Reuben Andrew and Mary Jane (HOBSON) GEORGE Family
The Family of
Reuben Andrew and Mary Jane (HOBSON) GEORGE


(m #1) Ann


? - ?
(m) ?

? - ?


Enoch George     (m)
Jane McCotter

* Reuben Andrew George
b. 11 Dec 1832 near Okeana, Butler Co, OH
d. 8 Apr 1902 (69) from accident
near Hopkins, Nodaway Co, MO
buried at New Hope Cemetery, Hopkins, MO

(m) Obedience "Bid-
die" Hadley


(m) Sarah

? - ?


Thomas Hobson      (m)
Keziah Reece

(m) Mary Jane Hobson
b. 12 September 1837 NC
d. 11 February 1916 (78) ND
buried at New Hope Cemetery, Hopkins, MO

m. 20 October, 1853 Andrew Co MO

Family Photos

Mary Jane and Reuben Andrew George

Mary Jane and Reuben Andrew farmed, and had 9 children.

Mary Jane Hobson George
had 3 siblings:
* Hadley J. Hobson, male, was born about 1836 per 1850 census. He was named for the family of his grandmother, Obedience Hadley Hobson.
* Mary Jane Hobson
* Sarah A. Hobson, female, was born about 1839 per 1850 census. Sarah was the first wife of William Wood. William and his second wife were the parents of Mary Jane's son Will George's wife, Ollie Belle Wood Boatwright.
* Margaret E. Hobson, female, was born about 1846 - still a baby when their dad, Thomas died. Margaret may have been the 2nd wife of Reuben Andrew's younger brother Isaac Newton George.

On Oct 20, 1853, Mary Jane Hobson married Reuben Andrew in Andrew County, MO. They farmed, and had 9 children.
Group photo including
Will, Maggie, Pearl, Reece, Jim George

On August 31, 1975, Beryl George Finch wrote " grandfather Reuben A. George was very closed mouthed and left very little information anywhere concerning his relatives and where. We did learn he had several red-headed sisters. No red heads in his children's families but in children's, children's, children - 4th generation red heads everywhere!"

After 69 year old Reuben's accidental death on 8 April, 1902 (see below), he was buried in the New Hope Cemetery in Nodaway Co, MO.

