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Interactive Genealogy combines searches and books for genealogy, living people, history, and travel by state and keyword, because our family's history was sometimes changed by what was happening around them and what was available where they lived. DNA genealogy helps to see if others of the same surname are related.
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Quick searches ~ Informative browsing
* Check US Search
Use Living People Search Page for long lost cousins, classmates,
or friends, natural parents, current addresses, phone numbers

Create your Family Tree

As you discover more and more ancestors, keep track of them on-line where you may be discovered by other relatives tracking similar ancestors. Add a subscription to to dig deeper into your family history
* More on family trees
Finding ancestors:
* Browse what's new and updated at and at




one of the original
comprehensive genealogy sites,
started as an archived
on-line bulletin board
Free searches into one of the original on-line family history sites
* RootsWeb SSDI
- Search names of deceased people who had Social Security
* RootsWeb General Search
* RootsWeb Surname List
* Roots Location List
researchers (1998)



* Other Options * Family History Forums

(see below)

Find Birth &
Death Records

Vital Check

Genealogy and History
Recommended SUBSCRIPTION Searches:
(TGN) |
*Genealogy Research Center
Genealogy Research Center, KindredKonnections
OneGreatFamily (online family tree) | Origins Network

    Recommended FREE Searches:
RootsWeb | FamilyTreeDNA
surname projects | Google
USGenWeb archives | Cyndi's List Topical |
Family Group Sheets | Open Directory | Poorhouses | Roots-L

Check history by States

National/State Parks USA States and DC
    On-line town searches and MapQuest searches
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* ABCs: Beginning genealogy tips
* Basic ancestry searches
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* Databases * Death * DNA
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and featuring Andrew Co MO and Butler County OH

Tips for

Genealogy Learning Center,
One Great Family

Share your family history

* Has some one already put your family's history on-line?
    Search Google with your ancestor's name in quotation marks.
    Search specific Genealogy sites with your ancestor's given and surname
    Has someone written a book on your family history?
    Consider adding your own family tree at
    Has someone started a DNA research project for your surname? You might be surprised who you are related to.
* See what is on-line at the county where your ancestors lived
      US GenWeb Project and US GenWeb Archives
      USGenWeb Search Us
(by state)
* Are you looking for a living cousin?     Use the Living People search page
* Did your ancestors have Social Security? Check their names on the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) in searches below
* Explore for on-line Cemeteries - example: Andrew Co Mo tombstone photos
* Subscribe for Census searches, other Databases, Military records, Newspapers, & obituaries
* Search and post to family name or location eMail groups and Forums to get questions answered
* See what your family's state Government & Courts may have on-line.

For more general searches, see below

"Ancestry Archive"

Free Ancestry Search

Kindred Konnections, MyTrees:
"The Ancestry Archive is an index to our pedigree-linked genealogy database. Using this index, you can quickly search through the pedigree information we currently have available on your family ancestry. The information in the Ancestry Archive Index comes from two main sources. The first source is our collection of pedigree files from submitters and other genealogists. Whenever a GEDCOM file of personal family history is submitted to us, we add that file to the Ancestry Archive. The other source of pedigree-linked genealogy is indexed family history websites. After you have determined there are names of interest to you in our Archive, you will want to create and activate an account to see the data in pedigree-linked format with notes and submitter information."

Surname Index
ancestors from
Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland
Go to the Origins Network went on-line in 1998, offering private web space for family groups - free - by invitation. They now require that someone pays a small fee for each site. You can post pictures there, meet relatives, share research, ask and answer questions. Their beta site, started in November 2006. Log in here .


*Book Browser
*Kansas Bookstore
*Gen-Books Yahoo group

post notices about genealogy or history books that you want to sell or buy.
Books on Genealogy, History, Travel by state
Genealogy CDs, software | FamilyTree DNA testing, searching

LIBRARY List (WWW-VL) | Interlibrary Loan Info | I-Gen Book Store
* Gen-Books - YOU are invited to list genealogy and history books you have for sale - or want to buy - on this free Yahoo group. Read as email, or on-line.
Some books are on-line for you to do direct family history research, such as History of the State of Kansas (Cutler), the Kansas Collection Book list, or The History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio. But many books you would like to use are not yet on-line. To access these books, try using online library catalogs to identify and locate books by title, author, or topic. Then order them through your local library with an inter-library loan request. Or you may want to purchase new or out-of-print books for your research at home. AbeBooks (search box below) is popular for out-of-print and used books. Amazon (search box below) is reliable for new books. Questia Online Library and offer subscription-based on-line research libraries.
Books from
Immersion Travel USA
* Andrew County MO
* Special Census:
1890 Andrew Co, MO
* Butler County OH
* USA genealogy
* USA history
* USA travel

AbeBooks currently has books on * American Indians
* Andrew Co MO or Andrew County * Butler County OH history and Butler Co
* Genealogy * Geography * Hispanic American genealogy, History
* Rare book collections * Reference * Travel
History of * Kansas, Missouri * Ohio and of the * USA

* Genealogy Book & CD Store Shop and find genealogy and history reference resources to own. Includes software and out-of-print book searches.
Questia Online Library

on-line research
search by keywords or topics

Where are your ancestors buried? What can you learn from their tombstones?
Cemetery Searches
Also see:
Appropriate county sites on US GenWeb
Death and newspaper obituary searches

Visiting National Cemeteries
such as
* Fort Scott and * Leavenworth
in Kansas

* Cemetery Message Board - GenForum at
* Cemetery Junction * Find A Grave *
* IIGS Cemetery Links * Politicial Graveyard
* National Archives and genealogy research from Washington, DC
* Tombstone Transcriptions * Tombstone Central
* USA Veterans Gravesite Locater
* USA Veterans National & State Cemeteries
* Photograph Andrew County Tombstones
project is an example of what cemetery photo volunteers are putting on-line.

