Phineas Pratt Phineas Pratt

  Descendants of Henry Pratt

Phineas' "Declaration," an interesting account of the affairs of the early settlers and his own experiences. Reprinted from the Massachusetts Historical Society Collections (Fourth Series, IV, 476)
Phineas was one of a small party sent by Thomas Weston, a London merchant, and a Mr. Beachamp, in the Sparrow to prepare the way for the settlement of a new colony. This party consisted of six or seven persons.  It is certain that others of the Sparrow's crew besides the Master's Mate accompanied the settlers on this trip to take back the boat, for Winslow says the party "brought no more prouision for the present than serued the Boats gang for their returne to the ship." Some sixty more men were to follow this party later.
The Sparrow sailed for Massachusetts Bay, "but wanting a pilote," writes Phineas, "we Ariued att Damoralls Cove. The men yt belong to ye ship, ther fishing, had newly set up a may pole & weare very mery. We maed hast to prepare a boat fit for costing. Then said Mr. Rodgers, Master of our ship, 'heare ar Many ships & at Munhigin, but no man yt does vndertake to be yor pilate; for they say yt an Indian Caled Rumhigin vndertook to pilot a boat to Plimoth, but thay all lost thar Lives.' Then said Mr. Gibbs, Mastrs Mate of our ship, "I will venter my Liue wth ym.' At this Time of our discouery, we first Ariued att Smithe's Ilands, first soe Caled by Capt. Smith, att the Time of his discouery of New Eingland, . . . . fterwards Caled Ilands of Sholes; ffrom thence to Cape Ann  . . . . so Caled by Capt Mason; from thence to ye Mathechusits Bay. Ther we continued 4 or 5 days. Then we pseaued, yt on the south part of the Bay, weare fewest of the natives of the Cuntry Dwelling ther. We thought best to begine our plantation, but fearing A great Company of Salvages, we being but 10 men, thought it best to see if our friends weare Living at Plimoth. Then sayling Along the Cost, not knowing the harber, thay shot of a peece of Ardinance, and at our coming Ashore, they entertaned vs wth 3 vally of shotts."  Phineas and his party reached Plymouth the last of May, 1622.
The month is given by Bradford and the context shows the year. He says:--"But about ye later end of may, they spied a boat at sea (which at first they thought had beene some french-man) but it proued a shalop which came from a ship which Mr Weston, & an other, had set out a fishing, at a place called Damarins-coue 40 leagues to ye eastward of them; wher were yt year many more ships come a fishing. This boat brought 7 passengers; and some letters, but no uitails, nor any hope of any." Winslow, writes:--"This Boat proued to be a shallop that  belonged to a fishing ship, called the Sparrow, set forth by Master Thomas Weston, late Merchant and Citizen of London, which brought six or seuen passengers at his charge, that should before haue beene landed at our Plantation, who also brought no more prouision for the present than serued the Boats gang for their returne to the ship."  The Plymouth colonists being greatly in need of provisions at this time, the men of the Sparrow accompanied some of them to the fishing fleet at the Damariscove Islands to procure what food the ships could spare. Their friends "did what they could freely" and the party returned to Plymouth with such necessaries as the fleet could spare from its scanty store.  It has been thought that after this expedition Phineas and his companions returned from Plymouth to the Sparrow and there awaited the coming of the rest of Weston's company.  Weston plainly expected them to stay at Plymouth until the rest of the party came, for in a letter to Governor Carver delivered by the Sparrow party on their arrival he says:--". . . we haue sent this ship, and these pasengers on our owne accounte. Whom we desire you will frendly entertaine, & supply with shuch necesaries as you cane spare, and they wante &c. . . . To ye end our desire may be effected, which I assure my selfe will be also for your good we pray you giue them entertainmente in your houses ye time they shall be with you. That they may lose no time, but may presently goe in hand to fell trees, & cleaue them, to ye end lading may be ready and our ship stay not." Bradford says:-- ". . . they tooke compassion of those 7 men. Which this ship (which fished to ye eastward) had kept till planting time was ouer, and so could set no corne. And allso wanting vitals, (for yey turned them off wthout any) and indeed wanted for them selues) neither was their salt-pan come, so as yey could not performe any of those things which Mr Weston had apointed; and might haue starued if ye plantation had not succoured them, who in their wants, gaue them as good as any of their owne."
The Wessagusset settlers, never had never experienced the rigors of a New England winter and consequently made little or no preparation against the severe winter months. Levett says in his "Voyage into New England":--"they neither applyed themselues to planting of corne nor taking of fish, more than for their present use, but went about to build Castles in the Aire, and making of Forts, neglecting ye plentifull time of fishing. When Winter came their forts would not keepe out hunger, and they hauing no provision beforehand, and wanting both powder and shot to kill Deare and Fowle, many were starued to death, and the rest hardly escaped. There are foure of his men which escaped, now at my plantation, who haue related unto me the whole businesse."
As the season advanced the situation of the settlers became perilous in the extreme. Provisions ran short and many of them actually died of starvation. Their loss in numbers, want of food and isolated position placed them completely in the power of the natives. Late in 1622 (old style) the Indians formed a plan to cut off the English both at Wessagusset and Plymouth on the same day. Phineas, then about 30 years old, learning of the intended massacre, resolved to warn the settlers at Plymouth and ask their assistance. No one being willing to accompany him, he determined to go alone. Waiting for a favorable opportunity, he said good-bye to his friends and with considerable difficulty eluded the vigilance of the Indians and set out alone on his perilous undertaking. The Indians, learning of his escape, pursued him, but without success. "I Run Southward tell 3 of ye Clock, but the snow being in many places, I was the more distresed becaus of my ffoot steps. The sonn being beclouded, I wandered, not knowing my way; but att the Goeing down of the sonn, it apeared Red; then hearing a great howling of wolfs, I came to a River; the water being depe & cold & many Rocks, I pased through wth much adoe. Then was I in great distres -- ffant for want of ffood, weary with Running, ffearing to make a ffier because of ym yt pshued me. Then I came to a depe dell or hole, ther being much wood falen into it.  Then I said in my thoughts, this is God's providence that heare I may make a fier. Then haveing maed a fier, the stars began to a pear and I saw Ursa Magor & the pole yet fearing beclouded. The day following I began to trafell but being unable, I went back to the fier the day ffal sonn shined & about three of the clock I came to that part . Plimoth bay wher ther is a Town of Later Time Duxbery. Then passing by the water on my left hand cam to a brock & ther was a path. Haveing but a short Time to Consider ffearing to goe beyond the plantation, I kept Running in the path; then passing through James Ryuer I said in my thoughts, now am I as a deare Chased the wolfs. If I perish, what will be the Condish of distresed Einglish men. Then finding a peec of a I took it up & Caried it in my hand. Then finding a of a Jurkin, I Caried them under my arme. Then said I in my God hath giuen me these two tookens for my Comfort; yt now he will giue me my live for a pray. Then Running down a hill J an Einglish man Coming in the path before me. Then I sat down on a tree & Rising up to salute him said, 'Mr. Hamdin, I am Glad to see you aliue.' He said 'I am Glad & full of wonder to see you aliue: lett us sitt downe, I see you are weary.' "Bradford says, referring to Phineas' dangerous undertaking:-- "In ye meane time, came one of them from ye Massachucts with a small pack at his back, and though he knew not a foote of ye way yet he got safe hither, but lost his way, which was well for him for he was pursued, and so was mist. He tould them hear, how all things stood amongst them, and that he durst stay no longer, he apprehended they (by what he obserued) would be all knokt in ye head shortly." "This mans name," writes Nathaniel Morton, "was Phinehas Pratt, who hath penned the particular of his perilous Journey, and some other things relating to this Tragedy." Phineas reached Plymouth on March 24, 1622/3. The minor dates are given by nWinslow and the context gives the year. He writes:--"The three and twentith of March being now come, which is a yeerely Court-day, we came to this conclusion, That Captaine Standish should take so many men as he thought sufficient to make his party good against all the Indians in the Massachuset-bay; but on the next day before hee could goe, came one of Mr. Westons Company by land vnto vs, with his packe at his backe, who made a pitifull narration of their lamentable and weake estate." Two or three days after his coming, according to Phineas, and the next day (March 25, 1623),12 according to Winslow, Captain Myles Standish and his party started on the expedition which resulted in inflicting on the Indians the doom they had in store for the English and in saving the remnant of the Wessagusset colony.  It was evidently not Phineas' intention to part from his own company entirely, for when he arrived at Plymouth after his difficult and dangerous journey, he only asked that "hee might there remaine till things were better settled at the other plantation." After Myles Standish rescued the Wessagusset party from their perilous position and relieved their immediate necessities, a majority of them decided to abandon the settlement and make their way home, while some of them chose to return with Standish and join the Plymouth colony. "Now were Mr. Westons people resolued to leaue their Plantation and goe for Munhiggen, hoping to get passage and returne with the fishing ships. Some of them disliked the choyce of the body to goe to Munhiggen, and therfore desiring to goe with him to Plimouth, he tooke them into the shallop: and seeing them set sayle and cleere of the Massachuset bay, he tooke leaue and returned to Plimouth, . . ."  As soon as he was physically able, Phineas rejoined his company at Piscataqua. Those of the Wessagusset colony who returned to Plymouth with Standish had no doubt told Phineas of the plan of the majority of the party to return to England, if they could, by way of Monhegan Island, and it is quite possible that he, too, went to Piscataqua in the hope of securing passage home in one of the fishing fleet. But whatever his plan may have been, he did not return to England and we find him a little later engaged in skirmishes with the Indians at Dorchester and at Agawam (Ipswich), but he does not tell us what took him to those places, "Three times we fought with them" he says in his petition to the General Court in 1668, referring to the encounters with the Indians at Wessagusset, Dorchester and Agawam. "In the latter end of July and the beginning of August,"14 1623, according to Winslow, the Anne and the Little James arrived at Plymouth. Some time between their arrival and the beginning of 1624 (old style) there was a division of land at Plymouth among the passengers of the Mayflower, Fortune and Anne on the basis of one acre to each person for seven years' continual use. This division must have been after August 14, 1623, for William Bradford's wife, Alice Bradford, shared therein, and they were married on that date. It was probably made late in 1623 (old style), very likely in March, just before the April planting of 1624. Phineas is put down among the Anne's passengers and was assigned one acre. He must, therefore, have returned to Plymouth prior to the division and settled there.  As to why he shared in the division at all, not being a passenger by either the Mayflower, Fortune or Anne -- it is very likely that when he returned to Plymouth and expressed a desire to remain there he was received as an inhabitant and permitted to share in the subsequent allotment of land. Joshua Pratt, with whom he is associated in the list of the Anne's passengers, may have been his brother.  As an inhabitant of Plymouth Phineas' name occurs frequently in the colony records during his residence there and after he went to Charlestown.
It appears that he was a joiner, and he so calls himself in various deeds and in his will.
1623;  Mentioned in a list which follows "The fales of their grounds which came ouer in the shipe called the Anne according as their were cast."  This was the division of land among the passengers of the Mayflower, Fortune and Anne made probably in March, 1623 (old style).
May 22, 1627; Assigned to Francis Cooke's company in the division of cattle. "To this lot fell the least of the 4 black Heyfers Came in the Jacob and two shee goats."
1627;  Appears on a list of "The Names of the Purchasers" of Plymouth.
1633; Mentioned in a list of "The Names of the ffreemen of the Incorporacon of Plymoth in New England An: 1633."
March 25, 1633; Taxed nine shillings.
October 28, 1633; "Phineas Pratt referred to further hearing at the same time about the goods of Godbert Godbertson & Zara his wife."
November 11, 1633; "At this Court Phineas Prat appointed to take into his possession all the goods & chattels of Godbert Godbertson & Zarah his wife & safely to preserue them according to an Inventory presented upon oath to be true & just by mr Joh Done & mr Steph. Hopkins." Godbert Godbertson was the stepfather of Mary Priest (daughter of Degory Priest) whom Phineas married.
January 2, 1633/4; Taxed nine shillings.
March 10, 1633/4; "Whereas Phineas Prat joyner in the behalfe of Marah his wife is possessed of thirty Acres of land neer unto the high Cliffe the said Phineas & Marah haue exchanged the fee simple thereof wth mr Thomas Prence for other thirty Acres of land at Wynslows stand and next adjoyning to an other portion of land belonging to the said Phineas: But whereas there is a brooke wthin the said thirty acres thus exchanged & acknowledged by mutuall consent whereat John Come Gent may freely make use of, It is granted to him his heires or assignes provided he so make use of the said water as the said phineas be not annoyed thereby. but either by convenient inclosure at the Cost of the said Joh. or otherwise shall saue harmeles the said phin. & his heires from any detrit or annoyance that shall or may befall them the said Phines & Marah their heires & assigne"
March 2, 1635/6;  "At the same Court, A Jury of twelue being impaniled and charged in the moneth of ffebr foregoing to enquire after the death of John Deacon in the behalfe of our Soveraigne Lord the king. gaue in their verdict as followeth in their owne words and under their hands, vizt  "Having searched the dead body we finde not any blowes or wounds or any other bodily hurt. We finde that bodily weakenes caused by long fasting & wearines by going to & fro wth extream cold of the season were the causes of his death.  "Their names were John Jenny John Cooke Will Basset Joseph Rogers William Hoskins, Thomas Cushman George Partridge Stephen Tracy Abraham Peirce Richard Cluffe Tho. Clarke Phineas Pratt."
March 6, 1635/6;  "At a generall meeting the 14th of March concerning the hey grownds for Plymoth & Duxburrough" it was ordered "That Phineas Pratt haue between ffr Billington and his owne howse."
November 7, 1636;  "At the same time Tristram Clarke appointed to haue eight Acres of land fowr in breadth & two in length on the south side a porcon allotted formerly to mr John Coombe between Phineas Pratt & widow Billington."
January 4, 1636/7;  "Januar 14th 1636 There is graunted this day by the Court of Assistants to James Skiffe Tenn acres of lands lying next vnto the lands graunted to Thirston Clarke (five in length & two in breadth) betweene the lands of Phineas Pratt & widdow Billington five acres whereof are part of those lands due vnto him for his service Donn to mr Isaack Olerton and thother fiue acres are in the right of Peter Talbott for service by Indenture prformed to Edward Doty."
March 7, 1636/7; His name appears in a list of Plymouth freemen.
March 20, 1636/7; There is assigned "To Phineas Pratt and mr Coomes the hey ground they had the last yeare."
July 12, 1637; Edward Dotey sells to Richard Derby his property at the "high Cliffe" purchased of Joshua Pratt, Phineas Pratt and John Shaw.
October 2, 1637; Is a juryman at the meeting of the General Court.
June 1, 1640; Granted five acres of land.
August 3, 1640; "fforasmuch as it appeareth by the testymony of Josuah Pratt & otherwise that The two acrees of vpland lying at Wellingsly brook on the north side of the lotts giuen Godbert Godbertson, were giuen by the said Godbert Godbertson to John Combe gent & Phineas Pratt in marriage wth their wiues his Daughters The Court Doth confirme the said two acrees vnto the said John Combe & Phineas Pratt their heires and assignes for eur."
August 5, 1640; "Memorand the fift day of August 1640 That John Combe gent and Phineas Pratt joyner Do acknowledg that for and in consideracon of the sum of three pounds sterl to them in hand payd by John Barnes of new Plymouth haue freely and absolutely bargained and sould vnto the said John Barnes his heires & Assignes all those two acrees of vpland wch they had of Goodbert Godbertson in marryage wth their wiues lyinge on the North side next to the Towneward of that parcell of vpland at Wellingsley brooke wch fell to him by lott in the first Diuisions, and all their right title and interrest of and into the said two acrees of vpland wth all and singuler thapprtences thereto belonging To haue & to hold the said two acrees of vpland wth all and singuler their apprtences vnto the said John Barnes his heires Assignes foreuer To the onely prper vse & behoofe of him the said John Barnes his heires & Assignes for euer."
November 2, 1640; Granted six acres of "meddowing in the North meddow by Joanes Riuer."
April 5, 1642; John Combe sells to Thomas Prence "all those his two acrees of Marsh meddow lying before the house of the said Thom Prence at Joanes Riuer next to the Marsh meddow of Phineas Pratt ... "
May 7, 1642; Joshua Pratt sells to Edward Dotey "one acre of vpland lying at the heigh Cliff betwixt the lands of Phineas Pratt & John Shawe"
December 31, 1642; John Barnes sells to Edward Edwards certain property purchased from Thomas Hill and "the two acrees of vpland lying at wellingsly brooke lately purchased of Mr John Combe & Phineas Pratt . . ."
August 1643; Appears on a list of Plymouth men able to bear arms. The same year (no minor dates given) his name, crossed out and with interlinear notation "gon," appears on a list of Plymouth freemen. His name was crossed out and the note made, of course, after he left Plymouth.
June 22, 1644;  "At a Townes meeting the xxiith June 1644  "In case of Alarume in tyme of warr or Danger these Divisions of the Towneship are to be observed. & these companys to repaire together  At Joanes river mr Bradfords famyly one  mr Princes one  mr Hanbury one  mr Howland one  ffrancis Cooke one   Phineas Pratt   Gregory Armestrong   John Winslow  mr Lee"  Of the other two companies the first was ordered to assemble "At the Ele river" and the second at Wellingsly.
October 31, 1644;  Edward Edwards sells to Thomas Whitney the property which was formerly Thomas Hill's and "the two acrees bought of phineas Pratt" by John Barnes and sold to him (Edwards) December 31, 1642.
November 5, 1644;  "The fift of Novembr 1644 Memorand That Thomas Bunting dwelling wth Phineas Pratt hath wth and by the consent of the said Phineas put himself as a servant to Dwell wth John Cooke Junior from the fifteenth Day of this instant Novembr for and During the terme of eight years now next ensuing and fully to be compleate and ended the said John Cooke fynding vnto his said servant meate drink
