Wards of Western NY Counties during Early 1800's Study of The Early 1800 Wards in Western Counties of New York - Study of the Early 1800 Wards in Western Counties of NY
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A Study of the WARD surname in
Western New York Counties during the early 1800's
Compiled and Submitted by Carl W. Ward

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Note: Some of the later pages (see county INDEX below) need some work and I'm working on them but thought I'd get all of them on the net so people can see. Please stick with me.

I began this study as a result of the olí proverbial brick wall. My great grandfather Charles Ward, who according to a number of sources, was born in Allegany County, New York 15 May 1805. I canít find him there and of course, I donít know the names of his parents.

My WARDs - The earliest official record that I have of Charles is in Adams County, Illinois 17 August 1836 where he married Martha Burke and had the first 7 of their 8 children. Their children were Martha Jane, William J., John B., Isaiah A., David C., Harvey Z., Granville and Henry Harrison. Henry was born after the family moved to Knox County, Missouri in 1856. Heís my grandfather. I think Charles had a brother or close relative named Zebediah Ward. This Zebediah and family lived just north of Charles and family in Hancock County, Illinois by 1850. He and his family moved to Knox County, Missouri and joined a church there at the same time and along with Charles and his family. Zebediahís son Caleb and his birth date, is listed along side of Charlesí children in an old Ward family Bible. Zebediah was born in New York in about 1825. His wifeís given name was Martha. Their children were all born in Indiana and were William H., Caleb G., Samuel J., and Lydia A.

In an attempt to connect my Charles WARD to those in the area, I continue to search for more data on all Wards during that early 1800 time frame, in and around Allegany County, New York. As I find more data on any Ward in that area and that time frame, it is added to these web pages. Maybe some of it will help another researcher.

I hope you have some data that youíd like to contribute to these pages. If so, please send it to me at carlwward1@charter.net and Iíll add it as soon as I can. Please include the source of your data.

WARD data found in each of the following
Western Counties of New York state:


Allegany County
Cattaraugus County
Chautauqua County
Erie County
Genesee County
Livingston County
Niagara County
Ontario County
Steuben County
Wyoming County
Yates County

Western Counties of New York Will Testators
with Surname of WARD:

Listing of Ward Wills

*** Remember... if you have some info on any early 1800 (or prior to that) Wards of Western New York Counties that you'd like me to add to this webpage, e-mail it to Carl W. Ward