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Moose hall : The plaque on the wall records that this building was dedicated in 1813 as a Wesleyan  Chapel. D. Rhys Phillips records that the first Wesleyan Chapel was built in "Aug. 28,1788". The Gnoll Estate plan records a Wesleyan Meeting House on the site in 1811.
     Following the opening of a new English Wesleyan Chapel in London Road in 1867, the building was subsequently sold to the Roman Catholic Church and the 1876 OS map shows it as St. Josephs Roman Catholic Church.
    It is now used a social club. 
Neath Workhouse- Lletty Nedd
 This Union Workhouse was built in 1838 with neighbouring parishes (forming the "union" )contributing to its keep. Conditions in the aerly years were very bad. Rooms were damp, unventilated and no fires were possible as there were no hearths or chimneys. Inmates were required to break stone which needed to pass through a two inch mesh in the wall of each "cell". The section to the right shows a date of 1861 which indicates that the building was enlarged at this time. Conditions improved through the century and the workhouse was eventally closed in 1924 when remaining inmates were moved to Neath General Hospital.
Castle Hotel
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