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The Alvin and Sophia (BROWN) SHIPMAN family

Alvin and Sophia's sons, Charles E., Isaiah H., John B, Ezra B, and Albert H
settled in Chippewa County WI, near Chippewa Falls, WI ( 1895 county map).
Some of their children lived in Douglas Co, WI (genealogy). (Sauk Co. genealogy)
Family history timeline | Amanda George Shipman mystery
Photo of the 5 Shipman brothers, 1888

Alvin & Sophia (BROWN)'s CHILDRENAlvin & Sophia's GRANDCHILDREN
Charles Edmund SHIPMAN
b. 20 May, 1819 (or 1820?)
d. Apr 1892 WI (almost 73)
m. 19 Jan 1845 to
Mandy GEORGE in Andrew Co MO
b. 10 May (24 Jun 24?) 1826
d. 2 Mar 1884 WI
Charles in 1888
Charles and Mandy had 4 children:
*Lemuel "Duane" SHIPMAN (1849-1905 WI)
*Milton SHIPMAN - died young - 1850s?
*Mary E. SHIPMAN TALLMAN (15 Apr 1855 - 12 July 1932 Kuna, ID)
*Ezra F. SHIPMAN (1859-)
Isaiah Hatch SHIPMAN
b. 5 May 1823
m. to Sarah (per
d. 1898 tombstone
Sarah and Isaiah had at least one son, Arthur, who died in 1868, just over 3 years old.
John Brown SHIPMAN
b 25 Oct, 1826
d. 8 Jan 1899 tombstone

m 1 28 Sept 1854 to
    Mary A CRANIE 1832-1868
    m in Mazomanie (Dane Co) WI
m 2 28 Nov 1880 to
    Mary Jane 1834-1897
John's first wife Mary A. CRANIE was born 7 November, 1832 (or 1833) in Scotland. She married John B. SHIPMAN 28 September 1854 in Mazomanie, Dane Co.
[Maybe some of these Dane Co WI burials (, including Stephen Vaughn Shipman 1825 PA-1905 of Montrose (Susquehanna Co) PA, were Shipman relatives, since Alvin and Sophia had also lived in Montrose PA.]
She died June of 1868 in Chippewa Co, WI and was buried at the Prairie View Cemetery. John and Mary A. had at least 4 children:
*Ernest Leslie SHIPMAN
*Irving SHIPMAN - died at the age of 6. He was buried at Prairie View Cemetery, Chippewa Co WI, next to Ezra and Sarah Shipman, and Mary (his mother) and John (his father), per However, his father John was later buried with his second wife, not at Prairie View.
*John Clarence SHIPMAN 1857-1947 - tombstone at Tillinghast Cemetery, Chippewa Co WI. He married Emily F. (1862-1956) tombstone
*Ida Jane Shipman CLEAVES (Oct 1864-30 Aug 1941) - tombstone
And possibly Florence SHIPMAN.
John's second wife was Mary Jane (FREEMAN) SHIPMAN b 20 October 1834 d 7 July 1897 tombstone. Mary Jane married John on 28 Nov 1880, when he would have been about 54 years old, and she about 46. She and John were buried at O'Neill Creek Cemetery in Eagle Point (Chippewa Co). Her tombstone is inscribed:
"Dedicated to Mary Jane Freeman Parks/Rapley/Truair/Porter/Shipman in recognition of her pioneer spirit, in honor of her memory and with love from her descendants. June 26, 2004"

John Brown SHIPMAN was buried at O'Neil Creek Cemetery, Eagle Point (Chippewa Co) WI but died in Canton, Sumner Township (Barron Co) WI and was buried with his second wife, Mary Jane FREEMAN .

Ezra Brown SHIPMAN
b. 14 Apr 1829, Mansfield (Richland Co) OH
m. Sarah Ann HENRY 1834-1918 tombstone, Prairie View Cemetery, Chippewa Co WI
d. 28 Jan 1911 tombstone, Prairie View Cemetery, Chippewa Co WI
Ezra and Sarah had 9 children:
Alvin, Mancil, Malina, Milton, Maryetta, Nellie Louise, Jenny, Fannie, and Francis.

Mancil married Gertrude WAGGONER and had 5 children:

* Sarah Shipman BJERKE m Elmer BJERKE (Both died before 2005. Sons John and Elmer survived them.)
* Louise "Lou" G. SHIPMAN MUENICH 1904-1987 m Harold MUENICH on 12 September 1934. Harold died 3 May 2010, aged 100 and was buried at Prairie View Cemetery. Lou's tombstone is also at Prairie View Cemetery, Hallie, Chippewa Co WI (Daughters Julia Muenich (Robert) Poppe, Cincinnati OH and Elizabeth Muenich (Jeffrey) Schaefer, Wisconsin Rapids, WI)
* Gail (1909-2005) who was buried at Prairie View Cemetery, Chippewa Co. Her obituary, in The Chippewa Herald and Gail's obituary at
* William (and Erna) SHIPMAN
* Mancil (and Eunice, then Hellen) SHIPMAN of Bloomer, WI.
Albert Herman SHIPMAN
b. 9 Jul 1834, Mansfield (Richland Co) OH
  m. Lucinda W. HALSTEAD 18??- 4 Jan 1923 (Boise, ID)
d. 1 Apr 1891 tombstone, Lakeside Cemetery, Barron Co WI
Albert and Lucinda brief history at They had at least one child, Cora Shipman, born about 1873.

