William Hadley and Ollie Belle (Wood)(Boatwright) GEORGE Family
The Family of
William Hadley and Ollie Belle (Wood)(Boatwright) GEORGE


(m #1) Jane


(m) Kiziah

1815- ?


Reuben Andrew George     (m)
1832-1902   picture
Mary Jane Hobson
1837-1916   picture

* William Hadley George
b. 21 March 1861, near Whitesville, Andrew Co, MO
d. 18 March 1945, Knowlton, MT (nearly 84)
buried at Custer Co Cemetery Sec C lot 6
William F.

1803 VA - ?
(m) x


? - ?
(m) x



William H. Wood      (m #2)
1832 VA - ?
Isabella E. TODD?
1835 MO? - ?

(m) Ollie Belle Wood Boatwright
b. 2 (or 27) July 1867 MO
d. 26 December 1901 Knowlton MT
- of TB - buried in Miles City MT at
Custer Co Cemetery Sec C lot 6
m. 24 December 1896 - Hopkins, MO

Family: one child
*Will and Olive had one daughter, Helen "Beryl" George (1898-1992)
*In Maryville MO, Olive ("Ollie") and Mr. Boatwright had one daughter, Bertie Boatwright, prior to 1897. Did she die of TB, as her parents did?
* Cemeteries: See family burial information, below
Family Photos
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William and Ollie

Beryl, Mary Jane, and Will

Beryl and Olive Finch

Grandpa Will and the Finch family
Family Biography

William Hadley George was the third of nine children born to Reuben Andrew and Mary Jane (HOBSON) GEORGE. Will's daughter Beryl's George aunts and uncles were:
* Louise "Alice" GEORGE FITCH (1855 MO-1941)
* Charles Thomas GEORGE (1858 KS-1938 or '31 MT)
* William Hadley GEORGE (1861 MO-1945)
* Enoch Ezra GEORGE (1863 MO-1868)
* James Newton GEORGE (1865 MO-1941)
* Margaret Ellen GEORGE MATTHEWS LEONARD (1867 MO-1946)
* Walter "Reece" GEORGE (1870 MO-1932)
* Wesley Reuben GEORGE (1870 MO-1870)
* Nancy "Pearl" GEORGE (1874 MO-1964)
Will was born in Andrew Co MO after his parents lived a short while west in Kansas Territory during the later 1850s. Will's great-grandmother, Jane George had died in 1857. About that same time, some of Will's aunts and uncles moved over to Doniphan Co KS just across the Missouri River from Andrew Co MO. The Kansas Territory was sometimes dangerous as slave and free staters fought over the Kansas question. But family sources say that Will's older brother Tom was born a bit farther west than Doniphan County - in Clay County KS (KS county map) - in 1858. But Reuben Andrew and family were back in Andrew Co MO again by the summer the 1860 census was taken, living in the same house with his father, Enoch, and younger siblings. The next year on March 21, 1861, William Hadley George was born on the farm south of Whitesville, Andrew Co, MO
On October 6, 1975, Will George's daughter Beryl George Finch wrote:
"All I can remember my Dad saying was his father (Reuben Andrew George) did not talk about his people and Uncle Charles Thomas was much the same. A very quiet man with a deep sense of humor. When he did talk it was worth listening to."
The love of Will George's life was Ollie Belle Wood. Their parents, William H Wood and Reuben A George, had been neighbors in Andrew Co MO, so Will and Ollie Belle grew up together in Missouri.
Federal Census 1850 - Andrew Co MO
- 17 year old William H WOOD lived with his parents
William F. WOOD, 47, born in VA, apparent mother Barbary, 50-VA, and family:
Barbary F. 18-VA, Wm H, 17-VA, Elizabeth A. 14-VA, Jacob F., 11-VA, Benjamin H. 24-VA

#476 - Reuben A GEORGE, 18-OH lived with his father Enoch GEORGE, 43-VA, and family.
#475 - Reuben GEORGE Jr. 46-VA, lived next door to Enoch GEORGE, his brother.
In fact, about the time (1853) that Reuben A. married Mary Jane Hobson (b 1837 in NC), her sister, Sarah Ann Hobson (b 1839 in NC) married William H. Wood, making him Will's uncle by marriage. But Aunt Sarah Ann died young in childbirth, and William Wood married again. Ollie Belle (1867-1901) was his daughter by the second wife (Isabella E. Todd Wood?) and was not actually Will George's cousin.

Federal Census 1860 - Andrew Co MO
- Benjamin H. WOOD, 34, born in VA
lived with wife Sarah A., 29, born in NC
and M.D., 3 year old daughter, born in MO
#704 - Aunt Fannie George COLBERN (21-OH) and husband, George (23-IN), daugher M.E. (5/12- MO), and Fannie's little sister, E. K. George (9-MO), were near neighbors.
#719 - William H. WOOD (27-VA), lived nearby with wife J. E. (24-MO).
#554 - Reuben A GEORGE (28-OH)
lived farther away with his father Enoch GEORGE (53-VA).
R.A.'s family included Mary J. (22-NC), Louisa A. (5-MO), C.T. (1-Kansas Territory).
Enoch's family: S.E. (22-OH), M.E. (16-IN), N.J. (13-IN), and Ezra 18-OH.

But when Ollie Belle first married, she married a Mr. Boatwright of Maryville, MO. They had one daughter, Bertie, before Mr. Boatwright died of TB. Perhaps Bertie died young of TB, too.

