Vassall J John Vassal, b. September 7, 1713

1732, graduated Harvard370,371

November 11, 1734 Eliakim Hutchinson, buys 1/3 part of land of John Vassall. (SD 74:209) S. side Milk St. (Thwing database)

July 26, 1736, bought estate at Phipp's farm.

Built two large houses.  His home was on east corner of Brattle and Hawthorne streets in Cambridge 1736 - 1741.  His 1st home on Phips' farm at the corner of Brattle and Ash Streets was sold to brother Colonel Henry Vassal on December 30, 1741.  This house later belonged to Samuel Bathelder Esq.  In 1746 he bought the adjoining farm on 6 acres on the N. side of Brattle Street.
In the churchyard in Cambridge may be seen supported by five pillars upon which, with the name of Colonel John Vassal, are sculpted the words, VAS-SOL, and the emblems, a goblet and the sun.  (200 Years Ago, or,  A Brief History of Cambridgeport and East Cambridge;  History of Cambridge, Massachusetts p. 758)
The monument over it is a massive freestone slab, resting upon five columns. It bears no inscription. only the heraldic emblems of the family--the vase and sun,--and forms one of the most conspicuous features in the cemetery. It passed with the estate into the hands of Andrew Craigie, Esq., and is now owned by his heirs. An examination was made June 24, 1862. Twenty-five interments have been made in the vault, and in almost every case the coffin was found to be entire. Those which, from their position at the farthest end of the vault, were supposed to contain the remains of Colonel Vassall and his first wife were in fine preservation. Besides, this tomb is known to contain the remains of John Foster, died Nov. 1, 1836, ae. fifty-two; Andrew Foster, M. D., died May 17, 1831, ae. fifty; Thomas Foster, M. D., died Feb. 4, 1831. ae. forty-six; James and George Foster, died August and September, 1817; Elizabeth C. Haven, died Feb. 10, 1826; Mrs. Lydia G. Haven, died March 10, 1836, and Andrew Craigie, Esq."  (The Foster Genealogy)

At one point was involved in law suits for defamation of character and personal insults against Samuel Whittemore, John Hovey and Samuel Gookin.  He lost the suit and was obliged to pay costs.    (History of Cambridge, Massachusetts p. 131, 132)

His title may have been derived from the command of a Troop.    (History of Cambridge, Massachusetts p. 407)

1752;  An inventory of the clothing left by him.   Executors of will, Richard, Bill and Joshua Henshaw.  (History of Cambridge, Massachusetts p. 675)

Ancestry of John Vassal

The Vassall family has ever been distinguished for enterprise, magnanimity, and noble bearing. If some of this name were not only often, but always, for their king it must be admitted that they made as great sacrifices to loyalty as did their forefathers to liberty." The Vassals were connected by marriage and business dealings with the Olivers and Royalls. All three families had acquired great wealth in the West Indies, and although they lost their great possessions in New England, by the Confiscation Act, yet they were much better situated than their fellow sufferers as they retained their West Indian estates till they, too, became worthless, after the emancipation of the slaves.

Generation No. 1

1.  JOHN1 VASSAL was of Caen, Normandy, France.  From the ancient house of De Vassall, Barons de Gourdon in Querci Perigord. He was a Huguenot of Normandy, sent into England by his father because of the troubles in France.

Children of JOHN VASSAL are:
2. i. JOHN2 VASSAL, b. 1544, of Caen, Normandy, France; d. September 13, 1625, Ratcliffe, Stepney, Essex, England.
 ii. JUDITH VASSAL, b. 1556.

