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Early American Handley family members

Spelling was not always an issue when writing one's name or having it written for you, so there are several ways to spell the surname "Hanley", "Handley", "Handly", and "Hanly". No matter how you spell it, many Americans with this surname in their family history are descended from the John (and Grizel) and William (and Margaret) Handley families, who came to North America around 1740 from Northern Ireland. If your line is not related here, please check the page with Handley's listed alphabetically by spouse, or the one listed by state. Other lines may be mentioned from the index page as time goes on.

This list began with names and dates from Randall J. Handly's book "Handley/Handly/Hanley Collection", but grew to contain information from many other resources especially from the e-mail discussion group members and guestbook postings. Any published Handley book will include many details not given here. The goal of this site is to make family researchers known and available to each other for help in solving some of our own missing links. The goal for this page is to identify and list 3 generations of descendants of John and Grizel and of William and Margaret. Corrections and additions are welcome, but your best bet is to post your information. Posted data can be read by others immediately, on the guestbook.

Thanks to all contributors to and volunteer editors of this site. Please send corrections to Nancy.
Judy (Newland) Oldiges noted that William Handley [d:1756 Monroe Co VA; father of John Handley who was the husband of Mary Harrison and a Major in the Va militia)], came from Ireland, Cumberland Parish, Lunenberg Co. He was a weaver by trade. She found this info in the Vestry Book 1751 while she was doing research in Greenbrier Co. WV.

"Generation 1"

John HANDLEY (b early 1700s)William HANDLEY (b early 1700s)Daughters?
Grizel (maiden name?)Margaret (maiden name?) possible, but unknown

In-Laws of John & Grizel's and William & Margaret's children:
John & Hannah, Augusta Co VA

John and William were brothers born in Northern Ireland in the early 1700s. They immigrated to North America about 1740 with their wives, children, and perhaps their father. (Did they have other siblings?)

Per Jay Banks, Monroe County Historical Society, the brothers came to Newcastle, Delaware. Another source said New Castle, in Chester Co., PA. Both sites are within a few miles of each other. The two families checked out North Carolina for awhile, before John and Grizel's family mostly settled in Greenbrier, Augusta, and Botetourt counties of Virginia, with some of William and Margaret's descendants nearby and some settling in South Carolina.

There is some dispute as to whether certain people were children or nieces/nephews, and many unknown spouses and children yet to identify. Also, there was a Mark Handley in North Carolina. Was Margaret Handley's family name "Christie" and is there proof?

"Generation 2"

Later research shows that the following information is NOT NECESSARILY ACCURATE HERE. The Handley family on-line books disagree as to which children belong which set of parents.
John and Grizel HANDLEY branches:
(were there also daugthers?)
William (1749)James (1750) John (1752)

In-Laws' & parents' lines of John and Grizel's grandchildren:
Ezekiel & Mary Bryan
John & M.Harrison
Thomas & Margaret WALTON

William and Margaret HANDLEY branches:

Jr. (173-)
Samuel Carroll
unknown1) Mary ADAMS
2) Suzannah COWAN
1) John PAULEE
2) Michael ERSKINE

In-Laws' & parents' lines of William and Margaret's grandchildren:
of Jackson Co., IN
Wm. & Keziah Caile
of Keyes Ferry VA

Eldest known child of John and Grizel HANDLEY, son William (1749-1836) married Keziah CAILE-or-CALES-or-KALES and lived on the Borden Tract on Cowpasture in 1765 (at age 16?), Lewisburg 1784-1790. Next child, James Handley (1750?-1817), with wife Mary, lived in Augusta, WV until 1787, then moved to Washington Co, KY. Third son John (1752-1834) and wife Sarah (CAMPBELL) HANDLEY may have had 4 more children, deceased before John's 1834 Will (Greenbrier Historical Society). They lived in Greenbrier Co, WV
John and Grizel HANDLEY's Children
Name Born Father Mother Spouse Died Lived Contact
William HANDLEY 1749 John HANDLEY Grizel (unk) HANDLEY Keziah CAILE/ CALES/KALES 1836 Lewisburg, WV Marcia Croye
James HANDLEY 1750? John HANDLEY Grizel (unk) HANDLEY Mary (?) 1817 Washington Co KY Brian Handley
John HANDLEY 1752 John HANDLEY Grizel (unk) HANDLEY Sarah CAMPBELL
1834 Falling Spgs, Greenbrier Co, WV Carol Berry
Should Margaret (Handley) PAULEE ERSKINE be here? See below.

William (1700?-1756) and Margaret (possibly CHRISTIE??) HANDLEY's Children
Name Born Father Mother Spouse Died Lived Contact
Archibald HANDLEY 1730 William HANDLEY Margaret HANDLEY Jean HENDERSON 1796 WV ..
William HANDLEY, Jr. 173- William HANDLEY Margaret HANDLEY unk unk unk ..
James HANDLEY 173- William HANDLEY Margaret HANDLEY unk unk unk ..
Alexander HANDLEY 174- William HANDLEY Margaret HANDLEY yes 1781 Augusta Co? ..
Here is information about an Alexander Hanley Handley, a captain in the Revolutionary War. Source:
"Historical Records of Old Crab Orchard, Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky" compiled by Mrs. Carl W. (Lucy Kate) McGhee Privately Published by the author, Washington D.C., date of publication not given...
p. 88
Revolutionary War Pension Applications
Section 46, W 27678, Virginia
Drury Ham, Applicant
Maria Perkins, former widow
State of Kentucky, Lincoln County
June 4, 1832

Age 73. States that he entered the service of the US about the first of March 1778, as a drafted militiaman in Captain Thomas Wright's Company in the county of Greenbriar, West Virginia, for 3 months....

