Descendants of Sir John Randolph

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Descendants of Sir John Randolph

Generation One

1. Sir John1 Randolph was born in Apr 1693 at Turkey Island / Tazewell Hall, Williamsburg. He married Lady Susanna Beverley, daughter of Peter (Colonel) Beverley and Elizabeth Peyton, circa 1718. He died on 5 Mar 1736/37 at age 43; Williamsburg says died March 7, 1737. He was buried in 1737 at buried chapel of Wren Building at College of Wm. & Mary.
He was Lawyer, Burgess. He was educated in 1711; Graduated from College of William & Mary. He lived in 1724; Purchased what was to become the Peyton Randolph House in Williamsburg. In 1730 knighted.
Children of Sir John1 Randolph and Lady Susanna Beverley were as follows:

Generation Two

4. John "The Tory"2 Randolph (John1) was born in 1727. He married Arianna Jennings, daughter of Edmund Jennings, circa 1752. He died in 1784 at Died in Brampton, England, but Buried in Chapel of William and Mary.
The Loyalist, King's Attorney General, state government confiscated his property. He was educated; William & Mary, 1745 studied law in England at Middle Temple. He lived; Tazwell Hall.
Children of John "The Tory"2 Randolph and Arianna Jennings were as follows:

5. Mary2 Randolph (John1) was born circa 1728. She married Philip Grymes circa 1743. She died on 20 Jan 1768.
Children of Mary2 Randolph and Philip Grymes are as follows:

Generation Three

8. Edmund Jennings3 Randolph (John2, John1) was born on 10 Aug 1753 at Tazewell Hall, Williamsburg. He married Elizabeth (Betsy) Nicholas, daughter of Robert (Treasurer) Carter Nicholas and Anne Cary, on 29 Aug 1776. He died on 13 Sep 1813 at Clark County, Carter Hall, home ofCol. Nathaniel Burwell, Frederick Co. VA, at age 60.
Sec'y of State, Att'y Gen. Gov. of VA. See Bolling Memoirs appendix. He lived at Inherited Tazewell Hall, Williamsburg.
Children of Edmund Jennings3 Randolph and Elizabeth (Betsy) Nicholas were as follows:

14. Susannah3 Grymes (Mary2 Randolph, John1) was born circa 1752. She married Nathaniel Burwell, son of Carter Burwell and Lucy Grymes, on 28 Nov 1772 Brandon, Middlesex County, VA.
Children of Susannah3 Grymes and Nathaniel Burwell were as follows:

Generation Four

17. Peyton4 Randolph (Edmund3, John2, John1) was born circa 1777. He married Maria Ward, daughter of Benjamin Ward, in 1806. He died on 26 Dec 1828.
Acting Gov. of VA.
Children of Peyton4 Randolph and Maria Ward were as follows:

19. Susan Beverly4 Randolph (Edmund3, John2, John1) was born in 1781. She married J. Bennett Taylor. She died in 1846.
Children of Susan Beverly4 Randolph and J. Bennett Taylor were as follows:

23. Lucy4 Burwell (Susannah3 Grymes, Mary2 Randolph, John1) was born on 20 Nov 1777 at Carter's Grove. She married Archibald Cary Randolph, son of Thomas Isham Randolph and Jane Cary, on 6 Apr 1797 Frederick, VA. She died on 22 Mar 1810 at Carter Hall at age 32.
Children of Lucy4 Burwell and Archibald Cary Randolph were as follows:

24. Nathaniel (Col.)4 Burwell (Susannah3 Grymes, Mary2 Randolph, John1) was born in 1779. He married Anne (Willis) Rich. He married Ann Rich Willis.
There were no children of Nathaniel (Col.)4 Burwell and Anne (Willis) Rich.

Children of Nathaniel (Col.)4 Burwell and Ann Rich Willis were:

Generation Five

32. Charlotte5 Taylor (Susan4 Randolph, Edmund3, John2, John1) married Moncure Robinson.
Children of Charlotte5 Taylor and Moncure Robinson are:

33. John Charles Randolph5 Taylor (Susan4 Randolph, Edmund3, John2, John1) was born on 30 May 1812. He married Martha (Patsy) Jefferson Randolph, daughter of Thomas (Col.) Jefferson Randolph and Jane Hollins Nicholas, on 22 Dec 1834 Albemarle County, VA. He died on 6 Jan 1875 at Monticello at age 62. He was buried at Monticello.

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35. Phillip (Dr.) Grymes5 Randolph (Lucy4 Burwell, Susannah3 Grymes, Mary2 Randolph, John1) was born in 1801. He married Mary B. O'Neale. He died in 1836.
He was surgeon in U.S. Navy, Asst. Sec of War, Envoy to Spain.
Children of Phillip (Dr.) Grymes5 Randolph and Mary B. O'Neale are:

40. Claudia K. Hamilton5 Burwell (Nathaniel4, Susannah3 Grymes, Mary2 Randolph, John1) was born on 9 Jan 1804. She married James Keith Marshall, son of John (Chief Justice) Marshall and Mary Willis "Polly" Ambler, on 21 Dec 1821. She died on 4 Mar 1884 at "Leeds Manor", Fauquier, at age 80. She was buried at Leeds Episcopal Church Cemetery, Hume, VA.

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Generation Six

41. Fanny6 Robinson (Charlotte5 Taylor, Susan4 Randolph, Edmund3, John2, John1) married Sydney Biddle.
Children of Fanny6 Robinson and Sydney Biddle are:

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