Generation No. 2

2.  JOHN2 VASSAL (JOHN1) of Caen, Normandy, France, died September 13, 1625 in Ratcliffe, Stepney, Essex, England.  He married (1) ANNE HEWES September 25, 1569 in St. Dunstans, Stepney, Middlesex, England.  He married (2) September 04, 1580, ANNE RUSSELL of Ratcliffe, Co Middlesex, buried May 5, 1593.  He married (3) JUDITH BOROUGH May 23, 1594 in Ratcliffe, Essex, England, daughter of STEPHEN BOROUGH and JOAN OVERYE of Stepney and of Chatham, County Kent, and widow of THOMAS SCOTT of Colchester, County Essex. A subscriber for two shares of stock in the Virginia Company with an investment of £25.10.0 in 1618.  An alderman of London, in 1588 equipped and himself commanded two ships of war against the Spanish Armada. The arms granted to him by queen Elizabeth I in consequence of this service were adopted by his family thereafter in place of those used by his French forebears. A "mariner" according to his will, he was the builder and owner of the ship Mayflower that brought the Pilgrims to the shores of Cape Cod and also equipped and commanded the ships of war Samuel and Little Toby against the Spanish Armada.  (The information about the Mayflower is in dispute, I have lost the source for this information, but it appears there was more than one Mayflower, and the ship John owned may not have been "THE" MAYFLOWER that brought people to America). He was an alderman of London, and a member of the Virginia Company. (Dictionary of American Biography)

Children of JOHN VASSAL and ANNE RUSSELL are:
 i. JUDITH3 VASSAL, b. March 25, 1582, Ratcliffe, Essex, England; d. 1667; m. JOHN FREEBORNE.
 ii. JOHN VASSAL, b. 1584, Ratcliffe, Stepney, Essex, England; d. October 03, 1585, Ratcliffe, Stepney, Essex, England.  Christened: April 01, 1584, Ratcliffe, Stepney, England
3. iii. SAMUEL VASSAL, b. June 05, 1586, Ratcliffe, Stepney, Essex, England; d. 1667, England.
 iv. JOHN VASSAL, b. March 04, 1588/89, Ratcliffe, Stepney, Essex, England; d. August 30, 1591.
4. v. WILLIAM VASSAL, b. August 27, 1592, Radcliffe, Essex, England; d. July 13, 1655, Plymouth, Roxbury, Scituate, Marshfield, Massachusetts - or Barbados?.
 vi. ANN VASSAL, b. 1594, Ratcliffe, Stepney, Essex, England. Christened: January 10, 1593/94, Ratcliffe, Stepney, England

Generation No. 3

3.  SAMUEL3 VASSAL (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 05, 1586 in Ratcliffe, Stepney, Essex, England1, and died 1667 in England1.  He married FRANCES CARTWRIGHT Abt. 1623. an alderman of London, represented that city in parliament in 1640, and again in 1641. In the latter he was voted the sum of oe10,445. 12s. 2d. for the damage he had sustained during his patriotic resistance of the arbitrary import of tonnage and poundage, and it was further resolved to consider him for his imprisonment and personal sufferings. He was one of the three hundred members who signed the protestation to support the church of England, and the liberty of Parliament, and was appointed a member of the council during the recess. He subscribed oe1200. against the rebels in Ireland, his name appearing at the head of the list. In 1643, Alderman Vassall took the covenant, and was appointed in 1646, one of the Commissioners for the Kingdom of England, for the conservation of the peace with Scotland; about the same time he was chosen with Sir Thomas Soane, to give answer to the persons who brought up the city petition, and in 1648, he was appointed with the other members of the house who were citizens, to form a committee. This Samuel Vassall had two twentieths of all the Massachusetts bay, in New England.
A monument to Samuel Vassal stands in Kings Chapel, Boston, MA.  Though he never lived on the shores of New England, he owned land there and his ships provided the early struggling colonies with supplies.  England attempted to tax these supplies early on, and Samuel was imprisoned for refusing to pay them.  Alderman of London and Parliament member 1640 and 1641 - imprisoned for support of the church of England and liberty of the Parliament.  Had 2/20s of all Massachusetts Bay.

5. i. JOHN4 VASSAL, b. Abt. 1625, Stepney, Middlesex, England; d. July 06, 1688, Jamaica, West Indies.

