William A. Ransom Reunion 2009

2010 William A. Ransom Family Annual Reunion

The reunion for 2010 was held on the 17th of July 2010. It was held at the North Canyon Park, right at the edge of Bountiful as it meets North Salt Lake. The place was wonderful, being on a hillside overlooking the Great Salt Lake and all between the lake and the mountains. The weather was awesome, and everyone had a good time. At least I think everyone enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed seeing some family members I do not get to see very often.

There were quite a few in attendance. However, there were some that I would have like to see again, but for whatever reason they could not make it. To those, I want to say we missed you and hope you can join us again next year. To those that were there, I want to say I enjoyed seeing you again.

Some of these pictures were taken by me, but most were by Bob. Thanks, Bob, for sending them so all could enjoy them.

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Photos of 2010 reunion

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