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The National Library of Wales have issued twice yearly journals since 1939. There is a listing of their contents on the Wales pages for Genuki where suitable articles are being extracted. The contents listing can be viewed on http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/wal/NLWjournals.html and extracts are linked from there.

Welsh Journals Online is a website of the National Library of Wales.  A list of the publications covered is available here.  

A Topographical Dictionary of Wales Samuel Lewis 1849.  Fourth edition, originally published in two volumes. Contains detailed topographical accounts of places, parishes and counties in Wales, arranged alphabetically.

Welsh Murders Volume 1: 1770-1918. By Peter Fuller and Brian Knapp. Published by Christopher Davies 1986 .   Here is a contents listing and names listing. Christopher Challener
Welsh Police Forces.  
Ross Mather is a well known authority on Welsh Police Forces, running two web sites, www.britishpolicehelmet.co.uk and www.policehistorysocietyofwales.co.uk .  He is often able to help make identifications through old photographs and having studied Welsh police forces over a 35 - 40 year period and has a number of books and lists that contain records of those having served in Welsh police forces from their beginnings.
Ross Mather
Industrial Development of South Wales, by  A H John. University of Wales Press , 1950 Withdrawn
Before Rebecca: Popular Protests in Wales 1793-1835. By David J.V. Jones (pub.Allen Lane 1973). There is a further description of the book's contents on Gareth's Help Page. There are snippets relating to the counties of Cardiganshire, Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Glamorgan  based on this book on Not everyone knows this..
The book deals with ;
  • Corn Riots in Wales 1793-1830 (all of Wales, but mostly south)
  • The Resistance of Small Farmers and Squatters - to enclosure (again, all of Wales)
  • The South Wales Strike of 1816 (mainly Merthyr and MON.)
  • The Scotch Cattle (entirely MON.)
  • The Carmarthen Riots of 1831
  • The Merthyr Riots of 1831
  • Law Enforcement & Popular Disturbances in Wales - 1793-1835 (all of Wales)
(There are other "Rebecca" books on the Carmarthenshire page)   
Victorian and Edwardian Wales from old photographs. Introduction and commentary by E D Jones. Batsford 1972. An introduction and index of photographs             Online
A Mirror of Medieval Wales, Gerald of Wales and His Journey of 1188. Charles Kightly; Cadw, 1988. See Introduction and list of chapter headings and features on  Gareth's Help Page.             
The Cambrian Journal   Volume 1 , 1854. Published under the auspices of the Cambrian Institute. London, Longmans & Co; Tenby, R Mason. See a complete listing of the contents index. .        Online
The Matter of Wales   (Epic views of a small country), by  Jan Morris, published in 1984 by Oxford. Revised Penguin ed.2000. It is possibly best described as a celebration of Welshness. The author covers history, the literature and language, the landscape and traditions.There are illustrations of life today and their connections to the past            Withdrawn
Wales : Nation & Region by Mervyn Phillips, Gomer 1997.A brief review and list of chapter headings  Online    
The People of Wales  Ed. Gareth Elwyn Jones and Dai Smith, 1999. A brief review and list of chapter headings.             Gareth's Help Page
The Lost Houses of Wales   - by Thomas Lloyd - this is a survey, complete  with photographs of country houses in Wales demolished since c.1900         Sian Bowi
The Welsh House . A Study in Folk Culture. By Iorwerth C Peate, Honourable Society of Cymrodorion, 1940. A review and a listing of the Contents, Illustrations, Figures and houses and sites mentioned.         Online
The Castles of South-West Wales by Mike Salter 1996; The Observer's Book of Castles by Brian K.Davison 1979 ; Welsh Castles produced by Photo Precision Ltd.         Katy Jenkins
Early Wales Re-created by Alan Sorrell 1980         Katy Jenkins
Ghosts & Legends of Wales by J.A.Brooks 1987         Katy Jenkins
The Third Day, Landscape & the Word (Welsh Poetry & Photo's) by Kathy Miles & John Reed 1995       Katy Jenkins
The Welsh Cattle Drovers     By Richard J Colyer 1976. A contents listing/introduction and an online  index compiled by Catherine Davies-Shiel. Onliine
Wales and the Drovers; the historical background of an epoch. By P G Hughes, 1944  An  index by Gareth Hicks         Online
Land and People in C19 Wales by David Howell 1977. An introduction to the book  with chapter headings. Online 
The Edwardes Legacy Wendy Angove
