1861 (Dec 22): Benton born
1866 (Sep 29):Frank born
1871 (Feb 6): Fred born
1874 (Feb 4): Eva born
1888 (Jun 25): Margaret George died (56 or 57)
1907 (Jul 2): Jack George died (almost 80)

Children of Enoch Jackson and Margaret Ellen DeArmond GEORGE:
Jeanette, Wellar, Ida, Cary, Opha, Bent, Frank, Fred, and Eva GEORGE
1. Electa Jeanette George
    b 1852 OH
    d 25 Sep 1856 OH (4)
Jeanette's rocking chairJeanette
No picture available for E. Jeanette, who burned to death when she was 4 years old.
Her little rocking chair was passed down to one of her brother, C. Fred's granddaughters.
2. Oscar "Wellar" George
    b 5 Jan 1855 OH
    d 16 Jan 1942 IN (87)
New London Cemetery
O. Wellar
As an adult, Wellar lived in Richmond, Indiana, and sold insurance. He never married and had no children.
3. Mary "Ida" George
    b 9 Jun 1857 OH
    d 10 Feb 1942 OH (84)
New London Cemetery
    never married; no children
"The Aunties": Ida and Opha
Neither Ida nor Opha George ever married, but they continued living at and caring for their father's house, the homestead farm where their great-grandparents had settled around 1812, on Dwyer Road, Okeana Ohio.
The sisters' younger brother, Frank, an MD, died in October 1921 in Butler Co OH, aged 55. Then their younger brother C. Bent, died 22 January, 1936 in IN, aged 75. Their older brother Wellar died 16 January, 1942 in Indiana, aged 87. Ida died the next month on 10 February, 1942 in Butler Co OH, aged 84. Opha died in September 1943 in Butler Co OH.
4. Alfred "Cary" George
    b 7 Nov 1859 OH
    d 9 Feb 1950 IN (91)
New London Cemetery
    lived in Lebanon IN
After growing up near Okeana in Butler County Ohio, A. Cary George married Emma Jane Fry or Fye, and had 5 children, Homer, Clayton, Russell, Pearl, and Howard.

Cary and Emma were farmers and lived in Lebanon, Indiana.
Emma died in 1948 and was buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Lebanon, Boon Co, IN with her husband.

Son Clayton was buried at Grove Lawn Cemetery, Pendleton, Madison Co, IN
5. Alice Ophelia "Opha" George
    b 1860 (1864?) OH
    d Sep 1943 OH (83)
    cared for father's house
    never married; no children
This picture of Opha George as a youth is from the estate of a niece, Frances George Ertel, identified but not dated. Opha lived on the home farm on Dwyer Road, near Okeana, with her older sister Ida (see above), and next to brother CF and Maybelle George. Methodists, after church Opha and Ida entertained their next door nieces with games, music, and taffy pulls on Sunday afternoons.
6. Clement Benton George
    b 22 Dec 1861 OH
    d 22 Jan 1936 IN (75)
    Bent lived in Richmond, IN
    ran a meat market and farmed
    married; 6 children
C. Bent
(no picture of him yet available)
7. Frank Jackson George
    b 29 Sep 1866 near Okeana, OH
    d Oct 1921 OH (55)
    lived in Okeana area
    was a medical doctor
    married; 1 child
Frank Jackson George grew up near Okeana, Ohio and became a medical doctor. Frank married Abigail Jenkins and stayed in the Okeana, OH area in Butler County. They had one child, Frank "Shumard" George. After Abigail died, Shumard was raised by his aunts, Ida and Opha. (more...)
8. Charles "Fred" George
    b 6 Feb 1871 OH
    d 29 Jul 1959 OH (88)
    lived on Dwyer Road, Okeana
    was a dairy farmer until June, 1946
    retired to Spring St, Oxford
    married; 5 children
C. Fred Charles Fred George, born near Okeana, Ohio on 6 February 1871, was a son of Enoch Jackson "Jack" and Margaret (DeArmond) George. Fred was 17 when his mother died in 1888, and 36 when his father died in 1907.


9. Evelyn Alberta George Clawson
    b 4 Feb 1875 OH
    d 29 Jun 1974 OH (99)
    lived in OH, TX, MI, IN, OH
    married; 1 foster daughter
Born February 4, 1875, Eva (Evelyn) was the baby of the Enoch "Jack"son George family.

Her mother Margaret Ellen DeArmond George died June 25, 1888 when Eva was 13. Eva's older sisters, 31 year old Ida and 28(?) year old Opha, raised their youngest siblings, 17 year old C. Fred and Eva. (More on the Clawson, (Curtis) DeArmond, Odenbaugh, Parkhurst, and Trew families)

1815 - "Jack"'s grandfather, Reuben George Sr., had built the house around 1815 (see "The first three hewed log houses" in the Butler County OH Cyclopeadia)

1836 - McBride's 1836 Butler Co OH township plot map, section 17 see section 17: Reuben and Joshua George, also in section 8: Reuben George's Mill, 8-113, and further north in section 5?154. [Reuben Sr 1776 VA-1837 OH; Reuben Jr. 1803 WV-1869 KS; Joshua 1801 WV-1836 OH]

1837 - After Reuben Sr.'s death in 1837, his youngest daughter, Mary George (1830-1931) inherited the house at age 6. Squire DeArmond (1805-1888) bought the house, became Mary's guardian, and held court in the front room. Sarah (Youmans) DeArmond was his wife. The DeArmond's had married 2 November 1826, and apparently had no children until Hannah was born 6 February 1830. Mary was born 27 November 1830 to Reuben and Esther George.

