Faris, Farris, Faries, Ferris, etc. in Delaware Marriages Before/After 1850

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Delaware Marriages Before/After 1850

Gentlemen Faries

Alexander Faries & Jannett James 09/05/1765 New Castle Co. Holcomb Immanuel Church (page 227) Ref Vol 87, pg 114

Alexander Faries & Mary Jester (son of Alex Faries & Mary Forbes) 11/19/1822 Kent Co. (11/19/1832?) Vol 25 page 260

Alexander Faries, Jr. & Susan E.Hastings B-05/07/1860 L-05/08/1860 Kent Co. Vol 31 page 25 Vol 90 page 46 Min: C. Hill

Alexander Faries & Jennie A. Gearhart 03/24/1896 Kent Co. Vit Stat F# 1 1896 Vol 90 page 170 Vol 72 page 158 Min: Adam Stengle, Asbury ME Church

Alexander H. Faries & Mary Forbes

Alfred D. Faries Jr. & Margaret (Maggie) Evans (son of Alfred D. Faries & Rebecca ) B-08/09/1881 Kent Co. Vol 34, page 45

Alfred D. Faries & Lizzie E. McAfee (son of Charles B & Susan Turner) L-08/23/1896 Kent Co. Vit Stat F#1 1896 Vol 90 page 170 Vol 72 page 158 Min: Adam Stengle, Asbury ME Church

Amos Faris & Catherine Stewart both of Pencader Hundred (son of Jacob Faris & Kezieh Sharp 06/24/1812 New Castle Co.(American Watchman) Vol 5, page 238 Vol 82 page 81 Minister: Samuel Bell American Watchman July 1,1812 announcement

Benjamin Faries & Fanny Canby 05/17/1804 Wilmington, DE DAR DE Vol X Marriage records

Benjamin Faries & Racheal Richardson Occup: miner (Silver, Colorado) . Wilmington, DE

Calvin Farris & Elizabeth Bennett (son of Samuel Faries & Mary Holmes) Both of NCCo 07/21/1859 in Smyrna, Kent Co.

Charles Faries & Hettie/Hattie Dover, DE

Charles B. Faries & Susannah Turner (son of Alfred D. Faries & Rebecca ?) 08/01/1877 Kent Co. Vol 33 page 180 Min: Enoch Stubbs, Asbury ME Church

Charles B. Farries & Alice Daspher 01/27/1907 Vol. 36-page 257 Records of Asbury ME Church Laborer in Wilmington, DE

Charles Edward Faries & Caroline H. McWhorter 01/25/1889 (Poole Chart) occup: R. R. employee Kirkwood, DE

Dr. Charles Edward Ferris, MD & Maria Louisa Garrett (son of Jacob Faris Jr. & Susan Whann) Both of Newark, DE He-Prof at Del College 04/18/1854 Rev: J.L. Vallandigham

Charles H. Faries & Ethel G. Liggett 05/06/1901

Charles Maxwell Fairess & Kate Willis Harding (son of Samuel Faries & Margaret Burgin) 07/10/1889 Kent Co. Vit. Stat. Fold # 1 1889 Vol 7, page 178 Vol 90 page 150 Min: G. A. Sheets

Clarence Faries & Elva Eddingfield (son of Alfred Faries Jr. & Maggie Evans 07/27/1910 New Castle Co. Vit Stat F#10 C-1910 Vol 36 page 275 Rev: W.G. Koons Asbury ME Church

Daniel Denny Faries & Lydia Elizabeth Griffin (Son of William Faries & Theresa) B-04/14/1854 L-04/16/1854 Kent Co. Vol 27 page 273 Vol 90 page 21 Min: T.C. Murphy Smyrna, DE

David Brainerd Ferris & Sallie Belle Frazier 06/07/1860 (off Robert Faries chart-Poole file)