There is a Lucina A. SHIPMAN, who died 15 Jan 1923 and was buried in Boise, ID: tombstone Morris Hill Cemetery. She was born 27 May 1849. There are 6 other SHIPMANs buried at Morris Hill: Eugenia (1909-1930), Evelyn B. (HEWITT) (John's wife?) (1905-1960), John (d Jun 1923), Joseph W. (dates unk), Mary Jane "Jennie" (1874-1960), and her husband, Orville H. (1893-1967).

History of Alvin and Sophia SHIPMAN Family

1784 Mar 22 VT?-Alvin SHIPMAN was born in 1783 (per tombstone) or 1784
1808 Sep 18 VT -Alvin SHIPMAN married Mary "Molly" HATCH. Molly died, childless
1812, War of -Alvin SHIPMAN served in the War of 1812
1814 Oct 25 VT -Alvin SHIPMAN married Sophia BROWN at Hardwick, VT
ca 1816? -Alvin and Sophia moved from VT to Silver Lake, near Montrose, PA
1819 May 20 PA - Charles Edmund SHIPMAN was born to Alvin and Sophie (BROWN) SHIPMAN
ca 1821 -Alvin and Sophia moved from near Montrose PA to Canandaigua City, NY
ca 1822 -Alvin and Sophia moved from Canandaigua City, NY to near Mansfield (Richland Co) OH for 16 years
1823 May 5 OH? - Isaiah Hatch SHIPMAN was born to Alvin and Sophie (BROWN) SHIPMAN
["Hatch" was the maiden name of Alvin's first wife, deceased.
But Isaiah also had a cousin named Rev. Isaiah Hatch Shipman per letter below]
1826 Oct 25 OH - John Brown SHIPMAN was born to Alvin and Sophie (BROWN) SHIPMAN
1829 Apr 14 OH - Ezra Brown SHIPMAN was born to Alvin and Sophie (BROWN) SHIPMAN
1834 Jul 9 OH - Albert SHIPMAN was born to Alvin and Sophie (BROWN) SHIPMAN
1838 Aug 16 OH- Alvin and Sophia SHIPMAN and family started moving toward western Missouri and the Platte Purchase.
1845 Jan 19 MO - Charles Edmund SHIPMAN married Mandy GEORGE in Andrew Co MO
1846 Jan 1 MO - Isaiah SHIPMAN married Sarah Ann WILLIAMS in Andrew Co MO
ca 1846 - Mandy and Charles Edmund SHIPMAN moved northeast to Wisconsin
1846 ?- Sophia SHIPMAN was born to Isaiah and Sarah Ann (WILLIAMS) SHIPMAN
ca 1847 Oct ?- Clara SHIPMAN was born to Isaiah and Sarah Ann (WILLIAMS) SHIPMAN
She may have been the unidentified 7 mo old baby, mentioned below, but ancestry board information on Dexter's mother, Acelia and on Clara (Clarissa Ann), with 5 siblings surviving her:
Sophia Hodgdon (1846-1937) of Goldstone MT, Irvin (1851-?) of Boise, ID, Geraldine Miles (1852-?) of LA, CA, Francine Morford (1853-1932) of Haltersburg, MS, and Jessie Adelia Wilson (1856-1939) of Kalispell. A daughter, Edna Knickerbocker Mootz died earlier. All buried in Hingham Union Cemetery, Hingham, Hill Co, MT.
1848 May 10 MO - 10 SHIPMANs left Andrew Co MO for WI:
1) Alvin, 2) Sophia, 3) Isaiah and 4) Sarah Ann [married 1/1/46], 6) John (22, born 1826), 7) Ezra (19-born 1829), 8) Sophia (xxxxx)
1849 Apr 15 WI - Lemuel "Duane" SHIPMAN was born to Mandy and Charles
1852 Jul 21 WI - Milton R. SHIPMAN was born to Mandy and Charles
1855 Apr 15 WI - Mary Elizabeth SHIPMAN was born to Mandy and Charles
1857 WI - J. Clarence SHIPMAN was born to John Brown and Mary Cranie SHIPMAN Tombstone data.
1858 Mar 12 WI - Alvin SHIPMAN, father of Charles, Isaiah, John, Ezra, and Albert, died (just 10 days short of being 74) tombstone.
See John's letter, below written in 1861 when his dad was already dead.
1859 Apr 2 WI - Ezra Charles (or F) SHIPMAN was born to Mandy and Charles
ca 1865 WI - Arthur SHIPMAN, born to Isaiah and Sarah
1867 Mar 12 WI - Alvin died in 1858, not in 1867 as the tombstone indicates
1868 Apr 21 WI - Arthur SHIPMAN, son of Isaiah and Sarah, died (aged 3) tombstone
1898 WI - Isaiah SHIPMAN, husband of Sarah Ann WILLIAMS, father of at least Arthur, died (aged about 75) tombstone
1899 WI - Sarah SHIPMAN, wife of Isaiah, mother of at least Arthur, died (aged 74) tombstone

