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Generation No. 1

1. Georg1 Schäfer was born Abt. 1820.

Georg Schäfer was a miller by trade. His migration record indicates that he left the small village of Elmshausen in Hesse Darmstadt for America in the year 1858.

                   GSmigration1.gif (5695 bytes)

Today Elmshausen is part of 64686 Lautertal in the Odenwald Forest. It is located 15 km south of the city of Darmstadt and was part of the Duchy of Hesse Darmstadt. Elmshausen is in the Catholic parish of Bensheim. Both the Evangelische (Lutheran) Church records and the Katholische (Catholic) Church parish records were searched, and neither Georg, or his son Georg, were born in Elmshausen. There were numerous entries for Schäfers in the Katholische records, none in the Evangelische records. In the family's possession is a hand-written notation of a school practice book for son Georg in Elmshausen dated 1856. It is unknown where this information originated, but it is thought that Helen Schaefer Wallner may have obtained it on her trip to Germany and that she visited Elmshausen searching for her roots - then hit the proverbial brick wall there. We are still trying to knock that brick wall down and any help will be greatly appreciated!

The Schäfer surname is very common which adds to the difficulty of the search for their origins - but the search continues!

Child of Georg Schäfer is:

+ 2 i. Georg2 Schäfer, born Abt. December 1844/5; died Bef. 1900.

Generation No. 2

2. Georg2 Schäfer (Georg1) was born Abt. December 1845, and died Bef. 1900. He married (1) Catherine Dockweiler Abt. 1867, daughter of Jacob Dockweiler and Anna Berang. She was born 13 August 1847 in Pottsville, Schuylkill Co., PA1, and died Aft. 1880. He married (2) Unknown Allmendinger Abt. 1884.

Some of George Schäfer's family's movements can be traced through the birthplaces of his and Catherine Dockweiler's children. Census records indicate that the births of children Mary, in Sept 1868, and Louis, June 1870, occurred in "New York", probably in one of the boroughs of New York City.

The St. John The Baptist Catholic Church records of Pottsville PA indicates that daughter Elizabeth was born there 29 October 1871, and daughter Theresa on 4 September 1876. It is unknown if the Schäfer family was actually living in Pottsville PA in the years 1871 to 1876, as the next known record, the 1880 census, shows them living in New York City. There remains the possibility that Catherine Dockweiler Schäfer might have returned to her hometown of Pottsville PA at the time of her two daughter's births. Pottsville's major importantance was as a coal mining town, but W.W. Munsell's "History of Schuylkill County, PA" states that during this period Pottsville also had several large thriving breweries. George Schäfer was a brewer by trade, so it is quite possible that he was employed by one of these breweries and that the family was living in Pottsville during this period.

George and Catherine's youngest child, George Albert, was born 25 January 1879 in Port Jervis, Orange County, NY. It was originally thought that the Schäfer connection to Port Jervis was through the second marriage of George Schäfer, after Catherine's death sometime after 1880, to one of Adam Allmendinger's sisters. Adam Allmendinger resided in Port Jervis his entire life, after immigrating from Wuerttemberg Germany. (See Adam Allmendinger). Son George Albert's birth there in 1879 seems to indicate some earlier connection to either the Allmendingers, and/or Port Jervis, than originally supposed.

The June 1880 Federal Census shows the Schäfer family now living at 222 36th Street in New York City NY. George, age 35, occupation is noted a "brewery", and his place of birth is recorded as Hesse Darmstadt. Catherine, age 32, is listed as "keeps house", and her place of birth is PA, with her parents' birthplaces recorded as Bavaria. Mary, age 12, and Louis age 10, are both recorded as being born in NY and attending school at that time. Elizabeth, age 9, and Teresa, age 4, were born in PA, and George, age 2, was born in NY.

George "Schaefer" is listed as a "brewer" in the New York City Directory, 1890. His home is listed as 537 W. 57th St. Unfortunately, a fire at the Commerce Dept. Building in January of 1921 destroyed most of the1890 Federal Census records, and New York City is not one of the schedules that survived.

The 1890 Federal Census in New York was taken on the 17th of June. To insure that every person would be counted, the enumerators were paid by the name - two cents for every living person, and to be certain that all questions were asked, incentives were offered such as five cents for each veteran or veteran's widow, two cents for every death, five cents for every blind person, and ten cents for each feebleminded pauper. However, when the results of the census had been tallied, the Board of Health declared that the population must have been at least 100,000 more than the figure released by the Superintendent of the Census. This justification for a recount was seized by the democratically controlled city government because the low count given by the Census Bureau gave the republicans, a minority in the city, a favorable representation in Congress.