Before the 1850 US census, only one name for each household was listed. The 1890 census was destroyed.
Before internet searches, we looked for the names of our ancestor's family by scrolling through microfilm copies.
Census Searches

Search US Federal Census Records
Search the 1930 Census!

Search 1911 Canada Census
USA Census Records

* Search Census Records,



such as Birth, Marriage, and Death Records Census Records Passenger Lists & Naturalization Records Historical Newspapers Military Records Family & Local Histories Court, Land, & Probate Records
* United States
* United Kingdom
* Europe
* Canada
* Australia
* by State
* Search Historical Newspaper Collections - for history and family news,
* - search for census, marriage, name, obituary records - Canada, Europe, Ireland, USA, UK
* - library resources: census, marriage, name, obituary records - USA, international
* - user contributed records, searchable indexes - USA, international
* USGenWeb Project and the USGenWeb Archives

SSDI (Social Security Death Index) SEARCHES

*TIP: Sometimes you can find where someone lives from an on-line obituary of one of their close relatives.
Search the SSDI to find the town where the deceased person lived, and with that info, check obituaries from their local online newspaper.
Social Security Death Index (SSDI)
Did your US ancesters have Social Security? It began 1/1/1937.

The Death Master File (DMF) from the Social Security Administration (SSA) is created from internal SSA records of deceased persons possessing social security numbers and whose deaths were reported to the SSA. If someone is missing from the list, it may be that the benefit was never requested, an error was made on the form requesting the benefit, or an error was made when entering the information into the SSDI.
* Free: Social Security Death Index - (Rootsweb) Search names of deceased people who had Social Security
* Social Security Death Index - (Ancestry) Search names of deceased people who had Social Security
- (Genealogy) Use the Social Security Death Index search at bottom to help verify deaths and death locations.
* Casualties and Veterans of US wars - (Interactive Genealogy)
* The state of Missouri has many FREE death certificates on-line (1910-1956) as well as pre-1910 birth and death records. Thanks to the MO Secretary of State and staff.

DNA Testing - for Ancestors and Unknown Cousins
How Are Two or More Family Lines Related?
Relative Searches
DNA tests can help determine
if two families have
a common ancestor,
or if you are part
Native American, etc.
FamilyTree DNA may help you.

Try DNA Tests through Family Tree DNA

More on DNA: Journey of Mankind, The Peopling of the World (Bradshaw Foundation)

Sharing your search and interests with others
Genealogy eMail Lists
Post genealogy and history books for sale, and books you want to buy at this Yahoo! group
Announce or check genealogy reunions, meetings, historical re-enactments at Yahoo! group
* John Fuller's Genealogy Resources on the Internet and * Rootsweb
  • Rootsweb surname lists
  • RootsWeb - worldwide list of countries with email lists
  • Rootsweb List search: African American lists, US Civil War lists, more
  • Archived lists: Yahoo genealogy and history lists (previously
  • CataList genealogy lists
  • RootsQuest Mailing Lists
  • Adoption email lists and websites, Google
  • US Civil War Colored Troups email lists and websites, Google

    Have other researchers already posted information about your interests? Check Forums.

    Ask and answer questions
    Find fellow researchers
    Surname Forum Searches:

    * Ancestry * GenForum * Rootsweb

    * Forums
    * GenForum
    - ask and answer family history questions by STATE
    * GenForum - ask and answer family history questions by COUNTRY
    * GenForum - ask and answer family history questions by SURNAME or TOPIC
    * GenForum - who posted about your surname or county on a certain date?
    * GenForum - forums, surnames, regional, general topics
    * Rootsweb - message board, surnames, states, counties, other countries
    * Yahoo! USA and Country genealogy forums

    Cousins? Natural parent?
    Living People Search Page

    for current addresses, phone numbers
    Search for Anyone's Email Address

    First Name: Last Name: Age: State:  

    Records kept on veterans of various
    US wars | Some who died in France

    Obituaries can tell which, and where, other family members were living when a close relative died - Andrew County MO "obituaries to share", for example.
    Military Record Searches by war
    • Revolutionary War Records
    • Civil War Records
    • Naturalization Records
    • and More...

    * Newspapers (some with obituaries) on-line:

    NewsVoyager and Online Newspapers - current newspapers on-line, by state
    Historic Newspapers Online
    - subscription details
    Historical Newspaper Collections - SEARCH
    Read history as it was happening in more than 16 million pages from over 1000 different newspapers across the US, U.K. and Canada dating back to the 1700's. The full-text index and Advanced Image Viewer deliver highlighted search hits on every page.

