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Not everyone knows this. For a collection of historical snippets re CGN


Welsh Journals Online is a website of the National Library of Wales.  A list of the publications covered is available here.  At the time of writing (December 2010) items specific to Cardiganshire are:

  • Ceredigion : Journal of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society
  • Ceredigion : Journal of the Ceredigion Historical Society
  • Transactions and archaeological record, Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society
Cardiganshire Mining Industry in 1896 - A List by County of Coal & Metalliferous Mines. (No Cardiganshire coal mines are present)
By the Peak District Mines Historical Society Ltd., Britain's Active Mining History Society
From the Tables compiled by Joseph T. Robson, H.M.Inspector for the South Wales District in his Report for 1896

Welsh Mariners  by Dr Reg Davies---includes a searchable database of over 17,000 Welsh born (or Wales resident) Master mariners, mates and engineers who held certificates of competency or service; in practice it is an index of men active from 1850 to 1945 in the merchant navy.


Swansea Mariners by Bryan Richards --- period 1891-1894, a database of ratings such as un-certificated officers, bosun, able seaman, ordinary seaman, boy, cook, steward, etc in Glamorgan Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Cardiganshire, or from around the world.
Almost 9,000 detailed entries (3/2004) growing by a few hundred each week, now started the 1861-1865 period. Will also shortly add a list pressed men for abt 1650 for South Wales and West of England. 

Tal-y-bont  History .
Aberystwyth history and timeline, also a guide to the modern town .
Farms and Estates ; owners and occupiers from census and other records. These details have been submitted by members of Dyfed FHS and can be viewed on their site. .
Dyfed. This section of the Dyfed FHS site lists the parishes, churches, and chapels, within the three counties of Dyfed. It contains all those currently identified, by the National Library of Wales, where the location of registers is known. Each entry gives the OS National Grid Reference and name of the church or chapel, if known, (religious denomination), parish, county code and (page name). .
Extracts from "The History of Cardiganshire" by S R Meyrick, 1810, specifically the reprint of the 1907 imprint published by Stephen Collard in July 2000 .
  • Mines named in the book
  • An outline history of mineral mining in the country and county
Melindwr township in Llanbadarn fawr parish
An index of about 160 property names, districts, hamlets and villages noted in the 1841-1871 censuses for this township in the article by E Alwyn Benjamin called Melindwr, Cardiganshire...The Censuses of 1841-71 , Ceredigion, Journal of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society. Vol. IX, No. 4 (1983).
Available within  their Research Service from   Cardiganshire Family History Society
  • Aberystwyth 1816 directory
  • Pigot's 1830 South Wales directory
  • Pigot's 1830 North Wales directory
  • Hearth Tax 1670
  • Association Oath Roll 1695
  • Cardiganshire Freeholders 1760
  • Cardiganshire Freeholders 1823
  • Register of One-Name Studies 1997
  • British Isles Genealogical Register 1997 [complete]
  • FFHS Strays 1996
  • Return of Owners of Land 1873, Cardiganshire and any other single Welsh county apart from Monmouthshire

A site based on  historical snippets  relating to the county and parishes which have been gleaned from various sources.

The Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Wales (RCAHMW)
Apart from their online Archive Catalogue there is the ;
Chapels database; The computerised database will eventually list all known nonconformist chapels in Wales. This initial list covers the pre-1974 county of Cardiganshire; further counties will be added as and when the database for these areas is completed. The record lists basic information about each chapel together with key dates.
Llanarth parish. Steve Thomas is currently involved in gathering information about old houses/homesteads in the Mydroilyn Ward (Llanarth Parish)and has already listed over 100 which no longer exist, along with their location and in most cases the people who lived in them. The details have been taken from census returns, local essays and chapel records. Steve is not sure if the project will ever be "finished", but would be pleased to help individuals researching the Ward. Steve Thomas
Estates of Sir John Lewes and James Lewes settled in 1650
Based on "The Lewes Family of Abernantbychan " by Daniel Huws; in Ceredigion, the journal of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society Vol V1/2 1969
The estates concerned are Abernantbychan, Aber-Mad and Coedmor, the parishes named are Penbryn; Llangrannog; Troedroyr/Tredroyr; Llangunllo; Llandevriogg ; Llanbadarne ; Llanychayarne ; Llanilar ; Llanbadarne Vawre; Rhosdie ; Bettus Ifan ; Aberporth & Kidplwy Tremaine ; Blaenporth ; Llangoidmore ; Llechryd ; Cardigan ; Tremain.
Compiled by Gareth Hicks, the index of data in two deeds has been produced in table format showing properties, parishes, occupants and annual value. The original spelling has been maintained.
Llanddewi Brefi, area of Gorwydd . A list of 269 entries extracted from 1910 Land Valuation schedules; lists Name of Occupier, Owned or rented, type of property (house, land etc) and name of property. Withdrawn
The Welsh Community of  Waukesha County (Wisconsin).1926, by Daniel Jenkins Williams   This book mentions over 600 individuals who came from the Teifi Valley to Wales/Genesee (Towns), Waukesha County, Eastern Wisconsin, USA in the 1840--1850's period. The abstract lists individuals by family, local nickname, marital relationships, children, shire and farm/parish (if available) in Wales, and some birth and death dates as well as Wisconsin moves. David (2) Jones
*GRO Marriage Database 1837 September and December quarters Volume 26 whole of South Wales Carmarthenshire          FHS
*South & West Wales Marriage Bonds & Fiats Index & Abstracts Database 1612-1800 Carmarthenshire          FHS
*St Davids Diocese Testators Wills Index Database 1564-1858 Carmarthenshire          FHS
Index of Wills and Administrations proved at CARMARTHEN for persons from Cardigan Town,Mwnt,Verwig,Tremain, Llangoedmore and Llandygwydd 1858-1900.

