Van Dorn Van Dorn Family

"As early as 1088, or more than eight hundred years ago, the name "van Doorn" was in use in Holland, and, although there were variations in the spelling to a slight extent during the Middle Ages, that form of the name is more general to-day in the Netherlands than any other.
The remote Holland family of the name of van Doorn divided into various branches, but were located chiefly in the province of Brabant and Utrecht. many members of the family early rose to distinction, were honored as part of the "nobility", and possessed coats-of-arms. Some of these went into Belgium, when that country was a part of the Netherlands; a very few went to France and to Germany. The great bulk of the stock always remained sturdily Dutch." (The VanDoorn Family)

Generation No. 1

1.  PIETER1 VANDOORN1,2,3 was born Abt. 1609 in Gravesend, Holland, Netherlands4,5,6, and died Bef. 16597,8,9.  He married (1) CATHARYN STELTING10,11,12 Abt. 1629 in Denmark13,14,15. He m. (2) JANNTEJE RANCKEN about 1657. He died about 1658. Emigrated to America, date unknown. He resided in the vicinity of Gowanus (now within the borough of Brooklyn).

2. i. CHRISTIAN PIETERSZEN2 VAN DOORN, b. Abt. 1635, Eusum, Holstein, (then Denmark), Germany; d. Bef. 1686.

iii. JANNETJE VANDOORN, baptized 1659

Generation No. 2

2.  CHRISTIAN PIETERSZEN2 VAN DOORN (PIETER1 VANDOORN)16,17,18 was born Abt. 1635 in Eusum, Holstein, (then Denmark), Germany19,20,21, and died Bef. 168622,23,24.  He married TRYNTJE CORNELIUS SHUBBER25,26,27 October 28, 1657 in New Amsterdam, New York28,29,30, daughter of CORNELIUS SHUBBER and ADRIANTJE WALLINGS.  She was born Abt. 1637 born in Durgerdam, Holland, Netherlands31,32,33, and died  in Long Island, New York34,35,36.

3. i. JACOB3 VAN DOORN, b. October 21, 1668, Brooklyn, Gowanus, Kings Co., New York; d. May 21, 1720, Long Island, New York.

Generation No. 3

3.  JACOB3 VAN DOORN (CHRISTIAN PIETERSZEN2, PIETER1 VANDOORN)37,38,39 was christened: October 21, 1668, Dutch Church57,58,59, and died May 21, 1720 near Hillsdale, Monmouth Co., New Jersey43,44,45.  He married MARYTJE BENNETT46,47,48 1692 in Brooklyn, Gowanus, Kings Co., New York49,50, daughter of ARIE/ADRIAAN BENNETT (son of William Adriaense Bennett and Maria Thomas Badie) and ANGENIETJE VAN DYCK (dau of Jan Thourasse Van Dyck and Tryntje Achias Haegen).  She was born Abt. 1659 in Gowanus, Kings Co., New York51,52,53, and died 1735 in Monmouth, New Jersey54,55,56.