Photo of the 5 Shipman brothers in 1888, provided by Valerie Wattier of Sioux Falls SD (ReliSearcher Genealogy)

Dates and circumstancial data (1840 census, Andrew Co MO marriage, etc) indicate
that Amanda George SHIPMAN was almost positively the daughter of
Reuben and Margaret (LYNN, LINN) GEORGE of Butler County, OH.
* Reuben GEORGE Jr married Margaret LYNN on March 10, 1825 in Butler Co OH.
* Reuben GEORGE Jr. married Nancy McCOTTER on September 11, 1828 in Butler Co OH. They had at least 5 children.
* Different sources indicate that Amanda George SHIPMAN was born May 10 1826 or Jun 24 1826 in Ohio. No county was given.
* Reuben GEORGE Jr. had 2 older daughters in known daugher Elizabeth's age group listed in the 1840 census for Butler Co OH [thus, Mandy and Elizabeth]
* Reuben GEORGE Jr. and his brother Enoch GEORGE moved their families from Butler Co OH to Andrew County MO in the mid 1840s.
* No longer in Ohio, Amanda "Mandy" George married Charles Edmund Shipman in Andrew Co MO (Hodges Marriage Records) Jan 19, 1845.
* Charles and Mandy SHIPMAN were not in the 1850 Andrew Co MO census, having left for Wisconsin in 1848.
* Apparently, Margaret GEORGE died between 1825-1828
* If Mandy was Reuben Jr's daughter, born in 1826, she was Margaret GEORGE's daughter.


(m) Ann


(m) unk



* Reuben George Jr      (m)
Margaret LYNN
?-1825? (first wife)

? | ?
* Amanda "Mandy" George
b. 10 May or June 24 1826 Butler Co, OH
d. 2 Mar 1884 Chippewa (?) Co WI (57)


(m) ?
(m) ?


Alvin SHIPMAN      (m#2)
Sophia BROWN

(m) Charles Edmund SHIPMAN
b. 20 May 1819-20, PA
d. Apr 1892 WI (almost 73)

1861: John B. Shipman's letter to cousin Isaiah Hatch Shipman in NH
History of Chippewa Valley,
Charles E. Shipman, History of the Chippewa Valley, pg 576 (Ancestry board) resources for Amanda and Charles Shipman:
History of Chippewa Valley on Charles Shipman, Shipman family,
Fraysier (also see

Charles and Mandy (George) Shipman Line
Lemuel Duane | Milton | Mary Elizabeth | Ezra
Name Born Parents Married Spouse Lived Died
Amanda "Mandy" (GEORGE) May 10 (Jun 24?) 1826 OH Reuben (Jr.) & Margaret (LYNN) GEORGE? Jan 19 1845 Andrew Co MO Charles Edmund SHIPMAN WI Mar 2 1884 WI (57)
I may never be able to prove this, but the dates and circumstancial data suggest that Amanda George SHIPMAN was the daughter of Reuben and Margaret (LYNN, LINN) GEORGE of Butler County, OH. Because of her husband's remarriage in 1828, we know that Margaret died within a few years after her March 10, 1825 marriage to Reuben George Jr. Different sources indicate that Amanda George Shipman was born May 10 1826 or Jun 24 1826. Reuben Jr. married again September 11, 1828, still in Butler Co, and had at least 5 children with his second wife, Nancy McCOTTER GEORGE. We do know that Reuben Jr. and his brother moved their families to Andrew County MO in the mid 1840s. Amanda "Mandy" George married Charles Edmund Shipman in Andrew Co MO (Hodges Marriage Records) Jan 19, 1845. The couple had already left for Wisconsin by the 1850 census.
Charles Edmund SHIPMAN May 20 1819
Alvin & Sophie (BROWN) SHIPMAN Jan 19 1845 Andrew Co MO Amanda GEORGE
WI April 1892 (almost 73)
Lemuel Duane SHIPMAN Apr 15 1849 WI Charles E. & Mandy (George) Shipman ca 1870 Harrietta DALTON Douglas Co, WI Oct 15 1905 (56)
Milton R. SHIPMAN July 21 1852 WI Charles E. & Mandy (George) Shipman died young no WI Mar 12 1854 (almost 2)
Mary Elizabeth Shipman TALLMAN Apr 15 1855 WI Charles E. & Mandy (George) Shipman Oct 21 1879 Charles Enoch TALLMAN
b Jan 8, 1859
d May 11 1934
Chippewa Co WI and Kuna, Ada, ID 12 July 1932 (79)
Ezra Charles (or F.) SHIPMAN Apr 2 1859 WI Charles E. & Mandy (George) Shipman yes Nora WARD
per Past and Present.. below
WI Sept 3 1928 (69)
Maps of Chippewa Co WI and Northwest WI

