Valley and Canal
Section Ynysbwllog to Resolven Bankhouse

The Towpath of the Neath Canal has recently been upgraded and is now in good condition from Giant`s Grave to Clyne, a distance of about 7 miles.It is becoming well used by walkers and cyclists.  Sadly the Ynysbwllog aquaduct at Ynysarwed was washed away by storm waters about 30 years ago and a pipe now carries the canal water across the river at this point.
Ynysbwllog Aquaduct
Just South of Ynysarwed on the Cadoxton side of the River stands this public house- The Rock and Fountain.It was run by David and Catherine Lewis(nee Wagstaffe) in the 1880`s and 90`s.
This image was taken in 1964 by American descendents of Catherine`s son , Edward, who emigrated in the early 1880`s.

Rock & Fountain -1964
Clyne Cyd Terrace

The terraced houses on the right were built for the Thinworkers of Clyne Tinpale Works which flourished from mid 1880`s to the 1930`s.
The undergrowth lower botton hides the first of the two Clyne Locks. The second one follows shortly afterwards
Clyne ocks
Towpath between Clyne Locks and Ynysbwllog Aquaduct.
Towpath at Clyne
View across the valley towards Ynysarwed farm.
  The canal has now crossed to the West bank of the river and the next two locks - Ynysarwed and Abergarwed - are a short walk away. These were partly filled in by coal sidings which were worked in the 1900`s.

The section of Canal from Clyne to Resolven has not been restored yet. This picture shows the Neath River from Resolven bridge where the old road through Llantwit Parish crosses the valley to join the Cadoxton Road. Just south of this point, at Ynys-y-biben, an Iron Aquaduct carries the stream which comes down to the river over the canal. The Castings carry the name of the makers- NEATH ABBEY IRONWORKS.
River at Resolven
The section running from Resolven to just below Glynneath has been beautifully restored. 
The canal below the Resolven Lock has been widened and is used for canoeing. The valley rises steeply on the left of picture.
Resolven Basin
The towpath continues towards Bankhouse. The residence of one of the last Canal workers, this is now used as a tearoom in the summertime.
 Bargetrips also leave from this point.

  Section 1   -    Up to Aberdulais

  Section 2   -    Aberdulais to Resolven Bankhouse

  Section 3   -    Crugau Lock to Aberclwyd
  Section  4 -     Ynys yr Allor to Glynneath