David Brainerd, Jr. & Alice A. Griffith Occ: Trade Clerk, Wilmington, DE

Edward Sheppard Fairess & Hallie McDaniel B-10/09/1879 L-10/11/1879 Kent Co. B-Vol 34 page 99 DE His Soc Card File-Fairess, Edward & Hallie McDaniel, both of Dover, 10/11/1879 By Wm. Davis ( Kelso Methodist Church file at DE His Soc)

Edwin C. Faries & Mary A. Hastings 10/07/1862 Kent Co. Vol. 31 page 170 Vol 44 page 89

George Edward Faries & Martha Rebecca Dougherty

George G. Faris (Wilmington) & Sarah Alrich (Wilmington) 09/16/1816 or 09/17/1816 Min: Wm. Wicks New Castle Co. Vol 6 page 115 Vol 82, page 152 *09/19/1816 Delaware Gazette DE His Soc-Faries, George G-Sarah Alrichs, 09/17/1816..married Tuesday 9/17 by Rev. William Wickes American Watchman 09/21/1816

George G. Faries-private, 2nd Co., Artillery, 1st Brig. DE Militia. Captain C.A. Rodney. MS Muster rolls, pay rolls (large MS drawer) Brother in law of T.C. Alrichs, Merchant and Cabinet maker who died in Savannah, Ga.

George H. Faries & Laura

George Washington Faries & Mary Jane Wallace (son of Alfred Faries & Rebecca) B-10/19/1880 L-10/20/1880 Kent Co. Min: T. H. Haynes, Asbury ME Church

George W. Faries & Katie Sharp 06/08/1911 Asbury ME

George W. Faries & Susan Whann 07/27/1897

Gilbert Stubbs Faries & Bertha J. Price 04/13/1908 Min: R. Watt, Asbury ME Church

Harvey Wilkins Faries & Wilhelmina Wells 10/14/1901 occup: Undertaker-Faries Funeral Home Smyrna, DE

Henry Faries & Elizabeth Masters 04/30/1885 occup: Printer (Printing Est.) Wilmington, DE

Herman Faries, 27; laborer of Smyrna & Elnora M.Van Artsdale, 15 of Blackbird DE 05/29/1929 at Odessa Parsonage by Rev S.T. Hamblin Sun Times-June 4,1929: Mr. Herman Faries and Miss Elnora Van Arsdale were married in Odessa on Thursday evening at the M. E. parsonage by Rev. Hamlin.

Isaac Henry Faries & (Emma) Emily Rebecca Jefferson B-02/14/1870 Kent Co. (02/15/1870?) Married 02/15/1870 in Bethel Church near Cheswold by Rev William Urie (Kelso Church folder at DE His Soc)

Jacob Fearis & Cayiah Sharp (both of Pencader Hundred) 09/04/1766 New Castle Co. (Pencader Hd) Vol 1 page 99 Glasgow, Pencader Hundred Surety: William Eakins of same County Witt: Jno. Reece Jr. and Alexander Montgomery

Jacob Faris & Nancy Black 09/27/1802 New Castle Co (Pencader Hd.) Vol 3, page 3

Jacob Faris & Susan Whann 1816

James Faris & Martha Ann Pencader Hundred, NCCO DE Nine children listed in Orphans Court Records

James Fairess & Margaret Morton C-1770 A 37 page 57 Kent Co. *Probate record of James Morton (estate in Kent Co)

James H. Faries & Luela E. Janknes 12/17/1896 Kent Co. Min: W.R. Mowbray

James Price Faries formerly of Smyrna, DE; son of Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Faries, married Alice Evelyn Gibson 20 years ago-Smyrna Times 09/01/1960

John Faries & Elizabeth Draper (widow of Alex Draper) C-1749 New Castle Co. A 15 page 24-28 *Probate of Alex Draper-Kent Co

John Faries & Elizabeth Dowding (widow of Joseph Dowding) C-1753 New Castle Co. A 14 page 246 *Probate of Joseph Dowding-04/23/1748 Kent Co. Archives Vol A14, page 246. Reg. Of Wills, Liber I folios 207-208.

