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"This is Charles Thomas George with the children of Henry and Mary Ann George Fulton. On bottom step: Louise & Dorothy Fulton. In front of Tom is George Fulton. To left of Tom are Margaret & a twin George. To the right of Tom and top to bottom are Lillian, Mary, Tom, and a twin. The twins names are Elnor and Elnora. There may be a hidden child and if so, he would be Jimmy."

Iva George and cousins

Alice and Emma Wood with husbands

Alice Fitch and kids

Charles and Mollie Wood

Charles Wood

Clark A Wood

Hannah and family

Mollie Wood and brother

Pearl and Perly and 4 others

Willis and Bea Wood

Al and Pauline Strong

Alice Margery Wood

Alice Fitch


Bernice George

Beryl Olive Finch

Gylda and Bob George

Dearly Departed: Reuben Andrew George

Ena George and husband, Covey


Pearl George Wood

Pearl George Wood

Glen, Boyd, Marshall Matthews