SKILES (SKYLES) Family of Butler County, Ohio
(m) --

b. 1730
d. 1796
(m) Jean

b. 17--



b. 31 July 1776 VA
d. 1837 Butler Co OH

b. 17-- ?
d. 1820s Butler Co OH

Jane George      (m)
b. 8 Aug 1805
d. 1879

b. ?
d. ?
(m) -

b. ?
d. ?

(m) --



d. 1827-1828 Butler Co OH


Isaac Skiles
b. 29 July 1800
d. 29 Oct 1862
Jane and Issac were married in Butler County, Ohio, in 1825.
Isaac shared the same birthdate with his sister-in-law, (Catherine Thompson Gough George).
George family information provided by Nancy Sween     Skiles family information provided by Zelma Kelly, Janean, and Pegeen
According to Dennis Kowallek, Isaac SKILES lived in the NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of section 9 (according to the 1836 Morgan township map). This would be the SW corner of the intersection of North Wynn and Layhigh Roads. Butler Cemeteries Map

According to Janean Ray in 2006, Isaac Skiles's father John Skiles (wife's name unknown) died between 9 Jan 1827 and Sept. 1828 in Morgan Twp. Butler Co. OH.

John's will named his children as

Rachel Skiles with husband William Draper
Rebecca Skiles with husband James Kennedy
Elley Skiles w/unknown husband
John Skiles Jr. b. 1796 m. Elizabeth Ann unknown
Isaac Skiles b. 29 Sept. 1800 d. 9 Aug. 1862 m. 22 Dec. 1825 to Jane George
George Hill Skiles b. 1809 m. 1826 to Catharine unknown. (Janeen's line)

Timeline of Jane, Isaac, and the Skiles children:
1800 (Jul 29): Isaac born to John and ? Skiles in ???
1805 (Aug 8): Jane born to Reuben and Ann George in Greenbrier Co, WV
1812 (ca): Jane's family settled in Butler Co OH
1825 (Dec 22): Jane and Isaac married in Butler Co OH
1826: Reuben Skiles born in Butler Co OH
1829: Mary Catherine Skiles born in Butler Co OH
1830s?: Reuben Skiles died young
1831: Elizabeth Ann Skiles born
1833: Fanny Jane Skiles born
1836: Enoch George Skiles born
1838: Sarah Ellen Skiles born
1840: Amanda Malvanea Skiles born
1842: Twins born - Eliza Rosaletta and Martha Anetta Skiles
1850: CENSUS for Morgan twp, Butler County, OH sic "Shiles" family, with Alexander FOSTER, aged 23 OH
>Jane George SKILES's aunt Griselda Handley FOSTER was perhaps related to Alexander FOSTER
1853 (March): Jane and Isaac moved to Decatur Co IN
1862 (Aug 9): Isaac died, aged 61
1869: Amanda Malvanea Skiles died, aged 29
1879 (Jan 8): Jane died, Decatur Co IN, aged 73
1879: Martha A. Skiles Kelly died, Decatur Co IN, aged 37
1905: Mary C. Skiles Brown died, aged ca 76
1909: Benjamin VanScyoc died in IN, aged 82
1915: Martha's husband Joseph Kelly died in IN, aged 78
1916: Fanny J. Skiles died, Decatur Co IN, aged 63
1921: Sarah E. Skiles VanScyoc died, IN, aged 63
Grand Children:
1857 (?): Mary Eva Brown born to Mary C Skiles Brown
1850s?: Nettie Stokes born to Elizabeth Skiles Stokes
1862: Joseph Clinton Kelly born to Martha and Joseph Kelly
1860s?: Jennie VanScyoc born to Sarah and Benjamin VanScyoc
1860s?: George VanScyoc born to Sarah and Benjamin VanScyoc & died aged 3 or 4
1860s?: Ed Shaw born to Eliza and John Shaw
1860s?: two more children born to Martha and Joseph Kelly
1867: Frank B. Edgerton VanScyoc born to Sarah and Benjamin VanScyoc
1874: Daisy VanScyoc born to Sarah and Benjamin VanScyoc
1919 (?): Mary Eva Brown died, aged ca 62
1928: Joseph Kelly's wife Cora Ellen Wolfinger Kelly died in IN, aged 57
1930: Joseph Kelly died in Columbus IN, aged 68
1932: Frank's wife Elisabeth Ellen Barton VanScyoc died in IN, aged 62
1937: Frank B. Edgerton VanScyoc died in IN, aged 70
1944: Jennie VanScyoc Talkington died, aged ??
1944: Omer Talkington died, aged ??
1948: Daisy's husband, Frank Tremaine died
1961: Daisy VanScyoc Tremaine died, aged ca 87