Mary Jane Hobson George

Timeline: Reuben Andrew and Mary Jane (HOBSON) GEORGE:
1832 - Dec 11 - Reuben A George was born in OH
Reuben Andrew was born on December 11, 1832 near Okeana in Butler County OH, and was about 9 about 1841 when he moved west with his parents to Green Co IN.
1837 - unknown - Reuben A's grandfather, Reuben George Sr, died OH
1837 - Sep 12 - Mary Jane Hobson was born in NC
Mary Jane was born on September 12, 1837 in North Carolina, perhaps in the mountainous county of Davie. Mocksville is the Davie county seat.
1840s- unknown - Reuben A's family moved to Andrew County MO. Reuben A may have come with his Uncle Reuben's family in 1845.
Sources differ on whether Reuben Andrew came to Andrew Co MO about 1845 with his aunt and uncle, Nancy (McCOTTER) and Reuben GEORGE Jr. or about 1849 with his parents Jane (McCOTTER) and Enoch GEORGE.
1847 - Aug 2 - Mary Jane's father Thomas Hobson died.
Thomas Hobson was 20 days short of being 36 years old when he died in Andrew Co, MO. His widow, Kiziah Reece Hobson, was left with 4 children.
1850 - summer The federal census showed Reuben Andrew with his parents, and Mary Jane with her mother.
1853 - Oct 20 - Reuben A and Mary Jane married, Andrew Co, MO
The couple was married by William B. Allen, Justice of the Peace.
1855 - Aug 4 - Louise Alice "Allie" born in Whitesville, And Co MO
Allie was Enoch and Jane George's first grandchild.
1857 - May 25 - Reuben Andrew's mother Jane died in And Co MO
About 1857 Reuben Andrew moved his family west across the Missouri River into Kansas Territory. Many of his siblings - including Annaretta St. Clair also of Whitesville, MO - and his father also moved to the new territory around this time. Most settled in Doniphan County KS, right across the Missouri River from Andrew County MO. Family records indicate that Reuben Andrew's family went on to Clay County KS. KS county map
1859 - Feb 4 - Charles Thomas "Tom" born, Clay Co KS
1859 - Nov 1 - Mary Jane's mother, Kizziah Hobson married William SULLANGER in Andrew County (Marriage Records 1856-1870).
1860 - Jul 10 - Federal census - Reuben A. & family - Platte twp., Andrew County, MO
Reuben Andrew and his family had returned to Andrew County, MO by July. Federal census records (image or text, p 82) show them living in Platte twp., Andrew County, MO. Reuben Andrew's widowed father Enoch and his younger children are listed as living with RA and family. The census taker recorded some mistaken information, including naming Mary Jane as Mary P, but with Mary Jane's correct age and birthplace, and Nancy J listed as N. P.
1861 - Mar 21 - William Hadley "Will" born, And Co MO
1864 - unknown - Enoch Ezra born, And Co MO
1865 - Nov 2 - James Newton born, And Co MO
1867 - Jul 12 - Reuben Andrew bought property in Empire twp, Andrew Co MO
Andrew County Circuit Court book 18-371 records that Mary George et al (maybe Mary Jane & other Hobson heirs?) sold the east half of NW 20-60-34 in Empire township and the east half of SW 17-60-34 (Empire twp) by the sheriff to Reuben Andrew George. Also on this date, the heirs of Thomas Hobson sold the east half of the NW quarter of 20-60-34 and the east half of the SW quarter of 17-60-34 (Empire twp) - a total of 160 acres - to Reuben Andrew by the sheriff for $1,680.00.
1867 - Oct 21 - Reuben Andrew and Mary Jane mortgaged part of their Empire twp property (east half of SW 20-60-34) to Thomas Davis (book 18-306)
1867 - Dec 31 - Margaret Ellen "Maggie" born, And Co MO
1868 - unknown - Enoch Ezra GEORGE died (5 years old) MO
1868 - Sep & Oct -Reuben A and Mary Jane sold their property in Andrew County, Empire township, and paid off the mortgage.
On September 23, 1868, Reuben A and wife sold east half of NW 20-60-34 and south half of SW 17-60-34 (Empire township) to Thomas W. Hobson. [book 21-89] Thomas' relationship to Mary Jane is unknown. The same day, Reuben A and Mary Jane sold what appears to be the exact same land in Empire township to Samuel P. Lewis. [book 21-90] On September 30, Thomas Davis released the mortgage to Reuben Andrew George [book 20-363]
1868 - unknown - About this time, the family left Andrew Co MO and moved north up the 102 River to Nodaway Co, MO near the Iowa border. They homesteaded and farmed 80 acres about 4 miles NE of Hopkins, MO.
"The town of Hopkins is located about one-half mile east of the east fork of the One Hundred and Two River. It was platted and laid out in the latter part of the year 1870, and in the spring of 1871 under the direction of Samuel McFarland, the founder of the town. The first railroad engine and car came to Hopkins December 12, 1870." from 1911 Atlas: Hopson twp history
1870 - *Apr 14 - Walter "Reece" born, Nod Co MO
1870 - *Apr 14 -
Wesley Reuben born, Nod Co MO; died April 1870
1874 - Jan 31 - Nancy "Pearl" born, Nod Co MO
1878 - Mar 21 - Allie married Henry FITCH, Hopkins, MO
1879 -
Info from book: "Abstracted Newspaper Index of Nodaway County, Missouri 1869 - 1900" by Patricia Combs O'Dell & Vickey Sanders Baumli, page 142
George, R. A.; AOF (Account of Farm); nee OH; 9 years in Nodaway County.
Nodaway Democrat newspaper dated 27 Mar 1879.
provided by Jo Rourke
1893 - Sep 15 - Maggie married Marshall D. MATTHEWS, Hopkins, MO
1896 - Aug 26 - Reece married Martha Ellen McMASTERS in IA
1896 - Dec 24 - Will married Ollie Belle WOOD BOATWRIGHT, Hopkins, MO
1902 - Apr 8 - Reuben Andrew died, crushed skull, Nod Co MO
At the time of their dad's death, Thomas, James, and W. Reece lived in the Hopkins, MO area. Will had already moved to Knowlton, MT, and Ollie Belle had recently died. Allie lived in Logan Co, ND. Maggie and Pearl lived in Kidder Co., ND.
Eventually, Mary Jane went to live with her daughter "Allie" in Napoleon, ND where she died February 11 in 1916. She was about 78. She was buried back at New Hope Cemetery in Hopkins, MO.
1904 - Jan 5 - Pearl married Perley David WOOD in ND
1916 - Feb 11 - Mary Jane died, ND

