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Wageman(n), Wagamon, Waggaman, Wagerman,
Waugaman, Wogaman and Wogoman.

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   Ancestor                                                     Reseacher 
Michael Wageman,  Frederick   b. 15 August 1780, 
Gardy Lawrence 
Hendrick, Samuel J
Samuel J Waggaman , 1913, wife Mary Theresa(1846-1931) MD 
Dick  Randt 
Hendrick, George Augustus
 George Augustus Waggaman (1790-1843)  VA, MD, LA 
Descendant of Hendrick Gillissen Waggaman, b. 1620 Holland 
Check out Maryland and Louisiana Links below.
Ken Berl
Hendrick, Winifred
Hendrick (abt 1620- 1682 )  Winifred (1660-   )   VA, MD 
Patricia Curran
Christian, Sr.  Franklin Co, PA 
Christian Wagaman, Sr > Walter b. 1815 > Peter H  1858-1942 > Frederick 1888-1954 > Frederick, Jr 1923-1955 > Ronald ,   PA
Heidi Abbey
Lewis C
Ollie C Wagaman(1902-1970) Carroll (1939-1972)
Kari Wagaman
Lewis C Wagaman (1870-1949) Ollie C Wagaman (1902-1979)  PA, IA, WAConnie Kealy
John, Sr.
John Wogoman, Sr    ( abt 1760-1844) John Jr, (1796-1882) 
Moses (1829-1884)  PA, OH 
Martin Wogaman
Christian, Sr.
Christian Wogoman, Sr. (1760-1836)   Joel ( 1803-1878 ) 
Mary (Eubank) (1831-1912 )  PA,  OH 
Original Ohio Land Patent
Robyn Orchard
William, Sr.
William Waggaman/Wageman, Sr  (1753-1836)  Christian (1783-1853) 
William (1836-1910)  PA,OH, IN, IA 
Land Deed - Montgomery Co, Ohio 1818
Original Ohio Land Patent
Ruth Hamdorf
William Wogaman, Sr (1753-1836) John Wagaman (1780-1852) 
John Wagaman (1816-1865)  PA,   KY,  IN 
Mark Reinbrecht 
William Sr(1753-1836)  Jacob(1791-?)  David (1819-1899) PA, OH, IN Paula Cray
William, Sr (1753-1836)  Jacob (1791-?)   David (1819-1899) 
Minnie Alice (Parks) (1871-1889)  PA , OH,. IN 
David Royce 
Wiilliam Sr (1753-1836)    Christian 1783-1853) Jacob ( 1809-? ) 
 Susan (Rager) (1829-1861) PA, OH 
 Mona Hart 
William Sr ( 1753-1836)  John (1780-1852) 
Sarah/Sally (Trisler) (1807-1853) PA,  KY 
Kaye Brewer
William Sr (1753-1836)    John (1780-1852) 
Abraham (1804-1856)  James Jefferson (1835-1913) 
PA, KY, IN,  MO,  CO, UT 
Paul Wagaman
David Wagaman
William Sr(1753-1836)  John(1780-1852) Joshua  Harrison (1810-1899) 
 Mike Woods
William, Sr (1753-1836)  Anna Elizabeth "Betsey" Kinsey (John), Daniel W Kinsey  PA, OH, IN, CA John MacPhee
William, Sr (1753-1836)  Anna Elizabeth "Betsy Kinsey (John),  Christian Kinsey    PA, OH Meg
William, Sr (1753-1836)   Christian (1783-1853) 
John (1818-1887   Alexander (1848-1926) PA, OH
Stephen Miller 
William, Sr (1753-1836) Christian (1783-1853)   PA. OH 
Levi (1842-1914) also Lavina Overholser (1838-1884) 
Ruth Seas
William, Sr (1753-1836) Margaret Miller(Peter) 1778-185?) 
William M Miller     PA, OH, IN 
DeVon Cripe
Johan Philip
Johann/John Philip Wageman (1713-1778) Ship Harle-1736 
Aimee Stout Benitez
Johann Philip Wageman (1713-1778), Peter (1743-1790/1), 
Johannes Jacob Wageman (1778-1865)
JP, Philip Wagaman (1744-1809), Elizabeth Wagaman Tipton (Noah)(1799-?)Mary Lou Veal
JP, Philip Wageman (1744-1809), Hannah Wagaman (Elrick/Dively) (1791-1872)Ellen Nichols
JP, John Waugaman (1758-1722), Philip Waugaman (1792-1859), 
Jesse Waugaman (1828-bef 1910), Sara Jane Frey (Andrew) (1858-1926)
Karen Smith
Johann Philip Wagemann   8th Generation Descendant Art Waugaman
JP (1713-1778),  Peter (1743-1790), Johan Jacob (1778-1865) 
Jonas Wagaman (1811-1887), Paul (1841-1904),  Edwin Y(m.1899), Nevin (1911), Neil David,  Berks Co, PA 
Tracy Lawrence
JP (1713-1778, Peter (1743-1790/91), Johanes/John (1778-1865),
David (1817-1887), David Lando Wagaman (1849-1913) 
David Solomon (1885-1957) Berks Co, PA
Mike Wagaman
Paul Waugaman (abt 1817)  Westmoreland Co, PA 
Rosemarie Beatty
Margaret Waggaman m 1856 Charles Boneaker, Butler County OH 
 Janet Murphy
Andrew Waggaman (1801-1873)  Martha Kelso 1845-1882 
NC, Vermilion Co, IL, IA, CO 
Jo Ryden
Andrew Waggaman (1801-1873) Hanna Miranda Moss (1834-1906) 
NC,  IL 
Carolyn Scott
Johan George
Anna (?-1849) Johan George Wageman (1760-1800)John (1791-1872)  NC, Clermont Co,OH 
Patricia Berg
Andrew Waggaman (1779-1856) Guilford Co, NC, Clinton Co, IN
Martha Ann Britton Brandt  (1827-1913 )NC, Cass Co, IN
Martha Bash
Harry D
Harry D Wagaman (1874/76-?) MD,  PA in 1910 
Gretchen Erickson
George Wagemann b. Germany, Anna Marie Plain (1843--) 
Nancy Plain
Heinrick Wageman (1811-1888)b. Germany; Jacob (1837/8-1928) Germany, Illinois, Nebraska, Oregon
Heather Bowers
Christian Martin
Christian Martin Wagaman  Research by Aimee
Aimee Stout Benitez
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Descendants of Johan George Wageman (Excerpt from Beroth Roots)

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