We are trying to up-date, correct misinformation, and document as much VREELAND history as possible. We hope to post information on this web site for some time until it appears there are few remaining contributions to be made to the project. Then, our goal is to take this information and have it printed in some fashion -- either a book, or a CD. This way, any later generations seeking information about the VREELANDS, will have a newer source that they can rely on to be the most accurate for both the paternal and the maternal lines down from Michiel Janszen Vreeland.

The Research Team for this project is:

Barbara Erwin-McGuire, Ph.D., C.S.W., Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
e-mail address:

Mary Lou Vreeland-Fischer, Parsippany, NJ (now Susan, VA)
e-mail address:

Patti Vreeland Boyle
e-mail address: