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Family Photos
from Butler Co OHGenWeb readers
Individuals, Morgan Township pictures, Hamilton Scouts, School photos, more
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George Crout digital photos
Butler County OH
, transcribed by K. Hutten
Wills of former residents
* USPS postal card: Miami University, Oxford OH (2009)

"OXFORD, OH — The U.S. Postal Service commemorated Miami University’s bicentennial (Feb 17, 2009) by issuing a First-Class 27-cent postal card with the stamped image depicting MacCracken Hall, a residence hall located on the South Quad of Miami University’s main campus in Oxford, OH. The stamped postal card, available nationwide today, was dedicated by U.S. Postal Service Eastern Area Operations Vice President Megan Brennan.
Butler Co OH - Tombstone Photo Sites (from FindAGrave.com if not credited otherwise)
Unknown, Butler Co OH
* Beth Israel Cemetery

Excello, Ohio
* Amanda Cemetery

Fairfield, Ohio
* Basil Cemetery

Liberty Township
* Baker Burial Ground
- Section 31

Middletown, Ohio
* Astoria Cemetery
- north of Middletown, north on Elk Creek Road from W Alexandria Road

Millville, Ohio
* Black Road Cemetery
, by Deb Morrison
* Brosius Cemetery, by Gary Griswold - on Black Road, 1/2 mile south of the Ross-Hanover Road
* Brosius, Findagrave.com (Brosius is also called Black Road Cemetery)

Okeana, OH
* George Burial Ground
on S Dwyer Rd
Photos by Dennis Kowallek and Bob McMaken
Northwest of Okeana from Rt 126 west onto Rt 250, north on South Dwyer Road, past Bittersweet Lane

Oxford Township
* Adams Cemetery
on Old Road to Morning Sun
* Austin Cemetery - Morning Sun Road

Trenton, OH
* Augspurger Cemetery
* Butler Co Memorial Park
4570 Trenton Oxford Rd

* MT. PLEASANT, by A. Dyer
* WEST CHESTER, by Deb Morrison
* WOODSIDE, by Vivian Combs Moon
* Butler Co OHGenWeb Cemeteries
* Butler Co OH tombstone search, FindAGrave.com

Butler County OH Photos
* Butler County Penny Post Cards
including the 1913 flood in OH and IN
* HERITAGE of Butler County Ohio - a Rootsweb Freepages site
* MIDDLETOWN Bicentennial Historical Photographs by Middle-America.org
* MORGAN High School early 1900s class pictures (Okeana, OH)
* PICTORIAL Butler County:
previously ecards
* Postcards from Mary Ann Weikel's mother's albums, Gene Williams
    Shandon Community House, 1907 | Jones' Billiards Hall, 1909 | and more
Around MORGAN TOWNSHIP: * Morgan Township Agriculture, BCHC
* Privy digger
"digging up the past" presents his hobby at Jill Evans' meeting of the Morgan Township Historical Society and the Butler County Historical Society, 2002
* Shandon's Welsh Heritage, Jim Blount, 2003
* Morgan Township House, 2008
* Butler County Historical and Preservation Groups
Schools in Butler County OH * Butler County Schools, OldOhioSchools.com
Middletown Photos from Deb Morrison (Click to enlarge photo)

Ohio All Star Basketball Team
standing in front of
Middletown High School then on Girard Street, Middletown, Ohio. This is the Ohio All Star team - South.

Paul Walker the coach is at the far left. I see two Middies in this photo...Shelby Linville, fourth from left, and George McChesney, right beside Shelby.

Roosevelt Jr High School Basketball Team, 1945-46
in Middletown Ohio on Central Ave

Back row
...Coach Ralph Rettig, ?, Jesse Mayabb?, Youstler?, Verlin Curtis, Cornele, ?, Andrew Roper, principal.
Front row...Tom Strait, Hatfield?, Bowen, Bob Marcum, ?, Cliff Whisman.

Photo:     Lincoln School, Central Avenue, Middletown Ohio, maybe about 1935
* Lincoln School Honor Roll List, 1937

The information below is from Jim Mills. I do know for a fact that the first boy in the second row on the left kind of between the boy and girl on the first row is my father Kenneth Young.

Front row, left: x, Terry Moss, x, Joe Holton, x, Pat Gade, x, Patsy Elliott, Vickie Schaefer, Glenn Doebler, Walter Roehll, Bill Jones, Paul Pieratt, Miss Orr.

Middle row, left: Earl Schneider, x, Jackie Wilmore, Buddy Barker, Bill Klopp, Jane Wiley, Floyd Raberding, Gene Whitley, x, Fred Schmidt, x, x, Tom Crowley.

Top row, left: Hodges Drake, Marilyn Meehan, Shirley Kurth, June Leighton, x, x, x, x, Lawrence
Fletcher, Phil Snyder, Gay Bevis, x, x.

(x denotes I can’t remember)

From the OHButler-L group:
"Would anyone know where a person, living in Oxford Twp. in 1930, would have gone to high school?"

Gene answered:
"A resident of Reily Township would have gone to Reily High School, in Reily, Ohio, Butler County........if they were closer to Oxford, they would have gone to Stewart, since Talawanda didn't exist until I was in school, in the 50's. Talawanda was made up of more than one school district, supposedly to save money and give the kids a better education, but there was a lot of resentment from some of the constituents for taking their local school (Morgan High School, at Okeana, Ohio) away from them. Depending on where they lived, they either went to Ross or Talawanda. Reily and Morgan both ended up as lower-grade schools. Smith Library, at Oxford, will have all of the information that you need."

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