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War Memorials.

There are a number of sites now collating War Memorial details. is a national site.  There are other sites for some counties.

Soldiers and Sailors who died in WWI. I am prepared to answer any WWI queries whotsoever, i.e general history     Andrew Vollans
Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914 - 1919. A listing on CD of Soldiers and Officers that died in this war, published by the Naval and Military Press.         Linda Millward or Huw Daniel
Soldiers Died In The Great War 1914-19, Part 29. The South Wales Borderers. It is indexed and contains lst through 14th Battalions; 51st, 52nd, 53rd (Grad) Battalion; Depot; Brecknock Battalion.          Elaine Barsosky
Pioneer Battalions in the Great War, by K.W. Mitchinson , ISBN: 0-85052-566-7 .Published 1997 . No biographical details, excellent information on "Pioneer Battalions" (not the "Pioneer Corps")                Huw Daniel
Soldiers Died in the Great War, part 45. The Welch Regiment. The War Office. Originally published 1921. This edition 1988. ISBN: 1-871505-45-1. Details of all soldiers of the Welch Regiment killed during WWI, including where born, where enlisted and date of death.              Huw Daniel
The Cross of Sacrifice.Volume 4. (Non-commissioned Officers, Men and Women of the United Kingdom, Commonwealth and Empire who died in the Service of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Naval Air Service, Royal Flying Corp and the Royal Air Force 1914 - 1921. Including the Commonwealth Navies and Air Forces.) by S.D. & D. B. Jarvis, published by The Naval & Military Press 2001. ISBN: 1-897632-97-5           Huw Daniel
Lifeboat Gallantry, RNLI Medals and how they were won, by Barry Cox. ISBN:0-907605-89-3. Published 1998. Lists every award of an RNLI medal, and how the medal was won.             Huw Daniel
Army Roll of Honour - World War II, Soldiers Died in The Second World War 1939-45         Huw Daniel
Royal Garrison Artillery Militia Attestations 1882-1912 Surname Index         Huw Daniel
The South Africa 1853 Medal  by G.R. Everson ISBN: 0-906304-02-4, 1978 Edition           Huw Daniel
The Distinguished Service Medal 1914 - 1920 by W.H. Fevyer  ISBN: 903754-97-5 1982 edition           Huw Daniel
The Distinguished Service Medal 1939 - 1946 by W.H. Fevyer  ISBN: 903754-90-8  1981 edition           Huw Daniel
The History of the South Wales Borderers, The Great War, 1914-18. Ray Westlake             Huw Daniel
The South Wales Borderers (24th Regiment of Foot) 1881 - 1969. Images of Wales series. Compiled by Martin Everett  ISBN: 0-7524-1846-7  This edition 1999            Huw Daniel
The Welch Regiment (41st & 69th Foot) 1881 -1969 . Compiled by Bryn Owen FMA Welch Regimental Museum, Cardiff Castle       Huw Daniel
Welsh Army Corps, 1914-1919. Western Mail, 1921. Ray Westlake.         Huw Daniel
The Welsh Guards by John Retallack. Foreword by H R H The Prince if Wales.Published (1981) by Frederick Warne (Publishers) Ltd. London.ISBN 0 7232 2746 2. There is an index by Allen Powell available.  INDEX
A Short History of the Royal Regiment of Wales [24th - 41st Foot]. Regimental Museum        Huw Daniel
Regimental Records of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers - 23rd Foot
  • Vol I, 1689 - 1815, Cary & McCance. ISBN: 0-9525408-1-9. 1995 reprint of 1921 original.
  • Vol II, 1816 - 1914 (July), Cary & McCance. ISBN: 0-9525408-2-7. 1995 reprint of 1923 original.
  • Vol III, 1914 -1918, Dudley Ward. France & Flanders. ISBN: 0-9525408-3-5. 1995 reprint of 1928 original.
  • Vol III, 1915 -1918, Dudley Ward. Turkey, Bulgaria, Austria. ISBN: 0-9525408-4-3. 1995 reprint of 1929 original
Huw Daniel
Royal Welch Fusiliers. Tempus Publishing's "Images of Wales series, 2001. Compiled by Peter Crocker and David Bownes from the collection at the RWF Museum. ISBN: 0-7524-2061-5         Huw Daniel
A History of the 38th Welsh Division [WWI] Ray Westlake.         Huw Daniel
"Stand Down". Orders of battle for the units of the Home Guard of the United Kingdom, November 1944 By L.B. Whittaker ISBN: 1-871167-14-0             Huw Daniel
Military Badges of the British Empire 1914-18. Reginald H.W. Cox. ISBN: None (published in America)     Huw Daniel
Battle Honours of The British and Commonwalth Armies by Anthony Baker          Huw Daniel
History of The British Army Infantry Collar Badge by Colin Churchill published by The Naval & Military Press Uckfield Sussex TN22 5QE
ISBN: 1-897632-69-X  , first pub: 2001         
Huw Daniel
Campaign Medals of the British Army [ 1815-1972] R W Gould.       Huw Daniel
English & Welsh Infantry Regiments   An Illustrated Record of Service 1662-1994. By Ray Westlake         ISBN - 1-873376-24-3         Huw Daniel
Collecting Shoulder Titles by Ray Westlake ISBN 0-85052-505-5         Huw Daniel
Badges of Office(An illustrated guide to the helmets and badges of the British Police Force 1829 to 1989) ISBN - 0-901718-52-1 by M.B. Taylor & V.L. Wilkinson . Gives a photo illustration of every known Police Cap Badge in use from 1829 to 1989 as well as the amalgamation dates of all the Police Forces of the British Isles. It also gives the genealogy of each "modern" police force.          Huw Daniel
Badges of the British Army [ 1820- 1960] F Wilkinson.       Huw Daniel
Head-Dress Badges of the British Army, Vol 1.Up to the end of the Great War. Vol 2 WWI to present day. By Arthur L. Kipling and Hugh L. King             Huw Daniel
Brasseys History of Uniforms. [WWI British Army]. Stephen Bull.       Huw Daniel
Divisional & Other Signs by V. WHEELER-HOLOHAN. Published in 1920, and re-published in 1992, it`s a fully illustrated (Black & White) collection of every known Corp, Division, Australian, New Zealandand Canadian forces "sign" used in WWI. Where known it lists the history of the adoption of the sign and usually the designer credited with its design.     Huw Daniel
Admiralty Ships Badges, Original Patterns, 1919-1996   Two volumes.         Huw Daniel
British Regiments 1914-1918, by Brigadier E.A. James.  ISBN: 0-906304-03-2. Details exactly where each British unit was during the duration of WWI including all territorial units that served overseas.       Huw Daniel
The Order of Industrial Heroism by W.H. Fevyer, J. W. Wilson and J. E. Cribb. ISBN: 0-9539207-0-4. Lists the citations for each of the 440 medals issued by the Daily Herald and commonly referred to as "The Workers VC".         Huw Daniel

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