and apparell During the said terme and in thend thereof Double to apparell him throughout and to pay him twelue bushells of Indian Corne. The said John Cooke haueing payd the said Phineas for him one melch cowe valued at vli and fourty shillings in money and is to to lead the said Phineas two loades of hey yearely During the terme of seauen years now next ensuinge."
September 17, 1646;  "The 17 of ye 7 month 1646 phineas prate came before ye Gouer and acknowledged the sale of his house & land, with all ye appurtenances thertoo belonging; to John Cooke, according to a deed then exhibited which they desired might be recorded Also his wife came before ye Gour and gaue her consente to ye same sale.  "Allso Samuell Cudberte did ye same day & year aboue writen, freely relinquish all ye claime, title, or Intrest, that he euer had, or might pretend to haue, to any parte, or parcell of ye lands afforsaid As also from those for which they were exchanged with mr prence. And did freely giue, grante, and make ouer all ye right, and Intreste that he euer had, or hereafter, should haue, or at any time might pretend to haue, to any parte or parcell of ye lands aforesaid, and those mentioned in ye deede Insuing to Phineas Prate, & his heires, & assignes for euer; for his, & their onely proper vse & behoofe.  William Bradford Gour"   The 26 of August 1646 These presents doe witnes that Phineas Prate of Plimoth Joyner, for & in consideration of ye sume of twenty pounds sterl: to be payed by John Cooke Jun of plimoth afforesaid planter, in maner & forme following, that is to say fiue pounds to be payed in cloathing within one month nexte after ye date hearof fiue pounds in march next, either in wheat, or comodities, fiue pounds in a milch cowe as shee shall be prised by 2 Indifferent men chosen by either party one, and ye last 5li this time twelfe months. Hath freely and absolutly barganined and sould, & by these presents doth bargaine & sell vnto the said John Cooke, all yt his house, & howsing, and gardine place and orchard (excepting ye fruite trees now growing therin, or so many of them to be deliured to the said Phineas, or his assignes when he shall demande them, so it be in due time) and fiftie acres of vpland tow acres of meadow at Joanes riuer, and all and singuler the appurtenances thervnto belonging, and all his right, title, & Interest of & into ye same, & euery parte, & parcell thereof; to haue & to hold the said house, housing, garden, and orchard (excepting before excepted) the fiftie Acers of vpland, and ye 2 Acres of meadow at Joans riuer, with the sixe Acres of vpland meadow, at the great meadow with all, & euery their appurtenances, vnto the said John Cooke, his heirs, & assignes, for euer, and to the onely proper vse, & behofe of him the said John Cooke, his heires and assignes for euer, and with warranties against all people, from by or vnder him, claiming any righte, title, or Interest of, & into the said premises or any parte or parcell therof, and espetially against Samuell Cudberte his heirs, & assignes for euer by these presents; And the said Phineas Prate doth further Couenante and grant by these presents, that it shall & may be lawfull too, & for the said John Cooke either by him selfe, or his Atturney to enrole, or recorde the title or tenure of these before the Gouernour for ye time being, according to ye vsuall order & manor of enrolling & recording deeds, & euidences in his Maties Court at plimoth in shuch case made, & prouided In witnes wherof the said Phineas Prate hath herevnto sett his hand & seale the day & year first aboue writen  Phineas Prate  In ye presence of  Ralfe Whoory  William Pady  Thomas Willet  Nathanell Sowther  And in consideration of ye sume of 2s6d to ye said Phineas Prate in hand paid hath freely, & absolutly bargained & sould vnto ye said John Cooke all his right title & Interest, of & into any lands lying at the head or ende, of ye afforesaid bargained premises before the sealing and delivery of these presents.
May 20, 1648; From Plymouth he removed to Charlestown, where, on May 20, 1648, he bought a house and garden from George Bunker. It is impossible to say just when he left Plymouth. He sold his home there August 26, 1646, and is described in the deed as being "of Plimoth." On September 17, three weeks later, he and his wife appeared before the Governor, he to ask to have the deed recorded and she to give her consent
to the sale, so they were no doubt still living there at that time. He is described in the Charlestown deed as being an inhabitant "in the same towne" as the grantor, i. e., Charlestown. He must, therefore, have left Plymouth in the interval between the recording of the Plymouth deed September 17, 1646, and the purchase of the Charlestown property May 20, 1648.  The entry made in the records by John Greene, town clerk, concerning the transfer of the Charlestown house and land is as follows:--  A sale of a House and a garden in Charltowne By George Bunker vnto Phinias Prat the 20th of the 3d month 1648.  Know all men by these presents That I George Bunker Inhabitant in Charltowne have sould assigned and set over, and by this declare that I doe sell assign and set over unto Phinias Prat Inhabitant in the same towne A House or Tenement with a garden to it adioyning: which house and garden stands and is scituate in Charltowne in the great through fare street which goes from the Neck of land into the market place, this hous and garden stands right over against the way that goes up to the windmill hill, and that way which goes intoo elbow lane, the house is bounded on the front by the street way, or by the west, and the hous and garden is bounded East by the back street which goes to the pitt where the Beasts drinke, and where the Creek begins wch runs on the back syde of the maiors garden into Charls River, and it is bounded Northward by samuell Howard, and south ward by Thomas Carter senior: Alsoe I Georg Bunker doe acknowledg my selfe to bee fully payd and satisfied for this sayd hous and garden, And I doe heer by resigne all my Right, Titell, and interest vnto the sayd house and garden vnto the sayd Phinias Prat to be his and his heigres for ever.  John Greene.  This property was sold April 10, 1711, to Benjamin Lawrence by Phineas' son Joseph who inherited it.
October 24, 1650; Thomas Prence sells to John Cooke, Jr., "two acars of mersh meddow bee it more or lesse lying before the house and land of the Elder Cushman at Joaneses riuer next vnto a prcell of meddow which was samtimes Phenias Prats;"  The same year (no minor dates given) in recording the bounds of a grant of land in 1641 to John Cooke, Jr., at "Rockey nooke," reference is made to "the lots adioyning which the said John Cook hath bought of Phenias Prat;"
March 1, 1657/8; a division of land in accordance with "The Returne of the Committee, Apoynted by the Inhabitants of Charltowne, for the division, of the wood and Commons one Mistick syde," and Phineas drew lot No. 54 containing 2 1/2 commons and a certain proportion of woodland.
May 7, 1658; The following record appears in the General Court records on this date;  "In answer to the petition of Phineas Pratt of Charlestown, who presented this Court with a narrative of the straits and hardships that the first planters of this Colony under went, in their endeavors to plant themselves at Plymouth and since, whereof he was one, the Court judge it meet to grant him three hundred acres of land, where it is to be had, not hindering a plantation."  This land was laid out in the wilderness on the east of the Merrimack River near the upper end of Nacooke Brook."  (Genealogical and Memoirs - Cutter)
June 5, 1658;"June the fift 1658 liberty was graunted by the Court vnto Phenias Prat or any for him to looke out a prcell or tract of land to accomodate him and his Posterite withall together with other ffreemen; or alone as hee shall think meet and to make reporte of the same vnto the Court; that soe a Considerable proportion thereof may bee Confeirmed vnto him;"
1662;  Presented "A History" called "A Declaration of the Affairs of the English People that first inhabited New England" to the General Court of Massachusetts Bay.  The manuscript for many years was lost in state archives, but was found and published by Richard Frothingham in 1858.  It consists of 3 folio sheets sewed together, one half of which appears to have been torn off after they were thus arranged - so a portion is lost. It is torn at the edges, and some of the writing is no longer legible.  It is preserved in the publications of the Massachusetts Historical Society.  (Genealogical and Memoirs - Cutter)
Either accompanying or following this document was a petition on which the General Court took the following action May 7 of the same year (1662):-- In Ansr: to ye petition of phineas Prat. of charls Toune who presented this Court wth a narrative of the streights & hardships that the first planters of this Colony vnderwent in their endeavors to plant themselves at plimouth & since whereof he was one The Court judgeth it meet to Graunt him Three. hundred acres of land where it is to be had not hindering a plantation
During his long residence in Charlestown Phineas appears only once in the land records as grantor and that is on January 21, 1662/3, when he and his wife Mary sold to John Smith a wood lot in Charlestown's further common.
June 8, 1664; "In reference vnto the Request of Phineas Pratte; and the Elder Bates in the behalfe of the Children of Clement Briggs; That wheras they the said Phineas Pratt and Clement Briggs haue not had theire proportions of land with others of this Jurisdiction formerly Called Purchassers or old Comers; That they might haue some Consideration of land in that respect in a prcell or tract of land lying neare vnto the line betwixt the massachusetts Jurisdiction and vs neare vnto Waymouth; The Court Doth graunt vnto the said Phineas Pratt and vnto two of the said Clement Briggs his sonnes viz: Dauid Briggs and Remember Briggs three hundred and fifty acrees of the said lands with all and singulare the appurtenances thervnto belonging vnto them and theire heires and assignes for euer viz: vnto the said Phineas Pratt two prtes of three of the said three hundred and fifty acrees; and the remainder therof vnto the two sonnes of the said Clement Briggs afornamed and this to bee layed forth for them by John Jacob of hingham and John Whitmarsh of Waymouth and incase any Indian or Indians shall heerafter lay claime vnto the said lands That the said Phineas Prat and the Elder Bates stand bound to the Court to answare the Charge of the Purchase therof and all other nessesary Charges about the said land;"  marginal note:--  "this land was layed out afterwards by order of the court by John Whitmarsh and John Jacob and is att the Path that leads from Waymouth to Bridgwater; as it is said a litle brooke running through the same"
October 4, 1664; James Lovell, of Weymouth, desires to take up land "neare the place where Phenias Prat and the sonnes of Clement Briggs were accomodated; between theire land and the line of the Pattent;"
June 1, 1665; there is the following entry in the Court records:-- Layd out to Phineas Pratt of Charls Toune three hundred acres of land (more or lesse). in the wilderness. on the East of merremack Riuer neere the vpper end of Nacooke brooke on the South East of it it begins at a great sare Pjne standing anent the midle of nacooke pond & joyneth. to the ljne of fiue hundred acres of land lately granted to the Toune of Billirrikey on the south of it ninety sixe pole & so continues a streight ljne two hundred & sixe pole further vnto a white oake bounded wth P from thence it turnes vnder the side of a great hill one hundred fifty & two pole vnto another white oake marked wth P. which stands on the North side of an other great hill. & on the south Corner of a little swampe from thence it runns neere the west & by south. two hundred pole to a great Red oake bounded as before from thence the closing ljne to the first Pine is two hundred & ninety pole the exact forme of it together wth the rule of finding the exact lines is fully demonstrated by this inclosed plott taken of the same 20 8mo 1664.  By Jonathan Danforth. survejor   The Court Allows & approoues of this Returne.
June 7, 1665;  "A Certaine prcell of meddow or such swampy ground as tendeth towards meddow is graunted by the Court vnto Pheneas Pratt and James Louell lying on the westerly side of Phenias Pratts land that was graunted vnto him the last June Court neare vnto the line betwixt the Massachusetts and this Jurisdiction the said prcell being about foure or fiue acrees bee it more or lesse to bee equally Deuided betwixt them the said Pheneas Pratt and James Louell to them and theire heires and assignes for euer"
October 29, 1668;  "In Reference vnto the Request of James Lovell for to haue an addition of swampey land neare vnto his land hee hath in the right of mr Nathaniel Souther The Court haue ordered that mr Constant Southworth and Cornett Studson shall view the said land and alowe him twelue acrees therof; besides that which hee hath alreddy graunted vnto him with Phenias Pratt;"
In October, 1668, Phineas, then 75-80 years old, presented another petition to the General Court in which, while expressing his thankfulness for the grant of land made him three years before in answer to his first petition, he refers to his physical infirmities and present lack of the actual necessities of life and entreats that he may receive some measure of support in his old age. "Yet my necessity causeth me farther to entreat you". The Court acted unfavorably on the petition now presented, not recognizing his claim to further assistance. This paper does not appear in the Court records and a careful search fails to find it among the unpublished State Archives. It is reprinted here from an article by Mr. Richard Frothingham, Jr., in the Massachusetts Historical Society Collections (Fourth Series, IV, 487); " To the Honoured the Generall Court, holden at Boston, this Oct. 1668.  I acknowledg my self truly thankfull unto the Honoured Court for that they gave me at the time I presented an History called, A declaration of the affaires of the English people, that first inhabited New England. Yet my necessity causeth me farther to entreat you to consider what my service hath been unto my dread Soveraign Lord King James of famous memory. I am one of that litle number, ten men that arrived in Massachusets Bay for the setling of a Plantation, & am the remainder of the forlorn hope sixty men. We bought the south part of the Bay of Aberdecest their Sachem. Ten of our company died of famine. Then said ye Natives of the Countrey, let us kill them, whilst they are weak, or they will possesse our Countrey, & drive us away. Three times we fought with them, thirty miles I was pursued for my life, in time of frost, and snow, as a deer chased with wolves. Two of our men were kill'd in warr, one shot in the shoulder. It was not by the wit of man, nor by ye strength of the arme of flesh, that we prevailed against them. But God, that overrules all power, put fear in their hearts. And now seeing God hath added a New England to old Engl. and given both to our dread Soverg Lord King Charles the second, many thousand people enjoy the peace thereof; Now in times of pros perity, I beseech you consider the day of small things; for I was almost frozen in time of our weak beginnings, and now am lame. My humble request is for that may be for my subsistance the remaining time of my life. And I shall be obliged.  Your thankfull servant,  Phinehas Pratt.
The Deputyes Doe not Judge meete to graunt this petition, wth refference to the consent of or Honoed magists. hereto.  William Torrey, Cleric.  The Magistrates consent wth their bretheren the Deputys.  Jo: Pynchon, Pr Curiam.  Phineas had apparently reached a point where he required assistance. He was old and he was lame, a condition which materially impaired his ability to provide for himself. The Selectmen of Charlestown came to his relief in a most generous manner, as the following extracts from the town orders will show, and the assistance granted Phineas during his lifetime was extended to his widow.
January 25, 1668/9;  "Also ordered Counstable. Jno. Hayman to supply Phineas Pratt with so much as his prsent low Conditio. may require."
January 25, 1669;  The Charlestown records shows the following; "Ordered Constable Jon. Hayman to supply Phineas Pratt with so much as his present low condition may require."   (Genealogical and Memoirs - Cutter)
March 26, 1669;  "This day also mr Randll. Nicholes was desired to deliver to Phineas Pratt 200 foote of good bords fitt for his use this on the townes Accott to be repaid him in season."
January 1, 1672/3; Phineas and Mary Pratt, of Charlestown, sell to John Shaw, Sr., of Weymouth, the land granted by the Court June 8, 1664, and June 7, 1665.
June 30, 1674; "Phineas Pratt aged eighty one years or there abouts dus Testifie that the Lands formerly which I did live upon and did enjoy at Plimouth that land or lott Containing twenty acres or there abouts which lay on the south side of that which was mine was granted by the Court unto mr John Combs and there was no Common betweene those lands and the said Combs did enjoy that lott and Cut wood upon the land and Sold. Taken upon oath this last day of june 1674 Before me Constant Southworth Assist'
January 8, 1677;  Will written - bequeathed an estate valued at 40 pounds 16 shillings to wife Mary and son Joseph.  (Genealogical and Memoirs - Cutter)
October 1, 1677;  "Order to Zech. Johnson Constable to pay to ye Necessity of ffather Pratt forty shillings in pay as sutable as he can & place it to ye townes Accot."
December 4, 1678; "Ordered Severall Bills to be graunted viz Two of 20s. Each to Tho: Smith 2d. Counts for keeping Swains Childe To Good.
wf. Parker a Bill to Goodm: Clew for 20s for her prst. relief To Goodm Pratt a Bill for 40s.  pr J R Recorder"66  1679, October 6.  "Ordrd. yt 20s. In mony be given Phenius. Pratt for his releefe. & this to be payd by Constable. Newell  By ye ordr of ye Selectmen J: N R"
December 14, 1679; "Ordrd. yt Phenius. Pratt. hath twenty shillings In mony allowed for his Releife. payd by J N:  J:N:R:"
Phineas died in Charlestown April 19, 1680, and a stone still marks the spot where he is buried in the Old Burying Ground. The inscription on Phineas Pratt's gravestone at Charlestown, Mass., states that he died 19 April, 1680, aged 'About 90 Yrs.' But we must accept, as more trustworthy, his own statement in the deposition of June 1674, and assign the year 1593 as the approximate date of his birth." (The Mayflower Descendant)
Phineas' will was made January 8, 1677/8, and probated June 15, 1680. An inventory of his estate was made May 21, 1680, and presented in Court June 15, 1680. From it we learn that the widow had been appointed executrix. For some reason the 300 acres of land granted him by the General Court in 1662 and laid out in 1665 were not included in the inventory. Daniel Fletcher was appointed administrator of this portion of the estate December 28, 1722,73 and on May 6, 1723, Henry Farwell, Joseph Blanchard and Thomas Blanchard were appointed to appraise this
property. They reported on November 25, 1723, that they valued it at oe135. One of the most interesting and valuable papers connected with the settlement of the estate is that dated July 31, 1738, and endorsed "Phineas Pratts Children." It is as follows:--  July 31. 1738.  The Return of the Commissrs appointed to apprize & Destribute the Real Estate of Phinehas Pratt late of Charlstown Dec'd -- (Commission wanting) read -- present, sundry of the Heirs.  Memorandm -- say To the Children severally (if Liveing) or to their Heirs (if Deceas'd)  John is Dead | Ergo -- say only to their Heirs each to give Bond to refund,  & Peter Dead |  &c.  Each one his share to be allotted to him when he shall have given Bond to refund, &c, Is pd 5 settlement & 6/ for 6 Bonds. pd by James Perry.  John Pratt Decd | | Saml. Pratt of Middlebury Wheel-  Saml | | wright William Swan of Cambe.  Daniel | Sureties | Husbandman Will: Thomas of  Peter Decd | | Middleborough Gentleman James   Mary | | Perry of Charlestown Chairmaker.   Joseph |  Aaron | their shares bought by Danl: Fletcher  Mercy |  Recd. settlement, Recording, Bond &c 14. pd. by Will: Swan.
charges of settlement advanced
 by Sam. Pratt 26--14--3
 by Wm Thomas 10--03--0
 by Wm Swan 3--14--0
 by James Perry 11--15--6

