The first five postcards all have raised detailing, and are accented with gold glitter.

                    wpe09879.gif (93804 bytes)
     Entitled: König Ludwig II, als Schwaneritter (King Ludwig II as swan
     knight) Ludwig II was known as the Swan King.
    Addressed to Frau Wallner (Elisabeth Brunner Wallner)
                                 Postmarked 20 Nov 1900

                   wpe87264.gif (91268 bytes)
            Addressed to Frau Wallner (Elisabeth Brunner Wallner)
                              Postmarked 25 October 1900

                   wpe45808.gif (82555 bytes)
              Addressed to Otto Wallner Postmarked 3 June 1904

                    wpe50370.gif (96704 bytes)
                  Addressed to Otto Wallner,  Postmark not legible.

                 wpe20761.gif (80463 bytes)
               Addressed to Josef Wallner   Postmark illegible

      Erinnerungen an König Ludwig II von Bayern und seine  Schlosser (Memory of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and his Locks)
wpe24436.gif (89649 bytes)
            König Ludwigs II letzter Gang (King Ludwigs II last walk)

On the right side of the postcard is written: Die Ruhe wohnt in der Götter Kreis, unerschütterlich steht der Thron Und wer nicht muthig zu sterben weiss, ist nicht der Unsterblichen Sohn (The peace lives in the God's circle, imperturbable is the throne and who does not know to die courageous, is not the immortal son) Ludwig II was declared insane, and drowned himself in the waters of Lake Starnberg in 1886.)

This postcard is not addressed to any of the Wallner family, it is addressed to Jacob (illegible), and postmarked 2 August 1899.

wpe68791.gif (95897 bytes)
   Greetings from Lake Starnberg              Photo is of Ludwig II
 Postcard is addressed to Otto Wallner, date of postmark is illegible

               Greetings from Munich

wpe41906.gif (98324 bytes)
                  Addressed to Otto Wallner, postmark illegible

          wpe90873.gif (107041 bytes)
         Addressed to Wohlgeboren Frau Elise Wallner (Elisabeth Brunner Wallner)

Postmark 5 September 1905. Card has raised detailing.

wpe85143.gif (87975 bytes)
      Addressed to Wohlgeboren Frau Elisa Wallner  Postmark illegible
                                     Glitter accents on  building.

wpe51543.gif (101724 bytes)
           Addressed to Joseph Wallner  Postmarked 26 Sept 1906

wpe85206.gif (98763 bytes)
        Addressed to Elisabeth Wallner. Postmarked 11 October 1900

wpe51666.gif (84794 bytes)
         Addressed to Frau Elisa Wallner   Postmarked 17 May 1898

wpe83693.gif (100091 bytes)
        Addressed to Fr. Elis Wallner   Postmarked 18 January 1898

These two postcards were never mailed, so were probably purchased by the Wallners

wpe27759.gif (85463 bytes)
  Das Luftschiff nach dem Brande bei Echterdingen am 5. August 1908
       (The airship after the fire near Echterdingen on 5 August 1908.)

wpe85186.gif (82457 bytes)
   Das Luftschiff nach dem Brande am 5. August 1908 bei Echterdingen.
         (The airship after the fire on 5 August 1908 near Echterdingen.)

                 wpe63897.gif (98344 bytes)
 Addressed to Otto Wallner Schmidmeister Sohn (Blacksmith's son)
                   Postmarked 25 March, the year is illegible.

There are 18 more postcards in this collection, the majority are "Greetings From" various places in Germany.