Transcribed by Mary Lou Vreeland Fischer

     REC.  DATE OF              
---- ----  --------------
1668 #5    February 25  Andries Claesen, YM, and Preyntje Machielse, YD 
                        Married March 25, 1668 at Bergen.

1670 #9    June 5  Enoch Machielse Vreeland, YM and Dirckje Meyers, YD
                   Received, June 20 certificate to New York.

1681 #44   April 17  Cornelis Machiels Vreeland, YM, from New York, and
                    Metje Dircks Braeck, YD, from New York.
                    Received certificate to New York, May 11.

1682 #51   April 30  Johannes Machielse Vreeland, YM, from New York and
                     Claesje Dirckse Braeck, YD, from Manhattan Island.
                     Married May 14, by the preacher from Esopus at Bergen.

1668 #83   January 29  Edward Earle, YM, from Maryland, living on Sicakis Island, and
                       Elsje Vreeland, YD, from Gemonepa, living at Minkachquee.
                       Were married Feb 13 by Rev. Selyns of New York.

1691 #101  August 23  Enoch Michiels Vreeland (wid of Dierckje Myers) living at
                      Minkachqwee, and Grietje Wessels (wid of Jan Janse Langedyk)
                      living at New York.

     #103  October 11  Michiel Vreelant, YM, and Marya Joris, YD.
                       Received certificate November 27.

1692 #107  May 29  Aart Albertse, YM, from New York, and Catharina Vreeland, YD
                   from Gemonepa.  Were married June 26, by R. Van Giesen.

1697 #124  April 25  Claes Hertmanse Vreeland, YM, from Gemonepa, and Annetje Hansen,
                     YD, from N. Utrecht, LI.  Received certificate May 24, and were
                     Married May 25 at Gemonepa by Do Bertholf.

1699 #133  July 30  Dirck Poulussen, YM, born at Bergen, living there, and Fytje Hertmans
                    Vreelant, YD, from Gemonepa, living there.  Received certificate
                    August 19, to Hackensack.

     #134  August 6  Claes Hertmans (wid of Annetje Hermans) and Elsje Pieters, YD.
                     Received certificate August 19, to Hackensack.

     #136  October 8  Abraham Vreelant, YM, and Margrietje Jacobs Van Winkel, YD.
                      Received certificate October 28, 1699 to Hackensack.

1701 #141  April 6  Roelof Helmighsz, YM, and Achtje Cornelis Vreelant, YD.
                    Were married April 21, 1701, by Do Dubois.

1702 #146  October 18  Dirck Hertmanse Vreeland, YM, born at Gemonepa, and Margrieta
                       Dircks Banta, YD, born at Hackensack.  
                       Were married December 2, after receiving certificate November
                       21 to Hackensack.

1705 #154  January 13  Enoch M. Vreeland (widower of Grietje Wessels) and Achtje 
                       Van Hooren, YD, both living at Minhachquee in Bergen Co.
                       Were married at New York by Do Dubois.

1708 #168  May 1  Cornelis Hendricksen Blinkerhoff, YM, born at Witmond, Kings Co., 
                  and Aagje Hartmans Vreeland, YD, bor at Gemoenepan.  Were married
                  May 24, 1708, in presence of Justice Enoch Vreeland, by Adrian 

1709 #172  August 14  Daniel Van Winkel (widower of Rachel Straetmaacker) and 
                      Jannetje Cornelis Vreelant, YD, both born under Bergen.
                      Were married at New York, by G. Dubois, September 3rd.

     #173  September 18  Lourens Van Boskerk, YM, born at Hackensack, and Fytje
                         Cornelissen Vreelant, YD, born at Gemoenepan, both living at

1711 #179  March 24  Cornelis Helmigsen, YM, from Bergen, and Aegtie Johannissen
                     Vreeland, YD.

     #180         Thomas Fredriksen, YM, born at Bergen, and Marytje Hartmansen
                  Vreeland, YD, born and living Gemoenepan.

1719 #192  May 4  Michiel Hartmansen Vreeland, YM, born and living at Gemoenepan, and
                  Elisabeth Gerrits, YD, born and living at Bergen.

     #193 May 30  Johannis Helmigsen Van Houten, YM, born and living at Bergen, and
                  Helena Johannissen Vreeland, YD, born and living at Gemoenepa.

     #194 November 7  Zacharias Sickels, YM, born and living at Bergen, and Ariaantje
                      Hartmanse Vreeland, YD, born and living at Gemoenapa.

1723 #196  May 11  Elias Johannissen Vreeland, YM, born at Gemoenapan, and Marytje 
                   Van Hoorn, YD, born at Pemmerpog and both living at Gemoenepan.

1726 #202       Johannis Johannissen Vreeland, YM, born and living at Gemonepan, and 
                Anje Didericks, YD, born and living at Bergen.

1738 #223  December 8  Abraham Van Tuyl, YM, from Staten Island and Metje Vreeland
                       YD born at Stony Point.

1739 #225  April 14  Johannes Diedriks (widower), born and living at Bergen and
                     Hester Vreeland, YD, born an living at Wesel

     #228  November 20  Hartman Vrelant, YM, and Martje Gerbrants,YD, both were born
                        at Gemoenepan.

1748 #241  October 17  Johannis Van Wagenen, YM, and Aaltje Vreeland, YD.

1757 #247  November 13  Klaas Vreland, YM, born at Gemoenepan, and Cattintje Ziph,
                        YD, born at Bergen, were married December 1st by Do Jackson.

1778 #259        Johannes Vreeland, YM, born at Pemmerepog, and Helena Gerbrantse,
                 YD, born at Gemoenepa.  Were married June 21st by Do Jackson.

1781 #262        Machiel Vreeland YM, and Geertie Sickels, YD.  Were married
                 September 16th by Do Jackson.

1788 #272        Cornelis Vreelant, YM, and Jenneke Sip, YD.  Were married by Do
                 Jackson, October 5th.