 1/9th whereof is 5--16--3 2/3.
 Commission not returned.
The estate was settled in this year (1738). A remarkable feature is the unusual period, fifty-eight years, which intervened between Phineas'
death and the final division.
WILL. I Phinias Pratt of Charlstown in the Countie of Midellsex Joyner being very aged and Crazye of body yett in my pfect memory and
vnderstanding doe make This my last will and Teastamoen  Item I giue vnto my belouied wife Mary Pratt all my mouabl goods and fortie Shillings a year to be payed oute of my land in Charlstowne and the use of the gardon for term of hir life: this fortie Shillings is to be payed by my sonn Joseph Pratt for and in consideration of the hauing of my land and my wif is to haue a conuenient room of my sonn Joseph with a chimny in it to hir content to liue in for term of hir life. wthout molestation or trubl; but If my sonn Joseph doeth not perform this will that then my wif Mary Prat shall haue the one half of the land to hir Dispossing for hir best comfort: it is to be vnderstod that the one half wch the new hous standeth one is giuen to Joseph vpon the condistion of prouiding of a conuenient room for me and my wife for term of our liues and this other half for the paying of the fortie Shillings a year paying it quartterly that is to say ten shllig a quarter in mony and fier wood at mony price and If ther be any thing left at the death of my wife it shalbe equally deuided a mung all my children  this eight of Jeneary 1677
Phinehas Pratt  Sealed and deliuerd in the  presents of Use  Walter Alen the marke of  Rebeack Alen  15:4:80: Sworn in Court pr Walter Allen
Ann Innvytory of the Estat of Phinias Prat of Charlstown deceased
  a psell of land 18 00 00
  In primis in woollen clothes of his 01 10 00
  It in linning shirts 00 09 00
  It 8 pillober & 5 napkins 00 13 00
  It 5 Sheetts 01 04 00
  It 4 blanckitts & 2 rugs 02 05 00
  It a bed boulster & pillo 02 10 00
  It a small bed 00 08 00
  It 2 culbards 2 Chests one box 01 05 00
  It peuter 02 02 00
  It 2 bras Skillitts 5s a warmg pan 5s 00 10 00
  It 2 Iorn potts on Skillit 00 09 00
  It 2 Iorn keettells 01 06 00
  It a tramil & fring pan 00 03 00
  It a smas [small?] tabell 2 chayers 00 05 00
  It a pr of hose 2 bages 00 04 00
  It earthen war 5 trenchers 00 02 06
  It wooden ware 00 02 00
  It a hachit a houldfast a froue 00 05 00
  It lumber 00 16 00
  It bookes 00 08 00
   16 16 06
   34 16 06
  thes goods are prized by Larenc Dowce & henery Balcom the 21:3:1680  15:4:80 Sworn in Court by the executrix Mary Pratt as attest, Tho:Danforth. R.  Added. 4. 12. 81. Cow comon in charlstown stinted comon. 06 00 00

