McCotter Family Lines (8/2005 update) Re: Jane (McCotter) and Enoch George and Nancy (McCotter) and Reuben George Jr.

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Linda Ferguson of Alexandria, VA, at wrote (5 Aug 2005)

I stumbled onto your McCotter family history at

I have been researching my 4th great grandfather, John Philips of Butler County, Ohio. Recently, I was at the National Archives and found his application for a Revolutionary War pension. He applied twice and gave testimony twice. In the application of 9 Aug 1822, he says, "My family consists of myself and wife who is not able to contribute to her support and an orphan boy and girl. The boy's name is Isaac Young about twelve years of age and not able to support himself. The girl whose name is Jane McCotter is about thirteen years of age and not able to support herself."

If the orphan, Jane McCotter was simply not just taken in as a kindness, John's family may have been related to hers or may have been connected to his past.

This may help you track Jane: John enlisted in the Revolutionary War from Georges Creek, PA, about 50 miles from Pittsburgh in 1776, and in the 13th Regiment of the Virginia Line. He reenlisted after the war and spent his time building forts on the frontier (Ohio/PA boundary) and fighting in Indian skirmishes. He also spent time in the New Virginia River area. He was released from service near Pittsburgh in August of 1783. His daughter, Jemima married James Wood in Botetourt County, VA, in 1793, which in the area of the New River. James, Jemima, and John Philips' family all ended up in Preble, Darke, and Butler counties, Ohio, among others. They probably received land bounties, as well may the McCotters.

I know nothing about these children or if they are connected to my family. I thought it might help your family in their search. If you know of or find a connection between the McCotter family and the John Philips family, please let me know. PhiLLips and PhiLips are often interchanged when spelling his name.

Happy to share the information and please do post it. If the girls were orphaned, they may well have been split among families. John and his wife were elderly and he was claiming a disability pension from the government; so Jane and Isaac may have been helping them about the farm. We have no information about John's family, except for his daughter Jemima and a reference to a Samuel that was supposed to be his eldest son; so can't tell you if either child was a grandchild, niece, or nephew. If I find anything, I will let you know.

The Philips also lived in Preble, Hamilton, and Darke Counties from about 1803, on and may have known the McCotter family from these areas. The Philips may also have been related to the Cassidy family (with many different spellings). You might try a connection to them.

Best regards,
Linda Ferguson

Cathy Pouls wrote (10/98):
I don't have any information on the Ohio McCotters. It has been suggested that our James came to Philadelphia in the 1770's with one or two brothers. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate the passenger list of the elusive ship they arrived on, so I have no concrete proof of this.

Our James had 2 children that I know of and possibly a 3rd. His son Alexander was b. 1769 in either Scotland or Ireland (suspect the latter) and his son James, Jr. was born in 1779 probably in Philly or Chester County. My gr grandfather, James Howard McCotter, handed down 4 copies of his genealogy book - one of which I have. In it, he indicated that Alexander came to this country with his brother, Hugh. So far, I haven't been able to locate anything on a 'Hugh'. If he exists, he could very well be the father of Nancy and Jane or maybe the father of another 'James' who is the father of the girls.

I have seen reference on the net - the FTM site - that Polly Wynn was married to a 'James' McCotter. I have seen references to 2 James other than mine. The first James either arrived or took the Oath of Allegiance or something because he is referred to in the 'Ships Passenger Lists Index' for the year 1812. Later, I saw him on the census records for Fayette County, PA.

There was also a 'Samuel' McCotter in another PA county - can't remember which, though, but it was east of Fayette and a little north. Initially, I was a little confused as we had a "James" and a "Samuel" until I started checking out the dates more thoroughly. Our James was in VT for the 1810 census (James Jr as Sr. died in 1802 in NY State). Our Samuel was a baby. Our branch went from PA to VT to Michigan (that's close, isn't it?).

Pat McCotter,
In 11/26/95 message: Sandy Ranier wrote that "James McCotter from PA married Polly Wynn in 1804." It also stated that "Alexander McCotter and Hugh McCotter came to USA from Scotland."

In going through my research (finally getting it organized) I have an ancestor - James McCotter b. 12/26/1769 - who married Janette Beveredge Howard 12/06/1804 and then I show a marriage to a Polly Cook 09/14/1828 in South Orwell, VT.

James' father was Alexander McCotter who came from Scotland with a brother.

Even though the areas were different, there was just too much coincidence between your info and mine that I had to write you.

Here are the Children and Grand-Children of James McCotter. I have more detailed info if you think this is the right line.

1   James McCotter 1769 - 1839
..  +Jennet 1786 - 1825
........ 2   UNK McCotter 1805 - 1893
........ 2   Simeon Howard McCotter 1806 - 1893
............  +Lucy Minerva Leveredge 1819 - 1895
................... 3   Mary Jennette McCotter 1841 - 1887
.......................  +Oscar Hadley
................... 3   James Howard McCotter 1845 - 1936
.......................  +Florence Elina Baker 1854 - 1931
................... 3   Eliza McCotter 1849 -
.......................  +Fitz Hughes Gage
................... 3   George Samuel McCotter 1851 -
.......................  +Caroline dePlanta
........ 2   James McCotter 1809 -
........ 2   Samuel McCotter 1811 - 1814
........ 2   Betsy McCotter 1814 - 1856
............  +William Skeels
........ 2   Mary McCotter 1816 - 1875
........ 2   Janette McCotter 1819 - 1871
........ 2   Samuel McCotter 1821 - 1905
........ 2   Catherine McCotter 1822 - 1895
  *2nd Wife of James McCotter:
..  +Polly Cook