4.  WILLIAM3 VASSAL (JOHN2, JOHN1) Christened: August 27, 1592, Stepney, London, England, and died July 13, 1655 in Plymouth, Roxbury, Scituate, Marshfield, Massachusetts - or Barbados?  He married ANNA KING July 29, 1613 in Cold Norton, Essex, England, daughter of GEORGE KING and JEAN LORRAN.  William Vassall first came in 1628 on the Arabella (source for this information has been lost), as one of the assistants of the Mass. Bay Co. to Salem, Mass. He returned to England with his family along with the Winthrop Fleet in the "Lyon" in 1630. In July 1635, he returned to America on the "Blessing", at the age of 42 with his wife, also age 42, and settled at Roxbury.  They moved to Scituate and were admitted to the church around November 28, 1636, and took the oath of allegiance to the Plymouth colony February 1, 1638. He moved to Marshfield, about 1643, where he was a town officer. Went to England in 1646 with a petition to Parliament for the liberty of English subjects. Later removed to Barbadoes due to his disagreements with the residents of Plymouth colony.

Children of WILLIAM VASSAL and ANNA KING are:
 i. ANNA4 VASSAL, b. September 06, 1614, Cold Norton, Essex, England; d. September 22, 1614, Cold Norton, Essex, England.
 ii. JUDITH VASSAL, b. 1619, Stepney, Middlesex, England; d. April 03, 1670, Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts; m. (1) EDWARD WINSLOW; m. (2) RESOLVED WHITE, November 05, 1640, Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts2. (Children of JUDITH VASSAL and RESOLVED WHITE are: i. ANNA WHITE, b. June 04, 1649, Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; d. May 25, 1714, Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.  ii. ELIZABETH WHITE, b. June 04, 1652, Scituate, Plymouth, MA; d. July 17, 1672, Concord. iii. RESOLVED WHITE, b. November 12, 1647, Scituate, Plymouth, MA.  iv. SUSANNA WHITE, b. August 1656, Scituate, Plymouth, MA. v. JOHN WHITE, b. March 11, 1643/44, Scituate, Plymouth, MA; d. Bet. 1684 - 1685. vi. JOSIAH WHITE, b. September 29, 1654, Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; d. 1710, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts; m. REMEMBER READ, Bef. December 30, 1680; b. Abt. 1657; d. Aft. May 20, 1721, Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts. vii. SAMUEL WHITE, b. March 13, 1645/46, Scituate, Plymouth, MA; d. Bet. 1720 - 1731; m. REBECCA. viii. WILLIAM WHITE, b. April 1642, Scituate, Plymouth, MA; d. January 24, 1694/95, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA.
iii. FRANCES VASSAL, b. 1623 and died 1670, m. JAMES ADAMS, son of JOHN ADAMS, born 1622 in England, and died January 19, 1652/53 at sea.  Children: WILLIAM ADAMS, b. May 16, 1647; ANNA ADAMS, b. April 18, 1649; RICHARD ADAMS, b. April 19, 1651; MARY ADAMS, b. January 27, 1652/53; MARGARET ADAMS, b. May 08, 1654, Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts; d. 1737, Enfield, Hartford Co., Connecticut, m. JOHN PEASE; MARTHA ADAMS, b. 1657.
 iv. MARY VASSAL, b. June 22, 1624, Cold Norton, Essex, England.
 v. SAMUEL VASSAL, b. June 22, 1624, Cold Norton, Essex, England; d. November 16, 1624, Cold Norton, Essex, England.
 vi. ANN VASSAL, b. 1629, Radcliffe, Essex, England; d. Bef. 1655; m. NICHOLAS WARE, VA?
 v. MARGARET VASSAL, b. 1633, Ratcliffe, Essex, England; d. April 16, 1656, Barbados, West Indies; m. JOSHUA HUBBARD, April 16, 1656, Barbados, West Indies.
vi. JOHN VASSAL, d. aft 1655.


