Daniel J. and Annadetta "Addie" (DeARMOND) ROBERTS Family
The Family of
Daniel J. and Annadetta "Addie" (DeARMOND) ROBERTS

daughter of Mary (George) and John Randolph DeARMOND * George Lines
son of George W. and Mary (Rumple) ROBERTS (?-?) and ? (?-?)
[Not all dates are verified. Discrepancies between family Bible, census, and tombstone dates may not all be identified.]

(m) Maria


(m) Esther



* John Randolph DeARMOND      (m)
Mary George

* Annadetta "Addie" DeARMOND
b. Aug 1854 Butler County OH
d. 19 Oct 1934 Butler Co OH (80)
New London Cemetery

?-Civil War
(m) Elizabeth


(m) ?


George W. Roberts      (m)
Mary Rumple

b. 2 Jan 1856 St Charles, Butler Co OH
d. 15 Mar 1930 Butler Co OH (74)
New London Cemetery
(m) Oct 1877 Butler Co OH

* Annaretta DeARMOND ROBERTS (1854 OH-1934 OH)
was probably named for Enoch's daughter:
* Annaretta GEORGE StCLAIR (1827 OH - 1905 MO).
Enoch's son Joshua J GEORGE named a daughter
* Annaretta GEORGE McNAIR (1875 MO - 1947 MO).
Perhaps the 1827 Annaretta was named for
* Ann HANDLEY GEORGE who died in the early 1820s.
Daniel Roberts' Family
and an article from
"Memoirs of the Miami Valley",
Butler County OH,

Children of Addie and Daniel ROBERTS:
George (PRALL) | James (CORNETT or CONNETT) | Lora | Effie (DURHAM) | Phoebe (ROTHERMEL) | Imogene (CONNETT) | Grace (BIAS)
1. George ROBERTS
    b 11 Mar 1879 Morgan Twp, Butler Co OH
    d 30 Nov 1961 Hamilton, OH (82)
    Shandon Cemetery

    m 21 June 1907 Hamilton, OH
    Carrie E. PRALL
    b 23 Oct 1884 Morrow OH
    d 6 March 1959
    Shandon Cemetery

    lived in Hamilton, Butler Co, OH
George and Carrie ROBERTS had two children, Dorothy (or Dorothea, who married Darrell RECTOR) and George "Eugene".

George was Butler County clerk elect in June 1925 when his younger sister Effie Durham died. The Hamilton Evening Journal of August 3, 1929, page 12, shows a picture of George, with the headline "Snider Retires, Roberts Becomes Clerk of Courts Monday; Appointments Made". (NewspaperArchive.com)

Carrie's parents were Richard and Emma J. Cornett Prall. Mrs. PRALL had a stroke in 1927 at Carrie's house. (see clipping from Hamilton Daily News) Article clippings provided by Sandi Kneer

The Roberts celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on June 21, 1957. (see clipping from Hamilton Daily News)

The obituary for Carrie E. Roberts who died in 1959 was in from the Hamilton Daily Journal News. (see clipping).

George R. ROBERTS's obituary from the Hamilton Daily News Journal, December 1, 1961. (see clipping) A list of his pall bearers was printed December 2, 1961. (see clipping).

2. Effie ROBERTS
    b 24 Sep 1881 Morgan Twp, Butler Co OH
    d 10 Jun 1925 (43) Cincinnati, OH
    New London Cemetery

    m 20 Jun 1907
    Benjamin Franklin "Frank" DURHAM
    b 17 Jan 1876 Wittman, KY
    or in Richmond, Madison Co, KY
    d 14 Apr 1925 (49)
    New London Cemetery

    lived in Hanover township of Butler Co OH
Effie and Frank DURHAM had two children, John (b 1910) and Margery (b 1915).

Frank's parents were Benjamin and Lydia (WILLIAMS) DURHAM. Various records on where Frank was born included Wittman, KY and Richmond, Madison Co, KY. However, he stated on his marriage license that he was born in Kirby Knob, Jackson Co KY (aka Kerby Knob).

Frank worked at the Ford Motor Car Co in Hanover township Butler County. He was a farmer and a millwright in Hanover township, Butler Co OH.

John DURHAM turned 15 the year (1925) his parents died, and Margery DURHAM was 10. The 1930 census shows Marjorie DURHAM living with her uncle and aunt, Clarence H. CONNETT and Sherley "Imogene" CONNETT, and their 11 year old son Willard CONNETT.

Where was John? Who raised him after 1925 when their parents died?

3. James DeArmond ROBERTS
    b 19 Feb 1883 Butler Co OH
    d 27 Feb 1969 Hamilton, Butler Co OH (86)
    m 24 Apr 1918 in Cincinnati OH
    Minnie Alda CONNETT
    b ?
    d ?

    lived on his parents farm in
    Selkirk, Butler Co OH
    retired to Ross, OH
James and his wife had two children, Daniel and Virginia.

DANIEL G ROBERTS, born 28 Feb 1919, who died 15 Jun 1994 and lived at 45013 (Hamilton, Butler Co, OH) might be James' son.