i. AURE4 VAN DOORN, b. 1693; d.  September 1748. He married ANTIE SCHENCK 1730, daughter of JAN SCHENCK and SARAH
COUWENHOVEN. Children:  i. Mary VanDorn, married John J. Covenhoven November 5, 1750. ii. Jacob VanDorn, born 01 Jan 1733/34; died September 9, 1785.  iii. Sarah VanDorn, born Abt. 1736; died Abt. 1785. iv. Antje VanDorn, born March 1, 1737/38; died June 1, 1765.
ii. ENGELTJE/EUGENTJE VAN DOORN, b. October 9, 1696; d. September 20, 1747; m. ROELOF GERRETSE SCHENCK abt 1718, was born April 27, 1697 in LI, Flatlands, Kings Co., NY, and died August 22, 1768 in Pleasant Valley, Monmouth Co., NJ, son of Gerret Roelofse Schenck and Neeltje Cornelia (VanVoorhees) Schenck. Children; i. Garret Roelofse Schenck, b. May 31, 1719; d. July 03, 1794, Hunterdon Co., NJ.  ii. Marike Roelofse Schenck, b. June 03, 1720; d. 1755.  iii. William Roelofse Schenck, b. 1721, Province, NJ; d. December 13, 1806,
Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ.  iv. Nelke Roelofse Schenck, b. January 17, 1723/24; m. Derick Sutphin, February 18, 1742/43; b. March 18, 1715/16; d. April 12, 1777, Peapack, Somerset Co., NJ.  v. Jaacob Roelofse Schenck, b. May 01, 1726; d. December 19, 1786, Penns Neck, Salem Co., NJ; m. Mary Conover; b. January 21, 1741/42; d. March 1829.  vi. Annati Roelofse Schenck, b. May 01, 1726; d. September 25, 1812.  vii. Cathryna Roelofse Schenck, b. May 22, 1730; m. Aert Van Dyke, 1755.  viii. Margaret Roelofse Schenck, b. 1732; d. 1808; m. Abram Emmans, December 12, 1750; b. 1727; d. 1809.  ix. Agnes Schenck, b. May 05, 1734; d. Aft. 1800; m. (1) John Van Dorn, June 30, 1756; b. January 06, 1732/33; m. (2) Honce Voorhees, Aft. 1757.  x. Roelof Roelofse Schenck, b. April 05, 1737; d. October 22, 1823, Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ.  xi. John Roelofse Schenck, b. February 03, 1739/40; d. October 10, 1794, Penns Neck, Salem Co., NJ; m. Maria Van Dorn, November 12, 1763; b. November 03, 1746; d. March 08, 1808
iii. CHRISTIAN VAN DOORN, b. August 11, 1699, Christening: September 17, 1699, L I, Brooklyn Dutch Church, Kings Co., NY; d. July 20, 1781; m. December 11, 1723 in Middlebush, Somerset Co., NJ, ALTJE SCHENCK, daughter of JAN SCHENCK and SARAH COUWENHOVEN, born April 13, 1705 in Holmdel, Monmouth Co., NJ, and died May 17, 1801 in Middlebush, Somerset Co., NJ.  Burial: Cedar Grove Cem., L I, Flushing, Queens Co., NY. Children; i. Jacob Van Dorn, b. December 09, 1724, Bedminster, Somerset Co., NJ; d. September 11, 1811; m. (1) Phebe VanDervere, Abt. 1756; m. (2) Jane Ditmars, Abt. 1783.  ii. John Van Dorn, b. April 13, 1726, Middlebush,
Somerset Co., NJ; d. November 02, 1815; m. Martha Lott, Abt. 1749.  iii. William Van Dorn, b. November 13, 1727, Middlebush, Somerset Co., NJ; d. August 09, 1786; m. (1) Maria Wyckoff; m. (2) Catherine Hoff. iv. Maria Van Dorn, b. February 09, 1728/29; d. 1822; m. Petrus Nevius, Aft. 1746.  v. Aaron Van Dorn, b. August 08, 1730, Middlebush, Somerset Co., NJ; d. December 27, 1792; m. Margaret Stillwell.
vi. Sarah Van Doren, b. February 22, 1731/32, Middlebush, Somerset Co., NJ; d. November 17, 1816; m. (1) Robert Hood; m. (2) Jeremiah Lambert. vii. Christian Van Dorn, b. May 15, 1734, Middlebush, Somerset Co., NJ; d. 1783; m. (1) Maria Nevius; m. (2) Alche Van Bryck, Abt. 1756.  viii. Roeliff Van Dorn, b. June 12, 1734, Middlebush, Somerset Co., NJ; d. Abt. 1762.  ix. Alche Van Dorn, b. November 18, 1735, Middlebush, Somerset Co., NJ; d. October 13, 1828; m. Simon Wyckoff, June 10, 1756.  x. Nelly Van Dorn, b. May 15, 1737, Middlebush, Somerset Co., NJ; d. August 12, 1796; m. Jacque Vorhees, Abt. 1761.  xi. Abraham Van Dorn, b. December 30, 1738, Middlebush,
Somerset Co., NJ; d. December 29, 1805; m. Anne Van Dyke, Abt. May 1768.  xii. Peter Van Dorn, b. March 18, 1739/40, Middlebush, Somerset Co., NJ; d. November 1820; m. Frances Huff, Abt. 1768. Probate: December 14, 1820.  xiii. Jane Van Dorn, b. October 25, 1741; d. Aft. 1780; m. John Sutphen, Aft. April 09, 1764.  xiv. Isaac Van Dorn, b. November 12, 1744, Middlebush, Somerset Co., NJ; d. December 25, 1828; m. Sarah Opie, Abt. 1773.  xv. Cornelius Van Dorn, b. September 25, 1746, Middlebush, Somerset Co., NJ; d. 1834; m. Elizabeth Wyckoff, 1779, Middlebush, Somerset Co., NJ.  xvi. Joseph Van Dorn, b. June 15, 1748, Middlebush, Somerset Co., NJ; d. February 05, 1801; m. Sarah Vanderbilt, Abt. 1775. xvii. Benjamin Van Dorn, b. July 22, 1751; d. February 04, 1804; m. (1) Sophia Van Dyke, December 10, 1780; m. (2) Dinah Ditmars, January 08, 1789.
iv. WILLIAM VAN DOORN b. about 1701; d. about 1730.
4. v. JACOBUS4 VAN DOORN, b. January 21, 1702/03, Marlboro, Monmouth Co., New Jersey; d. February 26, 1779, Trenton, New Jersey.
vi. ANGENYCTIE VAN DOORN, b. 1705; d. July 26, 1777.
vii. CATHERINE VAN DOORN, b. 1707.
viii. ABRAHAM VAN DOORN, b. 1709; d. 1795.
ix. PETER VAN DOORN, b. 1711; died young in Shoal Harbor.
x. ISAAC VAN DOORN, b. 1715; d. after 1762.