Generation No. 4

5.  JOHN4 VASSAL ESQUIRE (SAMUEL3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1625 in Stepney, Middlesex, England, and died July 06, 1688 in Jamaica, West Indies.  He married ANNA LEWIS Abt. 1670, daughter of JOHN LEWIS ESQUIRE of Genoa.  January 07, 1651/52, mentioned in inventory of Henry Sandyes estate September 22, 1652, owed debt of Captain Bozone Allen estate.  Ann Lewis, the daughter of John Lewis, an English resident of Genoa. John went to Jamaica shortly after it was taken in 1655, purchasing large tracts of land and laid the foundation of the great estate which his posterity enjoyed until the emancipation in 1834.
March 2, 1646/1647; Vpon compl of John Vassall vnto ye Court concerning John Lewis, apprentic to his father for iiij yeres, being ye remaine of vij yeres in wch he was bound to serue George Kenrick, the Curt ordereth, yt ye said John Lewis shall dwell with ye said Mr Vassall, and serue out ye full terme of his said indentures, as also for so long time as he hath absented himselfe wthout leaue from ye service of his said master or former masters in the foresaid seruice of vij yeres, as by indenture appreth.  Wheras John Lewis, somtimes seruant to Mr Varssall, of Scittuate, is departed the goument indebted vnto John saffin and others, and hath left som goods in the hands of Willam Parker, of Taunton, the Court doth order, that the said goods shalbee for the satisfyeing of the debts hee owed to the said John Saffin att his departure.
December 16, 1652; Mark Hands (naylor) buys of John Vassal of Scituate house and land. (SD 1:282) N. side of Fleet St. (Thwing database)

Children of JOHN VASSAL and ANNA LEWIS are:
 i. JOHN5 VASSAL, b. Abt. 1670, Cape Fear, North Carolina.
 ii. SAMUEL VASSAL, b. 1673, Jamaica, West Indies.
 iii. LEWIS VASSAL, b. 1674, Jamaica, West Indies.
6. iv. LEONARD VASSAL, b. July 10, 1678, Jamaica, West Indies; d. June 20, 1737.
 v. HENRY VASSAL, b. Abt. 1685, Jamaica, West Indies.
 vi. WILLIAM VASSAL, Jamaica, West Indies; d. August 07, 1720, Jamaica, West Indies.  His wife was SARAH.  He had son;
 FLORENTIUS VASSAL, b. St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, West Indies; m. ANNE BECKFORD.   A great-grandson of Samuel, to whose memory he erected the beautiful marble monument in King's Chapel, when he was in Boston in 1766. He was here again in 1775 and in that year went to England. He was born in Jamaica, and lived there the greater part of his life. He died in London in 1778.  Of the immense domain fifteen miles wide on both sides of the Kennebec River, extending from the vicinity of Merry Meeting Bay to the southerly line of the town of Norridgwock, he was the owner of one twenty-fourth part. In his will, executed in 1776, he gave to his son Richard and to Richard's daughter, Elizabeth, life estate in these lands, and then devised them in entail to his male children. The bequest proved of little value to either. After the lapse of years the rights of Elizabeth and her son Henry were transferred separately to parties in Boston, to test the title which was claimed by squatters. Three of them were sued in the name of the son. The cases were carried up to the United States Supreme Court, where it was decided that during his mother's life, he could not maintain an action. After her decease, suit against one settler was renewed, but on intimation by the court that fifty years' possession was sufficient to presume a grant, or title without consideration, another point, namely, whether the right of the plaintiff to recover was barred by the statute of limitation. The defendant paid a small sum for the land he occupied, and each party his own costs. Thus in 1851 terminated litigation, which for a long time was the subject of great interest on the Kennebec, and elsewhere in Maine. This granddaughter Elizabeth was a remarkable woman. Those who knew her speak of her as brilliant and witty, as possessed of queenly grace of manner, as well informed, of wonderful tact, and of excellent sense. Her first husband was Sir Godfrey Webster, Bart. By this marriage she was the mother of Sir Godfrey Vassall Webster, Bart., who died in 1836, of Lieut-Col. Sir Henry Vassall Webster, K. T. S., of the British Army, who died in London in 1847, aged 54, and of Harriet, who married Admiral Sir Fleetwood B. Reynolds, C. B. K. C. H., who died at Florence in 1849, leaving an only child, the wife of the son and heir of the Earl of Oxford. Another son, Charles Richard Fox, whose father was Lord Holland, married Mary Fitzclarence, second daughter of King William IV., and who, in 1845 was a colonel in the army, and aide-de-camp to Queen Victoria.  In 1797 Lady Webster married Lord Holland, who took by signmanual the surname of Vassal which, however, was not assumed by his children. As Lady Holland, she was the mother of three children, who died young, of Henry Holland, who became at the death of his father, Lord Holland, of Mary Elizabeth, wife of Lord Lilford, and of Georgianna Anne who died in 1819.
The friendly feelings of Bonaparte towards Lady Holland, especially after the peace of Amiens, is well known, and that in return "for the many acts of kindness, which she had bestowed upon him" he left her a gold snuff box which had been presented to him by Pope Pius VI., containing a card with these words: "L'Empereur to Lady Holland, temoigne de satisfaction et d'estime." She died at London, in 1845, aged 75. Among her bequests were the income of an estate, about oe1500 per annum, to Lord John Russill, for his life, and a legacy of oe100 to Macaulay the historian.