Romilly's Visits to Wales 1827-1854. Extracts from the Diaries of the Rev. Joseph Romilly.  By M G R Morris. Gomer, 1998.  ISBN 1-85902-454-8. A brief review and list of chapter headings. Online
Who's Who in Welsh History  by Deborah C Fisher 1997         Huw Daniel
Llyfryddiaeth Cylchgronau Cymreig [A Bibliography of Welsh Periodicals 1735 - 1850] NLW, 1993 . By Huw Walters. This contains detailed descriptions of the 195 titles which were published within that period, including lists of editors, publishers, printers, place of publication, place of printing etc. An introduction to the book by the author. Genuki
Subject Index to Welsh Periodicals 1931-1955. 7 volumes bound as one book giving an alphabetical index of subject and the appropriate reference. It refers to both English language and Welsh language periodicals. The subjects are very diverse ; people,places,"things",medical conditions,languages , buildings etc etc. Vol 1 1931, Vol 2 1932-33 , Vol 3 1934-35 , Vol 4 1936-37 , Vol 5 1938-40 , Vol 6 1941-45. Vol 7 1946-1955 Pat Powell
Reference Wales  by John May  1994 Withdrawn
Criminal Register Indexes 1805 - 1816 Wales & Mon (Pub by Family History Indexes ( Stuart Tamblin)) (also supplement of executions, rioters and machine breakers) ;
Courts Martials 1914 - 1921 (Family History Indexes ) (Stuart Tamblin ) ;
Soldiers executed 1914 - 1920 ( Family History Indexes) (Stuart Tamblin )          
Crime and Punishment in England & Wales- an Outline History. By Eldon Smith, Gomer, 1986. A brief review and list of chapter headings. Online
Crime in Nineteenth Century Wales  by David J.V.Jones.  UWP             Raynor Lewis
Crime and Policing in the Twentieth Century (The South Wales Experience). By David J.V.Jones . UWP         Raynor Lewis
People, Protest and Politics. Case studies in C19 Wales. By David Egan, Gomer 1987. See a brief review and list of chapter headings on Gareth's Help Page Huw Daniel
People and Protest : Wales 1815-1880 by Trevor Herbert & Gareth Elwyn Jones.  UWP Raynor Lewis
The Revolt of Owain Glyn Dwr  [ 1400-1409 ] by R R Davies 1995  It is name indexed. A brief introduction and list of chapter headings. Online
Valleys of Song by Gareth Williams (1998). Music and Society in Wales 1840 - 1914. Loads of names and information on choirs, singers, musicians, writers etc.           Jeff Lewis
Land of my Fathers-2000 years of Welsh History  by Gwynfor Evans...published by Y Lolfa Cyf in Talybont, Ceredigion, 1992...Indexed.A brief introduction and list of chapter headings is available on Gareth's Help Page Elaine Barsosky
Personalities of Wales and The Marches by Kenneth M. Bryant published by Mr. Bryant September 1997. This book is narrow in scope; however, if anyone had an interest in Robert Ferrar, Bishop, 1505-1555 or John Kyrle, Esq., 1637-1724 or Richard Price 1723-1791 or Hugh Price Hughes 1847-1902 or Walter Conway, Esq. 1873-1933 or His Honour Sir Owen Temple-Morris, Q.C. 1896-1985 there is detailed biography of all contained within the pages. Elaine Barsosky
A Chronicle of Welsh Events  by John May         Huw Daniel
The Customs and Traditions of Wales  by Trefor M.Owen reprinted 1998         Huw Daniel
Growing Up in Wales 1895-1939. Edited by Jeffrey Grenfell-Hill. Gomer 1996. A brief review and list of chapter headings. Online
Books by Canon D.Parry Jones who was Sian's great uncle .      
  • Welsh Country Upbringing,
  • Welsh Country Characters,
  • Welsh Children's Games and Pastimes,
  • My Own Folk.
Sian Bowi
Welsh Rural Life in Photographs By Elfyn Scourfield, 1979. Published by Stewart Williams, Barry, ISBN 0 900807 34 2. There is an online index by Jill Smith  available on   INDEX    No lookups availale
South Wales from the Bush Collection Volume 2   (Old Pictures)
Derek Warry  ISBN 0 7524 1126 8  1998
Robert Alun Chick
Pobl Wrth Eu Gwaith/People at Work . D. Lewis, Gwasg Gomer, Llandysul 1987. ISBN 0-86383-367-5. Also largely from the St Fagans collection.Covers all Wales. There is an index by Jill Smith available on   INDEX      No lookups available
Enwogion Cymru, published in 1870        Sian Bowi
Welsh Political and Educational Leaders in the Victorian Era by  J.Vyrnwy Morgan, 1908         Sian Bowi
Welsh Convict Women by Deirdre Beddoe - a study of women transported from Wales to Australia 1787 - 1852.      Sian Bowi
Pedigrees of Anglesey and Carnarvonshire Families by J.E.Griffith, 1914. This is recommended for Welsh research by the LDS. Nominally, it refers to gentry estates in these counties but it covers, although not initially, all South Wales and all the old Welsh Kingdoms. Glyn Jones

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