His wife survived him, dying probably just prior to July 22, 1689, for on that date there is the following entry in the town orders:--  Then Mr Jacob Green Senr & Mr Eleazr Phillips were & are Impowered to Apprize the goods of Widd. Pratt who lately decd at Tho Barbar. and to dispose of the same for the sattisfing her Debt to Tho. Barbars wife. & as their discretion shall direct them. And so to make returne thereof to the selectmen at their next meeting  By ordr of the selectMen  Jno Newell
It is evident from this item that the provision in Phineas' will for the permanent use by his widow of a room in their house had, probably by an
agreement between the mother and son, either not been carried out or the arrangement had been terminated.
December 31, 1681; Mary Pratt, Phineas' widow, and her son Joseph sold to Solomon and Samuel Phipps a cow common within the limits of the Charlestown stinted common on the south side of Mystic River.
January 1, 1681/2; Joseph sold to John Simpson a certain piece of land in Charlestown and the deed was signed not only by Joseph but also by Mary Pratt, his mother, and Dorcas Pratt, his wife, as interested parties, although Joseph is the only grantor mentioned in the body of the deed.
February 14, 1680/81; there was a division "of the Stinted Comons in Charles Towne on this Side Mistick river," among the proprietors thereof and Mary and Joseph were jointly allotted one common containing an acre and a half.
February 5, 1683/4, February 5.  "Then orderd Twenty. Shill. vnto Widow Pratt & Twenty Shill to Wido Davie wch is for their releifes."
March 7, 1686/7; "Then Agreed yt Mr Jno Call Supply the Wido Pratt wth what she needs for her releife: Like wise to supply Tho
Orton & Tho March wth Bread"