Generation No. 5

6.  LEONARD5 VASSAL ESQUIRE (JOHN4, SAMUEL3, JOHN2, JOHN1)4 was born July 10, 1678 in Jamaica, West Indies, and died June 20, 1737.  He married (1) RUTH GALE Abt. 1700 in Jamaica, West Indies.  He married (2) PHOEBE PENHALLOW April 16, 1734 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts,a widow of THOMAS GROSSE, daughter of SAMUEL PENHALLOW of Portsmouth, and she married third, THOMAS GREAVES of Charlestown, and fourth, FRANCIS BORLAND. He emigrated to New England before 1723 and lived in Braintree, then Boston.  Braintree (Quincy) home standing called Vassal - Adams Mansion, white clapboard, Georgian colonial with 5 chimneys, 1 brick end painted white, in 1731, residence of John and John Quincy Adams. The home remained in Adams family until 1927.
Leonard removed to Boston previous to 1723. He was early connected with Christ Church. Leonard Vassal bought land of Simeon Stoddard in 1727 and asked leave to erect a timber house in room of an old one he wished to pull down.  In 1730 he was instrumental in founding Trinity Church. The original building was built on land which he had purchased of William Speakman, baker, 1728 and in 1730 conveyed it to John Barnes and others for a meeting house.  The lot was eighty-six feet on Summer Street and one hundred and sixty-nine on Bishops Lane.  He bought it for £450 and sold it for £514.7.2.  The first sermon preached in the church built here was on August 15, 1735, by Roger Price, of King's Chapel.  The lot covered by the church was bounded by Seven-starr Lane (Summer street), 86 feet and 169 feet on Bishop's Lane (Hawley street), and is nearly opposite the estate which he purchased in 1727 of Simeon Stoddard, and where he resided until his death. December 8, 1737; Phebe Vassall, widow, and Maj. Samuel Sewall, Esq., Ex. of last Will of Leonard Vassall, deed to Thomas Hubbard (merchant) all of a house and land in the South End; in the front by "Seven Star Lane" leading from the High St. down to the water side near the Sign of the Bull, S.E land of Richard Hollingshead, now appertaining to the First Church of Christ, on the rear or S.W. by land of Goodman Plantins but lately in possession of Gyles Dayer, N.W. Samuel Sewall and sd Plantins, deceased. (SD 55:133). S. side of Summer St.
Thomas Hubbard lived there until his death in 1783.  He was a prominent citizen in the town, and treasurer of Harvard College 1762-73; a representative 1746-59.  After the death of his widow the house came into possession of Frederick Geyer, a loyalist, and it was confiscated, but restored to him in 1791.  He lived here until he died in 1800, when it was sold to Samuel P. Gardner.  His son George Gardner built the store of C. F. Hovey Co., on the site in 1854.  July 1, 1745; Benjamin Bagnall (watchmaker) mortgages to Thomas Graves, Esq., and wife Phebe, as she is the Ex. of last Will of Leonard Vassall and Samuel Sewall, also Ex. of the same brick house and land; fronting E. on Cornhill St., N. Stephen Greenleaf, W. heirs of Obadiah Procter, S. Oxenbridge Thatcher, S. Henry Deering. Cancelled September 17, 1754 (SD 70:181) W. side of Washington St., N. of Court St. (Thwing database)
Leonard had large and valuable estates in Braintree and Jamaica.  John and William Vassall, two of Major Leonard's sons, were important men in Boston, and added much to the prosperity of the town.

