Washington Parish Louisiana Cemeteries I - J

Washington Parish Cemeteries I-J

USGeoGen Data, USGS Data, NAD 83 Data from Louisiana GIS CD, and US GenWeb Links to Cemetery Transcriptions for Washington Parish, Louisiana

Washington Parish Virtual Cemetery Map
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Index to Washington Parish Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Place Name Range/Township
James Cemetery 305649N 0900757W Clifton  
James Cemetery 30.94694444 -90.1325 Clifton  
Jenkins Cemetery 304022N 0895343W Sun  
Jenkins Cemetery 304039N 0895737W Sun  
Jenkins Cemetery 304846N 0900717W Sheridan  
Jenkins Cemetery 305000N 0900113W Sheridan  
Jenkins Cemetery 30.67277778 -89.89527778 Sun  
Jenkins Cemetery 30.6775 -89.96027778 Sun  
Jenkins Cemetery 30.81277778 -90.12138889 Sheridan  
Jenkins Cemetery 30.83333333 -90.02027778 Sheridan  
Isaac Erwin & Winney Richardson Bible        
Isabel Baptist Church Cemetery (1978)        
James Cemetery (1966)        
Jenkins Cemetery        
Jenkins Cemetery (1964)        
Jep Alford Cemetery (1966)        
Jep Alford Cemetery (1966)        
Jep Alford Cemetery (1995)        
Jerry Smith Cemetery        
Jerry Smith Cemetery (1953)        
Jesse Alford Cemetery (1966)        
Jesse Alford Cemetery (1966)        
Jim (James) Lea Cemetery (1966) (Tangipahoa Parish)        
John A. Fendlason Bible (1985)        
John Magee Cemetery        
John Magee Cemetery (no date)        
Joiner Cemetery I (1971) (Tangipahoa Parish)        
Joiner Cemetery II (1973) AKA Joiner Homeplace Cemetery (Tangipahoa Parish)        
Jones Cemetery        
J. D. Magee Bible (1981)        
J. Henry Corkern Cemetery        
J. Henry Corkern Cemetery (1964)        
J. J. Miller Cemetery (1966)        
J. J. Miller Cemetery (1966)        

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