William A. Ransom Reunion 2004

William A. Ransom Family Annual Reunion

The 2004 William A. Ransom Family Reunion was held on 17 July 2004 in Groveland, Idaho. We counted 77 in attendence this year. It was great to renew acquaintances with our relatives. We had some good things at the annual auction. That is the way we provide the good food and the door prizes, so it is great that so many participate. It keeps us from begging for money from family members so we can afford to have the reunions.

We started a children's auction this year with some outgrown toys. The kids had a ball using play money and "buying" things that were there. I thought it was a great idea, and gave everyone something to do while the adults were doing their adult thing.

Besides all the fun, the food was great. We decided to get away from the usual fried chicken this year, and roasted some brisket. Along with a new recipe for baked beans and a host of other sides and salads, it was really a feast. I, for one, pigged out, and noted that I was not the only one going through the food line more than once.

I took a few photos this year. Not as many as I usually do, or would like to take. On the way home I got a copy of the pictures taken by Wes, so most of them on this site is from him. If you would like to have your photo included in this site, please email me a copy of the picture, preferably in jpg format, and I will include it in the photo page.

Photos of 2004 reunion

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