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* Mary Jane George Rieth, daughter of Clayton and Grace George
was the George family historian. She died at home on 31 Dec 2008

Descendants of
1776 (VA) -1837 (OH)


Monroe & Greenbrier Cos, WV
Butler Co, OH ~ Andrew Co, MO
Doniphan Co KS and beyond...

George Reunion 1935: Children of Enoch Jackson
and Margaret Ellen (DEARMOND) GEORGE

Children of Reuben & Ann: b. 1798-1809
   * Fannie George JOHNSON (Jacob),
   * Joshua GEORGE (Catherine THOMPSON GOUGH),
   * Reuben GEORGE Jr. (Margaret LYNN; Nancy MCCOTTER),
   * Jane George SKILES (Isaac),
   * Enoch GEORGE (Jane MCCOTTER; Matilda A. [nee?]),
   * another daughter died young

Children of Reuben & Esther: b. 1827-1830
   * Isaac GEORGE, 1827-1837
   * Mary "Polly" George DEARMOND "Aunt Pop" 1830-1931

George Reunion for descendants of
Reuben and Ann changed (1999)
to 1st Sat in Aug in Lebanon, OH

Rick George's 1999 trip to the
Old George Burying Ground, Butler County, Ohio

Other George families living in Greenbrier County, WV may have been relatives, and this may be later clarified by DNA tests through the George Surname Project. On the Surname GEORGE Study Test Results page, Reuben George 1776 is listed. Also see George Immigrants.

Travel to explore family roots and home places in * Kansas

This George-Handley book set up online 1993. Some online book updates, 2011-current:
Reuben George's Family Line
* Family Index including other George's
* Who were Reuben's parents?

2020 updates:
* Homer and Blanche GEORGE's Robert Homer GEORGE's death (1922-2020)
* Homer and Blanche GEORGE's Ruth PIERCE's death (1916-2016)
* DeARMOND Michigan connections
2018 updates:
* from end of Dec 2017-July 2018, Rootsweb was off-line
* end of July, began revisions of this ~vlwest Site
2017 updates:
* CF George family
* James & Griselda (HANDLEY) FOSTER
* Isaac and Jane (GEORGE) SKILES
2016 updates:
* Thomas and Betsy (DeARMOND) BEBB family
* Joshua GEORGE, father of Enoch Jackson GEORGE
2015 updates:
* Homer & Blanche's grandson John Cary GEORGE died 4 Feb 2015
* E. Cass and Mary "Frances" (SMITH) GEORGE family - Oklahoma
* Jesse and Sarah (GEORGE) CLEMMONS' son Edward's family
* Clayton GEORGE Family

2014 updates:
* Thomas and Peggy (KING) DEARMOND lines
* William and Elizabeth (DeARMOND) McELHENIE
* Casper BOWMAN line * Joshua James GEORGE line
* Bent and Ora (Urkiard) GEORGE
* Leona Jackson ANDRUS, daughter of W. Reece GEORGE
* Marguerite George MYERS of C.F. GEORGE's line
* Eva and Clarence A. CLAWSON sister of C.F. GEORGE
* Mandy George SHIPMAN possibly of Margaret LYNN and Reuben GEORGE Jr.'s line
2013 updates:
*Joshua James GEORGE's line, including 1st wife Eliza BOWMAN GEORGE's family and sons *Newton Howard GEORGE and *Enoch Cass GEORGE
and 2nd wife Lucy Ann BURK's 11 children up to Bert and Mary McCUSH GEORGE family.

2012 updates:
*Mary GEORGE DeARMOND's line - Summer 2012
*Jean (Henderson) and Archie HANDLEY
    Reuben Sr's inlaws
*Allie (GEORGE) and Henry FITCH line
    Reuben > Enoch > Reuben Andrew > Allie

2011 updates
*Homer and Blanche (Inloes) GEORGE line
    Reuben > Joshua > Enoch Jackson > A. Cary > Homer

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  • Index

    Book (online)       currently updating Enoch and Jane's son Reuben Andrew George's children's pages

    Index of Names with Generations - and Alphabetical List      

    Generation 1
    Reuben GEORGE Sr. (1776-1837)
        m1 Ann (HANDLEY) GEORGE (1764?-1825?)
        m2 Esther (nee HARDIN; Mrs. PHILLIPS) GEORGE (?-1837)

    Generation 2 (Chart)
    Fannie (GEORGE) JOHNSON (1798-1851)
        m Jacob JOHNSON (?-?)
    Joshua GEORGE (1801-ca 1836)
        m Catherine (THOMPSON, GOUGH) GEORGE 1801-1862
    Reuben GEORGE Jr. (1803-1869)
        m1 Margaret (LYNN) GEORGE 18??-1825/28
        m2 Nancy (McCOTTER) GEORGE 1807?-1898
    Jane GEORGE SKILES (1805-18??)
        m Isaac SKILES (1800-1862)
    Enoch GEORGE (1807-1892)
        m Jane McCOTTER GEORGE (1809-1857)
    (unknown daughter) GEORGE (ca1809-18??)
    Isaac GEORGE (1827-ca 1837)
    Mary "Polly" "Aunt Pop" GEORGE DeARMOND (1830-1931)

    Generation 3 updating this chart
    Reuben JOHNSON, 1818
    Sarah JOHNSON, 1820
    John JOHNSON, 1822
    Jane JOHNSON, 1824
    Rebecca JOHNSON, 1826
    Alphabetical List under construction...