To provide evidence to justify a recount, Mayor Hugh J. Grant, at the insistance of the Board of Health, decided to conduct a municipal census. Policemen were asked to enumerate the districts that they patroled and this enumeration became known as the "Police Census". The census was taken from 29 September through October 15 in 1890. The police visited each of the 947 election districts within the 24 assembly districts of New York City. (Although the final figure was 13% higher than the original count, the Mayor was unsuccessful in persuading President Harrison to allow a recount by the Bureau of the Census.)  Luckily this Police Census has survived!

In the 1890 Police Census, George Schäfer is listed as living at 537 W. 57th Street in New York City, in Election District 17, Assembly District 19, Police Precinct 22. This precinct was enumerated by Patrolman William H. Anthes. George Schäfer is listed as age 44, along with wife Barbra age 39, daughter "Terase" age 14 and son George age 11.

Also enumerated immediately following George, age 11, is Colline Holder, a male, age 11. The 537 W. 57th Street address is a multiple family dwelling, the next family listed is George Bauer age 23, Mary Bauer, age 30, followed by William Bauer age 6. It is unknown which family Colline Holder belongs to, although going strictly by the order in which the families were enumerated, it would appear he was living with the Schäfers. There is a possibility that he is the son of George's second wife Barbra, from an earlier marriage.

The identity of George Schäfer's second wife is still unclear. It is thought that she was one of the sisters of Adam Allmendinger. To date two of Adam Allmendinger's sisters have been found. In the 1910 census, there is a Mary Schauer or Schaver living with him at his home in Port Jervis NY. She is listed as Adam's sister, a widow, age 65, with 4 children living of 10 born. Her age in this census would place her birth date circa 1845. In the 1920 census, another sister, "Barbara Allmendinger", age 51 is now living with Adam. Her age would place her birth circa 1869. The "Barbra" listed with George Schäfer in the 1890 Police census as his wife was age 39, which would place her birth date circa 1851. To add to the confusion, in the family papers is a letter from an attorney in Port Jervis regarding the estate of "Maria Barbara Schäfer" in 1934. Although that was sixty years ago and these attorneys are no longer listed in Port Jervis, there is a firm there which contains one of the same surnames. A letter to them regarding this matter was sent, and no response was ever received. There remains the possibility that Barbara Allendinger misunderstood the question in the 1920 census and responded with the year of her birth, '51, instead of her age. If Barbara was born in 1869, this would make her 24 years younger than her sister Mary, although still only 9 years younger than her brother Adam. If Barbara was actually born in 1851, she would have been only 6 years younger than Mary, and 9 years older than Adam, which seems more reasonable. It is thought that Barbara Allmendinger was probably the second wife of George Schäfer, but until it can be verified, she is recorded in this genealogy as "Unknown Allmendinger".

Children of Georg Schäfer and Catherine Dockweiler are:

3 i. Mary3 Schäfer, born Abt. September 1868 in New York.

                                                 wpe11252.gif (30195 bytes)
                                 Mary Schäfer (Or it might be Elizabeth!)

+ 4 ii. Louis F. Schäfer, born 07 June 1870 in New York City, New York Co., NY; died 10 July 1955 in Westwood, Bergen Co., NJ.

5 iii. Elizabeth Schäfer, born 29 October 1871 in Pottsville, Schuylkill Co., PA1.

Elizabeth Schafer was born 29 October 1871 and baptized 12 November 1871 in St. Johns RC Church, 913 Mahantongo Street, Pottsville, PA. The sponsors were Elizabeth Schmelzer and Daniel Dockweiler.

                                                   wpe34329.gif (25837 bytes)
                        Elizabeth Schäfer (Then again, this could be Mary!)


                                     wpe54437.gif (57528 bytes)
                         Is this Mary (or Elizabeth's) wedding portrait?
           Photograph was taken in The Roosevelt Studio in Roosevelt NJ. 

+ 6 iv. Theresa Matilda Schäfer, born 04 September 1876 in Pottsville, Schuylkill Co., PA; died Abt. 26 September 1925 in Bergenfield, Bergen Co., NJ.

