Washington County, MN Cemeteries

Where is Washington County?

Greenwood/Wright Cemetery updated-dates added (Jan. 2017)
Under construction--Old Willow River Cemetery in Hudson, WI

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The Perilous St. Croix River Valley Frontier


Unidentified Washington County photos      
Without a Trace (when your search comes to a dead end...)
Miscellaneous newspaper articles (obituaries etc.)
Link to Cook County, MN Cemeteries
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Here are a few search tips. If you know what cemetery you have family buried in or if you are able

to find them here that's great! If you don't know for sure where they are buried, when you email

me, try to include as much information as you can that might help me search for them. For

example, if you know they lived in Stillwater at the time they died, or knowing what religion they

were etc. Washington County is a pretty large area, so being able to narrow it down can help.

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