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Prior to 1837 the Market Place was located under the Guildhall in what was then known as High Street but was subsequently renamed "Old Market Street". It had outgrown itself and obstructions were being caused by the sale of goods in the open streets. 
An Act of Parliament empowered the Boro of Neath to purchase and take land for the building of a New Market. The land schedule included:
1. House, shop & garden occupied by William Weston Young;
2. Garden occupied by Matthew Whittington;
3. Cottages occupied by George Rees, Alice Thomas, Henry Lewis and Wm. Wagstaff
4. Croft, occupied by David Powell, Gentleman
5. Garden occupied by John Bentley.
Neath Market-built 1837
refurbished 1904 and 1998
Neath Castle
The original timber building of the early twelfth century was attacked in 1184 by Caradoc ap Iestyn, Lord of Avon.  The stone castle which was built in the early 13th century was repeatedly attacked and damaged :
by Morgan Gam in 1230 when the garrison was overwhelmed and many residents slaughtered; by a raiding party of Welshmen in 1259 who burnt the Town up to the castle walls ; and during a baronial revolt of 1322.
   Following the last attack the castle was rebuilt about the middle of the 13th century with another tower being added and the town wall rebuilt.
  It is the ruins of this Castle which stand today.
Neath Castle
  This view from what was originally known as Castle Street shows part of the Town Wall.
    The top of the roof of the Friend`s Meeting House can be seen over the wall.
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