12/20/1780 New Castle Co. *N C Co deeds-E2 391 Delaware History & General Recall Vol #1 page 1

John Faries & Hannah Dunn 05/13/1840 New Castle Co. Vol 17 page 220 A 15, page 119

John H. Faries & Sarah J. Bryant 04/15/1871 04/20/1871 Wilmington Daily Commercial 04/22/1871

John H. Faries & Jennie Carson 12/12/1900-Wilmington Daily Commercial Newspaper (4/22/1871?) John Henry Faries & Jennis A. Carsons Occup: moulder Wilmington, DE

John Ferris, Jr. & Sally Harlan (Wilmington, Mill Town) C-10/29/1800 New Castle Co. Mirror of Times & General Advt. 10/29/1800

John M. Faries & Ella

John R. Faries & Annie Sheldon 02/14/1870 Kent Co. Min: William Urie Bethel Church near Cheswold DE

John W. Faries & Marietta Purse B-11/15/1881 L-11/16/1881 Kent Co. Min: Jonothan D. Rigg Asbury ME Church

John Ferris & Ann Gilpin, daughter of Vincent & Abigail Gilpin 09/25/1783 (Quaker marriage)

Joseph Faries & Sarah L. (wife #1) (son of Alex & Mary Forbes Faries, Smyrna, DE) (1817-dod-01/04/1838 at age 21) Old Asbury ME Church Cemetery, Smyrna

Joseph Faries & Elizabeth Turner (wife #2) (Son of Alex & Mary Forbes Faries, Smyrna, DE) 03/28/1839 Kent Co. Vol 17, page 95 (1816-08/28/1842 at age 26) Old Asbury E Church Cemetery-Smyrna

Joseph H. Faries & Emeline P. Seville (wife #3) (son of Alex & Mary Forbes Faries) 02/07/1844 Vol 23, page 6

Joseph Wells Faries & Catharyn Knotts 07/ /1920 Kent Co. 07/27/1925 Min: R.K. Stephenson, Asbury ME Church

Matthew Faries & Elenor (Subpeana for her in regards to wasting the estate 08/24/1785 sued by Stephen Mercer)

Ralph G. Faries & Helen Hudson 11/20/1920 Min: Ransom P. Nichols Asbury ME Church

Robert Faries & Mary Clark (Pencader) 12/21/1791 New Castle Co. Vol 2, page 114 Pencader Presbyterian Church Records

Robert Faries & Araminta Ridgeway (dau of Mary Hile) 04/27/1826 Kent Co. Vol 29, page 51 *See deed for property-James Henry of Duck Creek Hd.

Robert Faries (1801-1867) & Margaret Jane Irvin Married in 1829

Samuel Faries & Mary Thomas C-1772 *Probate of Evan Thomas-NCCo. Adm

Samuel Faries & Rachel Hanson 02/01/1780 New Castle Co. Vol 36 page 29 Min: Lawrence Girelius Old Swedes page 751

Samuel Faries & Mary Holmes 05/20/1818 New Castle Co. Vol 7, page 136

Samuel Faries & Margaret Burgin 04/22/1848 New Castle Co. Vol 12, page 230 Vol 44, page 10 Min: S R Wynkoop

Samuel Faries & Susan T. Ellis 09/24/1869 Kent Co. 10/24/1869 NCCo Rev: Wm Urie

Samuel F. Faries & Sarah L. Walker 05/22/1872 Kent Co.

Samuel T. Faries 28, laborer of Blackbird, married Alice L. Foraker, 17, of Townsend, DE At Odessa Parsonage by E.H. Derrickson, on 04/23/1919

William Fearis & Margaret James Pencader Presbyterian Church Baptism of daughter: 07/01/1798-Jain Fearis born-11/08/1797

William Faries & Clarissa M. Ittella 11/10/1831 Kent Co. Vol 28 page 291

William Faries & Catherine McDaniel 04/29/1833 Vol 11, page 225 Aug. 29,1833-married on Thursday, Aug 29th by Rev A.K. Russel, Mr. Wm Faries to Miss Catherine McDaniel, both of New Castle County Delaware Gazette 09/03/1833.