Children of LEONARD VASSAL and RUTH GALE are:

 i. SAMUEL6 VASSAL, b. November 05, 1701, Jamaica, West Indies; d. March 01, 1703/04.
 ii. LEWIS VASSAL, b. May 29, 1703, Jamaica, West Indies; d. May 29, 1703, Jamaica, West Indies.
 iii. MARY VASSAL, b. November 12, 1704, Jamaica, West Indies; d. August 11, 1708.
 iv. ANNA VASSAL, b. January 20, 1706/07, Jamaica, West Indies; m. JOSEPH RUSSELL in Barnstable, Massachusetts on January 2, 1728/9.  They had a son Leonard, born at Barnstable January 25, 1729/30 who died with his mother on February 5, 1729/30.
 v. BOARDO VASSAL, b. July 09, 1708, Jamaica, West Indies; died young.
 vi. LEWIS VASSAL, b. August 10, 1709, Jamaica, West Indies; d. September 15, 1743, Braintree, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts; m. DOROTHY MACQUEEN, 1739. (Children of LEWIS VASSAL and DOROTHY MACQUEEN are: i. LEWIS VASSAL, b. September 16, 1741, Braintree, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts.  ii. ANNA VASSAL, b. July 13, 1742, Braintree, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts. Baptism: August 1742, Christ Church, Braintree, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts iii. ELIZABETH VASSAL, b. November 07, 1742, Braintree, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts.)
 vii. VASSAL, b. August 02, 1711, Jamaica, West Indies; d. September 20, 1711, Jamaica, West Indies.
 viii. RUTH VASSAL, b. August 17, 1712, Jamaica, West Indies; d. November 10, 1770, Massachusetts; m. BENJAMIN STEDMAN, June 05, 1734, Braintree, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts and had i. BENJAMIN STEDMAN, b. July 26, 1742.  ii. SARAH STEDMAN, b. Bef. 1742. Baptism: August 15, 1742, Christ Church, Braintree, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts.  iii. LEONARD STEDMAN, b. March 25, 1735.  iv. MARY STEDMAN, b. Abt. 1745; d. February 26, 1777, Natick, Massachusetts.
7. ix. JOHN VASSAL, b. September 07, 1713, Jamaica, West Indies; d. November 27, 1747, Cambridge, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts.
 x. WILLIAM VASSAL, b. November 23, 1715, Jamaica, West Indies; d. May 8, 1800, Battersea Rise, Surry, England; m. ANN DAVIS and MARGARET HUBBARD. Graduated at Harvard College in 1733. In 1774 he was appointed Mandamus Councillor, but was not sworn. He was also sheriff of Middlesex County. He owned considerable property, and was the possessor of a fine estate near Bristol, R. I. He was prominent among the Loyalists of Boston, and was singled out early as an enemy to the Revolutionary cause. He was proscribed and banished and obliged to flee with his family to England. Mr. Vassall was for many years connected with King's Chapel, Boston, and in 1785 protested by proxy against the change in the Liturgy and the unauthorized ordination of James Freeman.  The confiscation of his estate gave rise to a singular suit. As the Federal Constitution was adopted, a State could be sued; and, at Mr. Vassall's instance, proceedings against Massachusetts were commenced in the court of the United States; and Hancock, who was governor, was summoned as defendant in the case; he however declined to appear, and soon after the eleventh amendment to the Constitution put an end to the right of Loyalists to test the validity of the Confiscation Acts of the Revolution. He was upright, generous, and loving. Church and society lost in him an eager, zealous advocate, an upright Christian, of an honorable and unblemished reputation. Each wife had twins. Nathaniel, the youngest son, a captain in the Royal Navy, died in London in 1832. Children of WILLIAM VASSAL and ANN DAVIS are: i. WILLIAM VASSAL, b. Abt. 1746. Born in Boston in 1753, and graduated at Harvard College in 1771. He was a Loyalist and went to England. He inherited the bulk of his father's property in the West Indies, which descended to his nephew, Rev. William Vassall, rector of Hardington, England, "but so burdened and deteriorated in consequence of emancipation of the slaves that it was not worth anything," and that gentleman declined to administer upon it. He died at the Weston House, near Totness, December 2, 1843. Ann, his widow, died at the same place October 1846, aged seventy-five years. Baptism: March 07, 1745/46   ii. SARAH VASSAL, b. June 17, 1739. Bap. Nov. 1,  1743, m. James Syme of London, Eng., Dec. 29, 1763, d. a widow in England, about 1827. They resided for some time in Boston, but removed to London, where he was for several years settled as a merchant. The bap. of one child is recorded on the records of Trinity church. iii. FANNY VASSAL, died young. iv. FRANCIS VASSAL. v. LUCRETIA FRANCES VASSAL, b. September 24, 1751. Bap. Sept. 28, 1751, married Richard Smith of Boston, April 22, 1772.  They resided, for a time at least, in Boston, but it is probable that the Revolution drove them abroad, as July 17, 1781, William Frobisher of Boston, soap-boiler, was admitted agent of his estate as an absentee.  vi. HENRY VASSAL. vii. CATHERINE VASSAL.  Children of WILLIAM VASSAL and MARGARET HUBBARD are: viii. MARGARET VASSAL. ix. CHARLOTTE VASSAL. x. ANN VASSAL.  xi. LEONARD VASSAL. xii. NATHANIEL VASSAL.  July 29, 1790; Margaret Vassall, wife of William Vassall, of Great Britain, deeds to Patrick Jeffry, Esq.; quit claims all her right and title in her husband's rights of mansion house and land. (SD 179:247). W. side of Tremont St. (Thwing database)
 xi. ELIZABETH VASSAL, b. July 16, 1717, Jamaica, West Indies.
 xii. STILLBORN VASSAL, b. July 16, 1717, Jamaica, West Indies; d. July 16, 1717, Jamaica, West Indies.
 xiii. SARAH VASSAL, b. January 1718/19, Jamaica, West Indies.
8. xiv. HENRY VASSAL, b. December 25, 1721, Jamaica, West Indies; d. 1769, Cambridge, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts.
 xv. MARY VASSAL, b. June 25, 1723. Baptism: July 24, 1723, Kings Chapel, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
 xvi. SUSANNA VASSAL, b. November 20, 1726, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.
 xvii. VASSAL, b. October 15, 1729, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts; d. October 15, 1729, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.