    DeARMOND, Mary "Polly" "Aunt Pop" GEORGE (Mrs John R. DeARMOND) Gen 2

    GEORGE, ? - young daughter Gen 2
    GEORGE, Ann HANDLEY (Mrs. Reuben GEORGE Sr) Gen 1
    GEORGE, Catherine THOMPSON (Mrs Wm GOUGH; Mrs Joshua GEORGE) Gen 2
    GEORGE, Enoch Gen 2
    GEORGE, Esther HARDIN (Mrs. PHILLIPS; Mrs. Reuben GEORGE Sr.) Gen 1
    GEORGE, Fannie (Mrs. Jacob JOHNSON) Gen 2
    GEORGE, Isaac Gen 2
    GEORGE, Jane (Mrs. Isaac SKILES) Gen 2
    GEORGE, Jane McCOTTER (Mrs Enoch GEORGE) Gen 2
    GEORGE, Joshua Gen 2
    GEORGE, Margaret LYNN (Mrs Reuben GEORGE Jr) Gen 2
    GEORGE, Mary "Polly" "Aunt Pop" (Mrs John R. DeARMOND) Gen 2
    GEORGE, Nancy McCOTTER (Mrs Reuben GEORGE Jr) Gen 2
    GEORGE, Reuben (Sr) Gen 1
    GEORGE, Reuben (Jr.) Gen 2
    GOUGH, Catherine THOMPSON ( Mrs. Joshua GEORGE) Gen 2

    HANDLEY, Ann (Mrs. Reuben GEORGE Sr) Gen 1
    HARDIN, Esther (Mrs. PHILLIPS; Mrs. Reuben GEORGE Sr.) Gen 1

    JOHNSON, Fannie (GEORGE) (Mrs. Jacob JOHNSON) Gen 2
    JOHNSON, Jacob Gen 2

    LYNN, Margaret (Mrs Reuben GEORGE Jr) Gen 2

    McCOTTER, Jane (Mrs. Enoch GEORGE) Gen 2
    McCOTTER, Nancy (Mrs Reuben GEORGE Jr) Gen 2

    PHILLIPS, Esther HARDIN (Mrs. Reuben GEORGE Sr.) Gen 1

    SKILES, Isaac Gen 2
    SKILES, Jane (GEORGE) (Mrs. Isaac SKILES) Gen 2

    THOMPSON, Catherine (Mrs. GOUGH; Mrs. Joshua GEORGE) Gen 2

    * children with first wife Ann HANDLEY, daughter of Archibald and Jean (HENDERSON) HANDLEY:
       1. Fannie George JOHNSON (1798-1851) and family

       2. Joshua GEORGE (1801-ca 1836) and family
       3. Reuben GEORGE Jr. (1803-1869) and family
       4. Jane George SKILES (1805-?)and family
       5. Enoch GEORGE (1807-1892) and family
       6. (girl) GEORGE (b ca 1809- died young)
    Miss George died young
    * children with second wife Esther HARDIN PHILLIPS:
       7. Isaac GEORGE (1827-ca 1837)
    Isaac died when he was about 10 years old
       8. Mary (Polly) George DeARMOND (1830-1931) and family
    "Aunt Pop" and John Randolph DeArmond had one child,
    * Anadetta DeArmond ROBERTS, who had 6 children:
    ROBERTS (George and James), DURHAM (Effie), ROTHERMEL (Phoebe), CONNETT (Imogene), and BIAS (Grace).


    Reuben George Sr.'s Family (both wives)
    Reuben and Ann (Handley) GEORGE Family Chart
    Reuben and Esther (Hardin Phillips) GEORGE Family Chart
    Descendants' First Name Chart
    - compare repeating names in the family
    Descendants' Surname Index
    GEORGE's in Butler Co OH, Greenbrier Co WV, Monroe Co WV
    looking for connections


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    Reuben GEORGE Family Index (FortuneCity pre 03-28-2006)

    * Andrew Co MOGenWeb * Various Andrew County MO families
    * Butler Co OHGenWeb * Various Butler County Ohio families
    * CEMETERIES: * Old George Burial Ground * New London
    - Brown, Clawson, DeArmond, George, Teetor
    * DeArmond Family Index
    * Franklin Co IN Probate Inventories incomplete list
    * Handley (Hanley) Family Index
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    * Handley Genealogy Records - on-line books, wills, more research and contacts
    * Interactive Genealogy for Census, Surname, and Travel searches
    * Kansas Connections of Reuben George
    * Shirley J. House: with FamilyTreeMaker
    * Wynn Family, Butler Co OH
    * Leona Andrus (died June 2012) : Family Search
    (down, 2003)
    * [email protected]: her pedigree
    (down, 2003)


    Lists of * Reuben * Joshua and William George men, between 1700s and late 1800s,
    looking for our Reuben Sr.'s ancestors.


    * Brown & Teetor Butler Co OH
    * Andrew Co MO George notes
    * Butler Co OH Morgan twp history (1882)


    * Files * Family Photo Albums * Butler County OH Album
    * AncientFaces genealogy photos: George - Handley - Hardin - DeArmond -

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