See more information and the obituary for James Roberts

(Thanks to Janet K Armbrust and Sandi Kneer for sharing their research of this family)
4. Phoebe Gertrude ROBERTS
    b (17 or 21) Nov 1884 Butler Co OH
    d 25 Jan 1934 Reily, Butler Co OH (49)
    New London Cemetery
    m Sep 1927
    Ora Glenn ROTHERMEL
    b 1 Sep 1887 Okeana, Butler Co OH
    d 30 Jan 1976 Butler Co OH
    College Corner Cemetery, IN

    lived in Butler Co OH
Phoebe ROBERTS married widower Ora Glenn Rothermel in 1927 when she was 42. She lived about 6 more years, helping to raise her step daughters, Gladys and Leona Rothermel. Ora married a third time in 1937 to Margaret Gehring who preceded him in death by 2 years on 19 Nov 1973. FindAGrave.com
5. Lora (Lorah) ROBERTS
    b 1889 Butler Co OH
    d 3 Apr 1892 Butler Co OH (2 or 3)
    New London Cemetery
    lived in Butler Co OH
Lorah died as a 2 or 3 year old, and is buried in the Roberts family plot at New London Cemetery, Shandon, OH.
6. Shirley "Imogene" ROBERTS
    b 4 May 1891 OH
    d 17 Oct 1970 Cincinnati OH (78)
    New London Cemetery
    m 24 Nov 1915 Butler Co OH
    Clarence Homer CONNETT
    b 1894
    d 1975 (81)
    New London Cemetery
    lived in Butler Co OH, and Carthage (Hamilton Co) OH
(Thanks to Janet K Armbrust for sharing her research of this family)
Imogene and Clarence CONNETT lived in Carthage, Hamilton Co, Ohio. They had a son Clarence Lee Connett born 30 Dec 1916 in Cincinnati, who died 4 days later, 3 Jan 1917 in Cincinnati. He was buried at New London Cemetery.

They later had a son, Willard T. CONNETT who was born on 22 April 1919, and died 19 July 1992, aged 73. Willard was buried at New London Cemetery. His wife is Mabel K. Connett, born 20 Oct 1923, per their tombstone.

Willard was a pall bearer for his uncle George ROBERTS in 1961.

Margery DURHAM was with her aunt and uncle, the CONNETTs, in the 1930 census after her parents, Effie and Frank DURHAM died in 1925. I am looking for proof that she married Mr. Rieth, and was the Margery A. RIETH who Grace Roberts BIAS lived with in Florida from 1955.

7. Grace Althea ROBERTS
    b 27 Jan 1900 Butler Co OH
    d 22 Jan 1990 Bradenton, Manatee Co FL (89)

    m about 1920
    Joseph "Leroy" BIAS
    b 9 Dec 1902 Butler Co OH
    d 17 Jul 1921 Seymour, Jackson Co, IN
    College Corner Cemetery, IN (18)
    Lot 53, Div D, Grave 8

    lived in Butler Co OH
Grace and Leroy BIAS of Shandon, OH married about 1920, and had one son, Robert Orville "Bobby" BIAS, born in 1921 when Leroy was 18, and just a few months before Joseph Leroy was killed by a train. See Leroy's obituary from the Hamilton Evening Journal Tuesday July 19, 1921. See Bobby's obituary and death certificate.

Leroy was the son of Orville and Delia (SCHOKEY) BIAS of near Millville in Ross Township, Butler County, OH.

Orville's parents were Monroe [13 Nov 1847-28 Sep 1913] and Victoria (WIMMER) BIAS of College Corner. Monroe's parents were Ruben and Mary (EWING) BIAS.

Sources: FindAGrave.com for Joseph Leroy BIAS, Orville M. BIAS, Victoria (WIMMER) BIAS and Monroe BIAS of College Corner, IN.

Family History:

1854 - (Aug) Annaretta [aka Annadetta] born to John Randolph and Mary GEORGE DeARMOND in Butler Co OH
1856 - (2 Jan) Daniel J. born to George W and Mary RUMPLE ROBERTS in St. Charles, Butler Co OH
1877 - (Oct) Annaretta DeARMOND married Daniel J. ROBERTS in Butler Co OH
1879 - (11 Mar) George ROBERTS born to Daniel J. and "Addie" DeARMOND ROBERTS in Butler Co OH
188? - (???) James DeARMOND ROBERTS born to Daniel J. and "Addie" DeARMOND ROBERTS in Butler Co OH
1881 - (24 Sept) Effie ROBERTS born to Daniel J. and "Addie" DeARMOND ROBERTS in Butler Co OH
1884 - (17 or 21 Nov) Effie ROBERTS born to Daniel J. and "Addie" DeARMOND ROBERTS in Butler Co OH
1889 - (???) Lora ROBERTS born to Daniel J. and "Addie" DeARMOND ROBERTS in Butler Co OH
1891 - (4 May) Shirley "Imogene" ROBERTS born to Daniel J. and "Addie" DeARMOND ROBERTS in Butler Co OH
1892 - (3 Apr) Lora ROBERTS died, aged 2 or 3
1900 - (27 Jan) Grace Althea ROBERTS born to Daniel J. and "Addie" DeARMOND ROBERTS in Butler Co OH
1907 - (20 Jun) Effie ROBERTS married Benjamin Franklin "Frank" DURHAM (1876-1925)
1907 - (21 Jun) George ROBERTS married Carrie E. PRALL (1884-1959) in Hamilton, Butler Co, OH
1915 - (24 Nov) Shirley I. ROBERTS married Clarence Homer CONNETT (?-?) in Butler Co
1918 - (24 Apr) James DeARMOND ROBERTS married Minnie Alda CONNETT (?-?) in Hamilton, Butler Co, OH
1920s, 1930s, and 1969 continue below