+ 7 v. George Albert Schäfer, born 25 January 1879 in Port Jervis, Orange Co., New York; died 18 January 1910 in Evergreen Boro., Queens, New York. (See Below)


Generation No. 3

4. Louis F.3 Schäfer (Georg2, Georg1) was born 07 June 1870 in New York City, New York Co., NY, and died 10 July 1955 in Westwood, Bergen Co., NJ2. He married Magdalena Kreiger 29 September 1898 in New York City, New York, daughter of Jacob Kreiger and Unknown. She was born Abt. 1872 in New York City, New York Co., NY, and died Abt. 1938 in Westwood, Bergen Co., NJ.

                                                wpe99251.gif (44207 bytes)
                                                            Louis F. Schaefer

Louis F. Schaefer was born in New York City, NY per the Becker Funeral Home Record, and the 1880, 1900 and 1920 Federal Census records list him as being born in "New York".

At the time of the 1880 Federal Census, he was 10 years old and living with his parents and siblings at 222 36th Street in New York City. His middle initial, F, may stand for Frederick. (See George Schafer, his father, for further information.)

A tintype photograph, from the collection of Marguerite Dotson Pfeiffer, shows Louis F. Schaefer and his wife, Magdalene Kreiger ca 1898, around the time of their marriage.

                                             wpe59465.gif (22395 bytes)

The 1900 Federal Census for 170 West End Avenue, New York City, NY Co., NY shows LouisF. "Schaefer" living there at age 29, (born June 1870) with his wife Magdalene (Kreiger) age 28, (born 1872), daughter Irene C. born July 1898, age 1, and son Louis F. born February 1900. This residence is listed as rented, and Louis' occupation then was butcher. At this time Louis and Magdalene had been married 3 years according to this record, and Magdalene had given birth to 2 children, who are both listed as living.

                                                        wpe31734.gif (22443 bytes)
                       Magdalene "Lena" (Kreiger) Schaefer, Unknown Woman,
                                         Louis F. Schaefer & Irene Schaefer

Louis F. Schaefer was a retail butcher by trade. The Schaefers were very active in the Lutheran Church of the Advent, on the Upper West Side of New York City. He lived with his wife and daughters at 784 Columbus Avenue, New York City, before moving to Westwood in Bergen County, NJ sometime after 1920. In Westwood, his residence was 47 Bricknell Avenue.

                                                  wpe74641.gif (38844 bytes)
                                       Louis F. Schaefer circa early 1940s

The 1920 Federal Census shows Louis and his wife Magdalene (Kreiger) "Schaffer" living at 784 Columbus Avenue, New York City, New York Co., NY. At that time Louis was age 50, and his occupation is listed as Manager in the Butcher industry. His wife Magdalene, age 47, and their daughters, Irene age 21 and Madeline age 17, are also listed on this census at this address. This residence is listed as rented. Also living at this same address, and enumerated next to the Schaefers, are Edward and Katherine (Kreiger) Manning. Katherine Manning is Magdalene (Kreiger) Schafer's sister. There are 6 families (plus extended families and boarders) enumerated at the 784 Columbus Avenue address: Price/Nelson, Driscoll/Fitzgerald, Olsin, Manning/Grig, Schaffer, and MacDonald/Forbes.

                                           wpe95786.gif (43562 bytes)
         Louis F. Schaefer, Magdalene "Lena" (Kreiger) Schaefer, and Irene C. Schaefer
                  ca 1930's Beyea/Dotson home at 24 Phelps Avenue, Bergenfield, NJ

Louis F. Schafer died 10 July 1955 at his home on Bricknell Avenue in Westwood NJ. The Becker (Halsey) Funeral Home, 219 Kinderkamack Rd, Westwood NJ handled the arrangements.He was interred 13 July 1955 in the All-Faith Lutheran Cemetery, Middle Village, NY.

Magdalena Krieger was called "Lena". Her date of birth is unknown. The 1900 census lists the year as 1872, the 1920 census lists her age as 47 at that time, which would make her birthdate around 1872 or 1873. Lena had two sisters, Martha E. and Katherine, who was called Kate. Her parents names are unknown, but her father may have been named Jacob.