Children of Reuben Andrew and Mary Jane (HOBSON) GEORGE:
Louise "Alice" GEORGE FITCH (1855-1941)
Charles Thomas GEORGE (1858-1938)
William Hadley GEORGE (1861-1945)
Enoch Ezra GEORGE (1863-1868)
James Newton GEORGE (1865-1941)
Margaret Ellen GEORGE MATTHEWS LEONARD (1867-1946)
Walter "Reece" GEORGE (1870-1932)
Wesley Reuben GEORGE (1870-1870)
Nancy "Pearl" GEORGE (1874-1964)
(click photos to enlarge)
1. Louise Alice "Allie" George
    b 4 Aug 1855 Whitesville MO
    d 22 May 1941 Napoleon ND (85)
    m 21 Mar 1878, Hopkins MO
James "Henry" FITCH
    b 10 May 1854 NY
    d 23 Aug 1928 ND
Allie was born on August 4, 1855 in Whitesville, Andrew Co, MO. She was Reuben and Mary Jane's first child.

By the time she married James "Henry" Fitch on March 21, 1878, she and her family had moved to a farm northeast of Hopkins, MO.

Henry and Allie had 8 or 9 children... (more)

2. Charles Thomas "Tom" George
    b 4 February 1859 Clay Co KS
    d 18 September 1938 MT (79)
    m ca 1890 Nodaway Co MO
Martha Dale Leonard
    b 13 April 1869
    d 1920
lived in MO and MT
Tom George was born on February 4, 1859, during his parents' brief stay in the Kansas Territory.

Martha Dale Leonard was born 13 April 1869 to Tom Leonard, who later married her sister-in-law, Maggie George Matthews (below).

3. William "Will" Hadley George
    b 21 March 1861 Andrew Co MO
    d 18 March 1945 MT (nearly 84)
    buried in MT?
    m 24 December 1896
Mrs. Ollie Belle Wood Boatwright
    b 2 (or 27) July 1867
    d 26 December 1901 MT, of TB (34)
    buried in MT?
    lived in MO and MT
Will's middle name, although close to the maiden name of his father's grandmother, Ann Handley George, actually was Hadley - for the maiden name of his mother's grandmother, Obedience Hadley Hobson.

Will had known Ollie Belle growing up in Missouri. She was the daughter of a former brother-in-law of Will's mother, Mary Jane. When they married, she had lost her first husband to TB, which she also contracted. She and Mr. Boatwright had had one daughter. Then she and Will had one daughter, Helen Beryl George Finch, who was only 3 and a half when her mother died. Will George was thankful for the time they had together. (more...)