    Your Newspaper subscription also includes access to the new Obituary Collection that contains more than 9 million obituaries.

    NW Missouri, just north of St Jo
    Andrew County,

    Andrew Co MOGenWeb

    search with

    Note that Missouri has many
    statewide death certificates on-line.

    Cemetery photos: The Photograph
    Andrew County Tombstones
    Andrew County MO Forums:
    * Missouri county forums
    including Andrew Co, GenForum
    * Missouri Travel, Genealogy, History
    I-Gen searches
    * Missouri Death Certificates
    , on-line and free
    * Missouri Genealogy and History databases
    The History of Andrew and Dekalb Counties, Missouri -
    1890 Andrew County, Missouri special census -

    SW Ohio, just north of Cincinnati
    Butler County,

    * Butler Co OHGenWeb

    Butler County OH Forums:
    * Ohio county forums
    including Butler Co, GenForum
    * Ohio Travel, Genealogy, History
    I-Gen searches
    * Cousin Connect
    * Ohio Genealogy and History Databases

    History by State
    * AL * AK * AZ * AR * CA * CO * CT * DE * FL * GA * HI * ID * IL * IN * IA * KS * KY * LA * ME * MD * MA * MI * MN * MS * MO
    * MT * NE * NV * NH * NJ * NM * NY * NC * ND * OH * OK * OR * PA * RI * SC * SD * TN * TX * UT * VT * VA * WA * WV * WI * WY

    * Washington DC Virtual Tour
    Some history of internet pioneers in Genealogy and History.
    (early internet) Usenet Newsgroups: FAQ: Historical Reflections of the Genealogy Newsgroups.
    "Soc.roots" was replaced by soc.genealogy.misc and six others in 1994

    (1993) Dubbed "The History Network", HNSource, was the second web site openned to the public on March 6, 1993, by its creator, Dr. Lynn H. Nelson, professor of history at the University of Kansas. The first connections went to on-line library catalogues through a HyTelnet facility, to index data bases and FTP sites already containing materials relevant to historical studies. HNSouce also provided links to a full-text document archive, world-wide gophers, several works on the use of the Internet, some Gutenberg electronic texts, and other facilities. These were the days of Bitnet, dialing up Telnet, newsgroups on Usenet, and Free-Net bulletin boards (DFN, DAFN). More internet history.

    * (pre-internet: 1987)
    Alf Christophersen launched the ROOTS-L mailing list in December 1987. * (pre-internet: 1989) Karen Isaacson began maintenance of the RootsWeb Surname List in 1989, when everything was done with file archives and such. * (1993) By around 1993, the Web had gotten started and Steven Woods had created the first Web-based search engine for the Rootsweb Surname List.

    "Our goal with Ancestry was to build the largest online genealogy database and subscription service in the world."
    "We launched this free service in December 1998 and quickly became one of the fastest growing community web sites in history, gaining 1 million registered users in its first 140 days."

    * Genealogy & History
    * American Indian Net
    * 500 Nations
    * USA Indian Lands
    , 1978
    * Also see individual state pages and Forums, above
    WWW Virtual Library History Sites
    * History of the American West
    * History of the USA
    * Electronic Research Library Web Stacks

    * Hispanic American
    genealogy, history, travel
    * Afro American history
    Historic Newspapers Online - subscription details
    Historical Newspaper Collections - SEARCH

    Ancestors in Sports:
    * Player Biographies
    * Families
    * Baseball Reference

    Genealogy and History Research
    USA State and
    County searches

    for Genealogy & History

    * Footnote: download original historical documents to use at your convenience
    * Forums by state - choose state, then browse for particular counties
    * Genealogy Resources on the Internet, John Fuller
    * Legal Research on the Web, International including USA State Courts, Historic & Legal Documents, Washburn Law School
    * Experiences in Researching in Court Houses
    * National Archives and Records
    * Search Weekly Compulation of Presidential Documents - presidential statements, messages, remarks, and materials released by the White House Press Secretary. Browse by year.
    * USGenWeb states - choose state, then the county of interest

    Naming Customs

    Although this system is credited to the Scottish,
    other Americans in the 1700s used this or other
    hereditical naming systems.
    Sons' names
    1st son after the father's father
    2nd son after the mother's father
    3rd son after the father
    4th son after the father's eldest brother
        (or mother's if the father doesn't have one)
    5th son after the mother's eldest brother
    Daughers' names
    1st daughter after the father's mother
    2nd daughter after mother's mother
    3rd daughter after the mother
    4th daughter after the father's eldest sister

    5th daughter after the mother's eldest sister

    I-Gen Mini Index:
    Interactive Genealogy pages (plus site map)
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    * SW Ohio events
    * Andrew Co, MO
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    * Doniphan Co, KS
    * Johnson Co, KS
    * Leavenworth Co, KS
    * Wyandotte Co, KS
    eCard and Photo Indexes:
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    USA Travel and History Santa Fe Trail pictures: Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico
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