Lena's sister Katherine was born 11 September 1869 and died 7 April 1956. She married Edward Manning (born 13 February 1869, died 7 April 1933) on 11 January 1893. The marriage was performed by Rev. James Palmer, who also married Lena and Louis F. Schaefer. Unfortunately the marriage certificate does not list the church Rev. Palmer was associated with. He performed the marriage at the Bride's residence which is given as 535 W. 29th Street, New York City. Kate and Edward Manning had two children, Edward Jacob Manning born 5 November 1893 and Elenor Jeanette Manning born 8 February 1895. It is presumed that both children died young. Lena and Louis F. Schaefer's daughter Madeline was very good to Kate and in her later years Kate spent some with her niece in Washington DC.

Lena's sister Martha E. married Philip Ziesing on 29 August 1912 at Manor Church, 348-350 West 26th Street in New York. Their wedding invitation states the newlyweds would be "at home" after 10 September 1912, at 5308 Boulevard in North Bergen NJ.

                                   wpe17623.gif (91227 bytes)
                                     Martha, Magdelena and Katherine Krieger

In the 1900 Federal Census, Lena is listed living with her husband Louis Schaefer and two children: Irene C. born July 1898 and Louis F. born February 1900. In this record Magdalene is 28 years old, and listed as giving birth to two children, both of them living at that time. There is no further information on son Louis F. and it is assumed that he died as a young child.

                                        wpe53464.gif (68880 bytes)
                   Louis F., Irene C., Magdelena (Kreiger) & Madeline Schaefer

In the 1920 Federal Census, she is listed living with her husband, Louis "Schaeffer", living with 6 other families at 784 Columbus Avenue, New York City, NY Co., NY. (See Louis Schaefer). Also listed are daughters, Irene age 21, and Madeline, age 17. Lena was 50 years old at the time of this census, which states she was born in New York, and that her mother was born in New York and her father in Germany. At that time, living in the same building, was Lena's sister Katherine (Kate or Katie) and her husband Edward Manning. Also living with the Mannings is Andrew Ihrig or Grig, age 41, who is listed as a cousin. As Andrew's heritage is listed as German, and Edward Mannings is Irish, it is likely that Andrew Ihrig/Grig is a relative of the Kreiger family.

                                             wpe38770.gif (64189 bytes)
                                   Madaline Louise and Irene Catherine Schaefer

Children of Louis Schäfer and Magdalena Kreiger are:

8 i. Irene Catherine4 Schaefer, born 14 July 1898 in New York City, New York Co., NY; died 09 April 1988 in Thomas House, Washington DC.

In Irene's early years she did a great deal of traveling. She remained single, and retired after a long secretarial career with Northside Savings. She was very active in the Church of the Advent,(Lutheran) on Upper West Side (Amsterdam Ave) and continued her participation well into her 80's, driving some 20 miles each way. In retirement she became an avid volunteer at Pascack Valley Hospital. Irene and her sister Madaline, were both devote Lutherans, and when it came time to find a place for Irene, the Lutheran homes were full and they couldn't find a place for her. The Baptists had space, however, and many years after the death of her sister Madaline's husband, Irene moved to Thomas House in Washington DC. Her sister joined here there, but it only lasted about a year before Madaline died in June of 1987. Irene died there 10 months later at age 89.

Irene is interred in All-Faith Lutheran Cemetery in Middle Village NY, in Plot #2883, Map 4.

9 ii. Louis F. Schaefer, born February 1900; died Bet. June 1900 - January 1920.

10 iii. Madaline Louise Schaefer, born 07 May 1903 in New York City, New York Co., NY; died Abt. June 1987 in Washington DC. She married Allen M. Laster in Washington DC; born 18 December 1889; died Abt. April 1974 in Washington DC.

Madaline had a brief business career, and then decided to become a Lutheran deaconess. She was stationed in Washington DC when she met Allen M. Laster who was a member of the consistory there. He had two grown daughters. Madaline served in the capacity of social worker, going into homes in the slums of Washington DC, ministering to the poor. She was a combination social worker, nurse, and religious educator. Because of the supposed scandal involving Allen's first wife, who he allegedly divorced because she was a bigamist, it took some time for her father, Louis F. Schafer, to accept their marriage. Although her father ultimately accepted it, Madeline's sister Irene never did.

                                                     wpe72603.gif (39858 bytes)
                               Louis F. Schaefer, Madeline (Schaefer) and Allen Laster

Madaline and Allen were accepted by the church and truly loved. Her stepdaughters Hester and Jenny took her into the family and Allen's southern family accepted her as one of their own. In the family's possession is a beautiful silver tea service which had been given to Allen and Madaline as a wedding gift from the church members.

