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Coal Mining, A Reader for Primary Schools and Evening Continuation Classes By Henry Davies; published by The Welsh Educational Publishing Co, Merthyr Tydfil, 1904. There is a substantial extraction from this book on  GENUKI
Chronology of the Tinplate Works of Great Britain, by Edward Henry Brooke ,1944. Appendix ; Chronology of Tinplate Works of Great Britain 1665-1949 E. H. Brook 1949           Pat Morris
Coal Society. A History of the South Wales Mining Valleys 1840-1980. David Egan. See a brief review and list of chapter headings on Gareth's Help Page              Huw Daniel
 1842 Royal Commission Reports on the Employment of Children and Young Persons in Wales. Four reports cover South Wales (2 reports), North Wales and the Forest of Dean. Covers State, Condition and Treatment of such Children and Young Persons.

It lists the name, age and place of employment of every individual interviewed by the commissioners in their compiling of the report - some hundreds of names.

Collieries of Wales [Engineering and Architecture]. Edited for the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales by Stephen Hughes, Brian Malaws, Medwyn Parry and Peter Wakelin .Published 1994? ISBN 1871184118. There is an introduction to the book  with chapter headings on  Gareth's Help Page. There is an index to the photographs and diagrams in the book compiled by by Gareth Hicks on  INDEX          Huw Daniel
Wales Mining Industry in 1896 - A List by County of Coal & Metalliferous Mines
By the Peak District Mines Historical Society Ltd., Britain's Active Mining History Society
From the Tables compiled by Joseph T. Robson, H.M.Inspector for the South Wales District in his Report for 1896
Small Mines of South Wales   by A.J. Booth.  Mines covered are listed here. Huw Daniel or
Dai Bevan
Pioneers of the Welsh Coalfield [Western Mail 1925] by Elizabeth Phillips           Withdrawn
Welsh Coal Mines [ National Museum of Wales ]           Huw Daniel
Welsh Coal Mines 
Dr W Gerwyn Thomas  ISBN 07200 0059 9  1976
Robert Alun Chick
Disasters in the Eastern Valley Coalfield [Monmouthshire] by Brian Foster           Withdrawn
Mining Deaths in Great Britain  1850-1914  by Ian Winstanley            Huw Daniel
Children in the Mines 1840-42
R Meurig Evans  ISBN 0 7200 0023 8  1976
Robert Alun Chick
Coal Face
Richard Keen  ISBN 0 7200 0243 5   1982
Robert Alun Chick
Coal Society. A History of the South Wales Mining Valleys 1840-1980
David Egan   ISBN0 86383 239 3  1992
Robert Alun Chick
Davies the Ocean, Railway King and Coal Tycoon
Herbert Williams  ISBN 0 7083 1116 4 1991
Robert Alun Chick
Llafur- Journal of Welsh Labour History, Vol 5/1 1988. See a list of chapter headings on Gareth's Help Page          
Welsh Industrial Housing 1775 - 1875   by Jeremy Lowe            Huw Daniel

Robert Alun Chick

The North Wales Quarrymen 1874-1922 by R.Merfyn Jones UWP         Raynor Lewis
From Dowlais to Tremorfa. The Story of a Cardiff Steelmaking Company
Mandy Walker  ISBN 0 9522520 7  1993
Robert Alun Chick
Industries of Wales , [Archive Photographic Series], variable amount of  supporting  text.         Huw Daniel

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