Archibald Handley, about 1730-1797

Archibald Handley, about 1730-1797

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Archie's brother James Handley - sons of William and Margaret, per Randal Handly
Archie's brother James Handley - sons of John and Grisel, per Mortimer & Hopkins

Archibald Handley's will is filed in
Greenbrier County Will Book # 1, Pages 119 & 120.
It reads as follows:

In the name of God. September 5th in the year of our Lord 1789

I, Archibald Handley, being weak in body but in perfect memory thanks to Almighty God for all his mercys to me and calling to mind the mortality of my body and that it's appointed for all mankind once to die I have thought of it to make this my last will and testament in the manner and form following that is to say first I recommend my soul to God who gave it hoping through the merits of Jesus Chirst to rise with him in eternal glory at the last day and my body to the earth to be buried so in a decent and Christian manner and as for such worldly goods as it hath pleased God fare above my deserving to bestowe on me I dispose of in the manner and form following.

First I give to Jean my well beloved wife whome I dearly love her living on my land during her natural life together with her bed furniture and clothing and one good cow to be kept on the land for her use after my decease to be disposed of at her death as she sees fit.

Secondly I give to Sarah Shanks my Daughter ten shillings to be raised out of my estate

-----------------( This is code for "I have given her and her husband William all that I intend to give them." The impression that I have is that William Shanks was one to live big and was always in need of help from the family. When His father Thomas Shanks registered his will on the 28th of January, 1806 in Pennsylvannia, he said as such "Item one: I give and bequeath unto my son, William, the sum of five pounds lawful money of Pennsylvannia, I have already assisted him to a considerable amount.")------------

and thirdly I give to James my son the one half of the land I now live on to Jome(Join ?) with Garritt Green, Micheal Askine (Erskine), James Alexander, and James Burnside it being the part he now lives on together with my clothing after my death and he is not to have any part of my personal Estate and out of the whole of my estate I allow all of my lawful debts to be justly paid and the remainder of any to be devided equally betwixt Grisal, Ann, Jean and Marey. And my land after my death when they choos to devide be sold either for cash or property as they and my Executors shall think best for the best price that can be got for it and equally divided betwixt Grisal, Ann, Jean, and Marcy (a transcription error I believe and should have been spelled Marey) and lastly I appoint James Handly my Brother and James my son Executors of this my last will and testament given under my hand.

September 5th 1789 .

Signed : Archibald Handley

Witness present:

Micheal Askine (Erskine)

John Handley

At Greenbrier July Court 1796.

The last will and testament of Archibald Handley deceased, was presented in court by James Handley Junr, one of the executors there in named and -------- by the oath of Micheal Askine and John Handly the witnesses there to subscribed and to be recorded and on motion of the said Executor who made oath according to law with John Handley and James Alexander his securitys entered into and acknowledge their bond in the penalty of one thosand pounds conditioned as the law directs and is granted him for obtaining a probate there of in due form. Liberty being reserved to thr executor named in the said will to join in the probate when he shall think fit----

Teste: John Stuart

Greenbrier April Court 1797
the appraisement of Archibald's estate was presented and was ordered to record.

On June 5th, 1798 James Handley Junr, executor of Archie's estate dutifully executed the final statement of Archie's will.

Three of the four youngest Handley sisters having married just before or after Archie's death were ready to collect their share of the estate. So the three sisters and their spouses, James and Grisell Foster, Reubin and Ann George, Esom and Jean Leach met with James and his wife Isabel to settle up their interest in this estate. The women all daughters of Archibald Handley, deceased, yielded their rights to their "parts" of his estate for the sum of $180.00 each.

At this point it is not known when James settled up with his youngest sister Marey for her part of the estate.

(Greenbrier County, Va. Deed Book 2, page 151)

Submitted by Roger Greenough, September 20, 2006