John B. Shipman of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin 1861 Letter
Stephen Henderson, posted a copy (to GenForum) of the following letter written by John B. Shipman of Chippewa Falls, WI sent to his cousin Rev. Isaiah Hatch Shipman of Sugar Hill, N.H. dated 27 Oct 1861
[Per FindAGrave, the NH Isaiah Hatch SHIPMAN was born 15 Oct 1810 in VT, and died 25 Apr 1882 in NH]

"Dear Cousin,
Your letter of the 29th Sept I received a few days since. I was highly pleased to hear from a relative. I [John Brown Shipman] am now 35 years old and this is the first time that I ever wrote a letter to any body that is connected to us.

Tell dear Uncle that mothers health is very good. She is over 70 years old and she can walk 3 or 4 miles very easy and can sew on any kind of a garment very well.

My father Alvin Shipman died March 12th, 1858. He was born March 22nd 1784 Age 73 yr 11mo & 21 days. He was not able to do any thing for two years before he died in consequence of loosing his eyesight. It failed him quite suden. It was a cataract over the eye that made him blind.

Many is the time that I have sit and herd him talk of his brothers but I have forgotten their names except John & Joshua. I think that your father was my fathers eldest brother & Joshua was his youngest brother.

My father was a pioneer for 20 years. He has allways worked verry hard & received but little for his labor. He died very easy & with verry little sickness. He died in this state & in this county & one thing I can say with a clear conscious that he lived and died an honest man & he raised a family that has not yet disgrased the name.

His famely was five boys & no girls & we are all a live yet. I am the third one. Charles Shipman, the oldest one is 40 years old. Isaiah Hatch Shipman is 38 years old & my own I have all reddy stated & Ezra Shipman is 31 & Albert Shipman is 28. We are all married and have famelyes except Albert. Isaiah lives in Sauk County Wisconsin 200 miles from hear. The rest of the boys all live in this county. We are all farmers and try to make an honest living.

This letter is in answer to the letter that you wrote to mother. My mothers name is Sophia. The letter was handed to me & I have not saw her since but I will see her in a day or two. I have bin writing to S V Shipman of Madison this state but I cannot tell what relation he is to us. There is not one of us that ever saw any person that is in any way connected to our famely and it has bin over thirty years since my parents has herd from any of their folks. If you know of any of your fathers brothers that is yet a live pleas write to me where they live and their address and any that you wish to know about our famely ask and I will answer.

We are living in a new country. Plenty of Indiones all arounds us all the time. I have dozens of them in my house to a time.

The war creates a good deal of excitement in this part of the country and a grate many has gone East and South. It makes hard times for the most of us but we donít whine a word. Pleas give our best respects to our dear old unckle. Tel him that we would be glad to see him once before he dies and my complements to you Cosin and I remain yours with respect.

John B. Shipman


"In Feb 1845 Alvin's son Charles Edmund Shipman 'married a school teacher,' Sarah Williams and being discontented over the sickness in Missouri, in the fall of 1846 set out for Wisconsin."

NOTE #1: The Andrew County MO records show that Charles Shipman married Mandy George there on 19 Jan 1845.
NOTE #2: County records show that Sarah Ann Williams married Isaiah not Charles Shipman on 1 Jan 1846 in Andrew Co, MO.]

"Charles wrote his father in Missouri asking that the family come with him and take over a section of Government land in Wisconsin.

In the family council held over the letter from Charles, "mother (Sophia) decided that it was time we should go."

So, on May 10 1848, with ten Shipmans, three yoke of oxen, two wagons (one covered), five cows, eight head of sheep, etc., they set out.

7 of the 10 Shipmans were Alvin and his wife Sophia, Isaiah and his wife Sarah Ann, John (22- born 1826), Ezra (19- born 1829),
Albert (14- born 1834). One of the 3 unknown Shipmans was an unidentified 7 mo old baby (next sentence), and perhaps the 3 were
Isaiah and Sarah Ann's children, born in the 1840s in Andrew Co MO.

At one point a baby seven months old disappeared one morning as they were starting their day's journey. It was finally found rolled up with some bedding, and sleeping.

One night they camped at the same site with another family. The man offered the Shipmans some whiskey.
"We put the bottle to our lips but didn't take any. The man took a drink and became very sick as his wife had put something in it for use as medicine."