Children of Isaac and Jane (GEORGE) SKILES
of Butler County, Ohio ~ Decatur County, Indiana ~ beyond
  1. Reuben SKILES, 1826 OH - died young
  2. Mary Catherine (SKILES) BROWN, 1829 OH - 1905, married a Mr. Brown on 3 March, 1853
  3. Elizabeth Ann (SKILES) STOKES, 1831 OH - ????, married a Mr. Stokes
  4. Fanny Jane SKILES, 1833 OH - 1916 Decatur Co IN
  5. Enoch George SKILES, 1836 OH - ????
  6. Sarah Ellen (SKILES) VANSCYOC, 1838 OH - 1921 IN, married Benjamin VanScyoc (1827 PA - 1909 IN)
  7. Amanda Malvanea SKILES, 1840 OH - 1869
  8. Eliza Rosaletta (SKILES) SHAW, (twin) 1842 OH - ????, married John Shaw
  9. Martha Anetta (SKILES) KELLY, (twin) 1842 OH - 1879 IN, married Joseph Kelly (1837 WV - 1915 IN)

Butler County Skiles (Skyles) Wills
* Information provided by Janean Ray, 2004:
Here is a copy of John's will. It is believed that this is the correct order for the children:
Rachel Skiles m. William Draper
Rebecca Skiles
Elley Skiles m. James Kennedy
John Skiles Jr. b. abt. 1800
Isaac Skiles b. 29 Sept. 1800 m. Jane George
George Hill Skiles b. 1809 m. Catherine Unknown (my 3rd great grandfather)
His son Isaac James Skiles m. Sarah Jane Smith d/o Joseph B. Smith and Mary Polly Harris who were also the parents of John Perry Smith that married Adele Smith of Carmi Illinois who's daughter Marjorie Dell Harmon m. Kenneth Adair Skiles who I plan on proving is related. You just can't have two completely different Skiles families in White Co. IL that are that closely connected to the same lines.

Janean Ray

The will, dated 9 January, 1827:

"In the name of God amen, I John Skiles of Morgan Township Butler County and State of Ohio being of weak in body but of sound mind and memory and understanding considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of time and being desirous to settle my worldly affairs and thereby be better provided to leave this world when it shall please God to call me hence.

I do therefore make and publish this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following.

I commend my Soul into the hands of God and my body to the earth to be buried at the descretion of my Executors herein after named. After my debts are paid and funeral expenses discharged I do hereby bequeath.

First I do bequeath to John Skiles my eldest son and George Hill Skiles my youngest son all the lots of ground which I purchased with William Draper in partnership of the United States the said land being the South half of the said quarter [note: section 8]. I do ordain that the said half quarter shall be divided. Beginning in the middle of the lane on the line between said place and the land I sold to my son George Hill Skiles thence West in the middle of said lane to a big hollow. West of the mansion house thence as (.......) West as it will give my son John one half of said half quarter and my son George the North part including the mansion house, well, garden and cribs which will John the South part. I do futher devise that if the said John Skiles should die without issue that his widow now his wife shall not heir any of his estate but that it shall fall to the hands of my heirs then living but if he shall leave any child or children the rent of the palce shall go to the child or children for clothing and learning until he, she or they shall come of age and then it shall be theirs, their heirs and assigns forever but if all them dies, I do ordain it back to my heirs then living equally between them.

I do further bequeath to my second son Isaac Skiles and my grandson Christopher Armstrong all that lot of ground that I purchased of the United States in partnership with Joseph Logan it being the land they now lives on being one half of said quarter section [note: section 9]to be given to them and to their heirs and assigns for ever to be equally divided among them said Isaac and said Christopher. But if said Christopher Armstrong should leave no heir I do ordain that his Wife shall have her living off the place her life time but at her death shall revert my heirs then living to be equally divided.

I also do bequeath to my daughter Rachel or her heirs six dollars. I bequeath to my daughter Rebecca and to her heirs six dollars and to my daughter Elley's heirs seven dollars and at my death if any personal property is left after paying the debts (if any) and funeral expenses, I do bequeath all and singular to be equally divided amoung my lawful heirs except a horse I give to my son George of common value more than the rest and lastly

I do hereby constitute my son Isaac Skiles and James Kennedy to be my sole executors and executors of this my last will and testament reemove and (......) all former will by me heretofore made ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this ninth day of January (........ ) One Thousand eight hundred and twenty seven.

