Daniel M. Gallery


Daniel Michael Gallery

Daniel Michael Gallery
23 Oct 1861-10 Mar 1933

Daniel M. Gallery (Dan) was the third child of Patrick L. and Johanna "McGrath" Gallery. He was born near Springfield, Mass and moved to Iowa with his parents in 1868.

Dan never married. Jim, the family historian, says the story he heard was that as a young man Dan was engaged to a girl named Kitty McKeever. On the evening before the wedding, he went to her house only to find that she was out on a buggy ride with one of her old boyfriends. There was a scene of sorts, the wedding was called off and Dan was somewhat hostile toward the fair sex from that day on.

Dan farmed the old original Gallery farm just north of the High Bridge. He died of old age in a nursing home at the age of 71. He left his farm and all his money to his nephews and nothing to his nieces.

Anne Huelman, one of Dan's nieces writes, Uncle Dan's Will caused quite a stir. Naturally he wouldn't want a woman or girl to have any share; and since Ed had 5 sons, Jim 1, and Frank 1, it didn't seem right. Ellen's sons in Kansas got property there. Some of Uncle Dan's money was found under the kitchen floor, and some in the lining in his car.