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Generation No. 1

1.  WILLIAM1 NOTTINGHAM1,2,3 was born Bet. 1640 - 1645 in England4,5,6, and died June 01, 1680 in Marbletown, Ulster Co., New York7,8,9.  He married ANNE TYE10,11,12 1669 in Kingston, Ulster Co., New York13,14,15, daughter of FRANCIS TYE and LETTOS SALMON.  She was born Bet. 1640 - 1645 of West Riding, Yorkshire, England16,17,18, and died Bet. 1703 - 1714 in England?19,20,21.
The Great Hardenbergh Patent, containing 2,000,000 acres of land in Ulster, Orange, Green, Sullivan, and Delaware Counties, in the State of New York, was obtained by purchase from the Indians in 1706, and confirmed by Royal grant under Queen Ann, April 23d, 1708, to Johannes Hardenbergh, Leonard Lewis, Philip Rokely, William Nottingham, Benjamin Faneuil, Peter Fauconier, and Robert Lurting. Dr. Corwin, in "The Manual of the Reformed Church," says: "Sir Johannes Hardenbergh was Knighted by Queen Ann, on the recommendation of the Duke of Marlborough, for gallantry at the decisive battle of Blenheim. With the order of Knighthood he also received the patent which bears his name."  Bef. 1664, he lived in Bath, England.  On June 8, 1708, John Cock and William Nottingham desired 100 acres each behind Ashokan
and may take it up before any others in that place. (The History of Ulster County, New York by N. Sylvester). William was a lieutenant in Capt. Brodhead's Company of English Grenadiers. They came to America with Richard Nicholl's expedition to capture Nieuw Nederlandt from the Dutch. ("Town of Marbletown Families" Dorothy Pratt, 1995)
ANNE TYE: Ann had sons ( probably in England ), Richard, Charles and Daniel in 1661, 1663 & 1665; joined her husband in Kingston shortly before his death in the summer of 1667. The young Widow Brodhead married William Nottingham in Kingston, an Englishman serving in her late husband's company.

2. i. WILLIAM2 NOTTINGHAM, b. 1670, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York; d. 1731, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York.
 3. ii. ELIZABETH NOTTINGHAM22,23,24, b. Abt. 1674, of Kingston, Ulster Co., New York25,26,27; Burial: October 27, 175431,32,33

Generation No. 2

2.  WILLIAM2 NOTTINGHAM (WILLIAM1)34,35,36 was born 1670 in Kingston, Ulster Co., New York37,38,39, and died 1731 in Kingston, Ulster Co., New York40,41,42.  He married MARGARET BERGJEN RUTSEN43,44,45 June 22, 1702 in Kingston, Ulster Co., New York46,47,48, daughter of JACOB JACOBSEN and MARIA BERGEN.  She was born 1680 in Marbletown, Ulster Co., New York49,50,51, and died Aft. 1731 in Marbletown, Ulster Co., New York52,53,54.
Town of Olive -- This town was taken mainly from Marbletown, and organized on April 15, 1823. The territory now included in it, or a part of it, is mentioned in deeds of Ulster County dating from 1703 as Ashokan or Ashokant, and lay on both sides of the Esopus Creek. Charles and Richard Brodhead, Joris Middagh, Thomas Jansen and Cornelius Bogart were buyers of the tract, 1703-05, and members of these families may soon have taken up residence there.
Tradition, however, gives the first date of settlement as about 1740. At that time the Middaghs, Coxes, Crispells, Nottinghams, Bushes and Coons supposedly settled there. Indisputable evidence of residence in 1753 is given in the records of the Kingston First Dutch Reformed Church marriages, when a widower, Jan Crispel, is said to have resided in "Schokan," who married a girl residing in Shandaken.
William on 11/21/1715 was Captain of a company stationed at Marbletown.  He was a trustee of Marbletown 5/8/1721.
Will dated: 07 December 1730, Proved March 8,1730/1
In the name of God, Amen. The 7 day of December, 1730. I, William Nottingham, of Marbletown, in the County of Ulster, being very sick. My wife Margaret is to continue in full possession of all my estate, so long as she remains my widow. "But admit, she, my said wife shall
contract matrimony with any other person, after my decease, that then, and not before, she shall be utterly debarred and excluded from all, or any part of my estate, except such part as the Laws of England doth allow her." I leave to my eldest son Stephen 1 for his birthright. My wife is to sell real estate sufficient to pay debts. I leave to my sons, Stephen, Thomas, and William, all that tract of land whereon I now dwell, "being commonly known as the Burnt Orchard," Bounded southeast by the Kings highway and the orchard of Samuel Broadhead, which he hath lately purchased of the heirs of John Cook, and southwest by said orchard; Also a certain parcel of pasture land of my own, which is commonly known by the name of my Hinder pasture; and northwest by the uttermost bounds of my orchard; and northeast by lands of Frederick Mauritz, deceased, together with my mansion house and orchard. If my youngest son, William, shall die before coming of age, his share shall go to the rest. All the lands that may become due to me by virtue of a certain patent, formerly granted by her late Majesty, Queen Anne, to Johanes Hardenburgh and Company, I leave to all my children, Stephen, Thomas, William, Mary, wife of Egbert de Witt, Elizabeth, wife of Martin de Lamater, Bridget, Anne, and Catharine, and all the rest of my lands improved and unimproved. And whereas the reversion of a certain lot of land now in possession of my sister, Ann Garton, is made over to me after her death, the same is left to my three sons, and
they are to pay to their four sisters 65. If any of my daughters should die under the age of 18 their share is to go to the rest. I appoint my wife, Margaret, and my sons, Stephen and Thomas, and my sons-in-law, Egbert de Witt and Martin de Lamater, executors.
Witnesses, Joris Middagh, Johannes de Witt, Abraham Post, Richard Pick. Proved before Edward Whittaker, Esq., in Ulster County, March 8, 173 0/1. (Abstracts of Wills Vol III 1730-1744)