William Faris & Elana Huckel (Elizabeth Elaner Huckell of Cecil Co., Md) 02/02/1797-Pencader Presbyterian Church Records

William Faries, Jr. & L.K. Beaman Occup: Merchant Wilmington, DE

William Alexander Faries & Georgianna Maree (son of Alex & Mary Jester Faries, Smyrna) B-02/03/1868 L-02/04/1868 Kent Co. Min: S.L. Gracey Home of Brides Uncle, Smyrna (Wm Surgen, Esq) 12/11/1868 Wilmington Daily Commercal (His Soc of DE)

William Edwin Faries & Marie Gihon Odessa, DE Occ: Druggist

William R. Faries & Georgia B. Yates 06/17/1916 Min: George C. Williams, Asbury ME Church

William Faries & Catherine M. David 08/29/1833

William Faries & Mary Stubbs Smyrna, DE

William Faries & Jane Steele Pencader Hd.-son of Robert Faries (WM died in 1760, Jane married Isaac Alexander)

William Faris married Dorothy Johnson (1735-1804) 1757

Wilson Edwin Faries & Zachariah Farries, tanner, & Elizabeth Scott. Both of Wilmington Boro, Christiana Hundred. 06/13/1741 at Wilmington (Quaker marriage)

Ziba Ferris & Edith Sharpless 01/12/1769 Chester Co., Phila, Pa. Bible records DAR-DE Vol X

Ziba Ferris & Eliza Megear (dau of Michael Megear) All of Wilmington, DE 11/14/1816 New Castle Co. Friends Cerm. 11/14/1816 ? Delaware Gazette occupation: Jeweler-Wilmington, DE *Probate of Phoebe C. Megear C-1843

Ziba Ferris Jr. & Esther Lea (Hettie W.) Of Brandywine 06/19/1856 *06/24/1856 Friends Cerm

The Women Faries

Addie P. Faries & Herman P. Hazel 03/29/1876 Kent Co. Min: Enoch Stubbs, Asbury ME Church

Alice Lea Ferris & William S. Heger 12/07/1882

Alice May Faries & John Edward Phillips 04/10/1896 Kent Co. Asbury ME Church

Anna Faries & Ralph E. Staats 03/18/1896 Kent Co. Vit Stat F#3 1896 Vol 90 page 170 Vol 72 page 157 Min: B. F. Jester

Anna Faries & Samuel Stewart 04/29/1807 Vol 4, page 152

Ann Faries & Thomas Boon 03/27/1797 Vol 15 page 315.

Belitha Ferris & William D. Eves 12/11/1811 Pencader Hd. NCCo Vol 13 page 96

Bertha M. Fairess & Lewis L. Emory 07/30/1910 NCCo Vit Stat F#10-C-1910 #1 A 1910 Rev: E.C. Macnichol

Carrie E. Feries & Pierce B. Saxton 04/27/1907

Catherine Ferris & William Scott 04/30/1807 Pencader, NCCo. Vol 4 page 153

(Mrs.) Catherine Faries & John Glenn (or Thomas?) (widow of Amos Faris) Both of NCCo 01/06/1824 Vol 9 page 3 Vol 82 page 86 Min: Sam Bell, at Dagsboro, Del. 01/08/1824-Mrs. Catherine Faries and Mr. John Glenn American Watchman 01/20/1824

Catharyn Marie Faries & James R. Ford (dau of Joseph Wells & Catharyn Knotts Faries, Smyrna) 04/07/1951 Kent Co. Asbury ME Church

Deborah Ferris & Joseph Bringhurst (5) Reference-Bringhurst Family by Leach Historical Society

