The James and Isabella Handley Line
William and Margaret HANDLEY
Archibald and Jean (HENDERSON) HANDLEY
James (Sr) and Isabella HANDLEY
, generation 3

The Siblings of James HANDLEY

James Handley, born in 1760 VA (WV), was the son of Archibald and Jean (Henderson) HANDLEY. Following 5 sisters, James was the only brother. His sisters were -
Sarah Ann Handley SHANKS, 1759 VA-1845 KY (Mrs. William Shanks) - to Lincoln County, KY
Griselda Handley FOSTER, 1776 VA - ? (Mrs. James Foster) - to Butler County, OH ca 1810
Ann Handley GEORGE (Mrs. Reuben George Sr) - to Butler County, OH ca 1810
Jane Handley LEACH (Mrs. Esom Leach) - to Grant, Franklin County, IN ca 1810
Mary Handley MILLER (Mrs. John Miller) - stayed in Monroe Co, VA

Family History of Isabella (nee?) and James HANDLEY
1780s: James and Isabella were married, likely in Greenbrier Co WV and in the later 1780s before their son, Archibald HANDLEY was born in 1789.

1790s: George HANDLEY was born likely in Greenbrier Co WV
1795 12 Feb: Isabel HANDLEY JENKINS was born in WV
1797: James HANDLEY Jr. was born in 1797 in WV.
1801: Robert HANDLEY was born in WV
1800s: Jane HANDLEY was born probably in WV
ca 1810: The family moved to Butler County OH about 1810, as did James's sister's family, Ann (HANDLEY) and Reuben GEORGE

James Sr. is thought to have been buried in the Old George Cemetery in Butler Co, but the tombstone wasn't obvious by 2006. Their son, Archibald "Archey" Handley (1789-1842), and his wife Rebecca (1789-1839) were both buried there, as was their daughter, Isabell (1795-1832) and Evan Jenkins, her husband.

Children of Isabella and James HANDLEY
Arrow down to Ha-216 for the list of Archibald and Jean (HENDERSON) HANDLEY's son James (1760-1836) and Isabella's 5 children, as listed in Randall J. Handly's book: Archibald, George, Robert (1801-1873), Isabelle, and Jane Handley.

But Judy Newland's information, below, shows a 6th child, James Handley Jr.

1. Archey HANDLEY
    b 1789
    d 1842 (53)
George Family Cemetery
    m 12 Jan 1819
  Rabecca HARDING
    b 1789
    d 14 Nov 1839 (50)
George Family Cemetery
Named for his father's father, James and Isabella's son Archibald (1789-1842) lived in Butler County, OH. "Archey" and his wife "Rabecca" were buried in the Old George Cemetery there. See the couple's tombstone photos. More at FindAGrave
2. George HANDLEY
    m Margaret JONES
James and Isabella's son George married Margaret Jones. Their son, Evan James Handley, married Margaret Henry
3. Isabell HANDLEY
    b 12 Feb 1795
George Family Cemetery
    d 14 Nov 1832 (37)
    per George Family Cemetery
    m 1810s?
    b. 17??
James and Isabella's daughter, Isabell Handley married Evan JENKINS, son of William and Suzannah (WALKER) JENKINS of Butler County OH.

Evan and Isabel's first child was Isabella Jenkins, who married Alex DeArmond, son of King and Hannah (Harden) DeARMOND.

Buried in the old GEORGE Cemetery, Morgan Township, Butler Co OH:
Isabell's aunt Ann Handley George
Isabell's brother Archey Handley
Isabell (See her tombstone photo)
Also see George Family Cemetery interment list, FindAGrave.
The cemetery is on South Dwyer Road, northwest of Okeana from Rt 126 west onto Rt 250, north on South Dwyer Road, past Bittersweet Lane.

4. James HANDLEY Jr
    b 17 May 1797 WV
    d 19 May 1861 IN
Webb Cemetery, Fayette Co IN
    m 1819
  Charity HAYDEN
James Handley Jr (1797-1861) married Charity HAYDEN in 1819. Lee Ann,, indicated that James Jr was born to James and Isabella in 1797. James Jr died in 1861 in Columbia twp, Fayette Co, IN, and was buried at Web Cemetery in Fayette Co IN.

Other Handley's buried at Webb Cemetery are: Sophia (1830-1855; d/o J & C Handley), Charity Handley WALLING (1832-1855; wife of J M WALLING), and Charlotte (1840-1884; wife of Oliver Handley). Oliver Handley (1837-1910) was buried at Everton Cemetery, Fayette Co IN.

Also buried at Everton Cemetery are: Elizabeth Handley GRAY (?-1927), Ann J. Handley (1830-1910), Archie Handley (1889-1913), Emeline Handley (1845-?), Samuel A. Handley (1858-1932).

Judy Newland found information on James, with his and Charity's 10 children (below)

5. Robert HANDLEY
    b 1801 WV
    d 1873 IN
James and Isabella's son Robert (1801-1873) married twice (first to Sarah Ann Patterson with 2 children) and had 8 children. Robert's second wife was Nancy. Robert died in Jackson township, Decatur Co., Indiana. All the children were born in Butler Co, OH.

Robert and his second wife, Nancy McClain Handley were both buried in Burnsville Cemetery, Bartholomew Co., Indiana.

