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John Phips (b. 1696-1699; d. 1746) home, Sherborn, Massachusetts

December 23, 2003

 Phipps Family

"There are only two lasting bequests
    We can leave our children…
        One of these is roots; The other, wings."

Hodding Carter  1907-1972

              Abi Phipps                     Roy Phipps                Sir William Phips         Alice and Alton Phipps


Phipps is the 1,283rd most popular last
name in the United States

Phipps mailist; send the command "subscribe" to  A mailing list for the
discussion and sharing of information regarding the PHIPPS surname and
variations (e.g., Phips, Fipps) in any place and at any time.

Phipps Family Forum

Fipps Family Forum

The newest edition to our family lines, Tristan Walker Morelli, b. August 19, 1996

"For the sons become the fathers, and the daughters will be wives,
as the torch is passed from hand to hand
and we struggle through our lives.
Though the generations wonder, the lineage survives.
And all of us from dust to dust will all become forefathers
by and by.."   Dan Fogelberg

and setting the mood....


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