Wakenight, Dusing, Hill, & Strock Families

Hi, My name is Sharon Strow, and this is the home page for my sites. All information on these pages are free for the takeing, all I ask is that you contact me and provide me with your family information if you are related. If you prefer I can leave your information off this site but I would like it for my personal family history book. Information on living relatives is not displayed on this website. If you find someone that should not be on here let me know please. The links will take you to the furthest back generation of Grandparents I have from that Surname, and work it's way up. The other links will take you to some things I have found useful either in my Family or just interesting Genealogy sites.

If you find that you can add your information to mine, or would like more information on a Surname that I have please feel free to contact me. Please check out the help page and see if you can connect any of these people with our family. I hope to find any additional family memebers, and would love to hear from you. Hope you enjoy the information. I have just got back into this. Alot of my information was stored in my other computer and due to an ex I am no longer in posession of this, so bare with me. I have lost alot of information. I hope that I have found alot of it. If you contacted me about a change or addition, and do not see it please resend it to me. Thank you. This is just a refrence for you to do research. I try to keep the information as correct as possible, but some of it is passed to me thru other researchers, and some thru the internet, so please if you see correction let me know, and if you have sources to things I would really appreciate if you could share that with me also.

Please sign my Guestbook, so I know who is interested in our family, and that all this hard work is paying off.

I am always in the process of updateing, so please check back often.

Marcias Globes

Click here to learn more about my grandma Edna Margaret Wakenight Dusing

Click here to learn more about my mother Margaret Susann Dusing, (Strow) Weitzel

Lawrence Edward Weitzel

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Adam Dusing (Dusinger) & Decendants (updated 10-15-2013) Valentine Hill & Decendants (updated 10-15-2013) Daniel Wakenight Sr. & Decendants (updated 10-15-2013) Michael Strock & Decendants (updated 10/20/2013)
Johnathan Powell & Decendants (updated 10/20/2013)Have further back generation's contact me for more information William Thomas Muck & Decendants (Mock) (updated 10-15-2013 still have pics to put in check photo album) John Strow & Decendants (What I have is pretty much still living, so not much information in here. David Steffa & Martha Ann Hill's Decendants (unloaded 8-19-2013) Joseph Steffa & Sarah Ann Hill Decendants (uploaded 8-19-2013)
Family site at WorldConnect on rootsweb
(UPDATED 8-19-2013)>

About Me Family Photo Album Updated 10/20/2013 check it out Cemetery Records For Our Family updated 9/30/2013 My Family documents, and newspaper clippings People Who Have Helped In My Research
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