Descendants of Henry Pratt

Generation No. 1

1.  REVEREND HENRY2 PRATT  (JOHN1)1,2,3 was born in England4,4,4,5.

Child of HENRY PRATT is:
2. i. PHINEAS3 PRATT, b. Abt. 1590, England; d. April 19, 1680, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts

Generation No. 2

2.  PHINEAS3 PRATT (HENRY2, JOHN1)8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 was born Abt. 1590 in England17,18,19,20,21,22,23, and died April 19, 1680 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32.  He married MARY PRIEST33,34,35,36,37,38 Abt. 1630 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts39,40,41,42,43, daughter of DEGORY PRIEST and SARAH ALLERTON.  She was born Abt. 1613 in Leyden, Holland44,45,46, and died Bef. July 22, 1689 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts47,48,49,50,51.

Children of PHINEAS PRATT and MARY PRIEST are:
3. i. JOHN4 PRATT, b. Abt. 1631; d. Bef. February 05, 1713/14.
4. ii. MARY PRATT, b. Abt. 1633, Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; d. February 11, 1701/02, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
5. iii. SAMUEL PRATT, b. Abt. 1636, Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; d. March 26, 1676, Near Rehobth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.
6. iv. DANIEL PRATT, b. Abt. 1640, Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; d. June 1680, Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island.
7. v. MERCY PRATT, b. Abt. 1642; d. Bet. 1643 - 1736.
8. vi. JOSEPH PRATT, b. Abt. 1645, Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; d. December 24, 1712, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.
9. vii. PETER PRATT, b. Abt. 1647, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts; d. March 24, 1687/88, Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut.
10. viii. AARON PRATT, b. Bet. 1649 - 1654, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts; d. February 23, 1734/35, Hingham, Plymouth Co.,  Massachusetts.

Generation No. 3

3.  JOHN4 PRATT (PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79 was born Abt. 1631, and died Bef. February 05, 1713/14.  He married (2) ANN BARKER86,87 Abt. 1663, daughter of JOHN BARKER and ANNA WILLIAMS.  She was born 1643 in Marshfield, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, and died Aft. April 27, 1695.

Children of JOHN PRATT are:
 i. ABIGAIL5 PRATT94,95,96,97.
 ii. CALEB PRATT98,99,100,101.
 iii. JOSEPH PRATT106,107.
 iv. THOMAS PRATT113,114.
 v. WILLIAM PRATT115,116.

Children of JOHN PRATT and ANN BARKER are:
 vi. JOSHUA5 PRATT117,118, b. January 10, 1661/62, Kingstown, Washington, RI.
11. vii. DELIVERED PRATT, b. November 13, 1664, Kingstown, Washington, RI; d. Aft. 1726.
 viii. MARY PRATT121,122, b. Abt. 1666, Kingstown, Washington Co., RI.
12. ix. JOHN PRATT, b. October 1667, Kingstown, Washington Co., Rhode Island; d. Abt. 1728.
13. x. EBENEZER PRATT, b. August 31, 1669, Kingstown, Washington Co., Rhode Island; d. Bef. 1718.
 xi. PHINEAS PRATT125,126, b. April 1671, Kingstown, Washington Co., RI127,128.
 xii. JEREMIAH PRATT129,130, b. October 13, 1674, Kingstown, Washington Co., Rhode Island131,132; d. Aft. 1718133,134; m. ROSE; d. Aft. 1718.
 xiii. MERCY PRATT139,140, b. December 23, 1676, Kingstown, Washington Co., RI.

4.  MARY4 PRATT (PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)143,144,145,146,147,148,149,150,151,152,153,154 was born Abt. 1633 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts155,156,157,158,159,160, and died February 11, 1701/02 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts161,162,163,164,165,166.  She married JOHN SWANN167,168,169,170,,171,172,173 March 02, 1655/56 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.  He was born Abt. 1620 in England, and died June 05, 1708 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.

Children of MARY PRATT and JOHN SWANN are:
 i. SAMUEL5 SWAN187,188, b. April 03, 1657, Cambridge, Plymouth, MA; d. June 19, 1678.
 ii. MARY SWAN193,194, b. May 02, 1659, Cambridge, Plymouth, MA.
14. iii. ELIZABETH SWAN, b. July 14, 1661, Cambridge, Plymouth, MA; d. Bef. 1735.
 iv. LYDIA SWAN197,198, b. July 28, 1663, Cambridge, Plymouth, MA.
15. v. JOHN SWAN, b. May 01, 1665, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. Bef. 1738.
 vi. HANNAH SWAN201,202, b. February 27, 1667/68, Cambridge, Plymouth, MA.
16. vii. MERCY SWAN, b. Abt. 1670, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. June 23, 1748, Arlington, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
17. viii. EBENEZER SWAN, b. November 14, 1672, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. May 27, 1740, Arlington, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.

5.  SAMUEL4 PRATT (PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)205,206,207,208,209,210,211,212,213 was born Abt. 1636 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, and died March 26, 1676 in Near Rehobth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.  He married MARY BARKER220,221,222,223 Abt. 1667, daughter of JOHN BARKER and ANNA WILLIAMS.  She was born Abt. 1647 in Marshfield, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, and died Aft. May 15, 1711. Cause of Death: in the Pawtucket fight - Kiing Phillip's War

Children of SAMUEL PRATT and MARY BARKER are:
18. i. SARAH5 PRATT, b. Abt. 1668, Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts?; d. May 14, 1702, Middleboro, Middlesex Co., Masschusetts.
19. ii. SAMUEL PRATT, b. Bef. 1676, Scituate, Plymouth, MA; d. Abt. 1745, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA.

6.  DANIEL4 PRATT (PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)237,238,239,240,241,242,243 was born Abt. 1640 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, and died June 1680 in Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island.  He married ANNE250,251.  She died Aft. 1719.

Child of DANIEL PRATT and ANNE is:
20. i. RACHEL5 PRATT, d. Bef. 1715, Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island.

7.  MERCY4 PRATT (PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)254,255,256,257,258,259,260 was born Abt. 1642.  She married JEREMIAH HOLMAN267,268 Abt. 1662.  He was born Abt. 1629 in England, and died November 30, 1709 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.

21. i. ABRAHAM5 HOLMAN, b. Abt. 1672, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. Aft. 1726.
 ii. ISAAC HOLMAN275,276, b. April 12, 1663.
22. iii. JEREMIAH HOLMAN, b. August 29, 1670, Cambridge, Middlesex, MA; d. May 16, 1739, Bolton Or Stow.
 iv. MEHITABEL HOLMAN279,280, b. November 12, 1667; d. Aft. 1709.
 v. SARAH HOLMAN285,286, b. December 21, 1679.
 vi. DEBORAH HOLMAN289,290, b. Cambridge, Middlesex, MA?291,292; d. Aft. 1709; m. JOHN GARFIELD, November 03, 1687, Cambridge, Middlesex, MA; b. July 07, 1664, Watertown, Middlesex, MA; d. Bef. 1708.