 xviii. ANNA6 VASSAL, b. April 29, 1735, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts. She m. (1) 1749-1750, JOHN BORLAND, son of FRANCIS BORLAND and JANE LINDALL. He was born in 1728. She m. (2) 1784, WILLIAM KNIGHT of Portsmouth. Children of her 1st marriage were; Phoebe b. 1751, m George Spooner; John Lindall b. 1754, HC class of 1772, a Royalist; Francis b. 1756, m. 1783 Hannah Bowers; Jane b. 1757, m. Jonathan Simpson; Leonard Vassal b. 1758, m. 1785 Sarah Lloyd; James b. 1761, d. 1783; William b. 1764; Samuel b. 1765.

Generation No. 6

7.  JOHN6 VASSAL ESQUIRE (LEONARD5, JOHN4, SAMUEL3, JOHN2, JOHN1)5,6 was born September 07, 1713 in West Indies7,8, and died November 27, 17479,10.  He married (1) ELIZABETH PHIPPS11,12 October 10, 1734 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts - Rev. Timothy Cutler D.D.13,14,15,16,17, daughter of SPENCER PHIPPS and ELIZABETH HUTCHINSON.  He married (2) LUCY BARRON18 Aft. 1739, daughter of JONATHAN BARRON, who descended from John, an alderman of London, who (1588) fitted out and commanded two ships of war to oppose the Spanish Armada. (Foster Genealogy).  LUCY BARRON: On husband John Vassal's death, she gave his personal property to Spencer Bennet Phipps, guardian of John and Elizabeth Phips' son John.  (History of Cambridge, Massachusetts page 237) See notes at top of page.