"In Iowa they passed several deserted locations. An elderly gentleman told them that the "black erysipelas" had caused many deaths. All that was left of his family was himself and a daughter.

"The Shipmans crossed the Mississippi River at Smith's Ferry five miles from Bellview. It took the ferry five trips and they had to pay $1.00 per trip.

They met Charles at Prairie DuSac, Wisconsin. "It was a day of joy for all of us. We now had land and a place we could call home."

Taken from an account by Alvin's son Isaiah Hatch Shipman.

CEMETERY Tombstones:
As of spring of 2006, the Wisconsin Tombstone Photograph Pages have no photos of Shipman tombstones in any of the Chippewa Co WI cemeteries but perhaps they will be added later. Also check Douglas County, when available. Cemetery tombstone photo projects for other states are available. Mary Shipman Tallman's tombstone at Kuna Cemetery in Ada Co, ID is also not yet available. shows 19 Shipman tombstones in Chippewa County's Tillinghast Cemetery:

Alvin Shipman 1783-12 March 1867 (ca 84) - served in the War of 1812 [Sauk Co WI?]
Isaiah Shipman ?-1898 and his wife, Sarah Shipman ?-1899. Their son, Arthur Shipman ?-21 April 1868 was buried there too.
Alvin Shipman: grave, born 1783 died 1867 in New Auburn, Chippewa Co, WI. was the father of Isaiah
Isaiah and Sarah Shipman: Isaiah (grave) died in 1898 near Tillinghast, WI. Sarah (grave) died in 1899
and was also buried in Tinninghast Cemetery, Chippewa Co, WI.
Arthur Shipman: Isaiah and Sarah's son died 21 Apr 1868 in New Auburn, Chippewa Co, WI.
Other Shipman's buried in Tillinghast Cemetery, Chippewa Co WI.

Charles' father,
Notes from Rita Shipman Carl's book "Shipman Family in America" (1962)
with thanks to Terri Tait and N. Sinkwitz Shipman
(Page 390-1) Alvin Shipman, a descendant of Edward Shipman, was born Mar 22 1784 (VT?) and died Mar 12 1858 at Sauk County, WI. [The book may have said Mar 22 1734 in error]

On September 18, 1808 in VT, Alvin married Mary (Molly) HATCH, daughter of Noah Hatch and granddaughter of Isaiah Hatch. The ceremony was preformed by Samuel Shipman, Justice of the Peace. (Could this be the same Samuel Shipman? He is from the same Edward Shipman line (d Sept 15 1697) but through Edward's son William, not Sergeant John Shipman.) Alvin and Molly had no children. Alvin served in the War of 1812. (After 1858, Capt. Fuller's Co. Pension #8365 was granted to his widow, Sophia.)

On October 25, 1814, Alvin married Sophia BROWN at Hardwick, VT. They moved from VT to Silver Lake, near Montrose, PA, where son

Charles Edmund Shipman was born May 20, 1819.
The Shipmans lived there two and a half years before moving on to Canandaigua City, NY, where they lived one and a half years. Next they moved to Richland County, OH, near Mansfield, and lived there 16 years, where they had 4 more sons:
Isaiah Hatch Shipman (b May 5 1823),
John Brown Shipman (b Oct 25 1826 OH, d 8 Jan 1899 WI),
Ezra Brown Shipman (b Apr 14 1829) - m Sarah Ann Henry 1834-1918 grave - grave (died 28 Jan 1911) buried at Prairie View Cemetery, Hallie, Chippewa Co WI, and
Albert Hatch Shipman (b July 9 1832).

On August 16 1838, the Shipman family headed west to get land in the Platte Purchase in Missouri. They had a covered wagon and two yoke of cattle.

(Page 390) "Some of the experiences of Alvin and family on their trip to Missouri are good illustrations of those pioneering days. Alvin's son Albert became ill near Springfield, Ill. The oldest son, Charles, was sent ahead to find a doctor. When the doctor saw the sick boy, he insisted that the Shipman family go to his home where the doctor's wife nursed the boy for four weeks. On another occasion Alvin's party was overtaken by 70 wagons of Mormons on the way west. Another time Alvin traveled for a time with a family which had horses. The father of this party went ahead each day and prepared a camp site for the nights. 'There were "campers" everywhere in those days.'

"Along the road Alvin added to his possesions, so that by Sept. 1840 they had two teams of horses, some cows, and 18 hogs. At this stage they were on the LaMoines River forty miles from the Mississippi.

