Hiram and Annaretta (George) St. Clear Family
The Family of
Hiram and Annaretta (GEORGE) ST. CLEAR (ST. CLAIR)

daughter of Enoch and Jane GEORGE, granddaughter of Reuben and Ann George Sr. * more on the George Lines
son of ST. CLEAR (?-?) and ? (?-?)
[Not all dates are verified. Discrepancies between family Bible, census, and tombstone dates may not all be identified.]
Ann Handley
(1st wife)
(m) Reuben

(m) ?


* Enoch George      (m)
2nd wife: Matilda A. -?-, 1807-1870s
Jane McCotter

* Annaretta George
b. 3 Oct 1827 Okeana, Butler County, OH
d. 14 Feb 1905 Whitesville, Andrew Co
McGlothlin Cemetery, AndCo MO

(m) ?
(m) ?


ST. CLEAR      (m)
born in KY
b in KY,IN

(m) Hiram B. ST. CLEAR
b. 1824 KY or IN
d. 22 May 1890 MO
McGlothlin Cemetery, AndCo MO

m. 25 Oct 1852 AndCo MO

Timeline: The Hiram ST CLEARs
1824 - Hiram ST CLEAR born, KY or IN
1827 - Annaretta GEORGE born, Butler Co OH
1857 - Charles ATKISON born, IN
1858 - May 31; Hiram purchased land in Columbus, Doniphan Co, KS
1859 - May 18; Annaretta purchased land in Columbus, Doniphan Co,KS Lot 7 Block 87
1860 census - 3 yr old Charles ATKISON (IN), 14 yr old B. W. HUGHES (MO), and 50 yr old Robert RIECE (Prussia) living with ST. CLEARs in Doniphan County, Burr Oak twp, Columbus City, KS (939-869)
1870 census - Charles living with ST. CLEARs, Platte twp, Andrew Co MO (98-100)
1880 census - Gertrude BAILY (22 - KS) and Clara ST CLEAR (5 - MO) living with ST. CLEARs. [Clara is more likely Gertrude's daughter. Gertrude's mother, Elizabeth GEORGE BAILY, was a first cousin of Annaretta.
ST. CLAIR/ ST. CLEARs with Andrew County MO Ties

1843 - Jason B. ST CLAIR married Frances WILLS in Andrew County, MO on 22 Jun 1843.
1849 - Sarah ST CLAIR married Alfred PEARCE in Andrew County, MO on 3 Aug 1849.
1852 - Hiram ST. CLEAR, born 1824 in KY or IN, married Annaretta GEORGE, 25 Oct 1852, Andrew Co MO. Not in the 1850 census for the county, Hiram was in Andrew Co MO by 1852, then went to Kansas in the 1850s. They were back in Andrew Co, MO for the 1870 census.
1852 - George W. ST CLAIR, born 1829 in MO, married Susie GARNER 29 Aug 1852, Andrew Co MO. They were in Kansas from 1856-1865, then back to Andrew Co MO in 1869. In the 1870 Andrew Co MO census (251-260), they had 5 children: John W (1856-KS), Prince L (1859-KS), Norah Z (1863-KS), Francis P (1865-KS), and Alta May (1869-MO)
1860 - Benjamine ST CLAIR (b 1834-OH) was with Louisa GOODLOE in the 1860 Andrew Co MO census.

daughter of Enoch and Jane McCotter GEORGE

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AnnaRetta GEORGE
born Oct 3 1827 in Butler Co OH
father: Enoch GEORGE
mother: Jane (MCCOTTER) GEORGE
married Hiram ST. CLEAR (ST. CLAIR)
     Oct 25 1852, Andrew Co MO
died Feb 14 1905, Andrew County MO
     age 78
buried McGlothlin Cemetery
[No picture of
is available]
Hiram was a
stone mason,
Hiram B. ST. CLEAR (or ST. CLAIR)
born 1824 in Kentucky (or IN?)
father: unknown, born in KY
mother: unknown, born in KY
married AnnaRetta GEORGE,
     Oct 25 1852, Andrew Co MO
died May 22 1890, Andrew Co MO
     age 66
buried McGlothlin Cemetery

AnnaRetta GEORGE was born on October 3 1827 to Enoch and Jane (McCOTTER) GEORGE in Butler County Ohio where her parents had married (December 28 1826). Perhaps she was named for her father's mother, Ann (HANDLEY) GEORGE. She was the eldest of 10 known children.

In the early 1850s, Enoch and Jane moved their family from Ohio west to Green County, Indiana, where two more daughters were born. Then around 1848 the GEORGE's followed Enoch and Jane's brother (and likely sister), Reuben and Nancy (McCOTTER) GEORGE, to settle in Andrew County Missouri.

The 1850 Andrew County MO census showed 23 year old Annaretta GEORGE living with her parents, Enoch and Jane, and siblings, farming in Platte township. Future husband, Hiram ST. CLEAR apparently was not yet living in Andrew County.

On October 25, 1852, Annaretta and Hiram were married by William R. TRAPP, minister of the Gospel at the Christian Church in Lincoln Township, Andrew County, MO.