John Skiles

Signed sealed and published in the presence of us at this request, William Phillilps, W.C. (D?) Jones
The State of OHio Butler County.

Be it known that at a Court of Common Pleas of the county of aforesaid holder at Hamilton on the ............. day of September in the term of September One Thousand Eight Hundred and twenty eight before the Honorable Joshua Collett Esquire President and his associate Judges of the said court of Common Pleas the within written last will and testment of the within named John Skiles now deceased being presented by Isaac Skiles on of the Executors therein named and William Phillips and William D. Jones the two subscribing witnesses thereto appearing in their proper person and being duly swaorn depose and say that in his and their presence the said John Skiles the testator signed and acknowledged the within written last will and testament as and for his last will and testament and that at the request of the said testator and in his presence they the said William Philips and William D. Jones subscribe their names as witnesses thereto and that at the time of the said signing and acknowledging the said testator was of sound mind memory and judgment and upwards of twenty one years of age.

Sworn and Subscribed in open Court W.D. Jones
William Philips
John Reily
, Clerk

Searching OnLine for Relatives of Isaac SKILES
with Butler County, Ohio or Decatur County, Indiana ties
* Not Isaac Skiles' sister, an Ella Skyles Linn (1778-1821) married James Linn, see #35, in Pennsylvania, and died in Butler County, OH.
This source lists Ella's parents as James and Margaret Devers Skiles, and says their other children were John and Jacob (no Isaac). Ella was born Aug 25, 1778 and died, in Butler County, OH, on December 11, 1821. For more on the James H. Linn family, see Generation 2 and 6th Generation of Louis G Linn's Ahnentafel

* Information provided by Janean Ray, 2006:

I have found something for you to add and also maybe some answers.

The information on the George site about John Wilson must be the son and brother to Isaac Skiles.

John Skiles SR. died between the making of his will on 9 Jan 1827 and the proving thereof in September 1828.

So with respect to this record:
1825-35: Common Pleas Record for Butler County Misc 3:368 shows John Skiles lodging a complaint of assault against Reuben George and Joshua Foster. No one appeared and no order was made. (Isaac Skiles was Reuben's brother-in-law)

Not knowing the exact date, we don't know which John this actually was. Considering no one appeared.... it could be because John Sr. had died.

However, it is also mentioned.....

, that the Morgan twp, Butler Co OH will of John Skiles who died about 1830-31 mentioned cash paid to Joshua George. Pegeen stated that John Skiles was the father of Ella Skiles, who married James Linn. Could John Skiles be Jane George's father-in-law?

I have a transcript of John Sr.'s will and there is no Joshua George mentioned so it must be JR's will. In 1830/31 John Jr. would have been 35 years old.

I have yet to find his wife's name.

The children it is believed go in this order.

Rachel Skiles m. 12 Sept 1807 Warren Ohio to William Draper who is named in the Will of her father.

Rebecca Skiles m. 1806 Butler Co. to James Kennedy also mentioned in the Will of father.

Elley Skiles - did not have James Linn as husband. [NOTE: The Ella Skiles who married James Linn in PA (1797) and who died in Butler Co OH (1821) was the daughter of James and Margaret (Devers) Skiles (see #35), not "our" John Skiles.]

John Skiles Jr. b. 1796 mentioned as eldest son.. m. Elizabeth Ann unknown.

Isaac Skiles b. 29 Sept 1800 m. 22 Dec. 1825 Butler Co. to Jane George. I show 8 children - (Reuben, Mary Catherine, Elizabeth Ann, Fanny Jane, Enoch George, Sarah Ellen, Amanda Malvanea, and Martha Anetta b. 1842 who married Joseph Kelly)

George Hill Skiles b. 1809 PA m. 1826 to Catharine unknown. This is my line.

(I believe I have found the Skiles family in Lancaster Co. PA in Leacock Twp.)

SKILES, ALEXANDER. Leacock Twp. April 5, 1779.
SKILES, HENRY. Leacock Twp. February 4, 1779.
SKILES, JOHN. Leacock Twp. June 17, 1767.
SKYLES, HENRY. Leacock Twp. June 14, 1749 [sic].
SKYLES, HENRY. Leacock Twp. February 10, 1749.
SKYLES, HENRY. Leacock Twp. June 1, 1750.

Just haven't investigated further.


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