Dorothy L. Fairess & Harold B. Ryan Married Harold B. Ryan on Nov 23, 1937 at Dover Parish by Rev L.E. Haddoway (Kelso Methodist Church Records, Historical Soc. In Wilmington, DE)

Dorothy Faries & James Rodgers Dau of Mr. & Mrs. Wilson E. Faries 12/14/1940 (Kelso Mth. Church file-Wilmington His Soc)

Edith Faries & Benjamin Riggs 05/06/1900 Kent Co. Vit Stat F# 3 1900 Vol 90 page 200 Vol 73 page 50 Min: J. E. Nicholson

Eliza Faries & Thomas Aquilla (dau of James Faries & Martha Ann Morton?) 11/09/1820 NCCo Vol 36 page 36 Vol 13 page 232 Min: R.D. Hall Old Swedes Church

Eliza Ann Ferris & John W. Richardson 12/30/1842 Kent Co. Vol 22 page 385

Eliza R. Faries (Kent Co.) & John E. Phillips (Wilmington, NCCo) 03/24/1868 NCCo (W. England ?) Vol 32 page 81 Vol 82 page 143

Elizabeth Faries (Spinster) & Alexander Neill (Both of Chester Co) 05/14/1757 NCCo Vol 1 page 46 Marriage Bonds-Alexander Neill, yeoman, Elizabeth Faires, spinster. Surety, John Henderson of NCCo. Witt: William Spencer, Jr.

Elizabeth Ferris & John Richardson 12/30/1843 Kent Co. Vol 22 page 385

Elizabeth Ferris & John Allison 01/01/1802 NCCo Old Swedes Church, Christiana Hd. Vol 16 page 56 Vol 36 page 34

Elizabeth Hastings Faries & Elmer M. Webb 11/17/1891 at residence of parents Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Faries by Rev George S. Conoway (Kelso Meth Church Records, Wilmington His Soc)

Elva Faries & Oliver Pryor 02/21/1904 Kent Co. Min: A. Chandler

Emma Faries of Smyrna, DE & Daniel Turner son: Edward D. 04/06/1897 by Rev Adam Stengle 50th Ann.

Ethel Faries of Smyrna & Samuel Jester of near Fieldsboro, DE Dau of George W. Faries & Mary Jane Wallace of Blackbird, DE 04/02/1911 (50 yrs ago in the Smyrna Sun Times 04/06/1961)

Grace Willings Fairess & Frank Walls 09/06/1914 NCCo Vol 87 page 18

Hannah Faries & David Ford 12/13/1831 NCCo Vol 11 page 115

Helena Ferris & Wesley Marley 08/04/1910

Ida Faries & Charles Frazier B-08/17/1883 L-08/28/1883 NCCo Min: J. T. Van Burkalow

Jane Faries & Isaac Alexander (Widow of William Faries) 07/15/1755 NCCo Vol 36 page 18 Old Swedes Church page 699 Holy Trinity Church Min: Isreal Acrelius NCCo Orphans Court C page 239 Del. His. & Gen Recall Vol 1 # 3 page 1

Jane Ferris & Abraham Ford 07/15/1739 NCCo Vol 36 page 12 Old Swedes Church page 367 Holy Trinity Church

Jane Ferris & Thomas Garritson 04/17/1754 NCCo Vol 36 page 18 Old Swedes Church page 699 Min: Isreal Acrelius Holy Trinity Church

Jane Ferris & Daniel H. Thomas (dau-James & Martha Ann Faries) 08/27/1816 NCCo Vol 6 page 113

Kate Frazer Ferris & William Hanks 1901 Pencader NCCo

Laura Ferris & Dr. Charles Russel Jakes 1884 Pencader NCCo

Laura Faries & George H. Williams 10/14/1891 Kent Co Min: W. W. W. Wilson, Asbury ME Church

Laura Maree Faries & Frank Lincoln Reynolds (dau of William Alexander & Georgiana Maree Faries, Smyrna) 11/27/1888 Kent Co. 12/18/1888-Asbury ME Church