On May 25, 1857, Annaretta's mother Jane (MCCOTTER) GEORGE died and was buried in the McGlothlin Cemetery in Andrew County. (This date was discovered on the back of Enoch GEORGE's fallen tombstone in 1999 by Karene STEVENS, of Retta's younger brother Isaac Newton GEORGE's line.)

Around this time in the later 1850s, some of the GEORGE family moved west, at least for awhile, just across the Missouri River into Doniphan County KS. The Kansas Territory had been opened to white settlers with the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and Doniphan County was within sight of Andrew County, just west across the Missouri River. Once again, Indian tribes were being removed from the Kansas area to provide more room for westward expansion from eastern states, and the pre-Civil War issues of states rights and slavery were being debated heatedly. For a time, as pro and anti slavery settlers struggled to become the majority in Kansas Territory, some of the GEORGEs had first hand experience knowing what "Bloody Kansas" was really like.

Annaretta and Hiram moved into Kansas Territory at least by 1858 when Hiram bought land in Columbus City, Kansas in Doniphan County, Burr Oak Township on May 31 1858. A year later, on May 18 1859, Annaretta St. CLEAR bought lot 7, Block 87, in Columbus City from Thomas H. and Rebekah McCULLOCH, according to the Doniphan County Register of Deeds.

The ST. CLEAR's were living in Columbus City, KS (939-869) in the 1860 Doniphan County, KS census. They had no children of their own, but B. W. HUGHES, a 14 year old born in Missouri, Charles ATKISON (ATKINSON), a 3 year old born in Indiana, and Robert RIECE, a 50 year old born in Prussia were living with them.

Back in Andrew County MO the 1860 census showed Annaretta's father Enoch and several of his younger children living with older brother, Reuben Andrew GEORGE and his wife, Mary Jane (HOBSON) GEORGE and their children.

Sometime before the 1870 census, Annaretta and Hiram moved back to Andrew County, settling in Whitesville, MO in Platte Township. The 1870 census shows Hiram's occupation as a plasterer (#98-100). The foster child they were raising, Charles ATKISON, was 13 years old. A George ST. CLAIR was living in Lincoln Township of Andrew county.

Jolene Passey added information on Charles ATKISON, who married Nora Isabelle GOODMAN, in 1908 in St. Joseph MO. They had about 5 children, including James Harmon ATKISON and Anna Retta Lucile ATKISON, born in 1915. Charles was a stone mason as Hiram had been.

Charles is gone by the 1880 census, but Gertrude BAILY (22 - KS) and Clara ST CLEAR (5 - MO) were now living with ST. CLEARs. [Clara is more likely Gertrude's daughter. Gertrude's mother, Elizabeth GEORGE BAILY, was a first cousin of Annaretta. Amanda "Gertrude" BAILY, daughter of one of AnnaRetta's first cousins, was listed living with the ST CLEARs, as well as a 5 year old girl, Clara, who is listed with the ST CLEAR surname. There are several reasons why if Clara was a ST. CLEAR, she was probably their adopted daughter. AnnaRetta would have been 48 when Clara was born in 1875 in Missouri, and apparently would have been her and Hiram's only child. It seems more likely that Clara was actually the daughter of Gertrude BAILY, whose mother, Annaretta's first cousin, Elizabeth GEORGE BAILY, had died after childbirth in 1867, and was buried in the Burlingame, Kansas cemetery. One of Elizabeth's other daughters was Clara BAILY, who died in 1870. So it seems quite possible that Gertrude came to live with AnnaRetta and Hiram when she was pregnant back in 1875, and that Gertrude named the baby after her dead sister. As yet there is no proof of this theory.

Clara's whereabouts after 1880 are not known.

Hiram was listed as a stone mason in the 1880 census. He indicated that he and both his parents were born in Kentucky. Who his parents were, and how he was related to other local ST CLAIRs (see list above), if at all, is not known.

In 1887, Gertrude BAILY married Napoleon Bonepart "N. Bone" MORRIS (of Doniphan Co, KS) in Andrew County. He was a young widower, but apparently didn't tell Gertrude about his first wife, Mary DINNING who had died. (Did Gertrude tell Bone about Clara, or did she stay with the ST.CLEARs?) Bone and Gert lived in Doniphan County KS for several years, listed living in Wathena, KS in the 1890 Doniphan County Residents List. Then they were said to have moved northwest to South Dakota, but another source indicates that they lived in Stillwater, OK.

The only known child of Bone and Gertrude MORRIS was Virginia Adeline MORRIS, born June 18 1896 in Stillwater, OK. She was married twice: first to William LeMASTER and then to Irving Benjamin ALLEN. Virginia died in 1956 in Bason, WY in Big Horn County. She was buried in the Burlington Cemetery. It is possible that she had no children, but her husband, Irving, who died in April 1970, had two children, Virginia Pearl ALLEN and Myrtle Ruth ALLEN, perhaps with his wife, Ruth MEAD.

Hiram died on May 22 1890. The Letters of Administration for his estate was dated May 28 1890, and included four and a half acres of land in section 27-61-34. title warrentee deed from M. K. MANNING, and personal property of $114.30. He was buried where his GEORGE in-laws were buried, in McGLOTHLIN Cemetery.

AnnaRetta died on February 14 1905 and was also buried with her family in McGLOTHLIN Cemetery.

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