Generation No. 4

4.  JACOBUS4 VAN DOORN (JACOB3, CHRISTIAN PIETERSZEN2, PIETER1 VANDOORN)60,61,62 was born January 21, 1702/03 in Marlboro, Monmouth Co., New Jersey63,64,65, Christened: April 27, 1703, Brooklyn, New Jersey87,88,89, and died February 26, 1779 in Trenton, New Jersey66,67,68.  He married (1) MARITJE JANSE SCHENCK69,70,71 abt 1729 in New Jersey72,73,74, daughter of JAN SCHENCK (son of Roelof Martensen Schenck and Neeltje Gerretse Van Couwenhoven) and SARAH VAN KOUWENHOVEN, born August 08, 1712 in Pleasant Valley, Dutchess Co., NY, and died October 31, 175678,79,80.  He married (2) RACHEL SCHENCK81,82,83 October 27, 1763 in New Jersey84,85,86. She was the widow of Guysbert Longsteet.

i. JACOB5 VAN DOORN, b. January 6, 1731; d. 1761; m. AGNES SCHENCK, June 30, 1756; b. May 05, 1734; d. Aft. 1800
ii. JOHN VAN DOORN, b. 1733; d. after 1800.
iii. WILLIAM VAN DOORN, b. 1736; d. 1816.
iv. ISAAC VAN DOORN, b. 1739; d. 1749.
v. SARAH VAN DOORN, b. 1741; d. 1825.
vi. AARON/AURIE VAN DOORN, b. September 14, 1744; d. July 14, 1830; m. GEESIE SCHENCK, May 09, 1765; b. Abt. 1748, Christening: October 23, 1748. First cousins.
vii. MARY VAN DOORN, b. November 3, 1746, d. March 08, 1808; m. JOHN ROELOFSE SCHENCK, November 12, 1763; b. February 03, 1739/40; d. October 10, 1794, Penns Neck, Salem Co., NJ
viii. ISAAC VAN DOORN, b. 1752, d. 1831.
5. ix. PETER VAN DOORN, b. July 04, 1755, Marlborough, Monmouth Co., New Jersey; d. April 18, 1834, Marlborough, Monmouth Co., New Jersey.
x. ANNE VAN DOORN, b. 1756; 1849.