8.  JOSEPH4 PRATT (PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)303,304,305,306,307,308,309,310,311,312,313,314 was born Abt. 1645 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, and died December 24, 1712 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.  He married (2) DORCAS FOLGER320,321,322,323 February 12, 1674/75 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts, daughter of PETER FOLGER and MARY MORRILL, of Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Children of JOSEPH PRATT are:
 i. MERCY5 PRATT334,335.
 ii. MARY PRATT336,337, b. September 16, 1675, Charlestown.
 iii. JOSEPH PRATT340,341, b. October 19, 1677, Charlestown.
 iv. BETHIA PRATT344,345, b. February 11, 1678/79, Charlestown.
 v. BENJAMIN PRATT348,349, b. January 19, 1680/81, Charlestown; d. February 20, 1680/81.
 vi. PHINEAS PRATT354,355, b. March 18, 1682/83, Charlestown.
 vii. DORCAS PRATT358,359, b. April 02, 1683, Charlestown; d. April 11, 1683.
 viii. JOSHUA PRATT364,365, b. June 28, 1686, Charlestown.
 ix. LYDIA PRATT368,369, b. November 28, 1688, Charlestown; d. August 31, 1694.
 x. SARAH PRATT374,375, b. Abt. 1690, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.

9.  PETER4 PRATT (PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)378,379,380,381,382,383,384,385,386 was born Abt. 1647 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts387,388,389, and died March 24, 1687/88 in Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut390,391.  He married as 2nd husband ELIZABETH GRISWOLD392,393,394,395 August 05, 1679 in Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut, daughter of MATTHEW GRISWOLD and ANN WOLCOTT.  She was born Bef. 1652, and died July 1727.

 i. PETER5 PRATT413,414, b. Abt. 1680.

10.  AARON4 PRATT (PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)417,418,419,420,421,422,423 was born Bet. 1649 - 1654 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts, and died February 23, 1734/35 in Hingham, Plymouth Co.,  Massachusetts.  He married (1) SARAH PRATT430,431,432,433,434 Abt. 1684 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, daughter of JOSEPH PRATT and SARAH JUDKINS.  She was born May 31, 1664 in Weymouth, Massachusetts, and died July 22, 1706 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.  He married (2) SARAH WRIGHT444,445,446,447,448 September 04, 1707 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.  She was born February 25, 1669/70 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, and died December 13, 1752 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. Abt. November 28, 1685, to the part of Hingham, MA known as the 1st div. of land Conohasset, 18a upland. Hingham house 2 stories, gable roof, stone lower story, windows  "quarrelled" Farm in the family many years. Occupation: farmer. SARAH WRIGHT: Burial: "lamented by all who knew her"

Children of AARON PRATT and SARAH PRATT are:
23. i. HENRY5 PRATT, b. June 05, 1685, Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; d. November 01, 1750, Newton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
 ii. DANIEL PRATT470,471,472,473,474, b. February 02, 1686/87, Hingham, Plymouth Co.,  Massachusetts; d. of Needham, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Occupation: blacksmith
24. iii. AARON PRATT, b. March 21, 1689/90; d. March 28, 1767, of Cohasset, Massachusetts.
 iv. JONATHAN PRATT484,485,486,487,488, b. November 06, 1692, Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, of Cohasset, Massachusetts Occupation: farmer
v. JOHN PRATT497,498,499,500,501, b. March 04, 1693/94.
 vi. SARAH PRATT512,513,514,515,516,517,518, b. October 23, 1695, Hingham, Plymouth Co.,  Massachusetts; m. WEEBS.
 vii. ELIZABETH PRATT530,531,532,533,534, b. December 05, 1697, Hingham, Plymouth Co.,  Massachusetts.
 viii. MOSES PRATT543,544,545,546,547, b. December 31, 1699, Hingham, Plymouth Co.,  Massachusetts. Occupation: mariner
 ix. MARY PRATT559,560,561,562,563, b. December 10, 1701, Hingham, Plymouth Co.,  Massachusetts.
 x. MERCY PRATT572,573,574,575,576,577,578, b. December 06, 1703, Hingham, Plymouth Co.,  Massachusetts; m. SAMUEL ORCUTT; d. , of Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.
 xi. HANNAH PRATT593,594,595,596,597, b. April 1706.

Children of AARON PRATT and SARAH WRIGHT are:
xii. ABIGAIL PRATT608,609,610,611, b. August 04, 1708.
 xiii. PHINEAS PRATT620,621,622,623,624, b. December 31, 1709.
 xiv. NATHANIEL PRATT635,636,637,638,639, b. Abt. 1712.
 xv. BENJAMIN PRATT656,657,658, b. March 13, 1710/11 Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; d. 1763, New York. Town offices: Chief Justice

Generation No. 4

11.  DELIVERED5 PRATT (JOHN4, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)668,669 was born November 13, 1664 in Kingston, Washington, RI, and died Aft. 1726.  She married JAMES TOWNSEND674,675 Abt. 1688.  He was born Abt. 1647 in Flushing, Long Island, NY?, and died Aft. 1698 in Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY.

 ii. JOSEPH TOWNSEND682,683, b. Abt. 1690, Oyster Bay, Long Island Co., NY; d. Abt. 1710.
 iii. PATIENCE TOWNSEND688,689, b. Abt. 1692, Oyster Bay, Long Island Co., NY.
 iv. JOSHUA TOWNSEND692,693, b. Abt. 1694, Oyster Bay, Long Island Co., NY.
 v. RUEMORN TOWNSEND696,697, b. Abt. 1698, Oyster Bay, Long Island Co., NY.

12.  JOHN5 PRATT (JOHN4, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)700,701 was born October 1667 in Kingston, Washington Co., Rhode Island, and died Abt. 1728.  He married ANN706,707.

Children of JOHN PRATT and ANN are:
 i. JONATHAN6 PRATT708,709.
 ii. ANN PRATT710,711.
 iii. MERCY PRATT712,713.
 iv. SARAH PRATT713.
 v. HANNAH PRATT714,715.
 vi. SARAH PRATT716,717.

13.  EBENEZER5 PRATT (JOHN4, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)718,719 was born August 31, 1669 in Kingston, Washington Co., Rhode Island, and died Bef. 1718.  He married MEHITABLE MUDGE724,725.  She died Aft. 1718.

 i. ANNE6 PRATT728,729, b. Abt. 1710.
 ii. OLIVER PRATT732,733, b. Abt. 1700; d. Aft. 173.

14.  ELIZABETH5 SWAN (MARY4 PRATT, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)738,739,740 was born July 14, 1661 in Cambridge, MA, and died Bef. 1735.  She married EZEKIAL RICHARDSON747,748,749 July 27, 1687 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.  He was born October 28, 1655 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA, and died March 13, 1732/33.

 i. THEOPHILUS6 RICHARDSON758,759,760, b. July 04, 1688, Woburn, Middlesex, MA; d. August 03, 1688.
 ii. ELIZABETH RICHARDSON767,768,769, b. October 20, 1689, Woburn, Middlesex, MA.
 iii. THEOPHILUS II RICHARDSON773,774,775, b. January 07, 1690/91, Woburn, Middlesex, MA.
 iv. EZEKIEL RICHARDSON779,780,781, b. April 22, 1694, Woburn, Middlesex, MA.
 v. ABIGAIL RICHARDSON785,786,787, b. January 15, 1696/97, Woburn, Middlesex, MA.
 vi. AARON RICHARDSON791,792,793, b. December 16, 1701, Woburn, Middlesex, MA.

15.  JOHN5 SWAN (MARY4 PRATT, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)797,798 was born May 01, 1665 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, and died Bef. 1738.  He married SARAH THOMPSON803,804 April 11, 1692 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.  She was born June 01, 1670 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, and died Abt. 1738.

Children of JOHN SWAN and SARAH THOMPSON are:
 i. JOHN6 SWAN809,810, b. January 02, 1692/93, Woburn, Middlesex, MA; d. March 01, 1692/93.
 ii. SARAH SWAN815,816, b. January 31, 1694/95, Woburn, Middlesex, MA.
 iii. JOHN SWAN819,820, b. July 05, 1698, Woburn, Middlesex, MA.
 iv. HANNAH SWAN823,824, b. March 12, 1700/01, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
 v. SAMUEL SWAN827,828, b. February 20, 1707/08, Woburn, Middlesex, MA.

16.  MERCY5 SWAN (MARY4 PRATT, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)831,832,833,834,834,834,835 was born Abt. 1670 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, and died June 23, 1748 in Arlington, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.  She married JOHN PERRY846,847,848,849,850,850,850,851,852 December 19, 1706 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, son of JOHN PERRY and SARAH CLARY.  He was born March 03, 1669/70 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, and died August 06, 1725 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.

Children of MERCY SWAN and JOHN PERRY are:
 i. JAMES6 PERRY870,871,872,873,874, b. December 27, 1711, Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.
 ii. MERCY PERRY880,881,882,883,884, b. August 08, 1709, Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.
 iii. EBENEZER PERRY890,891,892,893,894, b. January 10, 1706/07, Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.

