William A. Ransom Reunion 2009

2009 William A. Ransom Family Annual Reunion

The reunion for 2009 was held on the 11th of July 2009. It was held at Jensen's Grove in Blackfoot again this year. I was not able to make the last one held there, so it was new to me. The place was great, and the reunion itself was a lot of fun. The food was good and the entertainment was awesome. We had a professional DJ who did kareoke, and a lot of the family, young and older, were able to get in on it. A lot of them were really great, too

There were quite a few in attendance. Donna did a head count and came up with 89 names. It was great to see everyone who was there. We also had next to us, in Jensen's Grove, a Pow Wow with lots of neat costumes and Indian dances. (Note that I am not politically correct. I do not like to call the Indians 'Native Americans'. What is a 'Native American' anyway. In my genealogy I trace American heritage from the mid 1800's on one side, and from the 1600's on the other. Some of us were here before the United States. I think that qualifies me as a 'Native American', even without the Indian blood lines.)

Enough of my soapbox.

In all, it was a good time at a good place. The weather was wonderful. There was just enough cloud cover to keep it fairly cool, and being in the pavillion with the breeze coming through it was great.

Those that were not able to attend this year for whatever reason missed out on a great time. We look forward to seeing everyone next year.

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Photos of 2009 reunion
Photos of Pow Wow that was next to us.

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