Generation No. 5

5.  PETER5 VAN DOORN (JACOBUS4, JACOB3, CHRISTIAN PIETERSZEN2, PIETER1 VANDOORN)93,94,95 was born July 04, 1755 in Marlborough, Monmouth Co., New Jersey96,97,98, Christened: August 31, 1755111,112,113, and died April 18, 1834 in Marlborough, Monmouth Co., New Jersey99,100,101.  He married JANNETJE E. WILLIAMSON102,103,104 January 09, 1777 in New Jersey105,106,107, daughter of ELBERT WILLIAMSON and WILLEMTJE SCHENCK. She was born July 5, 1758 and died January 28, 1845.   Burial: Old Brick Church, Marlborough, New Jersey108,109,110

i. MARY6 VANDORN, b. 1778; d. 1865. Married SMOCK.
6. ii. JACOB PETER6 VAN DORN, b. October 30, 1779, of Spotswood, Middlesex, New Jersey; d. October 25, 1848, Livingston Co., New York.
iii. ALBERT VAN DORN b. 1781; d. 1849.
iv. WILLIAMPE VANDORN, b. 1784; d. 1866. Married DR. BENJAMIN DEBOIS.
v. ANNE VANDORN, b. 1786; d. 1786.
vi. JOHN VANDORN, b. 1787; d. 1864.
vii. WILLIAM VANDORN, b. 1790; d. 1850.
viii. ISAAC PETER VANDORN, b. 1793; d. 1858.
ix. PETER P. VANDORN, b. 1794; d. 1877.
x. ARTHUR VANDORN, b. 1797; d. 1854.
xi. JANE VANDORN, b. 1799; d. 1837. Married ELISHA HOLMES.
xii. SARAH VANDORN, b. 1803; d. 1888.

Generation No. 6

6.  JACOB PETER6 VAN DORN (PETER5 VAN DOORN, JACOBUS4, JACOB3, CHRISTIAN PIETERSZEN2, PIETER1 VANDOORN)114,115,116 was born October 30, 1779 of Spotswood, Middlesex, New Jersey117,118,119, and died October 25, 1848 near Mt. Morris, Livingston Co., New York120,121,122.  He married (1) GITTY JANE SHENCK123,124,125 February 04, 1802 in Old Brick church, Marlboro, New Jersey126,127,128.    He married (2) HANNAH PERRINE129,130,131 December 16, 1819132,133,134. Hannah was born August 27, 1797, and d. July 23, 1873.

i. SARAH7 VANDORN, b. 1803; d. 1873

ii. PETER VAN DORN, b. 1820; d. after 1909.
7. iii. ELIZABETH VAN DORN, b. April 02, 1822; d. October 10, 1853, Age 31 years 5 months 15 days, Brooks Grove, Livingston Co., New York.
iv. WILLIAM PERRINE VAN DORN, b. 1823; d. 1843.
v. GERTRUDE JANE VAN DORN, b. 1825; d. after 1909.
vi. CORNELIUS VAN DORN, b. 1827; d. 1854.
vii. DELILAH VAN DORN, b. 1829; d. 1885,
viii. HARRIET VAN DORN, b. 1831; d. 1845
ix. MARIA LOUSIA VAN DORN, b. 1833; d. 1842.
x. LUCRETIA ELIZA VAN DORN, b. 1833; d. 1850. Twin.
xi. JACOB VAN DORN, b. 1835; d. after 1909.
xii. JOHN VAN DORN, b. 1837; d. after 1909.
xiii. LEWIS G. VAN DORN, b. 1839; d. 1842.

Generation No. 7

7.  ELIZABETH7 VAN DORN (JACOB PETER6, PETER5 VAN DOORN, JACOBUS4, JACOB3, CHRISTIAN PIETERSZEN2, PIETER1 VANDOORN)135,136,137 was born April 02, 1822138,139,140 Englishtown, New Jersey, and died October 10, 1853 in Age 31 years 5 months 15 days, Brooks Grove, Livingston Co., New York141,142,143.  She married ABRAHAM BARTHOLOMEW144,145,146 April 29, 1841147,148,149, son of DANIEL BARTHOLOMEW and ELIZABETH SWALLOW.  He was born October 20, 1817150,151,152,153, and died September 2, 1889 of Mount Morris, Livingston Co., New York154,155,156. Burial: Oakhill Cemetery, Brooks Grove, Livingston Co., New York157,158. See Bartholomew page for more information on descendants.

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