William A. Ransom Reunion 2005

William A. Ransom Family Annual Reunion

The 2005 William A. Ransom Family Reunion was held on 16 July 2005 at Ross Park in Pocatello, Idaho. I was glad so many of my Mom and Dad's descendents were able to come and share in the good times and the good food, and get acquainances renewed. The word is that there were 88 people counted at the reunion. It was great to see so many there. I saw many that I only get to see once in a while. I am looking forward to seeing and meeting even more next year. Besides all the fun, the food was great, and I think we all ate too much. Janet did a great job putting it all together. She volunteered to do it again next year, so I am looking forward to a great reunion.

If anyone would like their photos included on this page, please email them to me and I will get them in. We are going to try to have a photo presentation next year so everyone can see what's been happening with the family. I will include as many years as I can find photos. If anyone has any good ones they would like to share, please email them to Leon at the address listed below.

Photos of the 2005 reunion

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