We thank each and every one of the following for generously sharing their information with us. Their input has added greatly to our research. A family history is as long and strong as its contributors!

Harry J. Irwin has shared original documents (deeds, etc.) with us on his Vreeland/Van Horn ancestors. We plan to have scans of them posted before long!
David Vreeland has shared scans of his grandfather's Vreeland Family Bible that we are very pleased to be posting soon.
Pamela Sears has provided information about Vreelands and Cadmus family members.
Stewart Rusby has shared his Vreeland lineage with us.
Seana Coulter has shared her Vreeland information with us.
Michael Willis Freeland has shared his Vreelands with us.
Stephanie Pereira has shared her Vreeland information with us.
Colleen Earls has provided us with her Vreeland information.
Nana Rutherford Redell has shared Vreeland information also.
Ruth Hunter has shared her Vreeland/Van Riper branch with us.
Marlene McFate Burkheimer has provided data on her Vreeland/Salter line.
Marcelle Sommers Aldredge has shared her Vreeland/Sommers line with us.
Betty Schley has sent us information on the Vreeland/Coronal line.
Sue Ruehle has shared her Vreeland branch with us.
Kathleen Wilham has sent us Vreeland lineage.
Stephen R. Nelson has shared his information on descendants of Pryntje Vreeland.
R. Edward Hollenbeck, via his family's shared website project, has provided much information about the Hollenbecks.
Carl Van Wagenen has also been very helpful with the Van Wagenens.
Shelley Broyles has been very helpful with the Van Wagenens.
Everett Van Riper has given us lots of help with the Van Ripers.
John Camp has been an important contributor for Spiers, Peers, and Van Houtens.
Rich Van Houten has provided much Van Houten lineage to us.
Mary Choitz has helped a lot with the Van Houtens.
Bruce Hopper has also helped with the Van Houtens.
Tom McNeill has been generous with his Van Buskirk lines.
George Van Riper has shared his Van Riper lines.
Judy Ullman has shared her Courter, Bush & assoc. family information with us.
Richard Van Duyne has given us information on the Van Duyne family.
Donna Speer Ristenbatt has provided lots of detailed information about Piers, Spiers, and others on her website.

If we have inadvertantly omitted you from this list, please drop us a line!

Note: If any contributors would like us to list a link to their webpage or an e-mail address, just let us know!