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Edmond Charles Gallery

Alice Larkin

Edmond Charles Gallery & Alice Larkin

Edmond Charles Gallery was the fifth and youngest child of Patrick L. and Johanna "McGrath" Gallery. He was born 23 Aug 1865 at Longmeadow, near Springfield, Massachusetts. He moved to Iowa with his family when he was a little more than a year old. He married Alice Larkin on February 20 1895

Alice Larkin (1868-1942) was the only child (a red head) of Edward and Bridgett (Delia) "Ryan" Larkin. Edward was a native of New York. Bridgett was from Louth County, Ireland. They were married in Chicago in 1853. Alice was born in Chicago on July 8, 1874 and came with her widowed mother to Iowa when she was a small child. Her father, a Civil War veteran, a native of New York and a carpenter by trade, passed away at Flint Michigan, March 3, 1875. Alice was a school teacher in the schools of Delaware and Buchanan counties before her marriage to Edmond.

Edmond and Alice lived for many years on the farm where their son Francis later raised his family.

After retiring from farming they moved to Waterloo where Edmond died on March 13, 1931.

In the History of Buchanan County, it is recorded that Edmond Gallery owned a farm of 127 acres on section 34, Fremont Township, and another tract of 140 acres.

In her later years, Alice lived with her children. Alice spent Christmas of 1941 with her son Francis and his family on the old farm place. Then she took the train to Evanston,Illinois, arriving there Monday, December 28, 1941. On Saturday night, January 3, 1942 they both got into Jo's double bed. Later, Jo told a family member that they lied awake and talked for awhile and finally drifted off to sleep. When Jo woke the next morning she found that her mother had died during the night.

Alice's son,Francis went from Masonville, Iowa and he and his sisters, Jo and Alice, returned the body to the farm. She was buried beside her husband at St. Mary's Cemetary at Masonville on Wednesday, January 7th, 1942. Of their nine children, three died in tragic accidents.

To see a picture of Edmond, Alice and all of their children CLICK HERE.

Mary Eleanor Gallery (Dec 11,1895-1925), first child of Edmond and Alice "Larkin" Gallery. She attended the Normal School in Cedar Falls and became a teacher in Schaller, Iowa. She married Bernard James Lynch 1921. In the local paper it was said, "She is an accomplished young lady and her charming personality has won her many friends." Eleanor was killed when the car in which she was riding was struck by a fast moving train in Great Falls, Montana where they had moved.

1.Jim Lynch
2.Dick Lynch

Anne Leona Gallery, (Aug 4,1897-Jan 27, 1987 Masonville, Iowa)the second child of Edmond and Alice "Larkin" Gallery married Joseph "Joe" Huelman (May 19, 1890 Browns, Iowa-May 24, 1963). They were married April 26, 1922, and lived at Schaller, Iowa.

1.Norbert Joseph, born 1923
2.Francis Raymond, born April 12, 1927
3.Margorie Anne, born December 23, 1932
4.Eugene Edward, born June 17, 1935.

Johanna May Gallery (Josie) (April 29, 1899-Aug 20, 1980), the third child of Edmond and Alice "Larkin" Gallery. She lived and worked near Chicago. She never married.

Alice Elizabeth Gallery (28 Mar 1901-April 1, 1981)the fourth child of Edmond and Alice "Larkin" Gallery, married Donald Fellows (14 Aug 1898-14 Aug 1937).

1.Mary Alice Fellows, born 17 Nov 1924

Edmond Leo Gallery (28 June 1903-May 21, 1972) the fifth child of Edmond and Alice "Larkin" Gallery, married Faye Gilbert.They lived in Pacific Grove, California. He died of cancer. They had no children.

Francis Patrick Gallery (Aug 14, 1905-November 4,1975) the sixth child of Edmond and Alice "Larkin" Gallery, married Stella Decker (Sept 16, 1907-Dec 13, 1956). Francis was killed in a car accident. Stella died of a heart attack.

1.Mary Frances (16 Dec 1932-1999)married Edwin Martin Hayes
2.Joseph Edmond (born 11 May 1934)married Mary Jane Meyers
3.Vincent Raymond (born 24 Aug 1935)married Lillie Hamby
4.Louis Bernard (born 23 Oct 1936)married Faye Ann Gaffney
5.Phylis Ann (1939-1939)
6.Shirley Agnes (born 2 Feb 1943)married Loras James Schlichte
7.Michael Patrick (born 16 Mar 1949)married Mary Less

Elmer Lawrence Gallery (2 Aug 1907-10 Mar 1997 the seventh child of Edmond Charles and Alice "Larkin" Gallery married (1)Vivian Weise (2) Mona Mitchell-Young.They lived in Tulsa and Cushing, Oklahoma.

1. Patricia (born 5 Oct 1934) married Wm. R. Witcher
2. Daniel (born 26 Sep 1935) married Joann Buikstra
3. Linda (born 1 Mar 1941) married Anthony D. Turner
4. Lisa Elaine (born 29 Sep 1970). Her mother was Elmer's second wife.

Walter Bernard Gallery (3 May 1910-21 May 1944), the eighth child of Edmond Charles and Alice "Larkin" Gallery. He married (1) Eunice Louise Chapman (15 Sep 1908-3 Aug 1931). She died from childbirth complications when their son Walter Bernard Gallery,Jr was born.(2) Eleanor Buehner (24 Sep 1910-1976). Walt and his first son, Walt Jr, died in a boating accident.

1. Walter Bernard, Jr. (15 July 1931-21 May 1944)son of first wife Eunice Louise Chapman. He died in boating accident with his father.
2. Marlys Ann (Sep 1936-Apr 1953) died of a kidney infection
3. James Michael (Butch)(born 10 Mar 1940)married Patricia M. Smith. Jim is the one who had done most of the research found on this website. He put together a large manuscript on the Gallery Family Tree.
4. Donald Edward (born 11 Nov 1941) married Betty Ann Corwin
5. Jerald Francis, born 7 Dec 1942, married Sharon Casey

James Raphael Gallery (June 22, 1913-July 23,1979) the ninth child of Edmond and Alice "Larkin" Gallery, married Iris Robinson. They had no children. They both died of cancer.