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LDS Emigration to the USA. "The Mormon Immigration Index is a database of approximately 93,000 immigrants who traveled from various international ports to the United States between the years 1840 and 1890. Information in this database includes the age, country of origin, ports of departure and arrival, the company leader assigned to each voyage, and general voyage information. This index also contains transcriptions of autobiographies, journals, diaries, and letters of approximately 1,000 passengers. These immigrant accounts are linked to over 500 known LDS companies and provide a composite account of those who crossed the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to gather in Zion. Other people who took part of these voyages, but who were not members of the LDS Church are also listed in this index." Please include as much information as possible: Name, birth year, country of birth, year of emigration, etc. Withdrawn
The Welsh in Oneida County, New York . By Paul Demund Evans. This is an electronic version of a book which is often cited by scholars and historians as a source of information on the Welsh in New York State. It was originally presented as a master's thesis to Cornell University in 1914. The subject sections are:
  • New Introduction
  • Utica Daily News Article 1916
  • Emigration from Wales
  • Coming of the Welsh to Oneida
  • The Welsh Churches
  • The Welsh Press
  • The Welsh and Politics
Wales in America - Scranton and the Welsh 1860-1920. By William D. Jones .The ISBN is 0-940866-65-X. (Library of Congress) and ISBN 0-7083-1387-6 (British Library). Printed by University of Wales Press and the University of Scranton Press. Hardcover published 1993, paperback 1997. Maye  Salmon-Nardozza
Calvinists Incorporated -- Welsh Immigrants on Ohio's Industrial Frontier by Anne Kelly Knowles, pub. 1997 by The University of Chicago. Julie Preston
Hanes Bywgraffiadol o Cenadon Cymreig i wleddydd paganaidd. G. Pennar Griffith 1897.An account of Welsh missionary activities , with biographies of c 60 missionaries and summary details for c 150. Anna Brueton
The Call of Zion: The Story of the First Welsh Mormon Emigration by Ronald  D. Dennis, copyright 1987 by Religious Studies Center Brigham Young  University, (ISBN 0-88494-628-2). Produced and distributed by Bookcraft,  Salt Lake City Utah. Gaye Willis
The Welsh in America, letters from the immigrants, edited by Alan Conway, Univ. of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, 1961 Thomas Roderick
The Welsh Community of  Waukesha County (Wisconsin).1926, by Daniel Jenkins Williams   This book mentions over 600 individuals who came from the Teifi Valley to Wales/Genesee (Towns), Waukesha County, Eastern Wisconsin, USA in the 1840--1850's period. The abstract lists individuals by family, local nickname, marital relationships, children, shire and farm/parish (if available) in Wales, and some birth and death dates as well as Wisconsin moves. David (2) Jones
Lewis Lloyd  1988  ISBN 0 901337 47 1
Gwynedd Archives and Museums Services
Lookups not available
Deirdre Beddoe  Stewart Williams Publishers, Barry1979  ISBN 0 900807 33 4
An index showing female transportees from all 13 Welsh counties. Gives NAME, COURT, DATE OF TRIAL, SHIP, DESTINATION and SENTENCE.
Robert Alun Chick
' The Settler Handbook' , I have a copy of this book by M.D.Nash, listing all those who emigrated to South Africa under the 1820 Settlers scheme. Over 1,000 families from across the country sailed on 17 ships on government assisted passages. There are certainly some from Wales e.g a group from Haverfordwest in 1820. If you have 'lost' someone in 1820 e-mail me privately and I will search the index for you. I also have a copy of ' Aided Immigration from Britain 'to South Africa 1857-1867  by Esme Bull. Sue Mackay

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