Of her father and mother, Beryl Finch, wrote in a letter August 31, 1975:
"He had loved her and her only until he was 34 years of age. She married Boatwright of Maryville, MO, and they had one child - a girl named Bertie. After Boatwright died of T.B. my father married Ollie Belle in Hopkins, MO, Nodaway Co on Dec. 24, 1896"
Pg 142, Nodaway Democrat, 30 Dec 1896.
"George, Wm Henry [sic] of Hopkins wed
Mrs. Ollie Boatright of Maryville
at the home of her brother H. B. Wood."

Beryl continued in her letter of August 31, 1975:
"I was born in 1898 and she died 1901 - a very brief span of years. She contracted T.B. from 1st husband it seemed. My father never married again. He was mother and father both to me and a very wonderful father at that - real Christian and lived the life as a pioneer he ministered to people for their bodies and soul. Also if in need would empty his purse and never tell anyone."

On October 6, 1976, Beryl wrote:
"I believe Ollie Belle Boatwright George was born in 1867 - July 27. She died of T.B. at 34 yrs in 1901. Buried in December 1901 - temps 40 below and my father took her from Knowlton to Miles City a distance of 56 miles. He went in a sled - horse drawn - and alone as all Knowlton relatives were ill with Grippe as they called it then."

Beryl continued,
"They moved to Montana because of my mother's tuberculosis and also three of her brothers were already in Montana and liked the country. Her brother Wayland Wood was a very close friend of my Dad and always continued so. His and my mother's father Wm. H. Wood married grandmother Mary Jane's sister but she died at birth of 1st child. So he married again and had 4 children."

Ollie Belle died the day after Christmas, 1901, after 5 years of marriage with Will and when their daughter Beryl was 3 and a half. The following April, Will's dad, Reuben A. George died from a runaway horse and wagon accident. Beryl said her grandmother, Mary Jane George came to live with Will for many years. In a letter written August 31, 1975, Beryl remembered her grandmother "mentioning brother Hadley and sister Kiziah. She also mentioned the Reeces, cousins, I believe. Her sister Sarah was my Grandfather Wood's (mother's side) first wife. No children as both babe and mother died at childbirth."

"He (Will) had studied in Valparaiso Ind and it must have been medical as he was expert in setting bones, in antiseptic hygiene, and nursing as gentle as a woman (more than most) at any sickness, fever or stomach ills or pneumonia and would go on call nite or day even if tired enuf to drop after building fence alone or thru darkest cold nite. When he died (84 years) one of the old timers left remarked "If ever anyone was a real Christian, Will George was one."
(letter from Beryl Finch, August 31, 1975)

On August 31, 1975, Beryl wrote that there was a "descent of hereditary deafness in my mother's family (Wood) for many generations ... carried through mostly on the males - not many of the women afflicted."

The same letter continues,
"..my grandfather Reuben A. George was very closed mouthed and left very little information anywhere concerning his relatives and where. We did learn he had several red-headed sisters. No red heads in his children's families but in children's, children's, children - 4th generation red heads everywhere!"

Family Cemetery Burials
* The Knowlton Cemetery, Custer Co MT, (transcribed by Cap) include FINCH and GEORGE (but no WOOD) family members.
* FindAGrave.com shows tombstones photos of the Knowlton cemetery Finch and George tombstones.
* Gail Finch Shipek's cemetery history of Custer County, MT

Gail Finch Shipek wrote about Custer County cemeteries:
"Not all from Sunset Memorial are at Custer County Cemetary. When I was a teen [about 1970-71], my family got together and moved my great-relatives from Sunset out to the Knowlton Cemetary.

A little history of the Knowlton Cemetary. My great grandfather, Will George, and my grandmother, Helen Beryl George, homesteaded in Knowlton. He donated the land for the cemetary and for George Park nearby. The cemetary is filled with our family's ancestors."

* source: http://milescity.com/forums/posts/view/89302/#89387
* Also see: George's, Finch 's, and Wood's buried in Custer County cemeteries

Daughter of Will and Ollie Belle GEORGE:
1. Helen "Beryl" George
    b 28 July 1898 (MO, per obit)
    d 6 March 1992 (93)
    buried at Lonepine Cemetery, Bigfork, MT
    m 25 May 1918 MT
    Ozroe Dewit (O.D.) Finch
    b 20 May 1895, Jericho MO
    d 15 August 1971 (76) Bigfork MT
    (automobile accident)
    buried at Lonepine Cemetery, Bigfork, MT
    World War 1 veteran
    lived in MO and MT

Helen "Beryl" George was born on July 28, 1898 in Hopkins, MO to Will and Ollie Belle George. Her mother had contracted TB while living in Missouri, and Will hoped bringing his wife to Montana would be a good climate change for her health. Three of Ollie's Wood brothers had moved to Montana. Will's brother C. Tom GEORGE also moved to Custer County, Montana, living in Miles City, 56 miles from Knowlton. After 1905 Will's brother Reece and his family moved to Custer Co MT and lived in Knowlton MT.

Beryl and O.D. had 11 children, see here

Ozroe, Olive, Dennis, and Beryl Finch

Special thanks to Ethel Campbell, Beryl Finch, Louise Worster(Facebook), Terri Strong, Monica Schirmer Eshelman (eshelman@alltel.net), and Edwin Jones (edwin.jones@alaska.com) for contributing information on the Reuben Andrew and Mary Jane (Hobson) George line. Gail Shipek, Facebook
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