"Travelling over into Missouri, their hogs ate something 'whir-h (which?) drove them blind and crazy' and Alvin lost all of them. By 1843 he ran out of money and the family took jobs in saw mills, on tobacco and corn farms, at carpenter work, etc. Alvin rented a farm, bought two town lots and built a house. He took a contract to supply the stone for a new Court House. During the five years at Andrew County, Missouri, 'we took the shaking ague every winter; you could come into the house where there would be five or six down with the ague at the same time. If you would ask them questions it was doubtful if they could answer as their chins would quiver and their teeth would rattle. The words would be shaken out of their mouths instead of spoken.' The highest wages in Missouri were 37 1/2 cents per day. The people were mostly from the southern states and their language in typical southern speech. These people lived on corn dodgers, bacon, and coffee to wash it down. Pork was 2 1/2 cents, coffee 10 cents a pound, corn 10 cents a bushel, sugar 3 to 4 cents a pound. Alvin cleared land and raise the most profitable crop, which was tobacco.

Another resource:
in Sauk, Chippewa, and Douglas Counties. Put "Wisconsin Surnames" in the subject line.
Charles and Mandy's eldest son
Lemuel "Duane" SHIPMAN
lived April 15, 1849 to October 15, 1905 (56)

Source: The Edward Shipman and His Descendants book lists Lemuel Duane SHIPMAN with three children and six grandchildren.
Duane & Harrietta's CHILDRENDuane & Harrietta's GRANDCHILDREN
Alice Elizabeth (SHIPMAN) KETCH
b. Dec 19, 1870
d. Dec 1946
m. July 1891 to
Willis Elmer KETCH
b. July 19, 1863
d. Jan 1946
Ethel Elizabeth (KETCH) RONGLIEN
b. 1892 m. Aug 11, 1914 to Otto A. Ronglien
Glenn Duane KETCH
b. Feb 11, 1896 m. 1923 to Laura LUND
b. Jul 2 (1900?) m. Robert Kranzfelder
b. May 28, 1876
d. Oct 15 1947
m. June 17, 1902 to
Peter Henry ST.LOUIS
b. ? d. 1930
Peter Duane ST.LOUIS
b. 1904
Clara Louise (ST.LOUIS) HAINES
b. Oct 1, 1907 m. Irvin HAINES
b. Nov 17, 1888
m. Aug 4, 1914 to
Harold Julius JOHNSON
b. 1886 d. 1937
Harold Marvin JOHNSON
b. Aug 13 1923
m. Jun 29 1946 to Illanne Eleanor NICHOLS
Norman Wallace JOHNSON
b. 1926 m. June 27, 1953 to Ann Kennedy BULLITT

Source: 1900 census of Bloomer (Chippewa County) WI
Shipman, Duayne L., head, age 50, born in WI about Apr 1850 (actually believed to be Apr 15, 1849)
    wife Harrietta, 48, born in IL about Oct 1851
    dau Belle C. 24, born in WI about May 1876
    dau Alma A. 11, born in WI about Nov 1888
in same household:
    Dalton, Rachel, mother in law, 71 born in IL about Jan 1829
    Harrietta's deceased father, Stephen, was born in KY. Rachel, his widow, would have been married 56 years with 12 children born and 6 living. Her daughter, Harietta was married 30 years with 3 children born and living. In the 1880 census, the family of Stephen and Rachel Dalton were listed Fawn Creek, KS.

Charles and Mandy's daughter,
Source: Edward Shipman and His Descendants
Sources: Karin Hunter and Brian for finding and
sharing cemetery and/or obituary records.
Source: Veronique

Lived in Bloomer (Chippewa Co) Wisconsin and Kuna (Ada Co) Idaho.

Mary Elizabeth Shipman was born to Charles E. and Mandy (George) SHIPMAN in Chippewa Co, WI on Apr 15 1855. On 21 Oct 1879, she married Charles Enoch TALLMAN, born 8 Jan 1859.

According to his obituary, Charles and Mary married in 1880 in Chippewa Co WI. In 1900, the family moved to Coeur d'Alene, ID. Charles was in the lumber and sawmill industry about 40 years. From about 1912 to 1934, he lived in and around Kuna, where he was called "Dad Tallman".

Mary was 76 years old when, on 12 July 1932, she died in Kuna (see obituary). Two years later and also 76 years old, Charles died May 11, 1934 according to his obituary. 76 year old Mary died July 12, 1932 according to her obituary. Both obituaries were in the Kuna Herald. In 1934, Mary and Charles had 13 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Charles also was survived by one brother, Morris Tallman, of Lock, Washington.

Charles and Mary's CHILDREN Charles & Mary's GRANDCHILDREN
Orva (listed one place as "Orville") was living in Spirit Lake, ID in 1932, but by 1948 when his brother, George, died, he had returned to Coeur d'Alene.
Theodosia TALLMAN
d. before 1932?

Lem lived in Waukegan, IL.
b. 2 Apr 1888 Bloomer, WI
d. 24 Jan 1948 Boise, ID
b. 3 Nov 1892
d. 10 Jan 1977
remarried to a Mr Riley

George and Elva lived in Kuna and had one son, Melburn Tallman, born 1 Jan 1913, who later lived in Eagle, ID. Melburn died 18 Sept 1982, and was buried with his parents at Kuna, ID.

from the Idaho Statesman, (Boise, ID) contributed by Karin
George Molyneaux Tallman, 59, of 2014 North Ninth Street, retired operator of the Kuna general store and Boise resident for six years, died Saturday at his Boise home.