                                                        wpe66629.gif (35255 bytes)
                                                   Theresa Matilda Schäfer

6. Theresa Matilda3 Schäfer (Georg2, Georg1) was born 04 September 1876 in Pottsville, Schuylkill Co., PA3, and died Abt. 26 September 1925 in Bergenfield, Bergen Co., NJ. She married Willett Morgan Beyea4,5 Abt. 1893, son of Lewis B.Beyea and Louisa Mapes. He was born 07 February 1865 in Deposit, Broome Co., NY6, and died 19 July 1945 in Englewood New Jersey.

Maria Theresa Schafer was known by the name Theresa, and called "Tessie" or "Tess". She was born 4 September 1876, and baptized as "Maria Theresa" in St Johns RC Church, 913 Mahantongo Street, Pottsville, PA. The sponsors were Jacob Dockweiler and Theresa Schmeltzer. (SEE WILLETT MORGAN BEYEA FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.)

Children of Theresa Schäfer and Willett Beyea are:

11 i. Unknown Child4 Beyea, born Bet. 1893 - 1900; died Bet. 1893 - 1900.

+ 12 ii. John E. Beyea, born 05 August 1896 in New York City, New York Co., NY; died July 1967 in Prob. FL.

+ 13 iii. Francesca Beyea, born Abt. May 1899 in New York City, New York Co., NY; died Abt. 1950.

14 iv. James Beyea, born Abt. 1900 in NY7.

+ 15 v. Theresa L. Beyea, born 14 November 1903 in NY; died Abt. 1984.

+ 16 vi. Marguerite Elizabeth Beyea, born 17 May 1906 in NY; died Nov. 1999

+ 17 vii. Willett Morgan Beyea, born 12 September 1907 in NJ; died 04 August 1989.

+ 18 viii. Lewis Everett Beyea, born 06 August 1909 in Prob. Bergenfield, Bergen Co., NJ; died August 1980 in Prob. Bergenfield, Bergen Co., NJ.

19 ix. Harold E. Beyea, born Abt. 1911 in NJ8.


                                      wpe17585.gif (61148 bytes)
                                         George Albert Schäfer

7. George Albert3 Schäfer (Georg2, Georg1) was born 25 January 1879 in Port Jervis, Orange Co., New York, and died 18 January 1910 in Evergreen Boro., Queens, New York9. He married Katherina C. Koehler 28 September 1902 in St Brigid's RC Church, Linden St & St Nicholas Ave, Evergreen Boro., Queens, NY10. She was born 12 February 1879 in Evergreen Boro., Queens, New York, and died 05 September 1910 in Evergreen Boro., Queens, New York.

George Albert Schafer was born 25 January 1879 in Port Jervis, Orange County, New York. The record of his baptism 23 February 1879 in the Immaculate Conception (St. Mary's) Roman Catholic Church, Port Jervis, New York, by the Rev. B.J. Flynn, states that his Sponsor was Peter Lahn.

At the time of the 1880 Federal Census, George and his family were living at 222 36th Street, New York City, NY.

Below is a photograph of George Albert's First Communion ca 1885, which was taken in Ridgewood Queens New York. To date the church where that event took place has not been located.

                                            wpe67071.gif (82565 bytes)
                                  George Albert Schäfer First Communion ca. 1885/6


                                                  wpe06143.gif (62150 bytes)
              Theresa "Tess" Schäfer and George A. Schäfer, New York City, NY

George Albert Schafer and Katherine (Kati) C. Koehler were married in St. Brigid's RC Church, Linden St and St. Nicholas Avenue, in the area which was known then as the Evergreen Borough of Queens NY, which is now known as Ridgewood. The marriage ceremony was performed by Thomas E. Carroll, Priest, on Sunday afternoon at 4 pm 28 September 1902, and the witnesses to their marriage were Phillip Koehler and Mary Koehler. George's residence at the time of the marriage was given as Wyckoff Avenue, Evergreen.

                                             wpe36540.gif (70476 bytes)
                                     George A. Schäfer and Katherine C. Koehler
                                                         28 September 1902

Transcript of Marriage Certificate #6392 City of New York, State of New York
Brooklyn, Kings County, New York. FHL Film 1562347:


I hereby Certify that GEORGE A. SCHAFER and KATIE KOEHLER were joined in marriage by me in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, in the City of New York, this 28th day of September 1902.