 i. WILLIAM3 NOTTINGHAM64,65,66, Baptised: February 21, 1702/03, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York67,68,69, witnesses Charles Bradet and Anna Garton; d. as an infant70,71,72.
4. ii. MARY NOTTINGHAM76,77,78, Baptised: May 19, 1704, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York82,83,84, d. January 1759. Married November 04, 1726 EGBERT B. DEWITT, he was born March 18, 1698/99; died Bef May 7, 1761.
 iii. JACOB NOTTINGHAM85,86,87, Baptised: March 17, 1705/06, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York88,89,90, Witness: Jacob Rutsen, Maritie Hansen; d. as an infant91,92,93.
 iv. STEPHEN NOTTINGHAM97,98,99, Baptised: March 14, 1707/08, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York, Ritzart Brodhed, Wyntie Paling, Elisabeth Nottingham100,101,102; d. Ulster Co., New York103,104,105. He married NELLIE BRODHEAD February 21, 1733/34 in Kingston, Ulster, NY; Baptised: October 10, 1710 in Marbletown, Ulster, NY.
In the name of God, Amen. I, Stephen Nottingham, Esqr, being weak
in body, do this 2nd day of September, 1776, make my last will. I leave to my true and loving wife Nealtje, all my lands and tenements, as also all my personal estate. I make my good friends, John Cantine and William Pick, Esqr, executors.
Witnesses, Jacob K. Keatter (Keeler in proof), of Marbletown, Ulster County, farmer; Fradrick Markle, of same place, weaver; Frederick F. Markle. Proved, Ulster County, August 25, 1778. Administration granted on the above will to Henry Brodhead, of Marbletown, Ulster County, blacksmith, a nephew of Stephen Nottingham of the same place, Esquire, as the executors relinquished the executorship by an instrument dated November 26, 1779, New York, June 28, 1784. (Abstracts of Wills, Vol XII, 1782-1784)
 v. THOMAS NOTTINGHAM109,110,111, Baptised: March 14, 1707/08, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York, Johannes Hardenberg, Johannes Visscher, Catharina Rutsen115,116,117.  He married Zusanna De Lameeter January 7, 1731/32 in Kingston, Ulster Co., NY; born 1713 in Clavarack, Columbia Co., NY.
 vi. ELIZABETH NOTTINGHAM118,119,120, Baptised: November 10, 1710, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York124,125,126, Witnesses: Joh Rutze, Sarah Rutze. Married MARTIN de LAMATER April 13, 1728 in Kingston, Ulster Co., NY, born Abt. 1701 in Kingston, Ulster Co., NY; died 1768.
vii. BREGJIEN3 NOTTINGHAM55,56,57, Baptised: December 23, 1711, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York61,62,63, Witness: Joris Middag, Neeltjen Phenie; d. 1764, Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., New York58,59,60.  She married ANDRIES DEWITT December 3, 1731 in Kingston RDC, Kingston, Ulster, NY; Baptised: 20 February 1702/03 in Marbletown, Ulster, NY; died 1764 in Rochester, Ulster, NY.
 viii. ANNE NOTTINGHAM127,128,129, Baptised: April 25, 1714, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York136,137,138, Witness: Jacob Rutsz, Jr., Anne Geerten, Jr.; d. as an infant133,134,135.
 ix. ANNE NOTTINGHAM139,140,141, Baptised: October 07, 1716, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York145,146,147, witnesses: Jacob Rutsz, Jr., Anne Garton, Jr.  She married JOHN BRODHEAD April 12, 1737 in Kingston, Kingston, Ulster Co., NY; born 1716 in Marbletown, Ulster, NY.  Burial Place: Leurenkill Community Ground., 2 mi s of Ellenville, Ulster Co., NY
 x. GARTON NOTTINGHAM148,149,150, Baptised: June 01, 1718, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York157,158,159, witnesses: Jacob Rutsz, Jr., Anne Garton, Jr.; d. as an infant154,155,156.
5. xi. KATRINA NOTTINGHAM, b. December 24, 1720 in Marbletown, Ulster Co., NY.
6. xii. WILLIAM NOTTINGHAM, b. 1723, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York.