1919 - book
Memoirs of the Miami Valley 1919, (Butler Co OH) pp 599-600

Special thanks to Gary King
who transcribed "Memoirs of the Miami Valley" on the Butler County OHGenWeb site.

"Daniel J. Roberts, a well known farmer, son of George W. and Mary (Rumple) Roberts, was born in St. Charles, Morgan township, Butler county, January 2, 1856.

His paternal grandparents were John and Elizabeth (Guilder) Roberts. His father, George W. Roberts, was born in Virginia, and came to Butler county with his parents, who were also parents of the following children:

  • Adeline, who married Daniel Rumple;
  • Emma, Mrs. Wilson;
  • Margaret;
  • Mary, who became the wife of John Willett;
  • David,
  • William and
  • Edward, all deceased;
  • Daniel; and
  • George, the father of Daniel J. Roberts, the subject of this biography.

    David and Edward Roberts served throughout the Civil war, the latter losing life in battle.

    John Roberts, the grandfather, also fought in the Civil war, and was lost in action. It is thought that the brave old soldier was killed, as he was never heard from again.

    George W. Roberts, Daniel Roberts' father, married Mary Rumple, and settled in Morgan township. She was a daughter of Daniel Rumple, a pioneer merchant of Butler county, who had conducted a hardware business at Hamilton. George Roberts and his wife spent their entire lives in Morgan township. Their children were:

  • Daniel J.;
  • Albert, who lives in Richland, Mo.;
  • Orella, who became the wife of Samuel Gillespie; and
  • Edgar, deceased.

    Daniel J. Roberts attended school in Morgan township, and at Hamilton, after which he engaged in farming. In 1877 he married Addie DeArmond, daughter of Randolph and Mary (George) DeArmond. After marriage, Mr. Roberts and his wife settled in Morgan township, on the old Morehouse farm.

    Their union has been blessed with these children:

  • George,
  • James,
  • Lora,
  • Effie,
  • Phoebe,
  • Imogene and
  • Grace.

    George Roberts married Carrie Prall, who lives in Hamilton, and has two children, Eugene and Dorothy;
    James married Alta Cornett, and with their one child [in 1919], they reside with his father.
    Lora died some years ago.
    Effie became the wife of Frank Durham, and has two children, John and Margery.
    Phoebe has not married.
    Imogene was married to Clarence Connett, and their home is in Carthage. They have one child, Willard.
    Grace has not married [in 1919].

    Daniel J. Roberts' farm is one of great natural beauty, and in size totals 121 acres. Upon this farm, besides his agricultural work, he raises fine Jersey cattle, and today is the owner of seventeen head. During the war Mr. Roberts entered actively into home service in connection with all patriotic activities. In politics, he is a Democrat."

  • 1925 - (14 Apr 1925) Benjamin Franklin "Frank" DURHAM, husband of Effie, died
    1925 - (10 Jun 1925) Effie ROBERTS DURHAM died
    1927 - (Sep 1927) Phoebe ROBERTS married Ora Glenn ROTHERMEL

    1930 - summer census: Margery DURHAM was living with her aunt and uncle Imogene and Clarence CONNETT in Carthage, and with her cousin Willard.
    1934 - (19 Oct) Anna DeARMOND ROBERTS died (80)

    Hamilton Daily Journal News
    October 29, 1934
    Page 2

    Mrs. Anna Roberts taken by death

    Mrs. Anna DeArmond Roberts, 80 years of age, widow of Daniel Roberts, died at her house in Selkirk Saturday at 7 pm. Her death was caused by a complication of disease and brought sorrow to her many friends.

    Mr. and Mrs. Roberts were united in marriage Oct 4, 1877 and to this union were born 7 children. Four of whom survive. George Roberts, former clerk of court in Butler County, James Roberts, Mrs. Clarence Connett, and Mrs. Grace Bias.

    Funeral services will be conducted at the residence in Selkirk Tuesday 7:30 pm and at the Millville Federated church at 2:00 pm, Reverend James Mentzer officiating. Burial Shandon.

    Friends may call Monday afternoon and evening.

    Anna Roberts Death Certificate Familysearch.org

    1969 - (27 Feb) James DeARMOND ROBERTS died in Hamilton Co OH
    1970 - (17 Oct) Shirley "Imogene" ROBERTS CONNETT died in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, OH (78)
    1990 - (22 Jan) Grace Althea ROBERTS BIAS died in Bradenton, Manatee Co, FL (89)

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