...after he returned home he went to the county of Botetourt, Virginia. In 1780, he again entered the service as a volunteer under CAPTAIN ALEXANDER HANLEY in the company aforesaid, to serve a tour of six months. The company marched to the county of Montgomery, Virginia, on the Holston River, where there were attached to Major Campbell's Battalion, and from that place, they marched through North Carolina and South Carolina, where they were joined General (Daniel) Morgan's brigade and after joined that aforesaid brigade, they marched to the Cowpens. They then marched with the prisoners toward Salisbury, North Carolina, in which time they joined General Green's army. They started from Salisbury toward Virginia and some 6 or 7 miles from Salisbury, on the Adkin River, they were overtaken by Cornwallis's army, when a portion of the army was defeated. He then marched to Guilford, where he was discharged, his term of service having expired, but he does not recollect by whom, but he supposes that it was by his lieutenant, HIS CAPTAIN BEING KILLED in the engagement on the Adkin." Ann M (Could this refer to Alexander, above?)

1811 Monroe Co WV David Handley,
Web site: John D. ADAMS and John HANDLEY genealogies on-going research by bdoody@bellsouth.net
Gail wrote Aug 7 1998: I received the nicest letter on my Hanley family from a man at the Cabell County, West Virginia Historical Society. They sent me relevant pages from a publication called "The Handley/Handly/Hanley Collections. He was a descendant of John and Mary (Harrison) Handley, and wrote a great letter about her. Anyway, it didn't illuminate how Mary was related to the President William Henry Harrison, nor of the Declaration of Independence signer, Benjamin Harrison, but said "according to family data, she was a relative of ..." the above. She was killed by a team of runaway oxen which she tried to stop and drive into the barnyard gate. She is buried in the Guyandotte Cemetery near Huntington, where she had gone to make her home with her son Isaac, after her husband's death. Had 12 children, and I do have a list of them. She was born 1745 and died 4 Dec 1829.
Nancy HANDLEY 174- William HANDLEY Margaret HANDLEY unk unk unk ..
Samuel Carroll HANDLEY 1751 PA
(1748 NC?)
William HANDLEY Margaret HANDLEY 1) Mary ADAMS
2) Suzannah COWAN m 1782
1840 PA; Wash.Co.NC; Franklin Co.TN Joe,
Margaret HANDLEY 1751 -53 William HANDLEY Margaret HANDLEY 1) John PAULEE
2) Michael ERSKINE
1842 Union, Monroe Co, WV Elizabeth Burns
But per Jay Banks (and others), Margaret was born in PA in 1751, to John Handley, Sr. She is best known for being captured in 1779 by Shawnee while on her way to KY with her first husband, John PAULEE. She later returned to live in Union, Monroe Co, WV. Read her story contributed by Elizabeth Burns at the West Virginia Indian Captive Page.

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Ann Johnson,Chipper@mlode.comJohn & Elizabeth (HALL) HANDLEY
[John & Grizel's line]
Beverly Jones,bevjones@vzinet.com John & Mary (HARRISON) HANDLEY
[William & Margaret's line]
Bob Miller, rmiller@hsonline.netGriselda (HANDLEY) & James FOSTER
[William & Margaret's line]
Brian Handley, handleyb@aol.comJames & Mary HANDLEY
[John & Grizel's line]
Carol Berry, cedartree2@juno.com John & Sarah (CAMPBELL) HANDLEY
[John & Grizel's line]
Charlene, WilCarHo@classic.msn.comAlexander & Sarah (McELROY) HANDLEY
[John & Grizel's line]
Cora, eschhaus@cnbgreeley.comJane (HANDLEY) & Esom LEACH
[William & Margaret's line]
David Handley, Mesa, AZ John & Mary (HARRISON) HANDLEY
[William & Margaret's line]
Dick Lowe, dick_lowe@smtplink.sra.comSamuel & Sarah Walker (HARMAN) HANDLEY
[William & Margaret's line]
Ellie Handley,ehandley@texas.netSamuel & Suzanna/Susan (COWAN) HANDLEY
[William & Margaret's line]
Elizabeth Burns,Burns@asu.eduMargaret (HANDLEY) PAULEE ERSKINE
[William & Margaret's line?]
Jacki Thomas, grayston@comteck.comJane (HANDLEY) & Esom LEACH
[William & Margaret's line]
Jo Marie McKinnis, jmckinnis@aol.comRobert H. & Mary (McCLINTIC) HANDLEY
[John & Grizel's line]
Judith Board, judyboard@comcast.netJohn & Elizabeth (HALL) HANDLEY
[John & Grizel's line]
Judy [Newland] Oldiges, judy057@embarqmail.comArchibald & Jean (HENDERSON) HANDLEY
[William & Margaret's line]
Lowell McKinster, LMckin@aol.comJohn & Mary (HARRISON) HANDLEY
[William & Margaret's line]
Lynn, Crabtree11@aol.comGriselda (HANDLEY) & James FOSTER
[William & Margaret's line]
Marsha Croye,Tempe, AZ William & Keziah (CAILE) HANDLEY
[John & Grizel's line]
Melva Wheelwright,Surnames, Raines lineEsom LEACH; Wm. ARNOTT; others?
[William & Margaret's line]
Mickie Blankenship, MAdkins953@aol.comGrissel (HANDLEY) & John McCOLGIN
[John & Grizel's line]
Nancy Sween, Sftrail@aol.comArchibald & Jean (HENDERSON) HANDLEY
[William & Margaret's line]
Richard HanleyMILanders@aol.comWilliam & Margaret (HENDERSON) HANDLEY
[William & Margaret's line]
Robbie Farleyrobbie_farley@hotmail.comSamuel C. & Suzannah/Susan (COWAN) HANDLEY
[William & Margaret's line]
Susanrfsml@cdsnet.netAlford line
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