3.  ELIZABETH2 NOTTINGHAM (WILLIAM1)22,23,24, b. Abt. 1674, of Kingston, Ulster Co., New York25,26,27, and died 1754; burial: October 27, 175431,32,33. She married JOHANNES HERMESSEN VISSCHER November 24, 1695 in Kingston, Ulster Co., NY.  He was born in Albany during the late 1660s, son of HARMEN BASTIAN VISSCHER and HESTER DIRCKS; d. April 1749. By 1697, they had a home on Pearl Street near the home of Johannes' parents. Johannes and his father were in the fur trade and was granted permission to trade in the Indian country. In 1702, he was elected assistant alderman for the second ward. By 1710, he was among the most successful Albany merchants. In 1712, he succeeded to the second ward alderman's seat. During this years, he acquired more city property as well as a leasehold on a plantation at Schaghticoke. During the 1720s, he acquired a house in Schenectady, some property downriver in Kingston, and participated in several frontier land grants.

i. ANNA3 VISSCHER, baptised September 6, 1696, Albany, Albany Co., NY, witnesses: Tjerk Harmensz Visser, Hester Visser
ii. HARMANUS VISSCHER, baptised November 20, 1698, Albany, Albany Co., NY, witnesses: Bastiaan Visser, Ariaantje Wendel
iii. WILLIAM VISSCHER, baptised May 30, 1703, Albany, Albany Co., New York - witnesses: Bastiaan Harmanse Visscher, Geertruy Scherluyn
iv. HESTER VISSCHER, baptised September 17, 1704, Albany, Albany Co., NY, witnesses: Nanning Jarmensse Visscher, Ariaantje Wendel
v. ELIZABETH VISSCHER, baptised August 4, 1706, Albany, Albany Co., NY, witnesses: Gerrit Lucasse Wyngaard, Alida Visscher
vi. HESTER VISSCHER, baptised October 1, 1708, Albany, Albany Co., NY, witnesses Nanning Visscher, Lysbeth Visscher
vii. SARAH VISSCHER, baptised October 24, 1711, Albany, Albany Co., NY, witness: Nanning Visscher
viii. JOHANNES VISSCHER, baptised September 24, 1713, Albany, Albany Co., NY, witnesses: Frerik Visscher, Ariaentie Wendel

Generation No. 3

4.  MARY3 NOTTINGHAM(WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1)76,77,78, Baptised: May 19, 1704, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York82,83,84, d. January 1759. Married November 04, 1726 EGBERT B. DEWITT, he was born March 18, 1698/99; died Bef May 7, 1761. He settled at Napanoch in the town of Wawarsing, Ulster, NY. His will was dated 7/13/1758, proved 5/7/1761.
In the name of God, Amen. I, Egbert Dewitt, of Nepanach, in Rochester, Ulster County, being weak this July 13, 1758. I leave to my wife Mary the use of all real and personal estate during her widowhood. I leave to my son, Andries De Witt, 20 shillings for his birth right. Also 1-10 of all real and personal estate now in my actual possession, which is given to my wife Mary, by Col. Jacob Rutsen, which it is supposed my said wife ought to have the disposal of. In case my wife should die without any particular will, if my said eldest son, Andries, shall take any part of said estate, then my legacy to him shall be void. "But in case he shall deal fair with all my children, then my gift to him
shall stand," And whereas my son Andries, with my consent, hath builded a Grist mill on my land and stream at Nepanach, the same shall be
valued, and such value paid to him without delay. I leave to my son, Jacob Rusten De Witt, 1-10 of all my estate, and the same to my children, William, John, Stephen, Egbert, Thomas, Benjamin, Reuben, and Mary. I make my five eldest sons executors.
Witnesses, Jan Van Dusen, blacksmith, Jacob Roosa, Charles De Witt, merchant. Proved, May 7, 1761.


5. KATRINA3 NOTTINGHAM (WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1)160,161,162 Baptised: January 03, 1719/20, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York163,164,165, witnesses: Johannes Rutsz, Catrina Beekman; died 1789 in Ulster Co., NY.  She married MATTHEW CANTINE166,167,168,169 December 09, 1744 in Kingston, Ulster Co., New York170,171,172, son of PETER CANTINE and ELIZABETH BLANCHAN.  He was born September 10, 1721173,174,175,176. See Cantine page for more on this family.

6.  WILLIAM3 NOTTINGHAM (WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1)211,212,213 Baptised: February 03, 1722/23, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York214,215,216, witnesses Gerrit Nieukerk, Jr., Anna Visscher.  He married ELIZABETH CANTINE  March 8, 1745/46 in Kingston, Ulster Co., NY; she was baptised February 21, 1719/20, Kingston, Ulster Co., NY, witnesses: Philip Vielen, Antjen Louw.  Lived in Marbletown, Ulster Co., NY

 i. ELIZABETH4 NOTTINGHAM220,  Baptised: August 07, 1748, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York, sponsers Matthew Cantine and his wife Catherine Nottingham
 ii. MARIA NOTTINGHAM220, Baptised: November 04, 1746, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York, sponsers Nathaniel Cantine and Maria Cantine

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