Valley and Canal

Section Crugau to Aberclwyd

Crugau Lock is the second of the five that have been restored. To the left is the site of the Rheola Works.From the late 1930`s until 1981 an Aluminium Rolling Mill operated this site providing,at its peak 1500 jobs. It is now occupied by a coal screening company and also used for weekend markets. 
Crugau Lock
The towpath continues alongside the factory towards the Rheola Lock. My two companions (who, like me have happy memories of this area)   are obviously amused by my attempts at photography. 
Towards Rheola
Rheola Lock.
Rheola Lock
This photo shows Rheola Brook
coming from the left and passing under the canal. This brook originally crossed over the canal via the Iron Aquaduct, the side of which is shown on the bottom of the picture. In the 1960`s the brook (which ran alongside the factory and was prone to flooding) was diverted to its current position).
Iron Aquaduct
Rheola Pond, on the right, with one of the Estate buildings which is still occupied.This was probably the residence of the coachman as the stables are just out of shot to the left.  Rheola Pond
Rheola Pond with Rheola House in the distance.
Herons are now nesting on the small island to the right of picture. 
 Rheola - House & Pond
A 1970 picture of Rheola House. It was used as an office by the factory in the 1950`s and in the 60`s was converted to a Training Centre for the British Aluminium Company.
Although the factory was out of place in such a beautiful place, its use of the house meant that the house was well maintained and did not suffer the fate of all the other valley estate houses, which are no longer standing.
Rheola House
Aberclwyd Lock
Looking towards the next lock. The land to the left of picture is now used as a scrapyard but is hidden by a very high conifer fence.

Aberclwyd Lock
Aberclwyd Lock Aberclwyd Lock

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