James McCotter, (Dec 1996):
I am looking for information on James McCotter. Apparently his second wife was Polly Wynn. Do you know if he had any children. Do you know who his parents were? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

Barb Marshall, (Aug 1995):

DUPAGE CO, IL 1826 - '77
MCCOTTER, Charles	m.	FOWLER, Margarette	02 JAN 1864

Edward J Hanner,
Felix McCotter born about 1839 in Antrim Cty.,N.I. arrived in Phila. on Sept., 1853, age 14, accompanied by Martha McCotter, age 14. This is the only record of Martha. They sailed from Liverpool to Philadelphia, I might find her in Phila. Felix reappears in Charlestown, S.C. in November. 1859 until his death in 1897. He married and had five daughters between 1860 and 1875. He was naturalized in 1876, this record was on micro-film, WPA project, a one line entry place of birth Co. Antrim, Ireland. Four of these McCotter women are buried in Toledo, Ohio.

I am looking for Martha in the Phila., PA area where I suspect that they were sponsored by other family members. I am also looking for a Philip McCotter who lived with Felix (one year) in 1878 (City Directory).

I attended the Ulster Historical Conference last September in Belfast and did some research at the PRONI. The name McCotter appears as a major sept in the early 1300's. I was surprised at this. Older family members of mine, told me that they were Scotch!! One daughter was named Annie Steen McCotter. And one daughter married a Julius Anheuser (St. Louis, MO).

Jim Holland,
I am a descendant of the McCotters who originated in the New Bern, NC area. Hezekiah McCotter is the earliest ancestor found in our records, but oral family history speaks of two brothers who settled in the northern states. We have no record of other branches of the family. I am interested in any information anyone has on our family. I will be glad to share anything I have also. -- Jim Holland Cleveland Co Memorial Library 104 Howie Drive Shelby, N.C. 28150 704-487-9069 (Oct 1996)

Victoria McCotter Godwin,
We are from North Carolina. My father is George Victor McCotter from Pamlico County. His his father was Victor Delone McCotter and wife was Mary Swann. Are we related? (Aug 1996)

Bertrand K. MacPherson,
Searching for descendants of Simeon McCOTTER who homesteaded in Eaton County, MI, about 1838. Do you know anyone researching this line in Michigan? Need to find present-day descendants.

Mike McCotter, or is working on his family tree.

Nancy Sween, (Nov 1995): Two McCotter women, Jane and Nancy, born in PA, married George brothers, Enoch and Reuben, of Butler County, OH, in the 1820s. I wonder if Jane and Nancy were sisters, and would like to come up with the McCotter parents. It has been suggested that they may have come out to Ohio with the Wynne family, which also settled in Butler County. Being so near the state line, maybe the McCotters lived in Indiana.

The only McCOTTER in Ohio in the 1830 census was Sarah of Belmont, Co. There was a John COTTER in Harrison Co, IN (center of the state), and David COTTER in Clark Co, OH in 1820 (Springfield, OH area). In 1790 PA there were Joseph COTTER, both Sr. and Jr. living in Huntingdon Co, PA (a ways east of Columbiana Co., OH-- eastern OH). In 1840, there was one McCOTTER (Sarah) in Belmont Co, and 3 (Jane, James, and another James) in Columbiana Co, OH. In 1850, there was a Francis M. McCOTTER in Richland Co, OH; Sarah McCOTTER in Belmont Co; and James and Peter COTTER in Butler Co, OH. Neat coincidence about Butler Co, but no evidence of any reason to get excited about this.

NOTE: Nancy McCOTTER GEORGE's daughter and son-in-law, Elizabeth and Alexander BAILY left Andrew Co, MO about 1847 to go to Columbiana Co OH where their 1st children were born at a trading post near Wellsville, OH. Alexander BAILY's family was from nearby Brooke Co, WV. What does any of this mean???

Alexander McCOTTER and Hugh McCOTTER came to USA from Scotland. Alexander built ships in Philadelphia during the Rev. War. He lived 1730-1800. (per Beverly Ann McCotter, 130 Chewton Rd, Birmingham, MI 48010 - 1/9/1973 letter)

Per Hazel M. Stroup of Hamilton, OH: no McCOTTER burials in Butler Co. cemeteries, no wills 1803-1834.
Per Deputy Clerk of Harrison Co, IN: no probate or land records for McCOTTER or COTTER 1820-1850

Sandy Ranier, previously on prodigy, wrote 6/95:
I think I found the McCotter girls parents. It just happens that the James McCotter from PA married a Polly Wynn in 1804. Polly Wynns father just happened to die in Morgan Tws. Butler Co. Ohio. in 1827. I also see the Wynns on my Platt map by the Georges. No small coinsidence. Now with the Wynn name I go all the way back to Flint Wales in 1565 to Rees Wynne. Lots of other names to. It all came from what someone entered in at the Family History Center. Nice start. Still haven't actually found McCotter in Butler Co. but he could have died or moved on. I am going to do further research in Fayette Co. PA and Berks Co. because that is where they were from. Sandy

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