Lenora Virginia Faries & Eben Columbus Alfree 05/21/1902 Kent Co. Asbury ME Church

Love E. Faries & James A. Jenkins 12/17/1896

Luetta E. Faris & James A. Jackson 12/17/1896 Kent Co. Min: W.R. Mowbray

Maggie J. Faries & George W. Steward 09/28/1898 Kent Co. Asbury ME Church

Maria Faris & Jacob Bolton (dau of James Faries & Martha Ann) 06/30/1819 NCCo

Margaret Faries & Thomas Prettyman (dau of James Faries & Martha Ann) 03/29/1824-NCCo

Margaret Faris & David Black Pencader Church NCco

Margaret Faris & William James 1793 NCCo

Margaret Faris & John Bouletin (Boulden) 06/04/1815

Margaret J. Faries & Harry Bailey 05/17/1919 Kent Co. Min: Ransom P. Nichols, Asbury ME Church

Martha Faris & John Gordon 07/19/1828 NCCo

Mary A. Faries & John W. Austin 10/07/1878 Kent Co.

Mary Ann Faries (Pencader) & Daniel Murphy (Red Lion Hd) 06/09/1766 Surety: Alexander Eakin of same county. Witt: Alexander Montgomery and David Thompson

Mary Ferris (Wilmington) & William Sellers (Phila., Pa) (daughter of Ziba) 04/19/1849 NCCo Friends Ceremony in Wilmington, DE Vol 82 page 183

Mary Farice & John Atwell 05/13/1826

Mary Fairis & Hugh Miller (both of Phags Manor, Chester Co) 02/17/1767-Chester Co ? Surety: Robert Finney of NCCo. Witt: Robert Smith and Alexander Montgomery

Mary Faris & Charles Hallowell 06/11/1868

<,p>Mary E. Faries & Garton BlasČ 01/27/1910

Mary H. Faries & Eldridge C. Price 10/10/1877 Wilmington Friends

Mary J. Faris & John Ranly 03/02/1908

Mattie Faries & Willard S. Austin 03/20/1902 Kent Co.

Nancy Faries & John Patterson (Both of St. Georges Hundred) 07/02/1800

Nellie Jefferson Faries & Edward Martindale Boyd (dau of Isaac Henry Faries & Emily Rebecca Jefferson, Smyrna) 11/06/1901 Asbury ME Church

Rachel Ferris & Abraham Flaharty 12/10/1763 NCCo Vol 36 page 21 Old Swedes Church page 720 Min: Andrew Barrell

Rachel Faris & Robert Sergeant (dau of James Faries & Martha Ann of Pencader Hd) 11/09/1820 NCCo Vol 13 page 233 Vol 36 page 36 Old Swedes Church Min: Rich D. Hall Miss Rachel Faries of New Castle Co., married Robert Sergeant of Elkton, MD. on 11/09/1820 By Rev. R. D. Hall-Old Swedes Church American Watchman Newspaper 11/09/1820 11/10/1820

Rachel Farris & George P. Ball 08/01/1842 NCCo Vol 36 page 46 Asbury ME, Wilmington, DE Min: R. Gerry

Saphronia Faries & William H. Reed 08/31/1871 Couple resided in Wilmington, DE

Sarah Ann Faris & David Sulton 06/02/1834 NCCo Vol 12 page 26

Sarah Ann Faries & Robert Adair 04/29/1835 NCCo Vol 12 page 71

Sarah Emma Faries & Daniel Turner, Jr. 04/06/1897 Kent Co. Asbury ME Church

Sarah Sharp Faries & Jacob Moore, M.D. 12/02/1818 NCCo Vol 7 page 171

Sarah Sharp Faris Moore & Andrew McIntire 1833 Pencader NCCo

Sarah Fearis & James Wilcox 02/25/1807 Vol 4, page 132

Susan Whann Ferris & George W. Ward 1897 Pencader NCCo