He was born April 2, 1888 at Bloomer, Wis. and came to Priest Lake, Idaho when 16 years of age. He was a member of the Kuna Masonic and Odd Fellows lodges, Order of the Eastern Star and Rebekah lodge.

Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Elva M. Tallman, Boise; a son, Melburn Tallman, Eagle; and two brothers, Lemuel G. Tallman, Waukegan, Ill. and Orva E. Tallman, Coeur d'Alene.

Summers Chapel is arranging services.

m. (1) W. S. SIMONS
m (2)
Blanche lived in Spokane, WA.
contributed by Karin Hunter:
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Tallman, wife of Charles E. Tallman, for 20 years a resident of Kuna, died Tuesday morning at the family home following an extended illness. She was 76 years old.

Besides her husband, Mrs. Tallman is survived by one daughter, Mrs. W. S. Simons, Spokane, Washington, three sons, L. G., Waukegan, Ill., O. E., Spirit Lake [Idaho], and George M. Tallman, one of our local merchants. There are also 12 grandchildren surviving.

Funeral services were conducted by Rev. White at the M. E. Church, Thursday afternoon. She was laid to rest in Kuna Cemetery. The esteem and love for this grand old lady was shown by the packed house of sorrowing friends and the profusion of beautiful flowers. She was a wonderful wife, mother and friend. The community extends sympathy to the bereaved family.

Death Certificate #79962. Mary Elizabeth Tallman who resided in Kuna 20 years before her death. Born 4/15/1856 and died 7/11/1932 at the age of 76 of acute myocarditis with cirrhosis of the liver as a secondary cause. Her occupation was listed as housewife. Her husband: Charles E. Tallman; her parents: Chas. Shipman (born NY) and Amanda George (born MO*). The informant was Mrs. George Tallman. (* born in OH)
contributed by Karin Hunter:
[May 18, 1934] Kuna Herald
Charles E. Tallman, known to his many friends in this section as "Dad" Tallman, passed away at St. Alphonsus Hospital in Boise Friday, May 11th at 6 o'clock in the morning after an illness of but a few days. "Dad" Tallman owned and operated the Kuna Pool Hall at intervale for the past 10 years and was held in high esteem by all who knew him. His sudden death came as a shock to his many friends. The esteem in which his friendship was held was evidenced by the large number attending the funeral and by the banks of flowers which covered the casket and rostrum.
OBITUARY [followed the above immediately]
Charles E. Tallman, was born January 8, 1856 at Madison, Wisconsin, died May 11, 1934, age 76 years, 4 months and 3 days of diabetis. When about 4 years old the family moved to Chipewa County, Wisconsin where Mr. Tallman grew to manhood and married Mary E. Shipman in 1880. To this union was born Orva E. Tallman, Spirit Lake, Idaho, Hugh Tallman, deceased, George M. Tallman, Kuna and Mrs. Blanche Simonsen of Spokane, Washington. Other surviving relatives are 13 grandchildren, 3 greatgrandchildren, and one brother, Morris Tallman of Lock, Washington. In the year 1900 Chas. Tallman and family moved from Wisconsin to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. About 40 years of his life was spent in the lumber and sawmill industry. Most of the past 22 years he has lived in and around Kuna, where he was known to everyone as Dad Tallman. Mr. Tallman was only ill a very short time going to a Boise hospital May 6 for treatment. Funeral services were conducted at the Kuna M. E. Church Sunday. Burial was made in Kuna Cemetery.
Death Certificate #88899. Charles Edward Tallman. Born 1/18/1858 and died at the age of 76 years, 4 months, 3 days on 5/11/1934 at 6pm after going into a diabetic coma on 5/9/34. His occupation was listed as "retired". Birthplace unknown. Father: Chas. Tallman. Informant: George M. Tallman of Kuna.
from the Idaho Statesman, contributed by Karin
Services for Melburn O. "Hap" Tallman, 69, of 916 N. 28th St. [Boise], who died Saturday, Sept. 18, 1982 in a Boise hospital, will be conducted at 2 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 21 in Summers Funeral Home. Officiating will be the Rev. Thomas J. Blackburn, of Community Christian Center and Meridian Lodge No. 47, A.F. & A.M. Internment will follow in the Kuna Cemetery.

He was born Jan. 1, 1913 in Kuna, where he was reared. After serving in the Navy during WWII, he returned to Kuna where he had a ranch and feed lot. In 1962 he started Hap Tallman's Stockman's Supply at 4410 Overland [Boise]. He married DeLoris Ginther on March 1, 1969 in Boise. He was a member of the Methodist Church, past master of Kuna Lodge No. 79, A.F. & A.M., now affiliated with Meridian Lodge No. 47, A.F. & A.M., the Scottish Rite Bodies of Boise, El Korah Temple of the Shrine, and president of El Korah Provost Guard. Surviving are his wife, DeLoris R. Tallman; a son, Tim Tallman; two stepsons, Mike Ginther and Tony Ginther, all of Boise; and four grandchildren.