4. Enoch "Ezra" George
    b 1863 Andrew Co MO
    d 1868 Andrew Co MO
Ezra was about 5 years old when he died. He was likely named for his father's father, Enoch George, and for his father's brother, Ezra George, who died in December 1863 as a result of the Civil War.
5. James Newton George
    b 2 November 1865 Andrew Co, MO
    d 26 May 1941 Hopkins, Nodaway Co, MO (75)
    Sarah R. Wells
    b 1865
    d 1948 (82)
    lived in Nodaway Co, MO
James Newton "Jim" George may have been named for his father's elder brother, Joshua James George who had a son, Newton Howard George.

Jim married Sara Elizabeth Wells in 1889 and they had 2 children. Ena Alice was born 21 February 1890. She married Altona Covey, and later married J. D. Allan (Allen?). The second daughter was Ethel May, born 5 May 1893, who married Lee Emmett Campbell. Later in life, both sisters lived in Louisville, KY.

Photo of Jim and Sarah
Photo of Jim and grandkids - editor's note

6. Margaret Ellen George
    b 31 December 1867 Andrew Co MO
    d 31 January 1946 (78)
    m #1 29 June 1893 Hopkins MO
    Marshall D. Matthews
    b 15 September 1863 (Steele, ND?)
    d 29 November 1943 (80)
from Steele ND
    m #2
    Tom Leonard
(father of Martha Dale Leonard George)
    lived in
Maggie grew up on the family farm near Hopkins, MO. Mrs. Sollars said that Maggie taught school in Montana.

She married Marshall D. Matthews in 1893. ( photo & photo) They had 6 children:

Wilford Stanley 14 May 1894 - 5 August 1898 (in Kidder, ND)
Mary Emerella 19 July 1895 - ?. She married Commerce J. Calkins on 4 December 1918.
Ruby "Fern" 20 February 1897 - ?. She married Lester C. Calkins on 5 September 1923.
Ruth Gertrude 31 March 1898 - 28 September 1966. Ruth never married.
Georgia Pearl 20 August 1899 - ?. She married Frank C. Bowerman on 24 March 1933.
Glen Irwin 2 April 1902 - ?. He married Sara F. Boyd on 23 October 1933.
7. Walter "Reece" George
    b 14 April 1870 MO
    d 7 April 1932 MT
Knowlton Cem Custer Co MT
    m 26 August 1896 in Iowa
    Martha Ellen McMasters
    b 2 February 1873
    d 23 April 1927
Knowlton Cem Custer Co MT
    lived in Knowlton, Custer Co, MT
Walter Reece and Wesley Reuben were twins, born April 14, 1870 in Nodaway County, MO. Reece, the surviving twin, was likely named for his mother's maiden name, Reece.

Reece and Martha had 7 children:

*Iva Pauline GEORGE (Mrs. Paul W. Jones),
*Ina Vivian GEORGE (Mrs. Lyle Cook and Mrs. Henry Leon Jackson),
*Gladys Mae GEORGE (Mrs. Emil R. Kitzler/Kitzer),
*Dora Bernice GEORGE (Mrs. Clyde or Claude L. Jones),
*Marian Alice GEORGE (Mrs. Charles A. Barnes and Mrs. M. Kuemeuack),
*Jay McMasters GEORGE (husband of Mary Elizabeth Hughes),
and *Walter Ray GEORGE (husband of Muriel W. Wankel).
8. Wesley Reuben George
    b (14 Apr) 1870 MO
    d 1870 MO

Wesley Reuben was the twin of Walter Reece. Wesley Reuben did not survive.
9. Nancy "Pearl" George
    b 31 January 1874
    d 3 or 4 November 1964 - San Diego CA
buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery, San Diego
    m 5 January 1904   in Pleasant Hill Township, Kidder Co., North Dakota
Perley David Wood
    b Sept 13 1871, NY
    d Dec 01 1951, San Diego CA
buried at Mount Hope Cemetery, San Diego CA
    lived in NY, ND, CA
Pearl was born in Nodaway Co, MO on the family farm 4 miles east of Hopkins. After she and Perley Wood married in 1904, in North Dakota, they had 6 children: Evelyn, Marjorie (Mrs. Frank Schossow), Kenneth, Eugene, Dorothy (Mrs. Willard Harpster), and George. Marjorie and Dorothy lived in San Diego, CA.