Witnesses to the Marriage: Phillip Koehler
                                           Mary Koehler

Signature of person performing the Ceremony: Thomas E. Carroll

Date of Marriage: Sept. 28 1902
Groom's Full Name: George Schafer
Residence: Wyckoff Av. Evergreen
Age: 23
Color: White
Single or Widowed: Single
Birthplace: Port Jervis NY
Father's Name: George
Mother's Maiden Name: Kate Dockweiler
Number of Groom's Marriage: 1st
Bride's Full Name: Katie Koehler
Residence: Wyckoff Av Evergreen
Age: 23
Color: White
Single or Widowed: Single
Maiden Name if a Widow: -----
Birthplace: Brooklyn
Father's Name: Phillip
Mother's Maiden Name: Barbara Hoffelder
Number of Bride's Marriage: 1st
Name of Person performing Ceremony: Thomas E. Carroll
Official Station: RC Priest
Residence: Linden St & St. Nicholas

wpe37110.gif (65562 bytes)

We, the Groom and Bride named in this Certificate, hereby certify, that the information given therein is correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Signature of Geo. A. Schafer, Groom
Signature of Katie Koehler, Bride
Signed in the presence of: Signature of Ph Koehler
Signature of Mary Koehler

At the time of their daughter Helen Barbara Catherine's birth in 1903 , George and Kati Schafer were living on Wyckoff Avenue and Summerfield Street in Evergreen. This address is probably very close to 165 Wyckoff Avenue, the address listed at the time of George's death. His death certificate indicates that he had been living there for one year. This address is "next" to Kati's family home where she grew up at 161 & 163 Wyckoff Ave. and was where her father, Phillip Koehler. had operated his blacksmith shop.

According to various records, including his death certificate, George Albert Schafer was a brewer by trade, as was his father Georg. There were numerous breweries in the Evergreen or Ridgewood area of Queens NY at that time, the largest of which was the Welz & Zerweck Brewery. This brewery was also the closest to Woodbine Street, the site of George's death. The closest brewery to George's residence at that time would have been the Diogenes Brewery located on Wyckoff Ave and Decatur St.

                                  wpe60218.gif (173629 bytes)
         GEORGE ALBERT SCHÄFER 1879-1910

On January 18, 1910 at 7 p.m. George Albert Schafer died at the age of 30 on the sidewalk of Woodbine Street in Evergreen. His body was removed to his home at 165 Wyckoff Avenue and the next day taken charge of by the Coroner (coincidently named George Schaefer). The autopsy found that his cause of death was "Valvular Disease of the Heart."

The family story is that Kati died less than 8 months later, on 5 September 1910, of a broken heart. Her death certificate indicates that she had been under a physician's care prior to George's death, and later died from complications of pneumonia. From the death certificates it is impossible to determine if perhaps the same illness was ultimately responsible for both of their deaths. George and Kati are buried together at St John's Cemetery, 80-01 Metropolitan Avenue Middle Village, New York.

Their three young children, George Peter, Helen Barbara Catherine, and Philip Francis were raised by Kati's parents, Phillip Koehler and Barbara Hoffelder, at their home on Madison Street in Ridgewood NY.

The spelling of the Schäfer name changed in the next generation of George Albert's children. The original German spelling of the name is Schäfer, with an umlaut (") directly over the letter A. Schäfer became Schaefer, with the letter E then traditionally replacing the umlaut and following the vowel it was over, so that ä became ae. (In this same way, the name Köhler in German became Koehler, the letter E taking the place of the umlaut for the oe form of the name. )

The name Schäfer means "sheep", a name originally given to sheep herders, shephards, sheep farmers, (and just about anyone having an occupation having to do with sheep.) It is the sixth most common German name, with numerous spelling variations, including Schafer, Schaefer, Schaffer, Schaeffer, Shafer, Shaeffer, etc.

Children of George Schäfer and Katherina Koehler are:

+ 20 i. Helen Barbara Catherine4 Schaefer, born 11 November 1903; died 11 January 1977.

                                  wpe07014.gif (75516 bytes)
                       Helen Barbara Catherine Schaefer Baptism 1903

+ 21 ii. George Peter Schaefer, born 22 September 1905 in Brooklyn, New York;                            died 23 March 1981 in Baldwin, New York.