17.  EBENEZER5 SWAN (MARY4 PRATT, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)899,900 was born November 14, 1672 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, and died May 27, 1740 in Arlington, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.  He married ELIZABETH BRUCE905,906 March 02, 1697/98 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.  She was born August 24, 1672 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, and died April 20, 1748 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.

 i. ELIZABETH6 SWAN911,912, b. March 29, 1699, Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.
 ii. SARAH SWAN915,916, b. February 26, 1699/00, Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.
 iii. EBENEZER SWAN919,920, b. March 23, 1702/03, Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.
 iv. MARY SWAN923,924, b. March 04, 1705/06, Cambridge, Middlesex, MA; d. Bef. 1750.
 v. SAMUEL SWAN929,930, b. April 05, 1711, Cambridge, Middlesex, MA; d. Bef. 1750.
 vi. WILLIAM SWAN935,936, b. January 31, 1712/13, Cambridge, Middlesex, MA; d. Bef. 1750.

18.  SARAH5 PRATT (SAMUEL4, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)941,942,943,944 was born Abt. 1668 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts?, and died May 14, 1702 in Middleboro, Middlesex Co., Masschusetts.  She married WILLIAM THOMAS949,950,951,952 July 30, 1691 in Taunton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts, son of DAVID THOMAS and JOANNA.  He was born Abt. 1665, and died April 05, 1734 in Middleboro, Middlesex Co., Masschusetts.

 i. JOANNA6 THOMAS959,960, b. May 10, 1693, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA.
 ii. SUSANNA THOMAS963,964, b. February 15, 1693/94, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA.
 iii. SARAH THOMAS967,968, b. December 06, 1696, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA.
 iv. ELIZABETH THOMAS971,972, b. October 27, 1698, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA; d. Abt. 1703.
25. v. WILLIAM THOMAS, b. March 18, 1698/99, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA; d. December 10, 1775, Middleboro MA.
 vi. MARY THOMAS977,978, b. December 04, 1701, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA.

19.  SAMUEL5 PRATT (SAMUEL4, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)981,982 was born Bef. 1676 in Scituate, Plymouth, MA, and died Abt. 1745 in Middleboro, Plymouth, MA.  He married HANNAH MILLER987,988 Abt. 1696.  She was born Bef. 1680, and died Bef. 1745 in Middleboro, Plymouth, MA.

 i. SAMUEL6 PRATT993,994, b. May 15, 1697, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA.
 ii. NATHAN PRATT997,998, b. June 20, 1703, Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; d. Aft. 1746.
26. iii. SARAH PRATT, b. August 18, 1705, Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; d. June 09, 1793, Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.
 iv. HANNAH PRATT1001,1002, b. May 17, 1708, Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; d. Aft. 1746.
 v. PHINEAS PRATT1007,1008, b. June 11, 1713, Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; d. Aft. 1746.
 vi. MARY PRATT1013,1014, b. July 11, 1716, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA; d. Aft. 1746.
 vii. JOHN PRATT1019,1020, b. August 22, 1700, Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.

20.  RACHEL5 PRATT (DANIEL4, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)1023,1024 died Bef. 1715 in Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island.  She married BENJAMIN BEERE1027,1028.  He was born June 06, 1674 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts, and died July 03, 1714 in Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island.

 i. JOB6 BEERE1033,1034, b. Abt. 1705, Providence, Providence Co., RI; d. Aft. 1719.
 ii. RACHEL BEERE1039,1040, b. Abt. 1707, Providence, Providence Co., RI.
 iii. BENJAMIN BEERE1043,1044, b. Abt. 1710, Providence, Providence Co., RI; d. Aft. 1722.
 iv. CHARLES BEERE1049,1050, b. Abt. 1712, Providence, Providence Co., RI.

21.  ABRAHAM5 HOLMAN (MERCY4 PRATT, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)1053,1054 was born Abt. 1672 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, and died Aft. 1726.  He married SUSANNAH1059,1060 Abt. 1696.  She was born Abt. 1674, and died June 13, 1756 in Bolton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.

Children of ABRAHAM HOLMAN and SUSANNAH are:
 i. ABRAHAM6 HOLMAN1065,1066, b. August 15, 1697, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
 ii. NATHANIEL HOLMAN1069,1070, b. Abt. 1701, Lexington, Middlesex, MA.
 iii. SUSANNA HOLMAN1073,1074, b. May 20, 1702.

22.  JEREMIAH5 HOLMAN (MERCY4 PRATT, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)1077,1078 was born August 29, 1670 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA, and died May 16, 1739 in Bolton Or Stow.  He married ABIGAIL1083,1084.  She was born Abt. 1672, and died November 06, 1746 in Stow, Middlesex, MA.

Children of JEREMIAH HOLMAN and ABIGAIL are:
 i. MARY6 HOLMAN1089,1090, b. Sudbury, Middlesex, MA.
 ii. ABIGAIL HOLMAN1093,1094, b. January 05, 1692/93, Sudbury, Middlesex, MA.
 iii. JEREMIAH HOLMAN1097,1098, b. May 11, 1696, Sudbury, Middlesex, MA.
 iv. NATHANIEL HOLMAN1101,1102, b. Abt. 1704, Sudbury, Middlesex, MA; d. June 18, 1704.

23.  HENRY5 PRATT (AARON4, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)1107,1108,1109,1110,1111 was born June 05, 1685 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, and died November 01, 1750 in Newton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.  He married HANNAH1120,1121,1122,1123,1124 December 1709 in Newton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Occupation: blacksmith

Children of HENRY PRATT and HANNAH are:
 i. OLIVER6 PRATT1137,1138,1139,1140,1141, b. December 04, 1711.
 ii. ZEBEDIAH PRATT1152,1153,1154,1155,1156, b. November 25, 1712.
 iii. HANNAH PRATT1167,1168,1169,1170,1171, b. March 16, 1713/14.
 iv. NOAH PRATT1182,1183,1184,1185,1186, b. September 10, 1715.
 v. LEMUEL PRATT1197,1198,1199,1200,1201, b. May 19, 1719.
 vi. SARAH PRATT1212,1213,1214,1215,1216, b. June 10, 1721.
 vii. SYBIL PRATT1227,1228,1229,1230,1231, b. June 19, 1723.
 viii. EBENEZER PRATT1242,1243,1244,1245,1246, b. February 23, 1724/25.
 ix. JEREMIAH PRATT1257,1258,1259,1260,1261, b. July 25, 1726.
 x. SILAS PRATT1272,1273,1274,1275,1276, b. March 23, 1727/28.
 xi. MOSES PRATT1287,1288,1289,1290,1291, b. June 27, 1729.
 xii. MERCY PRATT1302,1303,1304,1305,1306, b. March 16, 1732/33.
27. xiii. HENRY PRATT, b. November 29, 1717, Needham, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; d. August 13, 1745, Medway, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts.

24.  AARON5 PRATT (AARON4, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)1317,1318,1319,1320,1321,1322,1323,1324 was born March 21, 1689/90, and died March 28, 1767 in of Cohasset, Massachusetts.  He married MARY WHITCOMB1335,1336,1337.  She died September 03, 1776.  1729, built house, heirs left 1000 acres in Hingham, MA, 300 a in Maine. Occupation: farmer

Children of AARON PRATT and MARY WHITCOMB are:
 i. AARON6 PRATT1350,1351,1352, m. COLLIER.
28. ii. THOMAS PRATT, b. November 25, 1736, Cohasset, Massachusetts; d. October 18, 1818.
 iii. SAMUEL PRATT1356,1357,1358, d. unmarried.
 iv. MARY PRATT1362,1363,1364, m. JOB TOWER.
 v. SARAH PRATT1368,1369,1370, m. JESSANIAH NICHOLS1371,1372,1373.
 vi. JOHN PRATT1374,1375,1376, b. 1729; m. BETHIA TOWER1380,1381,1382, August 19, 1775.
 vii. JOSEPH PRATT1386,1387,1388.

Generation No. 5

25.  WILLIAM6 THOMAS (SARAH5 PRATT, SAMUEL4, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)1389,1390,1391,1392 was born March 18, 1698/99 in Middleboro, Plymouth, MA, and died December 10, 1775 in Middleboro MA.  He married HANNAH TURNER1398,1399,1400 June 22, 1721 in Middleboro MA, daughter of JAPHETH TURNER and HANNAH HATCH.  She was born September 08, 1702 in Pembroke MA, and died Bef. August 1766.

29. i. ISAIAH7 THOMAS, b. September 13, 1722, Middleboro, Massachusetts; of North Port, Rhode Island.

26.  SARAH6 PRATT (SAMUEL5, SAMUEL4, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)1410,1411 was born August 18, 1705 in Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, and died June 09, 1793 in Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.  She married EBENEZER BARROWS1416,1417 in Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, son of SAMUEL BARROWS and MERCY COOMBS.  He was born July 27, 1702 in Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, and died April 23, 1792 in Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.

 i. MERCY7 BARROWS1422,1423, b. March 21, 1727/28, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA.
 ii. HANNAH BARROWS1426,1427, b. April 21, 1731, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA.
 iii. SARAH BARROWS1430,1431, b. May 26, 1733, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA; m. ABRAHAM SHAW1434,1435, November 01, 1753, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA; b. March 01, 1728/29, Taunton, Bristol, MA; d. July 08, 1808, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA.
 iv. SUSANNA BARROWS1440,1441, b. Abt. 1735, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA.
 v. SAMUEL BARROWS1444,1445, b. April 04, 1738, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA.
 vi. MARY BARROWS1448,1449, b. February 11, 1739/40, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA; d. May 22, 1759.
 vii. JOHN BARROWS1454,1455, b. October 13, 1743, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA.
 viii. DEBORAH BARROWS1458,1459, b. December 18, 1747, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA.
 ix. EBENEZER BARROWS1462,1463, b. August 15, 1750, Middleboro, Plymouth, MA.