Children of JOHN VASSAL and ELIZABETH PHIPPS are: see Phipps pages for more information on descendants.
 i. RUTH7 VASSAL, b. July 14, 1737, of Cambridge, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts; d. January 23, 1774, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.
 ii. JOHN VASSAL, b. June 12, 1738, Cambridge, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts; d. October 02, 1797, Clifton, England or 9/24?.
 iii. ELIZABETH VASSAL24, b. September 12, 1739, Cambridge, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts25,26; d. Abt. 1807, England27; m. THOMAS OLIVER28, June 11, 176029. He was son of ROBERT OLIVER and ANNA BROWN and was born January 05, 1733/34 and d. November 29, 1815. Lt.  Gov. Phips was appointed her guardian Sept. 16, 1747, and Edward  Davis, Sept. 11, 1759. Oliver was a quiet, reserved  man, but little known in public life, though ever distinguished for  his amiable and gentlemanly graces. November 13, 1763; Thomas Oliver, Esq. buys house and land of John Vassall, Esq. (SD 101:35). Salem St. 1765 Thomas Oliver, Esq. as Trustee in behalf of Ruth Davis, wife of Edward Davis, buys brick house and land of sd Ruth's brother, John Vassall. (SD 181:215). S. side of State St. November 19, 1772; Thomas Oliver, of Cambridge, and wife Elizabeth, deed to Mary and Elizabeth Minott, spinsters, house and land; W. Salem St., N. Chirst Church, E. part of a house and land, now or late of John Gooch, S. Andrew Hill. (SD 152:173). E. side of Salem St. between North Bennett and Charter Sts.
Last Royal Lt. Governor. Lived at Elmwood, Cambridge. Moved to Boston 1774, left with the troops, March 1776. (Thwing database) The following baptisms of children are found upon the records of  Christ church, Cambridge: Anne, bapt. March 4, 1764; Elizabeth, bapt. Aug. 17, 1766 - m. Joseph Rogers; Penelope, bapt. Oct. 2, 1768. Also; Frances m. Henry Tobin; dau. Harriet; dau. Emily; s. John Cave; dau. Mary m. Charles Partridge.

 iv. LUCY7 VASSAL, born at Cambridge, Nov. 15, 1747, bap.  Dec. 27, 1747, married John Lavicount of Antigua, June 16, 1768.  They disappeared from the couutry at the time of the Revolution.  She was the only individual of the name of Vassall, who, to our  knowledge, was bap. in New England by other than a minister of the  Established Church. Her mother was, we believe, a dissenter.

8.  HENRY6 VASSAL(LEONARD5, JOHN4, SAMUEL3, JOHN2, JOHN1)34 was of Cambridge, Middlesex Co.,  Massachusetts34. December 30, 1741, purchased brother John's home at Phipps Farm.

Child of HENRY VASSAL is:
 i. ELIZABETH7 VASSAL35, m. CHARLES RUSSELL35, Abt. 176835.  Charles Russell
"Physician, Lincoln, had a large estate and a considerable practice and was a justice of the peace and Registrar of the Vice-Admiralty Court. As a loyalist he always opposed with perseverance the principles and practiced which culminated in the Revolutionary War and consequently he became an object of popular resentment and of indignities and was shot by a musket ball.  After the battle of Bunker Hill he attended the wounded without reward.  He was unable to return to Lincoln and set sail with his family for Antigua in 1775 and there practised as a physician until his death in June 1780, when he left a widow, Elizabeth, and five young children.  (A.O. 13/75)
He was the son of James Russell (1715-98) of Charlestown, Massachusetts, a loyalist. He married in 1768, Elizabeth, only daughter of Colonel Henry Vassall, of Cambridge. His brother James, also a loyalist, married in 1780, Mary, daughter of Richard Lechmere (q.v.)  Russell graduated at Harvard College in 1757, and in 1765 received the degree of MD at Marischal College (now the University), Aberdeen.   (The Loyalists of Massachusetts Their Memorials, Petitions and Claims - E. Alfred Jones)

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