                                  wpe36477.gif (79789 bytes)
                                   George Peter Schaefer Baptism 1905

22 iii. Philip Francis Schaefer, born 06 March 1909 in Brooklyn, New York; died 20                   March 1937 in Queens County Hospital, Queens NY.


                       wpe29735.gif (81189 bytes)
                       Philip Francis Schaefer Baptism 1909

Philip Francis Schaefer lived with his sister, Helen, and his brother, George, at their grandparents home (Phillip and Barbara Hoffelder Koehler) at 2329 Madison Street in Ridgewood Queens NY after the deaths of both of his parents in 1910. In the 1920 Federal Census he is listed at this location, age 10, along with his brother George, age 14, and sister Helen age 16, their mother, Kati Koehler's, sister, "Aunt Anna" , and both of his grandparents.

                                                wpe79260.gif (62697 bytes)
                                            Philip Francis Schaefer First Communion

He was a witness to his sister Helen's marriage to Albert J. Wallner in 1931.

                                                   wpe92522.gif (67342 bytes)
                                    Philip Schaefer at 2329 Madison St., Ridgewood, NY

At the time of his grandmother, Barbara Hoffelder Koehler's, death in March 1935, he inherited $333.33 (as did his brother George and sister Helen.) He then moved in with his sister Helen and her husband, Albert J. Wallner at 78th Avenue in Glendale NY. He moved with them again to 8831 81st Road in Glendale, which according to notes of Helen Schaefer Wallner, was "Rose Smith's house". According to the Greater Ridgewood Historical Society, this was a two-family semi-detached house built circa 1926. Philip died while living here of Rheumatic Heart due to Rheumatic Fever. He was 28 years old at the time of his death and unmarried.

The Warneck Funeral Home on Myrtle Avenue in Glendale handled the arrangements, and his funeral service was held at Sacred Heart of Jesus RC Church, 83-17 78th Avenue in Glendale. (Sacred Heart's death registers for this time period are "missing".)

Obituary of Philip Francis Schaefer:

Hand-dated 1937, no notation as to newspaper: It is probably from the Long Island Daily Press, as there is a receipt for a death notice from same attached to St John's cemetery's Certificate of Burial #49377.

"SCHAEFER - Philip F. on Saturday, March 20, beloved brother of Mrs. Helen Wallner and George P. Schaefer, in his 28th year, at 88-31 81st Road, Glendale. Funeral on Tuesday, 9 a.m. from the Warneck Funeral Home, 78-05 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale, thence to Sacred Heart of Jesus R.C. Church where a solemn requiem mass will be offered. Interment St. John's cemetery."

An additional obituary which is probably from a Sacred Heart of Jesus Church publication states that Philip did "some mighty fine work for the Society". It is assumed that this is a reference to the Holy Name Society Heart Alter Society of Sacred Heart in which he was very active.

Philip Frances Schaefer was interred in St John's Cemetery, Middle Village, New York (Section 1, Range L, Plot 34) with his parents, George Albert and Katherine C. (Koehler) Schafer on 23 March 1937.

Generation No. 4

20. Helen Barbara Catherine4 Schaefer (George Albert3 Schäfer, Georg2, Georg1) was born 11 November 190317at Wyckoff Ave. and Summerfield St., Evergreen Bor., Queens, City of NY, NY and died 11 January 197718 in Pompton Plains, Pequannock Twp., Morris Co., NJ. She married Albert Joseph Christopher Louis Wallner 21 January 1931 in St Matthias R.C. Church, 58-15 Catalpa Ave., Ridgewood NY 1122719. He was born 16 February 1901 in 345 South First Street, New York City, New York20, and died 30 November 1972 in Borough of Lincoln Park, Pequannock Twp, Morris Co., NJ.

Click here for HELEN BARBARA CATHERINE SCHAEFER'S Family Information and Photographs.                                                               

 21. George Peter4 Schaefer (George Albert3 Schäfer, Georg2, Georg1) was born 22 September 1905 in Brooklyn, New York, and died 23 March 1981 in Baldwin, New York. He married Gertrude Marie Feyerabend 30 December 1939 in Glendale, Long Island, New York, daughter of Adolf Feyerabend and Meta Helmcke.(Further information is "private".)

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                                                      George and Philip Schaefer


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