27. DR. HENRY6 PRATT (HENRY5, AARON4, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)1466,1467,1468,1469,1470 was born November 29, 1717 in Needham, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, and died August 13, 1745 in Medway, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts.  He married SARAH FULLER1477,1478,1479,1480,1481 September 30, 1741 in Newton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, daughter of JONATHAN FULLER and SARAH MYRICK.  She was born October 30, 1720 in Newton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, and died January 11, 1783 in Sherborn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Administration of the estate of Henry Pratt, physician of Medway, was granted to Sarah Pratt of Medway, widow on September 25, 1745.

Children of HENRY PRATT and SARAH FULLER are:
 i. ESTHER7 PRATT1490,1491,1492,1493,1494, b. March 28, 1741.
 ii. BEULAH PRATT1505,1506,1507,1508,1509,1510,1511,1512, b. March 15, 1742/43.
30. iii. HENRY PRATT, b. February 14, 1744/45, Needham Massachusetts; d. August 13, 1746, Medway Massachusetts.

28.  THOMAS6 PRATT (AARON5, AARON4, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)1530,1531,1532 was born November 25, 1736 in Cohasset, Massachusetts, and died October 18, 1818.  He married SARAH PRATT1539,1540,1541, daughter of JONATHAN PRATT and ABIGAIL NEAL. Wife his cousin. Military service: December 1776, Rev. War - Capt. Peter Cushing's Co., Col. Solomon Lovel's Regt.

Children of THOMAS PRATT and SARAH PRATT are:
 i. BENJAMIN7 PRATT1548,1549,1550, b. December 01, 1766, Cohasset, Massachusetts; d. September 25, 1855.
 ii. ABIGAIL PRATT1557,1558,1559, b. February 17, 1768, Cohasset, Massachusetts; d. February 09, 1856.
 iii. SARAH PRATT1566,1567,1568, b. January 25, 1769, Cohasset, Massachusetts; d. March 06, 1835; m. BENJAMIN BRIGGS.
 iv. JAMES PRATT1578,1579,1580, b. October 22, 1770, Cohasset, Massachusetts; d. January 1795; m. ELIZABETH L. BURRILL.
 v. THOMAS PRATT1589,1590,1591, b. Cohasset, Massachusetts; died young; m. LUCY TURNER1597,1598,1599.
 vi. BETSEY PRATT1600,1601,1602, b. August 04, 1775, Cohasset, Massachusetts; m. CALEB MANN.
 vii. DAVID PRATT1609,1610,1611, b. May 07, 1777, Cohasset, Massachusetts; d. September 15, 1812, unmarried.
 viii. ALICE PRATT1618,1619,1620, b. July 18, 1778, Cohasset, Massachusetts; d. November 14, 1867; m. CAPTAIN WILLIAM KILBURN.
 ix. JOB PRATT1629,1630,1631, b. December 01, 1779, Cohasset, Massachusetts; d. January 07, 1853; m. (1) PATIENCE COLE1638,1639,1640; m. (2) LUCRETIA OAKES1641,1642,1643, 1801; m. (3) MARY HOWE1646,1647,1648, 1841.
 x. PHINEAS PRATT1651,1652,1653, b. January 23, 1783, Cohasset, Massachusetts.
 xi. ELEAZER PRATT1657,1658,1659, b. January 01, 1785, Cohasset, Massachusetts.
 xii. REVEREND HENRY PRATT1666,1667,1668, b. October 16, 1781, Cohasset, Massachusetts; d. Aft. 1869, of Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts; m. CLARA STOCKBRIDGE1675,1676,1677, December 02, 1818. 1850, graduated Williams College, 1853 graduated East Windsor Seminary. Congregational minister until 1869 at Dudley.

Generation No. 6

29.  ISAIAH7 THOMAS (WILLIAM6, SARAH5 PRATT, SAMUEL4, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)1686,1687,1688 was born September 13, 1722 in Middleboro, Massachusetts, of North Port, Rhode Island.  He married KEZHIA HOLMES1695,1696,1697 October 03, 1745 in Kingston, Massachusetts, daughter of JOSEPH HOLMES and MARY BREWSTER.  She was born March 23, 1718/19 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, and died June 22, 1787 in Kingston, Massachusetts.

31. i. KEZIAH8 THOMAS, b. June 23, 1751, Kingston, Massachusetts; d. December 13, 1777, Plympton, Massachusetts.

30.  HENRY7 PRATT (HENRY6, HENRY5, AARON4, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)1707,1708,1709,1710,1711 was born February 14, 1744/45 in Needham Massachusetts, and died August 13, 1746 in Medway Massachusetts.  He married ELIZABETH MURDOCK1718,1719,1720 October 02, 1769, daughter of JOSHUA MURDOCK and ESTHER CHILD.  She was born September 14, 1750, and died September 30, 1808.

32. i. ESTHER8 PRATT, b. October 21, 1770, of Sturbridge, Worcester Co.,  Massachusetts; d. November 09, 1812.

Generation No. 7

31.  KEZIAH8 THOMAS (ISAIAH7, WILLIAM6, SARAH5 PRATT, SAMUEL4, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)1727,1728,1729 was born June 23, 1751 in Kingston, Massachusetts, and died December 13, 1777 in Plympton, Massachusetts.  She married (1) REVEREND JOB CUSHMAN1736,1737,1738, son of THOMAS CUSHMAN and ANN CHIPMAN.  He was born August 15, 1753 in Plympton, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, and died January 08, 1826 in Campo Bello, New Brunswick.  She married (2) NATHANIEL COOK1748,1749,1750 September 27, 1770 in Kingston.  He was born April 11, 1747 in Kingston, and died May 31, 1772 in Kingston.  Burial: Buried small Pox Cem. Plympton, MA.  REVEREND JOB CUSHMAN: Burial: Buried Eastport, ME

33. i. KEZIAH9 CUSHMAN, b. January 16, 1774, Plympton, MA; d. March 26, 1837, or 1857 Paris ME?.

32.  ESTHER8 PRATT (HENRY7, HENRY6, HENRY5, AARON4, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)1769,1770,1771,1772,1773,1774,1775,1776, was born October 21, 1770 of Sturbridge, Worcester Co.,  Massachusetts, and died November 09, 1812.  She married BENJAMIN CLOYES1801,1802,1803,1804,1805,1806,1807,1808,1809,1810,1811,1812,1813,1814,1815,1816,1817,1818,1819,1820,1821,1822 August 21, 1792 in Dudley, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, son of ELIJAH CLOYES and ABIGAIL PEPPER.  He was born March 20, 1767 in Framingham, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, and died November 01, 1817 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts, of Sturbridge, Massachusetts (or NH?). See Cloyes page for more on this family.

Generation No. 8

33.  KEZIAH9 CUSHMAN (KEZIAH8 THOMAS, ISAIAH7, WILLIAM6, SARAH5 PRATT, SAMUEL4, PHINEAS3, HENRY2, JOHN1)1977,1978,1979 was born January 16, 1774 in Plympton, MA, and died March 26, 1837 in or 1857 Paris ME?.  She married LUKE RYERSON1986,1987,1988 August 29, 1794 in Hebron or Paris ME, son of LUKE RYERSON and ABIGAIL ELLERY.  He was born August 25, 1772, and died January 17, 1826 in Paris ME.

 i. COLONEL ALEXANDER10 RYERSON2004,2005,2006, b. August 13, 1812; d. August 11, 1874, Oxford, Maine; m. (1) COLUMBIA STETSON2013,2014,2015, b. December 24, 1812, Sumner, ME; d. January 10, 1854, buried in Mechanics Falls, ME; m. (2) ELIZABETH BUCKMAN2025,2026,2027.
Will of Alexander Ryerson: Be it known that I, Alexander Ryerson of Oxford in the County of Oxford and State of Maine, being weak in body, but of a sound and perfect mind and memory do make publish and declare this my last will and testament , in manner and form following.
FIRST.  I order and direct my executors herein _____ to pay all my just debts and ____ charges as soon as may be after my decease.
SECOND. I order and direct my said executors to purchase one quarter of a square in the Maple Grove Cemetery at Mechanics Falls and remove the bodies of my deceased wife, son, and grandchild, now buried in Sumner to the quarter square in the cemetery above mentioned.
THIRD.  I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth O. twelve hundred dollors in money, she ____ in consideration of the _____  to quitclaim all her right of dower in all my real estate.
FOURTH.  I give and bequeath to my daughter Hannah J. my two best beds with suitable bedding.
FIFTH.  I give and bequeath to my daughter Angelia, my third best bed with suitable bedding and parlor carpet.
SIXTH.  I give bequeath and devise to my seven children, Hannah J., Angelia, Algeron S., Gustavus H., Elbridge S., Herbert ? and Alexander E.  all the rest, residence, and remainder of my estate, real, personal and mixed _____ and however situated, and I do hereby appoint my said son, Algeron S. and Josiah A. Buckman, executors of this my last will and testament.
In witness ______, I have hereunto set my hand this thirtieth day of June in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy four,
Alexander Ryerson
____, published and declared by the said Alexander Ryerson to be his last will and testament in presence of us, who at his request, in his presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto.
B.F. Waterman         Benjamin Sanborn        Sidney R. Sanborn

Stones side by side:  Col. Alexander Ryerson died Aug. 11, 1874 @62 yrs. 11 ms. 28 ds.
Columbia Wife of Col. A. Ryerson & daughter of Col. Abel Stetson Died Jan. 10, 1854 @42



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