Contributions may be made to the Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children. Friends may call at Summers Funeral Home today, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Kuna Cemetery, Kuna, ID
Charles E. Tallman b. 1859 d. 2/11/1935 at age 76
Mary E. Tallman b. 1857 d. 1933 at age 76
They are located in Block 82, Lot 5 and have a common headstone.
George Molyneaux Tallman b. 1888 d. 1/24/1948 at age 59
Elva May Tallman-Riley b. 11/3/1892 d. 1/10/1977 (George's wife)
Melburn H. Tallman b. 1/1/1913 d. 9/18/1982

Charles and Mandy's son,
named for his uncle, Ezra Brown Shipman (1829-1911)
Charles and Mandy's son Ezra F. was born in 1859 on his parent's farm in Chippewa Co WI.
He married Nora Ward

Sources: Roni Fraysier, SS Death Index and The Edward Shipman and His Descendants book lists (pages 400, 405) Ezra Charles SHIPMAN with one son, five grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.

Ezra F. Shipman, who for many years has been associated in an influential way with farming and dairy interests of Bloomer township, owns and operates eighty acres three miles east of Bloomer.

He was born upon this property in 1859 and is a son of Charles Shipman, a native of Pennsylvania, who came to Wisconsin as a young man, locating in Sauk county. He afterward moved to Missouri but in 1857 returned to this state, settling in Chippewa county, where he followed farming until his death, passing away at theage of seventy-nine. He married Miss Amanda George and they became the parents of three children: L.D., who has passed away; Mrs. Mary Tallman; and Ezra F., of this review.

Ezra F. Shipman acquired his education in the public schools of Chippewa county and after laying aside his books began farming on the home place, which he has since operated. He assisted in erecting the buildings upon the poperty and has made other substantial improvements, his farm being today productive and valuable.

Mr. Shipman married Miss Nora Ward, a daughter of Jerry Ward, of Chippewa county, and they have become the parents of two children: Charles, who married Miss May Webb, by whom he has a daughter, Inez; and Irene, who married Percy Gorton, by whom she has two sons, Elmer and Edgar.

Fraternally Mr. Shipman is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and he is a republican in his political beliefs, having served as town clerk and a member of the town board. He is held in high regard throughout Chippewa county and has an extensive and representative circle of friends.

Ezra & Nora's SONEzra & Nora's GRANDCHILDREN
Charles Jerry SHIPMAN
b. Oct 31, 1885
d. July 1973, Bloomer, WI (Chippewa Co)
m. Aug 22, 1909 to
b. Sep 19, 1887
d. ?
b. Aug 21, 1911
Charles "Edmund" SHIPMAN
b. May 4, 1914
Beatrice SHIPMAN
b. Jun 8, 1921
b. Jul 17, 1924
Keith Jerry SHIPMAN
b. Jul 17, 1924
b. Aug 21, 1911
d. Mar 1974 Bloomer (Chippewa Co) WI
m. Nov 14, 1941 to
b. Apr 28, 1891
d. Jan 1975, Bloomer, WI
no children?
Charles "Edmund" SHIPMAN
b. May 4, 1914
d. May 1987
m. May 2, 1937 to
Gertrude REHM
b. 1916 (still living 2005)
1930 census and Hazel's obit: Bloomer, WI
Paul Edmund SHIPMAN (San Diego CA
(Mrs Raymond CROWELL, Bloomer, WI) b. 1940
b 5 Oct 1942 - d 23 Nov 2005 - m William WOODS on 24 Nov 1959
Anna Mae SHIPMAN (Mrs. Ted BOWE of Chippewa Falls) b. 1945
John Allen SHIPMAN b. 1949 m. Audrey? (Live in Bloomer WI) - grandson: Levi Lee Homann, b. Nov 26, 2002
Roxanne SHIPMAN (Mrs. Charles PARRISH of Providence RI)
Beatrice SHIPMAN
b. June 8, 1921
d. Aug 23, 2001 Bloomer, WI
"She is survived by one son: Harold (Dawn) of Colfax (WI); three grandchildren: Kandee (Steve) Burton, David (Brigid) Shipman and Daniel Shipman, all of Colfax; six great-grandchildren: Christopher and Kenzie Galetka, Maria and Sarah Burton, Joshua and Taylor Shipman." (from her obituary, in the Bloomer Advance)
b. July 17, 1924 (twin)
no children?
Keith Jerry SHIPMAN
b. July 17, 1924 (twin)
d. Nov 1974 (no location)
1930 census: Woodmohr, Chippewa, WI
Alice Mae SHIPMAN b. 1949
Dale Charles SHIPMAN b. 1951

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