Provided by Louise Worster:
In the newspaper, The Hopkins Journal, Thursday, April 10, 1902, page 3 is this report:
"A Terrible Accident; Reuben George Thrown From a Wagon Tuesday and Instantly Killed" (Head line)

"It is the Journal's sad mission this week to record another sad and terrible accident by which Reuben George, the well known farmer, northeast of Hopkins, lost his life.

It seems on Tuesday afternoon, Mr. George and his son, Thomas, hitched a team to the wagon, one of the horses being a colt, and started for Howard Hensley's to take home a lot of log chain, reaching there without accident, but after the son had alighted, the bridle on the colt slipped off, and the father called to Tom, who ran at once toward the team but before he could reach them they had dashed madly away and ran perhaps for a quarter of a mile when they turned suddenly and threw Mr. George from the wagon, his head striking a post. Both his son and Mr. Hensley were at his side in two or three minutes after he fell but he was cold in death when they reached him, his head being mashed to a jelly, otherwise his body contained no bruises, Mr. George could have saved his life by jumping when the team first started to run, but he remained in the wagon endeavoring to control them.

Dr. Sargent was called to administer to the heartbroken wife who is almost frantic with grief.

The funeral will be held on Saturday at New Hope church, near Allison, after which burial will take place at New Hope cemetery.

A fitting obituary will likely be furnished for publication next week."

photo provided by Terri Strong
In the newspaper, The Hopkins Journal, Thursday, April 17, 1902, the obituary was printed, as follows:
" Reuben A. George was born December 11, 1831 in Sipio, Butler county, Ohio, and died April 8, 1902, aged 70 years, 3 months and 27 days.

In youth with his parents he moved to Franklin county, Indiana, where they resided till the year 1850 when with his parents he again moved to Andrew county, Missouri where he was united in marriage to Miss Mary Jane Hobson, October 20, 1853. To this union God gave nine children, six sons, Thomas, James, W. Reece of Hopkins, Mo. William of Knowlton, Montana. Ezra and Wesley Reuben, the two later in childhood, preceded the father to the other shore. The three daughters are Alice, of Logan Co, North Dakota, Maggie and Pearl of Kidder Co. North Dakota. Four sons and three daughters with his wife survive to mourn his loss.

In the year 1857 he with his wife moved to Kansas where they lived one year and then returned to Andrew Co. Mo., from which place in the year 1869 they moved to his recent home near Hopkins, Mo., where he resided till God called him from an active life of toil and care to a home of rest and peace.

Early in the Civil War of the United States he inlisted (sic) and through all that dark struggle he was one of those who so nobly defended our nation's honor and received an honorable discharge from the government August 31, 1865.

Mr. George was highly respected and dearly beloved by a large circle of friends for his pure life which was spent in doing good to others. He was never so happy as when dispencing (sic) blessings to others. As a husband he was faultless, as a father, he was all that that name implies. As a friend and neighbor, he was the embodiment of honor, as a Christian his record is not only in the sky but also written in the hearts and lives of many who can rise up and call him blessed.

His funeral was conducted from the New Hope Baptist church, Saturday, April 12, by Rev. A. W. Miller of Hitsman, Iowa after which the remains followed by one of the largest processious (sic) ever seen in Nodaway county, were laid to rest in the New Hope cemetery where they await the final call."

The obituary was followed by: "We desire to express our appreciation of the great kindness of our many friends and neighbors who assisted us so untiringly during our recent bereavement. May the Heavenly Father bless you all. Mrs. George and Family."

New Hope Cemetery is in Independence Township, Nodaway County, Missouri near Hopkins.
Tombstone says:
"George; Reuben A. George; Dec. 11, 1831-Apr. 8, 1902;
Mary J. George; Sept. 12, 1837-Feb. 11, 1916."

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