Around the 1960s, the houses belonged to a Holton family and a Wurzelbacher family.
1978 - Miriam George Van Mason wrote her sister Alice George Davis this history:
"I, too, wondered why our road could not be named George. There are questions I should have asked. Could it be that our road was built before Colerain Pike? If that was the case it may have been a reason why travelers stayed over night with Catherine Thompson George on their way from Cincinnati to Brookville. With the Morgan Township map showing the Dwyer farm not too far from Scipio our road would have led to that area.

"I have wondered if the original George land did not include that Handley land up the hill back of Clyde Russell's place. Gillie's [Handley] farm was not very large, and as you recall, it was located between the George and DeArmond acres. It extended to the east-west road leading west to the Macedonia Church as did that of Grandpa's [Enoch Jackson George] land. Not only did Archie Handley , but also his sister Barbara Yauger have their homes up that George hill, but a bit west of their land was a polt owned by Bill Nugent." His wife was a sister of Grandma Handley [xxx] .

Fred and Maybelle George lived in this house
which had been Squire and Sarah
's house before them. (See how
Mary George DeArmond had inherited this
house from Reuben George Sr

"Jack"'s parents, Catherine and Joshua George, lived in the house, farming with their sons. After Joshua died in 1836, Catherine (1801-1862) and sons not only farmed, but also provided overnight shelter to travelers along the Cincinnati-Brookville Road.

E. Jack and Margaret George's house - where their daughters Ida and Opha George continued living, west of Okeana, OH, until Opha's death in September 1943.

The Cyclopeadia also says
Reuben George Sr. (1776-1827)
was one of several owners and operators
of distilleries "On Howard's Creek"
Howard's Creek crosses George Road southwest of Dwyer Road.
* Google map of Howards Creek,
south of Okeana and Alert, OH

Child #6

The Clement Benton and Ora (Urikard) George Family Line

C. Benton "Bent" George, born near Okeana, Ohio on 22 December 1861, was a son of Enoch Jackson "Jack" and Margaret (DeArmond) George. He married Ora Urikard.

Bent and Ora lived in Centerville IN, and had six children. Bent had prostate trouble and died Jan 22, 1936, during a blizzard. Ora lived until 1953.

Name & ResidenceBornDied
1. Jeanette George Moulton
m. John Moulton
14 Apr 1889
near Okeana
(Butler Co) OH
20 Aug 1915 (26)
2. Ernest George20 Feb 1891
near Okeana
(Butler Co) OH
20 Jun 1895 (4)
whooping cough
3. Ruth George8 Mar 1894
near Okeana
(Butler Co) OH
2 Jun 1895
(15 mo)
4. Julian George
m Amy Brooks
(Centerville IN)
30 Apr 1896
near Okeana
(Butler Co) OH
3 Oct 1977 (81)
5. Esther George Zierer
m Dr. Reuben Zierer
10 Apr 1898
near Okeana
(Butler Co) OH
1 Mar 1967 (68)
6. Kathryn George Cheesman Clevenger
m Hugh Cheesman
m Walter Clevenger
     10 Jul 1975
(Centerville, IN)
10 Nov 1903
near Okeana
(Butler Co) OH
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Esther George Zehrer (1898 - 1967), Julian George (1896 - 1977)
Ora George (18?? - 1953), Kathryn George Cheesman Clevenger (1903 - ?)

Farming Life in 1933
(A letter from Clement Benton [CB] to C. Fred George)

Centerville Ind       Feb 17 - 33

Dear Bro. i will send a few lines as Julian has so much on hand.    he was over + closed up business with Weller.    he found him as well as he ever was - + in good spirits.    gave Julian 5 00 for trouble + found where the other coupons were.    they had all been attached to one certificate instead of 2.    the St-R-W Bonds are paying as he got 50$+ from them.

I am unable to get out today    am afraid my leg is going to get so i cant help with work + don't see what we will do as Julian is milking 5 cows now + more on the way.    our hogs are ready to go anytime now + we missed 3 deals for stock hogs one for 33-35 to 40 lb (shotes?) at 200 each, one for 42-75# + (?) at 4 c per lb. and 25 head at 4c on cow at 65.    am going to try + sell 2 or 3 cows.    we still have 200 Bu corn out.

the Bank here has been Robbed twice recently by 2 young men last time + one was in both Robbers.    this country is surely Topsy Turvey.    Guess Will Rogers about right when he said Mussolini of Italy could run this country better than it was being run with both eyes shut.    our legislature is passing some radical measures.    most of them good + doing away with lots of overhead expenses.    Jessup from Richmond has advocated some bills that would change entire government of counties + Townships and cut costs in two.

Well we are raising 3 holstein Bull Calves.    So if you see any one hunting for one send him out our prize cow gives about 7 gal day with no extra care or feed

was sorry Herbert + Marguerite had to give up home but i know a case worse.    parties had to turn a 100 A farm at 10.00 per acre to satisfy a bank loan.    the land ought to be cheap at 20.$ per acre.    i hope the famers will rebel + refuse to pay taxes

Yours C B George
you send on to girls if you will

(Weller was Bent's and Fred's oldest brother. Julian was CB's son, who was nearly 37 at the time of this letter. CB was 72, Weller had been 87 just over a month, and CF had turned 62 earlier in the month. The "girls" mentioned were the 5 daughters of CF: Marguerite (Myers), Miriam (VanMason), Lois (McDonald), Alice (Brown, Davis, Ollendorf), and Frances (Ertel), who was 27.)

Child #8 - The Charles Fred and Maybell (Duncan) George Family Line
Child #9 - Eva George Clawson (Mrs. Clarence Clawson)

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