A list of over 300 with: No./year./names./parish./Will or Admin.

Lynn John
Lynn John has a list of the Tithe Apportionments for Verwig, Mwnt and Tremain parishes for the year 1838.These include : a) Name of farm. b) Owner  c) Occupier. Lynn John
Pennant: A Portrait of a Village in Llanbadarn Trefeglwys parish, by David Williams.
Another great site, here is a summary of its varied section headings;
The Story of Pennant; Monachty Mansion; Dinierth Castle; The Church; The Chapel;
The Inn; The Mill; The School; The Census Returns; The Vestry Book 1821 - 1899; 1821 baptisms;
Notable People; Village Slide Show; The Ohio Connection;
The neighbouring village of Aberarth, and the de Clare family .
Llangynfelyn - The history of a community by Stephen Benham and Nigel Callaghan.

A superb bi-lingual website, with lots of transcriptions of original records including;
Census returns 1841-1901 , Memorial stones in the cemeteries , Parish registers , Chapel records
Maps , Electoral rolls , Wills & inventories , Property taxes and estate valuations , The parish schools, Tithe records , Descriptions and directories , Transport and roads , Periodicals , Parish notables,The mining industry , Law, crime and punishment , Miscellaneous documents , Taliesin's Grave.

Nigel also has an original copy of the three sheets of the 1st Series 1inch OS map for Cardiganshire. The part covering Llangynfelyn has been added to the Llangynfelyn website, but he will be happy to scan and e-mail (reasonably-sized) extracts of other parts of the county to people who are interested.

Nigel A Callaghan
Llanbadarn Trefeglwys  tithe returns See Census Returns

1. ' Who's Where at Llandysul 1758-1789'- A list of about 60 individuals names and their abodes included in an article published in 'Ceredigion' Vol 1 No. 2 1951 entitled 'Llandysul Church: Minute Book of the Vestry and Parish Meetings'. There is also a list of wardens and overseers for the same period.

2. A copy of Land Tax Assessments

- 1795. [Lists 62 properties, landlordsand occupiers.]

- 1810.[Lists 59 properties, landlords and occupiers.]                                                                     

- 1831.[Lists 55 properties, landlords and occupiers.]

3. Tithe Map Schedule c.1830 - Lists 58 properties, landowners and occupiers

4. Bidding Book of Ann DAVIES (formerly REES) 1825 - Over 200 entries

5. A Village Worthy  Evan Isaac Thomas of Llandysul, His days (1823-1908) and Diary(1876-1885)'  By H.R.Evans. Published in 'CEREDIGION' (Journal of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian  Society) Vol. 4 No. 2 (1951). An index of names/properties is online at      Index

The Return of Owners of Land 1873   Cardiganshire Sue Martin
Llanwenog parish, Ron has a growing database comprising the following material;
  • BT 1722 - 1812 Mar, Bap, Burials
  • 1812 on Mar, Bap, Burials
  • 1841 census
  • 1851 census
  • 1861 census
  • 1871 census (by end of Sept. 2002)
  • 1891 census (by end of Sept. 2002)
  • 1843 Tithe apportionment schedule
  • MI by abode name and MI by surname

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The Cardiganshire Family History Society also has some indexes for sale and provides a research service, see its website for details 

Carmarthenshire FHS offers various lookup entries  marked * which are available from them as follows;
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