Owsley Genealogy (1/4/99)
See also: Shanks, Will of Thomas Shanks, Handley

The OWSLEY Family

by AnneMcCarr@aol.com

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William Owsley who married Catherine Bolin was a brother to Henry Owsley who married Winifred Taylor and then Martha Bayne. Their father was Thomas Owsley who married Mary Middleton.....

Thomas Owsley (born 1731 in Prince William County, Virginia), married Mary Middleton (born 1730 in Upper Piscataway, Prince George's County, Maryland) in 1746 in Fairfax County, Virginia. Thomas died on Nov 1, 1796 in Madison County, Kentucky; wife Mary died September 16, 1808, in either Madison or Garrard County in Kentucky.

Their children were:

  1. Anne Bayne Owsley, married first George Chilton and then John Williams
  2. William Owsley, married Catherine Bolin
  3. Thomas Owsley, married Dinah Stapp
  4. Henry Owsley, married first Winifred Taylor, then Martha Bayne
  5. Anthony Owsley, married Hannah Young
  6. Johnathan Owsley, married Mary ........
  7. Chloe Ball Owsley, married Thomas Williams
  8. Verlinda Owsley, married Thomas Hutchinson
  9. Daniel Owsley, married Anne Slade
  10. Mary Owsley, married John Bryant
  11. Patience Owsley, married William Miller Bledsoe
  12. Elizabeth Owsley married Jesse Gooch.
I have Henry Owsley marrying Winifred Taylor in 1775; children were Thomas Taylor Owsley and Ella Owsley.

Henry Owsley married Martha Bayne in 1783. Their children were

  1. Susannah Owsley, married William Farris (my ancestors)
  2. Ebsworth Owsley married Catherine Bodine
  3. Henry Hawkins Owsley - no spouse found
  4. John Owsley married Jane Shanks, daughter of William Shanks and Sarah Handley
Children of William Owsley who married Catherine Bodine in 1770 in Loudoun County, Virginia
  1. Chloe Owsley married Thomas Taylor Owsley, son of Henry Owsley and Winifred Taylor, her cousin
  2. Nancy Owsley married William Graves
  3. Margaret Owsley married Walter Bayne
  4. Samuel Owsley married Eliza Wood Stephenson
  5. Newdigate Owsley married Eliza Young
  6. William Owsley, Governor of Kentucky, married Elizabeth Gill
  7. Mary Owsley married Henry Pearl
  8. Patience Owsley married Henry Baughman - your ancestors I think -
  9. Jonathan Owsley - no spouse found
  10. Joel Owsley, Dr., married Mary Lewis
  11. Thomas Owsley married Margaret Shanks, daughter of William Shanks and Sarah Handley