1837 (R&N's dau)-1861
1839 (R&N)-1895
Child: James Handley 1828-1900
Source: pages 9 and 10 of 19 | (More on Bartholomew Co)

Robert's children were (according to Randall Handly)

1. James Handley - 1828 -
2. Samuel Handley - 1830 -
3. Margaret Handley - Mar 1833 - (Burnsville Cemetery?)
4. Jane Handley - Apr 1835 - 1912 (Burnsville Cemetery?)
5. Catherine Handley - 1837 - 1915 (Burnsville Cemetery?)
6. Rebecca Handley - 1839 - 1895
7. John M. Handley - Nov 28, 1841 - Mar 30, 1914
8. Elizabeth Handley - May 11, 1844 - Mar 04, 1871 Mrs. Barton W. Jameson (1843-?) [d after 1871]
Others HANDLEYs buried in Bartholmew Co IN (FindAGrave)
James and Isabella's daughter, Jane Handley ...

James Sr's ancestry includes:
William and Margaret HANDLEY
Archibald and Jean (HENDERSON) HANDLEY
James (Sr) and Isabella HANDLEY
, generation 3
James (Jr) and Charity HANDLEY
, generation 4
Wesley Handley, generation 5, in Columbia township, Fayette Co., IN

Background information on James and Charity (Hayden) Handley's son, James,
and grandson Wesley HANDLEY

Date: 98-08-23
From: (Judy Newland)

I copied this several years ago when I was first starting my search. I'm not sure of the name of the book - It's pg. 815 and 816, "Biographical and Genealogical History"

(2009 Note: link from Fayette County Indiana History and Pioneer Genealogy site on the Fayette, Franklin, Union, and Wayne Counties, Indiana, Portrait and Biographical Record book of 1899)

WESLEY HANDLEY - The representative farmers of Columbia township, Fayette Co., IN, include among their number the subject of this sketch, Wesley Handley, a representative of one of the pioneer families of the county.

James HANDLEY, the father of Wesley, was born in Greenbrier Co., in what is now the state of W. Va., in 1797, the son of a surveyor and large land-owner and one of the influential citizens of Greenbrier Co. The Handleys are of Scotch-Irish origin. James Handley was one of a large family, five sons and several daughters, all of whom have passed away. He lived in his native state until he was about 17 yrs of age, when he came west to Hamilton Co OH (my info is Butler Co but could be another James) There, at the age of 22, he married Charity HAYDEN, a native of PA, who in her girlhood accompanied her parents to KY and thence to Hamilton Co, OH. Her father was Stephen Hayden. In Dec. 1821, James Handley came over into IN and settled in Jackson Twp, Fayette Co, their home being established in a small log house in the midst of the forest. As the years passed by he cleared and improved his land. The cabin gave way in time to a comfortable frame residence, and this, in turn, to a modern brick house. On this farm James Handley spent 40 yrs of his life, his death occurring 11-19-1861. His wife, who was about 2 years his junior, died in 1867. He was a man of broad views and generous charity. He did much good in assisting those less fortunate than himself in this life, and he died in the belief of universal happiness in the life to come. He and his wife were the parents of 10 children, all of whom grew to mature years. At this writing, 1899, the surviving members of the family comprise 3 sons and 2 daughters:

Mrs. Jane Logan,
Mrs. Mary Mason,
Oliver, and
James M.
Those deceased were
Mrs. Margaret Waggoner,
Mrs. Isabedlle Steele,
Sophia, and
Mrs. Charity Walling.

Wesley Handley was born at the homestead referred to, in Jackson Twp, 2-10-1835. When he grew old enough, assisted in the farm work. His educational advantages were such as the common schools of that time afforded. He has occupied his present farm in Columbia Twp since 1881. Prior to that time he lived at the old homestead, a portion of which he inherited and which he still owns.

In Nov. 1862, Mr. Handley married Miss Rebecca M. BOYD, dtr of Arthur James and Eliza Ann Cook Boyd, both of whom were born and reared in IN. Mrs. Handley is a native of Fayette Co, born 5-24-1841. Their union has been blessed with 6 children: James Arwin Handley died in Colo. 1-24-1899 leaving a wife and one child. The names of the others: Lorena B Elliott, Cora E Thomas, Ethel Boyd Handley, Ernest Walton Handley and Emery Roy Handley.


A bit more infor for James. From: Indiana Land Entries Vol I, Margaret Waters, Cincinnati District 1801-1840 Fayette Co.

James Handley E 1/2 - W 1/4 - S25 12-07-1831

I would assume this describes his land in Fayette Co.


I decided to straighten out files - These notes may be of interest:

Fayette Co Marriages 1870-1905 Slevin
Elmer Handley m: Emma Williams 11/30/1884
Emery R. Handley m: Elizabeth Adams 1/16/1901
Ernest W. Handley m: Olive Scott 9/5/1894
Orie V. Handley m: Anna Hall 5/28/1891
Elizabeth S. Handley m: Charles Heizer 3/24/1904 (in my line)

1830-1870 Slevin
James M. Handley m: Nancy Lake 11/8/1864 m: Mary Lake 9/28/1869
Oliver Handley m: Charlotte Lewis 10/19/1858
Wesley Handley m: Rebecca Boyd 11/4/1862 (son of James)
Jane Handley m: John Logan 12/26/1844
Margaret Handley m: Lot Waggoner 9/17/1840
Mary Handley m: Mason Warren 3/3/1845

Franklin Co IN 1811-1852
Catharine Handley m: Thomas Barlow 4/8/1839
Archey Handley m: Ann Jane Steel 8/15/1850

Also have these notes:
Barton W. Jameson m: Lizzie M. Handley, daughter of Robert & Nancy Handley 10/20/1867. She was born 5-11-1844 in OH and died 3-4-1874. She came to Decatur Co IN 1846.

Robert Handley b: 11-6-1801 d: 1/6/1873 Decatur Co IN. He first settled in Jackson Twp. when he first came to IN>
Nancy d: 12-19-1861.
Eight children: James, Samuel, Margaret, Jane, Catherine, Rebecca, John & Elizabeth.

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