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                                                DEAR ANCESTOR                      

  Your tombstone stands among the rest;
  Neglected and alone.
  The name and date are chiseled out
  On polished, marbled stone.
  It reaches out to all who care.
  It is too late to mourn.
  You did not know that I exist,
  You died and I was born.

  Yet each of us are cells of you,
  In flesh, in blood, in bone.
  Our blood contracts and beats a pulse
  Entirely not our own.

  Dear Ancestor, the place you filled
  One hundred years ago,
  Spreads out among the ones you left
  Who would have loved you so.
  I wonder if you lived and loved,
  I wonder if you knew -
  That someday I would find this spot,
  And come to visit you.  
                       Author Unknown

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                                   ST. JOHNS CEMETERY, MIDDLE VILLAGE NY

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On the day that his daughter, Elizabeth J. (Dollack) Fentzke died, 8 January 1919, Henry Dollack  purchased the lot in St. Johns Cemetery, 80-01 Metropolitan Avenue, Middle Village, New York, which would be the final resting place for eighteen members of the Wallner, Zoeller, Brunner, O'Kane and Dollack families. The lot is located at Section 14, Range Q, Plot. 24. According to St. Johns Cemetery, Henry Dollack paid $400 for the lot and $400 for its perpetual care, and made a down payment of $250 at the time of purchase. The Cemetery records do not include any information regarding the purchase of the monument on this lot, although it is supposed that it was paid for by Henry Dollack. The monument measures 18 feet long and is 2 feet high.

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Joseph Wallner 1874-1953
Elizabeth Wallner 1852-1921        (Elisabeth Brunner)
Johanna W. O'Kane 1902-1948    (Johanna Wallner)

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Wilhelmina Wallner 1882-1910     (Wilhelmina Wentzlow)
John L. O'Kane February 17, 1926
James A. O'Kane 1929-1934
Elizabeth Fentzke 1893-1919         (Elizabeth Dollack)
Lillian Noeth 1896-1960                 (Lillian Dollack)
Martin Noeth 1896-1984

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Henry Dollack 1867-1919
Johanna Dollack 1872-1947                (Johanna Wallner)
Elfrieda Dollack 1907-1969
Frances Zoeller 1857-1923                 (Francisca Brunner)
Emil J. Zoeller 1892-1946
Jeannette Zoeller 1862-1931             (Jeanette Brunner)
Emmanuel Zoeller 1867-1954

                  According to St. Johns' records, also buried in this location, with no engraving on the monument are:

Louis Wallner died 10 March 1960, interred 12 March 1960

Anna E. Austin  interred 23 Sept. 1975  (Anna Elizabeth Wallner)

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                                              ST. JOHNS CEMETERY, MIDDLE VILLAGE NY
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                                                       KOEHLER PLOT: SECTION 1, RANGE L, PLOT 34

George Albert Schaefer  died 18 January 1910
Catherine Schaefer          died 5 September 1910    (Katherine C. Koehler)
Mamie Wogonblast         died unknown                  (Marie or Mamie Koehler?)
Philip Koehler                  died 1 January 1932
Barbara  Koehler             died 8 March 1935           (Barbara Hoffelder)
Philip F. Schaefer             died 20 March 1937
Anna Schneider                died 30 March 1954       (Anna Koehler)      

                                                  KOEHLER PLOT: SECTION 24, RANGE AA, GROVE #133

Frank Koehler                 died 29 April 1928
Frank Koehler                 died 3 November 1934
Anna Koehler                  died February 1951          (Anna Unknown)

                                                 LEIDNER PLOT: SECTION 16, RANGE H, PLOT 242

Joseph Leidner                 died March 1925
Frances Leidner               died 2 August 1932         (Francesca Hoffelder)

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                                         SCHAEFER PLOT: #2882, MAP 4

There are supposed to be 28 interments here. The Schaefer plot is in the oldest section of the cemetery, with headstones toppled, and gates and fences missing. The Schaefer plot is large, and the groundskeeper helped to locate it. He said that there was probably a fence and gate originally around the plot, but if it had fallen into disrepair, it would have been removed. If there were headstones for all the older burials, they no longer exist. The only thing that remains is a cement marker that looks like a log, and is inscribed "Mother and Father". The plot was registered to Jacob Kreiger and Valentine Hemer, so it could be that most of these burials were members of, or related to, the Kreiger family.

We do know that the following people are buried here:

Louis F. Schaefer           died 10 July 1955
Magdelena Schaefer                                               (Magdelena Kreiger)
Irene C. Schaefer
Louis F. Schaefer        (son of Louis F. Schaefer and Magdelena Kreiger)

                                     DAUPHIN PLOT: #7183 MAP 5

This section does have headstones:

Irma E. Dauphin         1913-1977                          (Irma Elizabeth Wallner)
Jerome C. Dauphin    1901-1925
Charles L. Dauphin    1874-1942
Mary H. Dauphin       1876-1946                          (Mary H. Young)
Nancy J. Sullivan        1964-1964
Clifton C. Dauphin      1906-1982

                                  HUCH PLOT: LOT 19 MAP 3A ROW 2 GRAVE 63

Alexander Huch          Age 2 years 11 months and 27 days  
Interred 14 July 1883

Bertha Huch               Age 11 months
Interred 27 May 1888

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Agnes Huch                Age 75  Interred 16 April 1934         (Agnes Diedrich)

Gustav Huch               Age 49  Interred 15 March 1903      (Christoff Huch)

Joseph Wallner          Age 1 day Interred 3 December 1904

Elsa Wallner               No age Interred 10 May 1907   
                                     (This is where Elsa Wallner is buried,
                                      interment is in her father, Joseph's, name.)

Elfrieda Wallner         Age 29 Interred 18 May 1907          (Elfrieda Huch)

Margaret Leopold      2 days  Interred 21 November 1913


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                                           MT. OLIVET CEMETERY, 6540 GRAND AVENUE, MASPETH, NY
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Clarence Howell           Interred 29 March 1930

Wilhelmina Wallner    Interred 23 August 1954    (Wilhelmina Kraft)

Caroline Howell            Interred 27 December 1976

Harry Jung                      Interred 11 August 1989


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                                      MARYREST CEMETERY, 25 SEMINARY AVENUE, MAHWAH, NJ
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Helen E. Wallner       Died 11 January 1977                 (Helen Schaefer)

Albert J. Wallner       Died 30 November 1972



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